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Goals For Today! Answer “What is XML”?! Compare XML and EDI! Define B2B IntegrationRequirements!Demonstrate B2B Integrationusing XML

Technical Evolution Of The InternetXMLgyolnoP/IPhCTcTeConnectivityInn FTP, E-mail, Govaophetionrno WebHTMLPresentationWebPagesBrowsethe WebProgrammabilityWebApplicationsProgramthe Web

What Is XML ?eXtensible Markup Language is a set ofspecifications from the World Wide WebConsortium (W3C)XML is a" set of rules that defines what a validmarkup tag is" method for putting structured data into atext file" family of “vocabularies” that provide setsof tags or guidelines for specific industries" subset of SGML

What’s so great about XML?"""""The data is self-describingFlexible way of representing dataPlatform and device independentLeverages the InternetWidely accepted standard

Example: Self-describing dataData stream in a typical interface “ABC47-Z”, “100”, “STL”, “C”, “3”, “28”Same data stream in XML Inventory PartNum ABC47-Z /PartNum Quantity 100 /Quantity Warehouse STL /Warehouse Zone C /Zone Aisle 3 /Aisle Bin 28 /Bin /Inventory

DTD and Schema"Document Type Definition##"defines the legal building blocks of an XMLdocumentcan be declared inline in your XML document,or as an external referenceSchema##an XML based alternative to DTDdescribes the structure of an XML document

XSL (eXtensible StylesheetLanguage)""XSLT (eXtensible Stylesheet Language:Transformation)A language for transforming thestructure of an XML documentSource Tree(your XML)XSLTOutput (x)XSLTransformerStylesheetResult Tree

Transforming XML for Presentation orBusinessXML DATAXSLTXSLTXSLTXSL


ie5.xslie4.xslnav3.xslnokia.xslsony.xsledi x.xslsap y.xslflat z.xsl

XML Transformation Example"""XML newsfeedXSL TransformationResult XHTML (displayed in browser)news.xmlnews.xsl

Electronic DataInterchange (EDI)"Standards based (ANSI X12 andUN/EDIFACT) application toapplication transfer of businessdocuments between computers andbusiness partners"Over 90% of Fortune 1,000 firmsuse EDI"But only 5% of smaller firms do

Problems with EDI!!!!Messages are difficult to decipher.Needs dedicated EDI server and VAN.Costly to implement and maintain.Compatibility between X12 and EDIFACTnot good.

EDI Vs XMLEDIISA*00**00**08*61112500TST 1*DEMO 1250011*WU000003 234** 990208REF*AH*M109XML ?xml version “1.0” ? purchase-order header po-number 1234 /po-number date 1999-02-08 /date time 14:05 /time /header Source:XEDI.ORG


B2B IntegrationBalancing Supply and Demand By Synchronizing TheFlow of Information Throughout the Supply ChainForecastsSchedulesOrdersProduct plans &designs Capacities Deliveryperformance SuppliersThe Enterprise Forecasts Inventorybalances Orders DeliveryperformanceEnterprise Integration:Coordinating Functions Integrated manufacturing processcontrol measures Global inventory balances Product data Production capacities Consolidated financial results Order statusDistributors&Customers

B2B Integration Solutions"Custom solutions###"Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)###"ExpensiveDoesn’t scaleProprietaryExpensiveUn-extensibleTwo standards (X12 & EDIFACT)XML####Less expensiveScales very wellHighly extensibleSingle standard supported by W3C

XML Integration Approach"Drop box# XMLdocument created and“dropped” onto a web server,where it waits to be “pickedup” by another application"Dynamic# XMLdocument created andimmediately transferred toreceiving application

B2B Integration ExampleXMLProduct DataXMLInternetXMLXMLAggregate Product DataProduct DataXMLProduct Data

Wagon Supply Chain"Three products###WagonWheelbarrowGarden Cart

Wagon Supply Pure-play e-tailere-tailer Product DTD/Schema lCatalog.xmlCatalog.xml


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) " Standards based (ANSI X12 and UN/EDIFACT) application to application transfer of business documents between computers and business partners " Over 90% of Fortune 1,000 firms use EDI " But only 5% of smaller firms do