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DT Series Technical ManualTable of ContentsIntroduction2, 3Contact Retention System10Features & Benefits3Assembly Contact Insertion / Removal11Product Line Overview4Accessories12Material Specifications5Shrink Boot Adaptor12General Specifications5Removal Tools / Sealing Plugs12Ordering Information6DT Mounting Clips13Insert Arrangements7, 8Back Shells14, 15Contacts & Application Data9Environmentally-Sealed Transportation ConnectorsDeutsch DTM SeriesDeutsch DTM Series of transportation connectors feature aminiature contact with an enhanced design based on theworld class, field-proven Deutsch DT Series.The DTM is the connector to be used in harsh environmentalapplication where reliable signal circuits are critical tooperating performance. Typical applications include on oraround the engine, the transmission and under the hood.Deutsch DT SeriesAn environmentally-sealed connector designed specifically forcable to cable applications on the engine or transmission, underthe hood, on the chassis or in the cab. On signal level circuits inharsh environmental conditions, where even a small degradationin connection may be critical, the Deutsch DT Series generalpurpose connectors will provide the reliability and performanceat the lowest cost.2ADT Series Manual #50907.indd 2STEPAHEAD7/31/2008 5:14:33 PM

DT Series Technical ManualDeutsch DTP SeriesDeutsch DTHD SeriesDeutsch’s DTP Series connectors are the answer to all ofyour most demanding power application requirements.DTP Series connectors offer the proven reliability andquality of Deutsch’s DT Series, combined with the addedflexibilty of using power contacts.Deutsch DT Bussed SeriesUtilizing the Deutsch DT receptacle shell, Deutsch hascombined the rugged characteristics of the DT productline with a bussing device allowing the elimination ofvarious harness splices. By using internal stamped bussedcontacts this product can be configured in whateverarrangement meets your individual needs in the DT shellsize that matches your requirements. Complete bussingflexibility in a compact, economical package.Deutsch developed the DTHD Series for those applicationsrequiring a complete, environmentally sealed, single power circuittermination. The plug features an integral coupling latch thatprovides tactile and audible feedback during coupling. The ruggedthermoplastic receptacle is designed as an inline for cable to cableapplications and is supplied with an integral Vee-Groove to acceptmounting, clips, brackets and flanges.FeaturesBenefitsIntegral Connector LatchRugged Thermoplastic Housing-55o C to 125o C Operating TemperatureTactile and Audible Assembly FeedbackField Proven Long Service LifeEngine Compartment RatedAvailable Configurations:DTM/DT 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 & 12 - Size 20/16DTP 2 & 4 - Size 12DTHD 1 - Size 4, 8 & 12Silicone Seals:DTM: Accepts AWG 22 - 16 wireDT: Accepts AWG 20 - 14 wireDTP: Accepts AWG 14 - 10 wireDTHD: Accepts AWG 14 - 6 wireCrimp Contacts with Option of Gold or NickelFinish, Solid or Stamped ConstructionCurrent rating all contacts @ 1250 C no deratingDTM - 7.5 AmpsDT - 13 AmpsDTP - 25 AmpsDTHD - 25 to 100 AmpsFail-Safe Secondary Locks All (Except DTHD)Hand Insertable/Removable ContactsBudget MindedMeets Most Harness Design RequirementsSuperior Environmental SealSeals on .053” to .120 dia.(1.35mm to 3.05mm)Seals on .053” to .145 dia.(1.35mm to 3.68 mm)Seals on .097” to .170 dia.(2.46mm to 4.32mm)Seals on .134 to .292 dia. (3.40mm to 7.42mm)Low Costs, High Reliability Terminals for Data &Signal TransmissionMeets Most Signal RequirementsPositive Contact RetentionNo Special Tools Required (Except DTHD)Low Installation Costs3ADT Series Manual #50907.indd 3STEPAHEAD7/31/2008 5:14:34 PM

DT Series Technical ManualProduct Line OverviewDeutsch DTP SeriesDeutsch DTM SeriesDeutsch DTM Series of transportation connectors feature aminiature contact with an enhanced design based on the worldclass, field-proven Deutsch “DT Series”.The DTM is the connector to be used in harsh environmentalapplications where reliable signal circuits are critical to operatingperformance. Typical applications include on or around theengine, the transmission and under the hood. In fact, everywheredata signals or critical electronic circuits go, the field provenDeutsch design of the DTM will provide reliable peak connectorperformance.The low cost, size 20 contacts terminate AWG 16 to 22 gaugewire (0.5mm2 to 1.5mm2). Closed entry socket (female) contactsfeaturing spring action fingers are protected by a stainless steelhood. This allows for positive axial alignment while mating andprevents probe damage during testing.Building on both the DT and DTM design strengths, the DTPconnector line was developed to fill the need for higher amperage,multi-pin, inexpensive connectors. The series meets the samespecifications as the DTM and DT but offers the designer the abilityto use multiple 12 gauge contacts, each with a 25 amp continuouscapacity, within a single shell.Based on the DTM overall design, it offers the protected interfacialseal located within the receptacle shell. Standard multi-seal grommetis used in both the plug and receptacle. Currently available in two andfour pin configurations.Deutsch DT Bussed SeriesThese standard “DT” receptacle shells feature internal pin typecontact buss bar arrangements that allow common connectionsfrom 3 to 12 size 16 contacts. Buss bars are available in standardnickel or gold to match common Deutsch Industrial contacts.Thermoplastic housings offer a wide operating temperaturerange (-550 C to 1250 C). Silicone rear wire and internalperipheral interface seals allow the DTM to withstand moistureand fluids.Other features include the use of standard “DT” plugs to matewith these environmental receptacles. Plugs with any Deutschmodification are intermatable.Deutsch DT SeriesDeutsch DTHD SeriesDeutsch DT Series of environmentally-sealed, connectors aredesigned specifically for cable to cable applications on the engineor transmission, under the hood, on the chassis or in the cab.Where signal level circuits in harsh environmental conditions,where even a small degradation in connection may be critical,the Deutsch DT Series general purpose connectors will providethe reliability and performance at the lowest cost.Deutsch developed the DTHD Series for those applications requiring acomplete, environmentally sealed, single power circuit termination.DTHD plugs and receptacles can be permanently assembled withthermoplastic end caps that prevent removal of the silicone wireseal grommets. Designed for diesel engine, electronic fuel injectors,automatic transmissions, ABS brakes and other applications thatinvolve fuel and oil exposure. These end caps provide the additionalreliability required for critical wiring circuits.Thermoplastic (-550 C to 1250 C rated) housings and siliconeseals are used to allow the connector to withstand conditionsof extreme temperature and moisture. The connector may beemployed with either solid-copper crimp type contacts for criticalcircuits or budget-minded stamped and formed contacts. Ineither selection, the spring action is designed in the socket andshrouded by a stainless steel hood that provides closed entry forpositive axial alignment during mating, and eliminates probedamage from occurring. Contact insertion and withdrawal requireno special tools and are retained in locked position by dielecticfingers, molded as an integral part of the housing. Secondarylocks are assembled at the mating interfaces. If by chance thesecondary locks are not properly seated during assembly, theywill be pressed into locked position during the mating of theconnector.4ADT Series Manual #50907.indd 4STEPAHEAD7/31/2008 5:14:35 PM

DT Series Technical ManualMATERIAL dge:ThermoplasticGrommet:Silicone RubberContactsPin:Socket:Finish:Thermal Cycle:No cracking, chipping or leaking after 20 test cycles from-550 C to 1250 C.Durability:No electrical or mechanical defects after 100 cycles ofengagement and disengagement.Copper AlloyCopper AlloyNickel (optional - gold) PlatedCONTACT RESISTANCESealing PlugsThermoplastic: (All sizes)CONTACT WIRE GAUGE Test CurrentAWG(mm2)SIZE(Amps)GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS20Dielectric Withstanding VoltageCurrent leakage less than 2 milliamps at 1500 VAC16Insulation Resistance:1000 megohms minimum at 250 C.12Current Rating (Contact current rating @ 1250 C (continuous)Size 20: 7.5 ampsSize 16: 13 ampsSize 12: 25 ampsSize 8: 60 ampsSize 4: 100 amps8Resistance (mV)Stamped & Formed20 (.50)7.56010018 (.80)7.56010016 (1.0)7.56010020 (.50)7.56010018 (.80)106010016 (1.0)14 (2.0)1360100136010014 (2.0)186010012 (3.0)25601008 (8.60)6060N/A10 (5.60)6060N/A6 (13.0)10060N/A4Submersion:Properly wired and mated connection will withstand immersion underthree feet of water without loss of electronic qualities or leakage.Resistance (mV)SolidsWIRE SEALING RANGECONTACT SIZERECOMMENDED WIRE INSULATION O.D.E-SEALN-SEALFluid Resistance:Connectors show no damage when exposed to most fluids used inindustrial 5(2.24-3.68).053-.120(1.35-3.05)Vibration:No unlocking or unmating and exhibits no mechanical or physicaldamage after sinusoidal vibration levels of 20 G’s at 10 to 2000Hz in each of the three mutually perpendicular planes. No electricaldiscontinuities longer than 1 /AN/ATemperature:Operative at temperatures from -550C to 1250C. Continuous at ratedcurrent.Contact Retention:Contacts withstand a minimum load of:20 lbs (89N) for size 2025 lbs (111N) for size 1630 lbs (133N) for size 1235 lbs (156N) for size 835 lbs (156N) for size 45ADT Series Manual #50907.indd 5STEPAHEAD7/31/2008 5:14:35 PM

DT Series Technical ManualPART NUMBERING SYSTEM (DTM)DTM 06 - 2 S * - ****Series PrefixSpecial Modifications04 ReceptaclePolarizing Position (If Applicable)06 Plug08 12 OnlyNumber of ContactsContact TypeP Pin Receptacle OnlyS Socket Plug OnlyPART NUMBERING SYSTEM (DT & DT Bussed)DT 06 - 2 S * - ****Special ModificationsSeries PrefixPolarizing Position04 Receptacle(If Applicable)06 PlugContact TypeP Pin Receptacle OnlyNumber of ContactsS Socket Plug OnlyPART NUMBERING SYSTEM (DTP)DTP 06 - 2 S * - ****Special ModificationsSeries PrefixPolarizing Position04 Receptacle(If Applicable)06 PlugContact TypeP Pin Receptacle OnlyNumber of ContactsS Socket Plug OnlyPART NUMBERING SYSTEM (DTHD)DTHD 06 - 1 - 4 S - ****Series PrefixSpecial Modifications04 Receptacle06 PlugSingle TerminalContact StyleContact SizeP Pin Receptacle Only4 Size 4S Socket Plug Only8 Size 812 Size 126ADT Series Manual #50907.indd 6STEPAHEAD7/31/2008 5:14:35 PM

DT Series Technical ManualDTM Series Size 20 Contacts22 size 2033 size 2044 size 2066 size 2088 size 201212 size 20DT & DT BUSSED Series Size 16 Contacts22 size 1633 size 1644 size 1666 size 1688 size 161212 size 16DTP Series Size 12 Contacts22 size 1244 size 12DTHD Series Size 4, 8 & 1211 size 411 size 8ADT Series Manual #50907.indd 7STEP11 size127AHEAD7/31/2008 5:14:35 PM

DT Series Technical ManualDT Series BUSSED Arrangements1298345DEUTSCH35DEUTSCH8 PIN8 PIN10456126217624DEUTSCH785121112103136941156178 PIN122313DEUTSCH8425316476 PIN38DEUTSCH6 PINDEUTSCH7852DEUTSCH4 PIN6DEUTSCH44Standard DT Receptacles Bussed to Customer Specifications12 PIN12 PIN327841910DEUTSCH51161212 PINArrangements shown are currently available. For additional arrangements contact factory.ALL PART NUMBERS AREFOR “BLACK”NICKEL BUSS P/NGOLD BUSS P/NMATING PLUG P/N4 PIN 26 AMPSDT04-4P-EP13DT04-4P-EP12DT06-4S-****6 PIN 39 AMPSDT04-6P-EP13DT04-6P-EP12DT06-6S-****3 PIN 13 AMPSDT04-6P-EP14DT04-6P-EP15DT06-6S-****8 PIN 52 AMPSDT-8PB-P021DT04-8PB-P016DT06-08SB-****5 PIN 26 AMPSDT04-8PB-PO28DT04-8PB-PO29DT06-08SB-****4 PIN 26 AMPSDT04-8PB-P026DT04-8PB-P027DT06-08SB-****3 PIN 13 AMPSDT04-3P-***DT04-3P-***DT06-3S-****12 PIN 76 AMPSDT04-12PB-P021DT04-12PB-P016DT06-12SB-****6 PIN 39 AMPSDT04-12PB-P026DT04-12PB-P027DT06-12SB-****3 PIN 13 AMPSDT04-12PB-P030DT04-12PB-P031DT06-12SB-****MAX CURRENT RATINGSPLEASE CONSULT FACTORY FOR AVAILABILITY AND ALTERNATE KEYING8ADT Series Manual #50907.indd 8STEPAHEAD7/31/2008 5:14:36 PM

DT Series Technical ManualCONTACTS AND APPLICATION DATASolid ContactsWIRE SIZEAWG (mm2)RECOMMENDEDSTRIP LENGTHINCHES (mm)MIN CONTACTRETENTIONLBS (N)REF CRIMPTENSILELBS (N)MAX RATEDAMPS AT 1250CCONTINUOUS0462-201-20**20(0.50).156-.218(3.96 - 5-70(334 - 311)125-90(556-400)25SOLID CONTACTPART 0462-201-16**16-20(1.0 - -204-04**12-14(3.0 - 2.0)8-10(8.0 - 1360300(1334)100* See Envelope Print 0425-205-0000. Consult factory for alternate finishes.Solid ContactsSocketStamped and Formed ContactsSocketPinINSPECTION HOLEINSPECTION HOLEPinStamped & Formed ContactsSTAMPED & FORMED CONTACTPART 1060-20-02**N/AWIRERECOMMENDED MIN CONT.CARRIERWIRE SIZESTRIPAWG (mm2) INSULATION STRIP LENGTH RETENTIONO.D. RANGE INCHES (mm)LBS (N)IDENTIFICATION20 - 011062-20-02**20 - 021062-20-03**20 - 2-14-10**14 -16161060-16-01**1062-16-01**16 - 18161060-16-06**1062-16-06**0.5 - 1.0161060-16-07**1062-16-07**0.75 - 2.0161060-16-09**1062-16-09**16 - 18161060-16-12**1062-16-12**1.0 - 2.51062-16-14**14 - 1616N/A121060-12-01**1062-12-01**12 - 14121060-12-02**1062-12-02**10 - 1216 - 22(1.0 - 0.35)16 - 22(1.0 - 0.35)16 - 22(1.0 - 0.35)14 - 18(2.0 - .75)14 - 18(2.0 - .75)14 - 18(2.0 - .75)16 - 20(1.0 - .75)161.0)161.0)142.0)124.0).075 - .125(1.91 - 3.15).051 - .085(1.30 - 2.16).075 - .125(1.91 - 3.15).095 - .150(2.41 - 3.81).095 - .150(2.41 - 3.81).075 - .140(1.91 - 3.55)055 - .100(1.40 - 2.54).150 - .200(3.81 - 5.08).150 - .200(3.81 - 5.08).150 - .200(3.81 - 5.08).150 - .200(3.81 - 5.08).150 - .200(3.81 - 5.08).150 - .200(3.81 - 5.08).150 - .200(3.81 - 5.08).075 - .140(1.91 - 3.55).075 - .140(1.91 - 3.55).075 - .140(1.91 - 3.55).075 - .140(1.91 - 3.55).113 - .176(2.87 - 4.47).140 - .204(3.56 - 5.18).150 - .200(3.81 - 5.08).150 - .200(3.81 - 5.08).175 - .225(4.45 - 5.72).175 - .225(4.45 - 5.72).225 - .275(5.72 - 6.991).225 - .275(5.72 - 6.99)20(89)20(89)20(89)REF CRIMPTENSILELBS (N)20(8920(8920(89- 10- 45)- 10- 45)- 10- 1)25 - 15(111 - 4)30(134)25(111)25(111)70(311)70(311)MAX RATEDAMPS AT 1250CCONTINUOUS7.57.57.513131313131313132525** For proper dies and stamped & formed crimp dimensions - See Envelope 0425-208-0000 12 Size Consult factory for alternate finishes0425-203-0000 16 Size0425-207-0000 20 Size0425-059-0000 16,20 Size0425-039-0000 16 Size0425-041-0000 12 SizeADT Series Manual #50907.indd 9STEP9AHEAD7/31/2008 5:14:36 PM


DT Series Technical ManualAssembly Contact Insertion (DTM, DT, DTP)1. Grasp crimped contactapproximately 1.0” (25.4mm)behind the contact barrel.2. Hold connector with reargrommet facing you.3. Push contact straight intoconnector grommet until a clickis felt. A slight tug will confirmthat it is properly locked inplace.4. Once all contacts are in place,insert orange wedge: receptacles- with half holes aligning withcontacts. Plugs - with contactsaligning behind full holes. Theorange wedge will snap intoplace.NOTE: The receptacle is shown- use the same procedure forplug.Contact Removal1. Remove orange wedge usingneedlenose pliers to pull wedgestraight out.2. To remove the contacts,gently pull wire backwards,while at the same time releasingthe locking finger by moving itaway from the contact with ascrewdriver.ADT Series Manual #50907.indd 11STEP3. Hold the rear seal in place,as removing the contact willdisplace the seal.11AHEAD7/31/2008 5:14:37 PM

DT Series Technical ManualAccesso-AccessoriesTo meet the application requirements where wires are to be protected, the DT Series may be supplied with boot adaptors. Thesewill accept shaped boots / sleeves or shrink tubing. Parts for standard or thin wall wire are available.Shrink Boot Adaptor Modification NumbersPart Number - ReceptaclesPart Number - PlugsNumberBasicofWays Part asicofWays Part DT04-12PA-E008-CE04-EE11-CE09DTHD Removal ToolsNORMAL WIRE SEALS (N)Sealing PlugsEXTRA THIN WALL WIRE SEALS (E)PART NO.SIZEWIRE RANGE AWGPART 050411-353-08051140091284SEALING PLUGWIRE RANGE AWG CONTACT SIZE2012-1416 -128-10864PART NO.0413-204-2005114017114018114019Wire Sealing Range: Standard - 2.24mm - 3.68mm wire insulation diameter Thin wall - 1.35mm - 3.05mm wireinsulation diameter12ADT Series Manual #50907.indd 12STEPAHEAD7/31/2008 5:14:37 PM

DT Series Technical ManualAccessoriesDT Mounting ClipsMetal Mounting 27-0805(Thru Hole)1011-026-0205(Thru Hole)1011-030-0205(Snap Fit)Metal Mounting ClipsHole (mm)Stainless Steel.433 (11.0)Stainless Steel.512 (13.0)DTM (all)1027-004-1200 DT 2, 3, 4, 6, 12DTP (all)DTHD (all)Stainless Steelw/Zinc Plating.512 (13.0)1027-001-0800 DT 8 cavity onlyStainless Steel.433 (11.0)1027-014-0800 DT 8 cavity onlyStainless Steelw/Zinc Plating.323 (8.2)Used OnDTM (all)1027-003-1200 DT 2, 3, 4, 6, 12DTP (all)DTHD (all)DTM (all)1027-005-1200 DT 2, 3, 4, 6, 12DTP (all)DTHD (all)1011-310-0205(W/Self Mounting Stud)Plastic Mounting ClipsMaterialPart Number1027-004-12001027-003-1200Part NumberUsed OnDTM (all)1011-026-0205 DT 2, 3, 4, 6, 12DTP (all)DTHD (all)1011-027-0805 DT 8 Cavity OnlyDTM (all)1011-027-0805 DT 2, 3, 4, 6, 12DTP (all)DTHD (all)Material ColorPlasticGrayPlasticGrayPlasticBlack13ADT Series Manual #50907.indd 13STEPAHEAD7/31/2008 5:14:38 PM

DT Series Technical ManualAccessoriesBack ShellsThe Deutsch range of Back Shells is designed to snap fix onto the full range of standard DT connectors (i.e. without end cap). The innovative designallows each unit to accommodate several different sizes of slit or unslit corrugated tubes.They are available for both plugs and receptacles and the options include straight (1800) and right angled (900) adaptors for 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 and 12 way,additionally a version equipped with strain relief features 2, 3, 4 and 6 way for jacked cables.Material: PA 6.6 / blackIP rating: Operating Temperatures: -40 to 1250 CHandling Temperature: -5 to 450 CEnvelope Dimensions (mm)OutletStrain 38,062,047,557,039,563,553,058,543,5Item No.Part 12051011-250-12051011-247-12051011-248-1205Tube Size by Connector and Additional Length (mm) neededLLLLHaab14Receptacle 1800Receptacle 900ADT Series Manual #50907.indd 14bbSTEPHaaPlug 1800bPlug 900AHEAD7/31/2008 5:14:38 PM

DT Series Technical ManualAccessoriesBack ShellsPull Off Strength**FTFT900900FPConnectorFP (N)FP(N)DT04-2P / DT06-2SDT04-3P / DT06-3SDT04-4P / DT06-4SDT04-6P / DT06-6SDT04-8P / DT06-8SDT04-12P / DT06-12S50 / 5050 / 5050 / 5050 / 5050 / 5050 / 5050 / 1050 / 5050 / 2550 / 3050 / 3550 / 40** Valid for unslit corrugated tubes. Follow also connectormounting instruction: no force must apply to wires andconnector to maintain continuous tightness of the connection.FPTube size by connector and additional length (mm) neededConnectorNW6NW7,5NW8,5NW10NW13NW17DT04-2P / DT06-2SDT04-3P / DT06-3SDT04-4P / DT06-4SDT04-6P / DT06-6SDT04-8P / DT06-8SDT04-12P / DT06-12SDCorrugatedPTube DetailsX 16,0X 18,0X 16,09,32,8X 16,0X 18,0X 16,010,02,7X 10,0X 12,5X 10,0X 20,0X 20,011,72,4X 7,0X 7,0X 13,0X 14,0X 24,513,02,7X 7,0X 8,0X 16,015,82,7X 10,021,23,3NW17X Tube length needed for harnessRibs to be used for tube mounting*ConnectorNW6NW7,5NW8,5NW10NW13DT04-2P / DT06-2SDT04-3P / DT06-3SDT04-4P / DT06-4SDT04-6P / DT06-6SDT04-8P / DT06-8SDT04-12P / DT06-12S676-676-45477-33--35573353* The corrugated tube must be placed into the ribs as per the above table.DNWPTube details (sectional view)Strain ReliefRib No.:ADT Series Manual #50907.indd 156STEP3115AHEAD7/31/2008 5:14:39 PM

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Environmentally-Sealed Transportation Connectors Deutsch DT Series An environmentally-sealed connector designed specifically for cable to cable applications on the engine or transmission, under the hood, on the chassis or in the cab. . Deutsch DT Bussed Series 3 Integral Connector Latch Rugged Thermoplastic Housing-55o C to 125o C Operating .