AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTORSEACON/DEUTSCHProductsUnderwater Connector System Solutionsfor Harsh EnvironmentsElectrical and Fiber Optic Connectors andComplete Connectivity System Solutions forMilitary Marine and Oil & Gas ApplicationsMARINE, OIL & GAS /// SEACON/DEUTSCH Products

Bringing Reliability to New Depthsof PerformanceSEACON/DEUTSCHProducts for Harsh Underwater EnvironmentsGASMARINE We’re focused onimproving performanceand increasing reliabilityin subsea applicationsby providing ruggedconnectivity solutions totame the most extremeenvironments on earth.OIL We have a wide rangeof dry-mate andwet-mate products inour portfolio and areaccustomed to deliveringsubsea system solutions. Our goal is to meetyour expectations forinnovation, quality,delivery, and support. Extensive range of optical and electrical dry-mate andwet-mate connection systems High-performance connectivity for harsh environments Extensive field service installation and supportDEUTSCH Our advanceddesign, prototyping,and manufacturingcapabilities enable usto optimize for weightand space savings, foreasier use, for safety,and for more choice inmeeting the needsfor power, control, andhigh-speed signals.SEACON High power electrical wet-mate connectors Explosion-proof communication and power connectors High-performance connectivity for harsh environments Optical and electrical feedthrough systems Engineered cable designed for demanding applications:- Oil and gas exploration and development- Defense- OceanographyRochesterCableTE Connectivity expansion allows for a strong intercompany team approach to meet anychallenge with brands such as Advanced Fiber Products, Raychem, and TE SensorsMARINE, OIL & GAS /// SEACON/DEUTSCH ProductsPAGE 2

SEACON/DEUTSCH Products for Harsh Underwater EnvironmentsMORE CHOICES,MORE RUGGED PERFORMANCE.Explore the Possibilities withTE Connectivity (TE)’s SEACON and DEUTSCH ProductsTE Connectivity provides an extensive anddiverse range of electrical, optical, andhybrid connector assemblies, submersibleswitches and cable solutions for manyapplications within the Oil & Gas, Defense,Oceanographic, and Environmental markets.MARINE, OIL & GAS /// SEACON/DEUTSCH ProductsPAGE 3

SEACON/DEUTSCH Products for Harsh Underwater EnvironmentsDry-Mate Electrical and Optical ConnectorsDry-Mate ConnectorsApplicationsTE’s SEACON electrical dry-mate connectors are mated in air withthe mating interfaces being kept dry and sealed from the externalenvironment. ROV’sOnce properly mated, the connector can be submerged to it’s rated depth.Many types of dry-mate underwater connectors are available in commercialstyles. Submarines Lights, Cameras, & UWTV Drilling Systems Umbilical Links Defense Energy SecurityOptical Connectors GeophysicalAs organizations in the subsea industry develop more applicationswith fiber optic technology in mind, there has been a dramaticincrease in the quantity and complexity of electro-optic connectorconfigurations needed to fit these applications. TelecommunicationsIn order to meet the changing requirements of customers, TE has developeda comprehensive and extensive range of fiber optic products which aredesigned and manufactured to meet the specific and varied environmentalconditions imposed on connectors today. Our standard SEACON dry-mateoptical products are based around three connector ranges; the MSS (MetalShell Series), MINI-CON and OPTI-CON series which was developed inresponse to a need for a standard high quality electro-optic connector. TEcan offer optical dry-mate, wet-mate, optical penetrators and optical fibermanagement systems.MSS (Metal Shell Series)Dry-Mate ConnectorsCS-MS Dry-Mate ConnectorsMIL-SPEC Connectors 2 shell sizes up to 10 contacts Military specification and design 8 shell sizes up to 156 contactsincluding coax Rated up to 7,000 psig mated oropen face Available in various shell sizes andcontact configurations API (American Petroleum Institute),optics, hybrid and PBOF versionsavailable Insulation resistance 1 Gohms @500 VDC Rated up to 10,000 psig Rated up to 20,000 psig Dielectric with standing voltage 0.5mA @ 1,000 VAC Designed for harsh marineenvironments Capabilities of up to 300 amps(dependent on cable) and 600 VDC asstandard. Higher ratings availableMARINE, OIL & GAS /// SEACON/DEUTSCH ProductsPAGE 4

SEACON/DEUTSCH Products for Harsh Underwater EnvironmentsRubber Molded (XS) Dry-MateConnectors55 Dry-Mate Connectors 5 shell sizes up to 24 contactsGRE (Glass Reinforced Epoxy)Dry-Mate Connectors 4 connector sizes up to 12 contacts Rated up to 10,000 psig mated/unmated 4 connector sizes up to 36 contactsincluding coax 5 to 18 amps (dependent on contactsize and cable) Optic & oil filled available 600 VDC Up to 200 amps and 2,800 VDC Rated up to 20,000 psig Up to 300 amps Up to 600 VDC (on standard cable) Rated up to 20,000 psig Oil filled and Ethernet versionsavailable Higher current/voltages availableHUMMER Dry-Mate ConnectorsGLOBE-CON Dry-MateConnectorsOPTI-CON Modular Electro/Optical Connectors Rated up to 10,000 psig mated. Openface by special order 2 shell sizes up to 12 contacts Up to 2.5 amps Up to 2.5 amps and 300 VDC 5 shell sizes with 1, 4, 8, 12, & 20channels in any electrical or opticalconfiguration, single or multi-mode 300 VDC Wet-mate & Ethernet versions available Ethernet versions available Materials suitable for causticenvironments 3 shell sizes up to 28 contacts Rated up to 10,000 psig mated Single way right angle version available Rated up to 7,500 psig mateddependent on cable, shell material &configuration 600V at 4 amps Oil filled hose as standard configurationwith molded unit as a cost optionMINI-CON Dry-Mate Connectors 13 shell sizes up to 203 contactsstandard Tested in accordance with MIL-SPECstandards Optics, hybrid, and PBOF versionsavailable Rated to 16,000 psig, with higher ratingson request 23 amps (dependent on cable) and600 VDC standard, higher ratings up to5,000 VDC availableMARINE, OIL & GAS /// SEACON/DEUTSCH ProductsMicro MINI-CON Dry-MateConnectors Small, high density connectors 4 shell sizes up to 26 contacts Optics and PBOF versions available Rated to 13,500 psig, and 20,000 psigfor PBOF Up to 300 VDC as standard Titanium bodiesPAGE 5

SEACON/DEUTSCH Products for Harsh Underwater EnvironmentsElectrical Wet-Pluggable ConnectorsOur electrical wet-mate connectors enable the user to make andbreak connections both on the surface and underwater.Applications Lights & UWTV ROV’sMany of these connectors have been used successfully over the years for avariety of applications including underwater cameras, diver communicationsand ROV systems. Diver Communications Ship to Shore CommunicationsALL-WET Wet-PluggableConnectorsALL-WET Split Wet-PluggableConnectorsWET-CON Wet-PluggableConnectors Round, split and flat configurations andup to 42 contacts Multiple connectors required to fill allsectors of bulkhead connector Up to 16 contacts Flat ALL-WET water blocked versionavailable Up to 10,000 psig mated Capabilities of 19 amps max current(cable dependant) 600 VDC (withstandard cable) Rated up to 20,000 psig for roundconfigurations and up to 10,000 psigfor split & flat configurations Up to 1,000 psig open face Up to 13 amps per contact Rated to 20,000 psig mated IP68 and IPX8 rated Water blocked, single pin, metal shell,and high power versions available Up to 50 amps and 600 VDC (withstandard cable)Micro WET-CON Wet-PluggableConnectorsMicro WET-CON SplitWet-Pluggable ConnectorsSEA-MATE Wet-PluggableConnectors 2 to 16 contacts Split series enables multiple connectorsfrom multiple instruments to beconnected to a single bulkheadconnector 4 shell sizes up to 37 contacts Rated to 10,000 psig mated 2, 3 & 4 pin 600 VDC 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 & 16 pin 300 VDC Up to 19 amps per contact Metal shell and Ethernet versionsavailableMARINE, OIL & GAS /// SEACON/DEUTSCH Products 6 configurations ranging from 6 to 16contacts Rated to 10,000 psig mated & open face Capabilities of up to 19 amps maxcurrent and 600 VDC (dependent oncable) Oil filled option available ROV mateable and Ethernet versionsavailable Rated up to 7,500 psig mated &open face Up to 10 amps (50 amps for newhigh-power version) and 600 VDCPAGE 6

SEACON/DEUTSCH Products for Harsh Underwater EnvironmentsOptical and Electrical PenetratorsWe manufacture several lines of penetrators that facilitate a cableassembly/harness to penetrate a bulkhead or instrument packagewithout the use of connectors.Penetrators require all internal electrical connections to be broken and allwiring brought through the penetrating hole in order to detach the cableassembly. A connector set, on the other hand, will allow the cable assemblyto be removed without disturbing the hardwiring. Penetrator assemblies haveone advantage over connector penetrations in that they do not have theextra set of o-ring seals that are present in a connector set. The penetrator issealed on the high pressure side (HP) of the cable utilizing the same moldingprocedures and bond areas as would be seen on the back of a cableconnecting plug (CCP).Applications High speed communications Long-distance Production controlElectrical / Optical FiberPenetrators Single or multi-way (up to 8 channel)versions available Suitable for use as a pressure barrierbetween a 1-Atmosphere chamber andexternal pressure environment Average insertion loss -0.1dB Average back reflection -55dB Multi Channel Tested to 5,000 psigMARINE, OIL & GAS /// SEACON/DEUTSCH ProductsPAGE 7

SEACON/DEUTSCH Products for Harsh Underwater EnvironmentsSubsea Production SystemsWith TE, you will find one of the widest arrays of connectors forsubsea applications.We support both dry-mate connectors for permanent use in equipment andwet-mate connectors for subsea pluggability. With design lifetimes countedin decades, our connectors withstand the pressures, temperatures, and otherhazards of ocean depths.As the industry moves toward fiber optic monitoring systems to leverage thebandwidth, transmission distances, and low noise of optical systems, we canhelp you achieve end-to-end connectivity supporting both large and smallfiber counts and single-mode and multi-mode fibers.Applications X-Mas Trees Subsea Control Module (SCM) Transformers Electrical Submersible Pumps Variable-Speed Drives Compressors Separators Seabed Seismic Multiphase Pumps Permanent Reservoir Monitors Subsea Distribution Units FPSO Turret Systems Umbilical Termination Assemblies Downhole Sensing Life of FieldMARINE, OIL & GAS /// SEACON/DEUTSCH ProductsPAGE 8

SEACON/DEUTSCH Products for Harsh Underwater EnvironmentsoSUTAoSUTA HDHydraLight Wet-Mate Connectors Designed for termination anddistribution of optical cables Multiple cable and hose configurations In-line entry/exit option Oil-filled, pressure-balanced opticalconnectors Single cable entry and multiple hoseconfigurations Same-side entry/exit option Qualified for depths of 7,000 meters Compact design for ease of installation 8 to 24 fiber optic contactconfigurations available Fiber management system Design life of 30 years and 100 matingcyclesHydraElectric Wet-MateConnectors Qualified for depths of 4,000 meters 4, 7, and 12 electrical contactconfigurations Design life of 30 years 1,000 mating cycles Available in ROV, manual and stab plateconfigurationsG3 Connectors Underwater mateable connector offerslow profile optical connectivity Available in 6 channels with eithersingle-mode or multi-mode opticalfibers Rated to 10,000 psig Operating temperature up to 225 F Good cable flexibility (typical 5” bendradius) Double barrier against water ingress Temperature and pressurecompensated Single-mode & multi-mode availableHose ConduitElectro-Optical Connectors Temperature and pressurecompensated Single-mode and multi-mode Using SEACON MINI-CON, MSS, andOPTI-CON standard connector ranges Insertion loss 1.0dB (or 0.5dB) Available in 13 or 20mm configurations Rated up to 20,000 psig Working temperature -5 C to 40 C Glass sealed options available in someconnector styles and types Titanium GR2 & 316L stainless steel asoptions Fiber management Size 13mm & 20mm ID (other sizesavailable upon request) Designed in accordance with ISO13628-6 and API 17F - SEAFOM TSD02, Statoil and Total requirements Design life 25 years in operationsubseaSubsea Jumper Assembly andDistribution Harness Designed for ROV handlingMARINE, OIL & GAS /// SEACON/DEUTSCH ProductsPAGE 9

SEACON/DEUTSCH Products for Harsh Underwater EnvironmentsX-Tree Feedthrough andDownhole ConnectorsDownhole applications represent one of the most challengingenvironments. Data from downhole not only provides a clearreal-time picture of current conditions, but also forms the basis forsophisticated predictive modeling. This permits enhanced operatingefficiencies and improved recovery of petroleum reservoirs.Beyond withstanding pressures to 15,000 psig and operating temperatures ashigh as 300 F, connectors for downhole applications must be sealed againstharsh fluids. Plus, the environment is space constrained so that size matterssignificantly, and compact connectors are favored.G3 ConnectorsVITON Connectors Underwater mateable connector offerslow profile optical connectivity Wet-mateable Available in 6 channels with eithersingle-mode or multi-mode opticalfibers Rated to 10,000 psig Operating temperature up to 225 F High temperature and high pressurerating Up to 8 electrical contacts Harsh environment compatible Positive external grip for disconnection Small size and weight Push-on pull-off design (sealingretention retains connectors)DEUTSCH OFS (Optical FeedThrough Systems) Wet-MateConnectors Provides pressure barrier betweenwellbore and the subsea environmentApplications Measurement/Logging WhileDrilling Distributed Temperature Sensing Pressure/Temperature Gauge In-Tool Electrical Submersible PumpsDEUTSCH EFS (Electrical FeedThrough Systems) Wet-Mate &Dry-Mate Connectors Topside and subsea use for X-mas treeand TH applications Up to 4 contacts Rated up to 16,530 psig Configurations of up to 500 VAC Current rating of 5 amps Temperature rating of -18 C to 177 CDEUTSCH O-1DH SeriesWet-Mate Connectors Optical connectivity for high-pressure,high-temperature downholeapplications Operational pressure of up to 15,000psig in high pressure areas and 4,400psig in low pressure areas Single contact Test pressure of up to 22,500 psig inhigh pressure areas and 6,600 psig inlow pressure areas Working temperature up to 177 C Rated pressure up to 15,000 psig andtest pressure up to 22,500 psig Storage temperature of -40 C to 70 Temperature rating of 20 C to 177 C inhigh pressure areas and -5 C to 40 C inlow pressure areasMARINE, OIL & GAS /// SEACON/DEUTSCH ProductsPAGE 10

SEACON/DEUTSCH Products for Harsh Underwater EnvironmentsHazardous Area ConnectorsIn recent years there has been an increased requirement forconnectors to operate in hazardous environments and manyapplications now require quick and safe disconnection ofconnectors to be used in these environments.Applications Topside FPSO Drilling vessels Potential explosive environmentsTE’s SEACON EX-MATE connectors can be wet mated in depths of up to50m in addition to its suitability for use in explosive environments. Theseare available in 4 shell sizes (G, K, L, M) between 2 & 37 contactconfigurations. However like the SEA-MATE, this series hasinterchangeable inserts so can be adapted to a number of pinconfigurations. In addition, the EX-MATE incorporates an Atex approvedglanding system for the cable which is encapsulated within the overmold, making it suitable for a range of hazardous environments.EX-MATE EX Explosion ProofConnectorsDEUTSCH 9316 Dry-MateConnectors Wet mateable in depths of up to 50m(subject to further testing) Explosion-Proof and hermetically-sealedconnectors for rugged reliability andsafety 4 shell sizes with 2 to 37 contactconfigurations 1 to 121 contacts Interchangeable inserts Up to 750 bar / 10,875 psig Incorporates Atex approved glandingsystem 250 VAC (service 1) / 650 VAC (service 2)/ Up to 2,000 VAC for powerarrangement Testing achieved Atex certification toII 2G Ex d IIB T6 amb -40 C to 55 C 5 to 18 amps (dependent on contact sizeand cable) 600 VDC ATEX, CSA, IECEx compliance ATEX Rating: II 2 G Ex d IIB Gb(component)MARINE, OIL & GAS /// SEACON/DEUTSCH ProductsPAGE 11

SEACON/DEUTSCH Products for Harsh Underwater EnvironmentsSubsea Drilling ConnectorsIn recent years the search for oil has required operations inprogressively deeper waters by mobile offshore drilling units.Drilling at these depths places strong demands on equipment,particularly the cable and connectors that link subsea operationsto the surface.Applications Offshore Harsh Environments Drilling Rigs Drilling Vessels Blow Out PreventionsTE’s range of SEACON MUX systems consist of Positively Pressurized(RUFF-NEK) connector solutions as well as an underwater cabletermination system which consists of the Armor Termination Assembly(ATA), Breakaway Unit and RUFF-NEK connector.The RUFF-NEK connector is an electro/optical/mechanical termination that containsan integral system that does not rely onseparate external compensator systems toapply a constant overpressure (internalpressure greater than external pressure) tothe end of the cable and termination volume.The overpressure helps to prevent waterintrusion into the termination chamber thatcould be caused by flooding of theconductor strands (in the event of cablejacket and conductor insulation breach) orby seal failure. In the cable terminationsystem the ATA is affixed to a clevis(padeye) at a convenient location on theBOP (Blow Out Prevention) stack while theRUFF-NEK connector mates to either atransformer module, crossover or directly tothe subsea electronics module (pod). Theorientation aspect that can be a problemwith a conventional connector is eliminateddue to the breakaway unit that interfaces theATA with the BOP, enabling a connection in90-degree intervals.There are many benefits to the cabletermination system including a lighter, more manageable connector, separate armor termination function fromelectrical connector function and a controlled breakaway function.Every seal is redundant (e.g., dual versus single o-ring) for maximum reliability, and everywhere possible, the seals aretestable to enable verification of seal integrity off the critical path. The RUFF-NEK connector provides visualverification of correct pressure over ambient. It also includes the ability to electrically check for fluid contaminationwithout opening the connector.MARINE, OIL & GAS /// SEACON/DEUTSCH ProductsPAGE 12

SEACON/DEUTSCH Products for Harsh Underwater EnvironmentsRUFF-NEK Connectors MSSQ RUFF-NEK CCP connector is aMUX cable termination Positive pressure, maintained at 60 psiusing a spring-loaded piston, deterswater ingress Advanced conductor bootingtechnology assures functionality evenwhen the connector is water-floodedRUFF-NEK MUX FITA(Field Installable and TestableAssembly)FITA (Field Installable andTestable Assembly) Overall length: 28.2” Meggar Test Pin allows testing forwater-flooding while mated Overall diameter: 8” Overall length: 21” Depth rating of up to 10,000 ft. Overall diameter: 4.2” Pressure compensated chamber Depth Rating: 10,000 ft. Pressure compensated chamberATA (Armor TerminationAssembly)RA FCR (Right Angle FlangeConnector Receptacle)MSSQ FCR (Flange ConnectorReceptacle) Dual cone, mechanical armor plug,overall boot sealed Depth rating of up to 20,000 psigmated and 5,000 psig open-face Mates to MSSQ RUFF-NEK cableconnector Qualification tested breaking strengthof up to 16,900 lb. with armor breakagefailure mode Optic/electric hybrid Mounting o-ring test port Pressure Balanced Oil Filled (PBOF) Dual o-ring seal throughout Stainless steel shell Depth rating of up to 20,000 psigmated and up to 15,000 psig open-face Full ocean depth rated Compatible with embedded andnon-embedded MUX cablesBreakaway Unit Replaceable shear pinAPI (American PetroleumInstitute) Compliant Connectors Laboratory tested breaking strength ofup to 8,000 lb Adapted from SEACON MSS (MetalShell Series) Connectors Full ocean depth rated Compliant with appropriate section ofAPI 16D and API 17E specifications Interfaces with SEACON ATA (ArmorTermination Assembly) connectors Redundant sealing at all pressure barrierinterfaces and multiple test ports for inthe-field o-ring testing and verification 8 shell sizes Up to 10,000 psig and 600 VDCMARINE, OIL & GAS /// SEACON/DEUTSCH ProductsPAGE 13

SEACON/DEUTSCH Products for Harsh Underwater EnvironmentsUnderwater Switch ProductsApplicationsTE manufactures a range of SEACON switches to suit a number ofapplications. These include Limit, Positive Action and Proximityswitches in a range of materials including Titanium, Plastic andStainless Steel. Submarines ROV’s, AUV’s, UUV’s, HullsThese can be supplied in varying load capacities up to 7 amps and pressurerated to 10,000 psig. To further aid simplicity, our proven range of ModularProximity Switches have been integrated with a Micro WET-CONunderwater mateable connector making this switch a very modularcomponent that is easily installed and replaced in the field, but withoutcompromising strength and reliability. Submersibles of all types Buoys Underwater communicationsystems Surveillance devices Oceanographic equipment Oil well logging Well head controls Dredging Fishery Gates150m X-Mas Trees1,000m1,500m3,000mMost Switch Products3,600m6,000m7,000mMARINE, OIL & GAS /// SEACON/DEUTSCH ProductsPAGE 14

SEACON/DEUTSCH Products for Harsh Underwater EnvironmentsLimit and Plastic Limit SwitchesPositive Action Switches Hermetically sealedProximity and Modular ProximitySwitches Rated up to 6,000 psig and rated for 50,000 cycles Hermetically sealed. No o-rings orgaskets Rated up to 6,000 psig and rated for 50,000 cycles Load capacities of 1 & 7 amps Rated up to 6,000 psig and rated for 50,000 cycles Load capacities of 1 and 7 amps Single pole, double throw Stainless Steel or Titanium, non-metaloptions available Load capacities of 1 & 7 amps Meets NAVSEA requirements Hermetically sealed Single pole, double throw Stainless Steel or Titanium Stainless Steel or TitaniumBulkhead/Panel Mount ReedSensor Products 3/4” diameter housing with 7/16-20UNF mounting thread Designed for small ROV and diveroperated panels Utilizes reed sensors - uses no power Light weight durable acetal housing,with other housing materials optionalReed SensorsDual Pole Proximity Switches Offers convenience of replacing thecable if needed without replacing theswitch Uses SEACON MC-BH Micro WET-CONconnector with plate or bracketmounting Offers greater sensing distance thanthe SEACON Micro Switch and HallEffect Proximity Switches Offers convenience of replacing thecable, if needed, without replacing theswitch Suited for most proximity applicationswhich do not require current greaterthan 0.5 amps 316 stainless steel housing Rated for high shock and up to7,500 psig MC-BH sensor rated up to 10,000 psigand GRE sensor rated up to 5,000 psigProximity Micro SwitchHall Effect Sensors Uses SEACON MC-BH-3MMicro WET-CON connector with hexbody modular design, with3/4-16 UNF-2A mounting thread Uses SEACON MC-BH-3MMicro WET-CON connector with hexbody modular design, with3/4-16 UNF-2A mounting thread Offers convenience of replacing thecable, if needed, without replacing theswitch Offers long reliable service life, with nomoving parts Titanium housing Maximum 7 amps current and rated upto 10,000 psigMARINE, OIL & GAS /// SEACON/DEUTSCH Products Hall effects available are sinking,ratiometric (sourcing), and latching Rated up to 10,000 psigPAGE 15

SEACON/DEUTSCH Products for Harsh Underwater EnvironmentsEthernet ConnectorsAs cable assemblies move into harsh subsea environments,component and termination choice becomes critical to overallsystem success. TE rigorously tests and evaluates its SEACONrange of Cat5 and Cat5e Ethernet connectors to help ensure theycan withstand harsh environments without impacting Ethernetcable performance.Cat5Cat5e MINI-CON MINI-CON Micro WET-CON Micro WET-CON GLOBE-CON GLOBE-CON HUMMER HUMMER SEA-MATE SEA-MATE HydraElectric HydraElectricHUMMER Ethernet Connectors Ultra-miniature for smaller, morereliable performance Dry-mate, up to 1Gbps, up to 100mcable length, 10,000 psigApplications Any application requiring datatransferMicro WET-CON EthernetConnectorsMINI-CON Ethernet Connectors Developed as a miniature industrystandard configuration of the SEACONALL-WET connector series Dry-mate, up to 1Gbps, up to 90mcable length, 16,000 psig Small, rugged, high-density connectors Wet-mate, up to 1Gbps, up to 100mcable length, 10,000 psig55 Ethernet ConnectorsSEA-MATE Ethernet Connectors Suitable for a variety of marineapplications including remotelyoperated vehicles (ROVs) Interchangeable inserts for greaterdesign flexibility Dry-mate, up to 1Gbps, up to 80m cablelength, 10,000 psigMARINE, OIL & GAS /// SEACON/DEUTSCH Products Wet-mate, up to 1Gbps, 10,000 psigHydraElectric EthernetConnectors 12 contact version Qualified in accordance to SEAFOMTSD-02 Wet-mate, data transfer speeds at100 Mbit/s, 4,000mPAGE 16

SEACON/DEUTSCH Products for Harsh Underwater EnvironmentsCapabilitiesTE’s molding capabilities include standard Polyurethane andNeoprene compounds to include Hypalon, Natural Rubber, andHNBR (Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber).Applications Many applications within the Oiland Gas, Defense, Oceanographic,and Environmental marketsWe also have the capability to bond Polyurethane and have the ability tomold materials to suit different environments such as water, oil and extremetemperatures.Moldings Connectors and assemblies can bemolded in a variety of materialsincluding Neoprene, Polyurethane andHypalon OM boot versions availableSpecialized Moldings andStrength TerminationsElectrical Cable Assemblies Neoprene and Polyurethane Cable element breakouts and sheathreinstatement Hypalon, Hytral, PEEK, Polyolefin,VITON Fluid filled versions available Multi-way break out moldings(Bifurcation) Y-molds and bifurcation moldsavailable On-site termination and moldingsundertaken High strength cable terminations Towed cable assembly Vertical seismic array systems Complete cable end-to-end systemsolutions EncapsulationRubber and Specialized MoldingCable Assemblies Comply with strict testing proceduresincluding hydrostatic, electrical andenvironmental Ability to mold in Polyurethane andChockfast orange epoxy for specializedmilitary requirements Ability to also mold in Neoprene,Hypalon, VITON Other high temperature epoxies areavailable for hostile environments wherereliability is crucial Approved PRO-20 MoldingMARINE, OIL & GAS /// SEACON/DEUTSCH ProductsPAGE 17

SEACON/DEUTSCH Products for Harsh Underwater EnvironmentsSpecialty ProductsTE has the unique engineering and production capability to design,manufacture, and deliver the solution to your connector problems.We have developed and provided many special custom products tocustomers in the past.These include the development of the SEACON EX (Explosion Proof)Connector Zone 1 which was based around the MSS (Metal Shell Series)technology, seismic array inserts, small profile military arrays, cableprotection and jumpers and assemblies to name but a few.Applications Suitable for a variety ofapplications including Defense,Deepwater applications, Drillingsystems, Production controlsystems and ROV’sHull PenetratorsMIL-C-24231MIL-C-24217 Provides electrical and data path fromoutside pressure hull of submarine tothe inside while maintaining a watertight seal Various configurations from 3 to 80contacts 8 to 15 amps Contact configurations from singlecoaxial to 48 contacts with 16 AWGconductors 2,000 psig rated 6 to 100 amps Receptacle inserts molded from highimpact epoxy 316 stainless steel body GRE (Glass Reinforced Epoxy) bandsand non-conductive ceramic coatingsavailable to help eliminate cathodicdelamination Up to 10,000 psig open face capability Custom configurations designed byour experienced engineering staff forspecific requirements Electrical and fiber optic varieties Glass to metal sealing technologyallows for maximum pressure ratingMARINE, OIL & GAS /// SEACON/DEUTSCH Products Straight and right angle plugs availablePAGE 18

SEACON/DEUTSCH Products for Harsh Underwater EnvironmentsSeismic Array InsertsSmall Profile Military ArraysSpecialized Military Connectors Optical and electrical versions available Small diameter, fiber optic, towed arrayconnector Light weight, waterproof connector Specialty design interfaces to meetcustomer design shells Supplied un-terminated, pre-wired orharness assembled Standard or hermaphroditic designsESD Gate Valve Electrical power supplied from topsidesby subsea cable Capable of accepting power fromsurface or converting hydraulic energyinto electrical Integrated into HydraElectric wet-mateconnectors Up to 12 channels (10 fiber optic and 2electrical contacts) Large polarization key to allow forblind mating Dirt tolerant 1.25mm fibers and #22 electricalcontacts Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI)resistant Fiber and electrical contact assembliesare completely interchangeable Titanium shell / GRE (Glass ReinforcedEpoxy) insert50 Ohm Coax Dry-MateConnectors75 Ohm Coax Connectors High pressure rating and excellentelectrical properties Recommended coaxial cable orcomponent: RG.6A/U & RG.59B/U Dual sealing on connection Small size & weight Pressure tested to 8,400 psig mated &open face No keying 3 to 4 amps 1 coax, 6 electrical (22 AWG) Rugged design & construction Glass sealed bulkhead Good environmental compatibilitySubsea Jumper Assembly andDistribution HarnessCable Protection - Univers

MARINE, OIL & GAS /// SEACON/DEUTSCH Products PAGE 4 MARINE, OIL & GAS /// SEACON/DEUTSCH Products PAGE 5 SEACON/DEUTSCH Products for Harsh Underwater Environments SEACON/DEUTSCH Products for Harsh Underwater Environments Rubber Molded (XS) Dry-Mate Connectors 4 connector sizes up to 12 contacts Rated up to 20,000 psig Up to 300 amps