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LanguagesEnglish (native), Swedish (basic), Spanish (rudimentary)Professional Activities and InvolvementEditor PositionsHydrological Science Journal (Associate Editor); Sustainability – Sustainable WaterManagement (Section Editor-in-Chief); Journal of Water Resources Engineering Managementand Policy – Tanzania (Editorial Board)Reviewer (those with more than 2 times per year)Water Resources Research, Journal of Hydrology, Hydrological Processes, Hydrology and EarthSystems Science, Journal of Hydrology – Regional Studies, Water, SustainabilityInternational Proposal ReviewerNSF (US), NSERC (Canada), European Research Council (EU), NERC (UK), Fonds National dela Recherche (Luxembourg), Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft – DFG (Germany), NetherlandsOrganisation for Scientific Research (The Netherlands), Swiss National Science Foundation(Switzerland), Research Council of Norway (Norway),Professional MembershipsAmerican Geophysical Union, European Geosciences Union, American Society of Agriculturaland Biological Engineers, International Association of Hydrological Sciences, Alpha Epsilon(Agricultural Engineering Honorary), Tao Beta Pi (Engineering Honorary), Gamma Sigma Delta(Agricultural Honorary), Engineer in Training, American Water Resources AssociationAwards and FellowshipsCounty Activities of Excellence award from The American Farm Bureau Federation (2021); MGAnderson Award – Hydrological Processes Outstanding Paper of the Year (2016), Axel WennerGrens Stiftelse sabbatsstipendium (2016), Ivar Bendixsons stipendiefond för docenter (2012),BBCC Poster awards in Innovation and Cross-cutting Research (2010), NSF-IGERT VespucciSummer School (2005), American Scandinavian Foundation Fellow (2004-2005), NSF-IGERTEquipment Grant in Biogeochemistry and Environmental Biocomplexity (2003), Annie’sHomegrown Environmental Studies Scholarship (2002), International Erosion ControlAssociation’s Thrill of Achievement Scholar (2000)Relevant Committees, Commissions of Trust and Board MembershipsSENR Department Fellowship Committee (2021-present)SENR Department Seminar Committee (2020-present)SENR Director Search Committee (2021-present)CFAES Wooster – Fall Speaker Series Planning Committee (2021-present)Wooster Science Café Seminar Committee (2020-present)Steering Committee, OSU Carbon Management and Sequestration Center (2020-present)Advisory Committee, OSU Extension Water Quality Associate Team (2020-present)Steering Committee, Land Use Actions for the Future of Our County Workshop (2019-2020)The Nature Conservancy Coda Fellowship with New York Chapter (2018)Advisory Board, SmartPhones4Water (non-profit) (2018-present)WaterMas Steering Committee (2018-2020)Navarino Environmental Observatory - Wetland Network Steering Committee (2012-present)Departmental Board, Department of Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology (2012-2014)Dr. Steve W. Lyon – CVPage 2

Conferences and WorkshopsSessions ConvenedLet citizens with smartphones modernize water resources management, World Water Week,Stockholm, Sweden. 2021.Improved Water Management Education Across Latin America, World Water Week, Stockholm,Sweden. 2019.Sida/VR Development Research Conference on “Global Visions and Local Practices”:Establishing participatory processes in ecosystem-based agricultural management strategies.August 22-24, 2016. Stockholm, Sweden. Co-convener with S. Nyström.AGU session H47: From pores to catchments: Coupling hydrologic concepts and models acrossmultiple scales. December, 2010. San Francisco, CA, USA. Co-convener with R. Mohtar, J.AscoughEGU session HS4.4: Observational hydrology: Snap-shot sampling of streams and catchments.May 3, 2010. Vienna, Austria. Co-convener with J. O. Skøien, R. WoodsAGU session H23: Catchment Processes and Heterogeneity at Multiple Scales – BenchmarkingObservations, Conceptualization and Prediction. December, 2008. San Francisco, CA, USA.Co-convener with D. Tetzlaff, K. McGuire, H. Laudon, S. Carey, J. McNamaraEGU session HS10.18: Linking catchment hydrological and biogeochemical processes acrossspatial scales. April 15, 2008. Vienna, Austria. Co-convener with H. LaudonWorkshops OrganizedLand Use Actions for the Future of Our County, Wooster, OH, 2020. Co-organized with E.Schuster, S. Inwood, B. Gwin, L. Shoup, T. Hunt, M. Hill.Improving discharge data for water management, Stockholm, Sweden, 8 November 2018. Coorganized with I. Westerberg at IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute.Ensuring disaster risk reduction via sustainable wetland development in Zambia, Stockholm,Sweden, 8-9 June 2015.The Next Generation of LiDAR Analysis for Critical Zone Research, Boulder, CO May 12th14th, 2014. Co-organized with A. HarpoldIn-stream interactions between sediments and biogeochemicals in a high alpine environment,September 4-6. 2012, Tarfala Research Station. Co-organized with G. RosqvistWater as the mirror of landscapes: How useful a hypothesis for resource management?, SwedishUniversity of agriculture Sciences, March 28-29, 2012. Uppsala, Sweden. Co-organized withK. Bishop and H. DahlkeNCAR Junior Faculty Forum: Coupling Terrestrial and Atmospheric Water Dynamics. July 9-11,2007. Boulder, Colorado. Co-organized with F. Dominguez and D. GochisDr. Steve W. Lyon – CVPage 3

Student SupervisionMain Supervisor of Postdoctoral ResearchDr. Mohammad Nayeb Yadzi (2020-2021), Ohio State UniversityDr. Sam Miller (2020-2021), Ohio State UniversityDr. Madaka Tumbo (2015-2020), Stockholm UniversityDr. Subira Munishi (2015-2020), Stockholm UniversityDr. Benjamin Fischer (2017-2019), Stockholm UniversityDr. Valentin Mansanarez (2017-2019), Stockholm UniversityDr. Mattias Winterdahl (2013-2015), Stockholm UniversityDr. Helen Dahlke (2010-2013), Stockholm UniversityMain Supervisor of Ph.D. researchOrn-uma (Ni) Polpanich (2015-present), Uppsala UniversityWilliam Senkondo (2016-2020), Stockholm UniversityNorris Lam (2012-2017), Stockholm UniversityAlexander Koutsouris (2012-2017), Stockholm UniversityYlva Sjöberg (2010-2015), Stockholm UniversityElin Jantze (2010-2015), Stockholm UniversityMarcus Nathanson (2010-2012; Licentiate Degree), Stockholm UniversityMinor/Committee Supervision of Ph.D. researchDax Fisher-Garibay (2021-present), SENR, Ohio State UniversityDevan Mathie (2020-present), EEOB, Ohio State UniversitySeema Paul (2020-present), KTH Royal Institute of TechnologyJohn Livsey (2017-2021), Stockholm UniversityCharlotta Högberg (2016-2020), Stockholm UniversityEdmond Alavaisha (2016-2020), Stockholm UniversityDmytro Kyryliuk (2015-2019), Stockholm UniversityRene Mbanguka (2012-2017), Stockholm UniversityElin Jacobs (2011-2015), Purdue UniversityElikana Kalumanga (2010-2015), Stockholm UniversityFernando Jaramillo (2010-2015), Stockholm UniversityJohanna Mård Karlsson (2010-2014), Stockholm UniversityArvid Bring (2009-2013), Stockholm UniversityKaterina Mazi (2010-2014), Stockholm UniversityMain Supervision of MSc researchShannon Pace (2020-present), SENR, Ohio State UniversityTyler Wong (2020-present), SENR, Ohio State UniversityJohn Brett (2021-present), SENR, Ohio State University44 MSc Student Thesis Projects Supervised (2009-2018), Stockholm/KTH/UppsalaMinor/Committee Supervision of MSc researchHaley McLean (2021-present), SENR, Ohio State UniversityMarina Miquilini (2021-present), ANSCI, Ohio State UniversityWenxuan Zhao (2019-2021), EGSP, Ohio State UniversityDr. Steve W. Lyon – CVPage 4

Recent Grants (Total Funding 16.5M USD since 2007)A fundamental shift in thinking about trees, Battelle Engineering, Technology and HumanAffairs (BETHA) Endowment. ( 59,563) Steve Lyon (PI), Kerry Ard, Matt Lewis.Submitted December 2020. 08/24/2021-08/23/2022.Monitoring cover crops and their impacts on ecosystem services, InFACT Linkages andLeverages, Submitted January 2021. ( 35,000) Sami Khanal (PI), Steve Lyon et al. April2021-March 2022.Quantifying water flow pathway redistribution under agricultural drainage. Ohio WaterResources Center, USGS 104(b), Submitted October 2020. ( 10,000) Kennedy Doro(University of Toledo), Steve Lyon, Sam Miller. 03/01/2021-02/28/2022Developing a non-profit business incubator for small-scale food producers, InFACT Linkagesand Leverages, Submitted October 2020. ( 35,000) Wuyang Hu (PI), Steve Lyon, et al.01/01/2021-12/31/21Comparing the environmental tradeoffs and synergies of alternative modes of integratinglivestock into cash grain cropping systems. National Institute of Food and Agriculture(NIFA) – Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI). Inter-Disciplinary Engagementin Animal Systems (IDEAS – A1261) program area; May 2020. ( 999,186) PI: DougJackson-Smith. Co-PI: Steve Culman, Christine Sprunger, Steve Lyon, Anthony Parker,Marilia Chiavegato, Ajay Shah. 09/01/2021-08/30/2024Characterization of Water Quality and Quantity of greenhouse or nursery waters in Erie LakeLowland or Drift Plain Eco-Regions of the USA. USDA ARS Cooperative Agreement. S.W.Lyon (PI) ( 105,487) 9/15/2020 to 9/14/2022Can we model water resources of Ecuador’s tropical Andes despite data limitations?, OSUOffice of International Affairs. S.W. Lyon (PI) ( 5,500) 2020-2021.What’s the real nutrient load reduction achieved using controlled drainage structures? HABRISea Grant. S.W. Lyon (PI), J. Witter ( 94,623) 2020-2021.The role of beavers as remediation engineers for acid mine drainage streams, SEEDS grant,Gabor (PI), Lyon, ( 49,152) 2020-2021.Drone-assisted streamflow monitoring – a faster, safer and more cost-effective approach tomeasuring river flows. FORMAS, I. Westerberg (PI), S.W Lyon, N. Lam, ( 361,000), 20202024.Support to purchase Stable Water Isotope Analyzer. CFAES Equipment Grant. Lyon, S.W. (PI),( 117,550) 2020.Non-conventional partnerships can secure food, environment and rural economies, InFactLinkage and Leverage. Lyon (PI), Schuster (co-PI) ( 5,000) 2019-2020.Agricultural Diversification Research Workshop. InFact Linkage and Leverage. Jackson-Smith(PI), Lyon et al., ( 5,000) 2019-2020Support for Research Collaborative Planning Process on Diversification of AgriculturalLandscapes. CAPS Opportunity Grant. Jackson-Smith, Culman, Lyon, Chiavegato, Bennett,Lipschitz, Dorrance, Michel ( 5,000) 2019-2020.Dr. Steve W. Lyon – CVPage 5

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