HR Toolkit forEmployee Mental HealthOctober 2020AECOM

Supporting the Mental Health and EmotionalWell-Being of AECOM Employees Mental health is an important component of an individual’s overall well-being. Having an intentional focus on improving one’s mental health can lead to adecrease in anxiety, depression and stress. It also impacts and is impacted byother areas of well-being, including: Staying physically active Maintaining healthy sleep habits Eating well Maintaining supportive relationships Making sound financial decisions Mental health can affect an employees’ work performance, safety and behavioron the job. Managers play a critical role in supporting employee well-being by creatingsupportive, inclusive work environments, identifying work and other behavioralchanges and fostering positive relationships among their teams. This presentation provides managers with an overview of global tools andresources available to help support employees’ emotional well-being, includinghow to manage critical incidents and personal problems that may impact jobperformance.AECOM

Global Tools and s EAPInternational SOS

WellBeingAtAECOM.comEmployee AssistanceProgram (EAP) PageMental Health ResourcesManager Resources onthe Resource HubWho’s EligibleAll global employees, contractors and family members living in their householdDescription How to AccessResourcesAccess articles, videos,assessments and action planson emotional well-being topicssuch as depression, digitaldetox, resilience, sleep andmoreAdditional resources to managephysical health, finances andmaintain supportiverelationships in the EmployeeResource CenterEmotional Well-Being ResourcesResource CenterAECOM Find the EAP number for yourcountry EAP Overview and FAQs Call to receive 5 free counselingsessions, as well as financial,legal and work-life referralassistance and support Access digital resources onguidanceresources.comGuidanceResources EAP Page Access manager-specificresources to help you supportemployee well-being, includingmanager EAP toolkit,instructions for submittingmanager referrals, andmanager tips and guidesManager Hub

GuidanceResources EAP - Formal ReferralsWho’s EligibleUS and Canada employees onlyDescriptionA formal EAP referral made to improve an employee’s performance/safety whenyou suspect that your employee could be dealing with significant personalissues (e.g. substance abuse).Additional ResourcesSubmit a Formal EAP ReferralHow it Works:1234Contact your localHRRepresentative toreport theemployeerelations issueHR will meet withemployee toexplain reason forreferralHR will completeauthorizationform and ask theemployee to signand date itHR will fax theauthorizationform to 312-7056375AECOM5Employee mustcall the EAPwithin 24 hrs ofthe meeting toschedule anappointment6HR will call theEAP to initiate theformal referralprocess7EAP will provideupdates to HR

GuidanceResources EAP – Critical IncidentsWho’s EligibleEmployees and contractorsDescriptionAn event that impacts an AECOM work site, such as a natural disaster,sudden or tragic death of a co-worker, any acts of workplace violence or aworkforce reduction.How to AccessResourcesCall your local HR Representative to report a critical incident. Your local HRRepresentative will coordinate counseling services or training support withthe GuidanceResources EAP.If a critical incident occurs outside of AECOM’s normal business hours,please report the critical incident directly to the GuidanceResources EAPusing your country-specific EAP number.Counselors can provide in-person or virtual assistance within 24 to 72hours of receiving the call.Learn more on page 8 of the EAP Manager ToolkitAECOM

GuidanceResources EAP – Overview of the Mental Fit for Duty (FFD) Evaluation–A Mental Fit for Duty (FFD) is an evaluation completed by a medical professional to determine if an employee is ready to safelyperform their work assignment. It may be initiated after a critical incident involving a mental health concern, self-harm or harmto others.– Examples: An employee revealing thoughts or actions around self-harm; and/or demonstrating threatening behavior towardcoworkers or the workplace– Available for U.S. employees only–There are three parties involved in facilitating a mental FFD evaluation - AECOM, ComPsych (Guidance Resources EAP) andthe mental FFD provider. Each party has a distinct role, which is noted below:AECOMComPsychMental FFDProviderManagers MUST notify HR Representative of suspected orknown critical incident and confer with HR, ER/C, GlobalSecurity and Resiliency (GSR) and Legal on next stepsProvides mental FFD consultation.Assesses employee’s ability to perform essential jobfunctions.HR explains the mental FFD process and expectations tothe employee.Locates a qualified provider for the mental FFDevaluation.Provides guidance to AECOM on pertinent referralinformation to submit to the provider.HR submits all pertinent referral information.Ensures that the provider submits a written report toAECOM within five (5) business days of the evaluation.HR communicates directly with the mental FFD providerregarding the written report.Makes all employment decisions.AECOMEnsures that the employee has access to all recommendedservices.Monitors the employee’s compliance with all treatmentrecommendations.Assesses risk factors for potential workplace threat.Provides recommended strategies, psychological testingand accommodations to eliminate the potential threat andfacilitate a successful return to work.Submits a comprehensive written report within five (5)business days of the evaluation.Discusses evaluation findings and recommendationsdirectly with AECOM representative, if requested.

GuidanceResources EAP – How the Mental FFD Evaluation Process Works12Manager notifies HR ofsuspected or known criticalincidentA call will be scheduled withHR, management, ER/C,GSR and Legal to discussthe need for a mental FFDevaluation6HR will provide the impactedemployee with the reason forthe mental FFD evaluation anddate/time of the appointmentAECOM34An intake specialist willgather basic informationabout the mental FFDevaluation requestHR contacts ComPsych toinitiate a mental FFDevaluation7A mental FFD evaluation will beconducted by the mental FFDprovider.58The mental FFD provider willsend HR a written report within5 days of completing theevaluationA mental FFD team memberwill reach out to HR togather the informationrequired to conduct themental FFD evaluation.9ComPsych will providerecommended services andmonitor the employee’scompliance with all treatmentrecommendations

GuidanceResources EAP – Submitting a Mental FFD Evaluation Request– To initiate a mental FFD evaluation, you will need the following information: Employee’s name; date of birth; employment status; length of employment. Detailed information regarding the event(s) leading to the mental FFD evaluation. Pertinent performance concerns, including attendance, interpersonal difficulties, and behavioralchanges. Job description; include any social skills that are critical to the job or any other information relatedto the job requirement.– Once you gather all of the required information, you can initiate the mental FFDevaluation by submitting the mental FFD Referral Form:– By phone: 1-866-501-7962– To a secure email: NewManagementReferra[email protected]– To a secure fax number: 1-312-705-6375AECOM

GuidanceResources EAP – Mental FFD Written EvaluationThe medical provider examining the employee will provide a written report to AECOM within 5 businessdays of the mental FFD evaluation. The report will include answers to the following questions:1. Whether the employee is presently a direct threat to harm self and/or others.2. Whether the employee is presently fit to return to work and able to perform the essential functions of the jobwith or without restrictions.3. If the employee requires accommodation(s), how will the accommodation(s) allow the employee to perform theessential functions of the job.4. If accommodation(s) are recommended, details of the accommodation(s) and their duration.AECOM

International SOSWho’s EligibleEmployees (and eligible dependents) on international assignment or approved international business travelDescription International SOS provides assistance with: Medical emergencies and evacuations Repatriation of remains Lost travel documentation and trip cancellations Health concerns and travel risks Stress management and moreAll suicidal complaints are treated as an emergency. When a suicidal complaint is received, ”Code Blue” iscommunicated to the call center and the call is immediately triaged to a medical team for evaluation.AdditionalResourcesCall International SOS number at 1 215.942.8226.Business Travel Benefits InformationHow it Works:1A call is placed to International SOS by anemployee, dependent, HR, GSR ormanager.AECOM2Designated GSR/HR contact(s) is notifiedvia phone to confirm theemployee/dependent’s eligibility and toauthorize care. *3Ongoing notifications are provided to thedesignated contact, as well as the GSRand Benefits teams until the issue isresolved.* Please note that if it is an emergency, care will be provided to the employee/dependent even if the regional contacts cannot be reached.

Manager notifies HR of suspected or known critical incident A call will be scheduled with HR, management, ER/C, GSR and Legal to discuss the need for a mental FFD evaluation HR contacts ComPsych to initiate a mental FFD evaluation An intake specialist will gather basic information about the mental FFD evaluation request A mental FFD team member