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TABLE OF CONTENTSA Word from the CEOBrief history of B2BGatewaySolutions and ServicesWhere does EDI fit into the Marketplace?Popular Global EDI StandardsTechnical Architecture.B2BGateway Client Support.Trading PartnersClient TestimonialsSpecialized SolutionsB2BGateway Fact SheetPopular Terms and DefinitionsTop 5 Advantages of EDIB2BGateway Contact Information 1 (401) 491-9595 x5B2BGATEWAY EDI [email protected]

A WORD FROM THE CEO.B2BGateway was founded in the UnitedStates in 1999, during the height of theoriginal “.COM” boom. During that timeorganizations were growing at anextraordinarily fast rate, but they were alsogoing out of business just as fast. AtB2BGatewaythegrowthoftheorganization has been directly proportionalto the improvements in our infrastructureand the effectiveness of the staff. Ournetwork has evolved over the years into amassively parallel and infinitely scalabledistributed processing system.Today, B2BGateway has offices in Boston,Rhode Island, Ireland and now Australia,offering fully-integrated, cloud-based EDIsolutions and services to most accountingpackages and ERPs.Kevin HoyleCEO/Managing DirectorAt B2BGateway, our growth and expansioncontinues but always at a controlled rate. As a cutting edge, cloud based,highly technical organization, it is interesting that we also embrace oldfashioned personalized customer service. We are proud to say that ourcustomer satisfaction rating is far above any similar organization anywhere inthe world.I thank you for your time and hope to have the opportunity toprove to you what a great organization B2BGateway is. 1 (401) 491-9595 x5B2BGATEWAY EDI [email protected]

Shannon Systems LLC was founded in April 1999, in Boston, Massachusetts,USA as a privately held software development company providing customdeveloped utilities, programs and data conversion software. One of ourproducts, “The B2BGateway”, was designed to provide organizations with aneasy solution to the complexities of EDI. Simply put, data would be sent to ourorganization over the internet, where it would be converted and sent toanother organization in a different format. Eventually, people using “TheB2BGateway” began to refer to the company as B2BGateway and we now dobusiness as B2BGateway.Although we didn’t invent Cloud Computing, we were a very early adopter,starting services in 1999. Our data transfer network has evolved over the yearsto provide optimal performance and maximized up-time. We have grown fromthat first client trading with their first trading partner, to servicing thousands ofclients around the world. At B2BGateway we service over twenty five thousand(25,000) client / trading partner relationships with data flowing around theworld every minute of every day.B2BGateway now has offices in North America, Europe and Australia providingcloud based EDI and eCommerce to clients and trading partners in over 30countries worldwide. 1 (401) 491-9595 x5B2BGATEWAY EDI [email protected] OF B2BGATEWAY

EDI SOLUTIONS & SERVICES940810850850 -- Purchase Order810 -- Invoice940 -- Warehouse Ship Order945 -- Warehouse Ship advice945AS2, FTPs and VAN’s are differentcommunication protocols used byTrading Partners to communicatewith suppliers.B2BGateway’scloud-based EDIsolutions allowthe Xero user tocommunicateseamlessly withtheircustomers.945Fully-Integrated EDI for Xero users.940810850810850945FTPsAS2VANB2BGateway is a global EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) solutions provider.We offer both web based and fully integrated EDI solutions to cater for allmarket needs and wants (e.g. X12, EDIFACT, Tradacoms, Eancom, Odette,oioUBL, XML, VAN, AS2, FTP, etc.). Our Cloud/SaaS based fully integrated EDIsolutions will integrate seamlessly with Xero. As well as our core competencyof EDI, we also offer the following solutions: VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory)WSS (Warehouse Support Sites)ASN (Advanced Shipping Notices) 1 (401) 491-9595 x5B2BGATEWAY EDI [email protected] / GS1-128 Container LabelsSupplier Web PortalsTesting & Validation Solutions

WHERE DOES EDI FIT INTO THE MARKETPLACE?X12Format(ONLINE RETAILER)(FACTORY)850850810810(BOX STORERETAILER)(XERO USER).810.(FINANCIALINSTITUTION)(SHOPPING CART)3PL(THIRD PARTY LOGISTICS)810 – Invoice [ Outbound to the Trading Partner ]850 – Outgoing PO / Incoming SO [ Imported as Sales Order in Xero ]855 – Purchase Order Acknowledgement856 – Advanced Shipping Notice [ Outbound from Invoice or WSS ]860 – Purchase Order Change [ Inbound – Typically received as HTML ]940 – Warehouse Ship Order [ Outbound Sales Order / Purchase Order to 3PL ]945 – Warehouse Ship Advice [ Incoming – SO Pending fulfillment to Pending billing ] 1 (401) 491-9595 x5B2BGATEWAY EDI [email protected]

WHERE DOES EDI FIT INTO THE MARKETPLACE?EDIFACTFormat(ONLINE OX STORERETAILER).(XERO USER).(FINANCIALINSTITUTION)(SHOPPING CART)3PL(THIRD PARTY LOGISTICS)INVOIC – Invoice [ Outbound to the Trading Partner ]ORDERS – Outgoing PO / Incoming SO [ Imported as Sales Order in Xero ]ORDRSP – Purchase Order AcknowledgementDESADV – Advanced Shipping Notice [ Outbound from Invoice or WSS ]ORDCHG– Purchase Order Change [ Inbound – Typically received as HTML ]INSDES – Warehouse Ship Order [ Outbound Sales Order / Purchase Order to 3PL ]DESADV – Warehouse Ship Advice [ Incoming – SO Pending fulfillment to Pending billing ] 1 (401) 491-9595 x5B2BGATEWAY EDI [email protected]

POPULAR GLOBAL EDI STANDARDSANSI X12 Developed by American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in 1979 Most Popular EDI Transaction Set in North America Transaction Sets given numeric values, e.g. PO 850, Invoice 810 etc. Multiple standards or versions within X12, 4010, 4030, 5010 etc.TRADACOMS Developed by the United Kingdom Retail Sector in 1982. Had been most popular EDI Transaction Set in UK but is now being over taken byEDIFACT Still used today by UK retailers but is slowly being phased out and replaced by EDIFACTsubset Eancom.PEPPOL Established by EU in 2012 after testing Pilot Projects since 2008 Standard is to be used to send e-Invoices to EU government and public sector bodies Network of Approved PEPPOL providers has been established B2BGateway helped Irish Government to run Irish PEPPOL project and meet the EUrequirementsOIOUBL Developed in 2010 and predominantly used in Danish and Scandinavian markets Subset of UBL 2.0 (Universal Business Language) Still in its infancyOdette Developed by European Automotive Manufacturers in 1984 Widely used throughout the Automotive sector Established Communication Protocol OFTP Transaction sets are based on EDIFACT messaging 1 (401) 491-9595 x5B2BGATEWAY EDI [email protected] Developed by the United Nations (UN) in 1986 Most Popular EDI Transaction Set outside of North America. Predominantly used inEurope and Far East Transaction Sets given names, e.g. PO ORDERS, Invoice INVOIC, etc. Multiple standards within EDIFACT. Most popular current standard is D96A

TECHNICAL ARCHITECTURE.standard maintenance, modificationsand enhancements to both hardwareand software infrastructure. As aresult B2BGateway has maintained a99.96% uptime over the past severalyears.The primary server farm forB2BGateway is located in a suburb ofBoston, MA USA. Although theB2BGateway Tier 1 computing facilityhas built in tolerance and fail overcapabilities, we have a secondaryredundant failover facility located inRhode Island, USA and a third levelfailover facility located in Shannon,Ireland.B2BGateway has a scheduled 1 hourof maintenance each week duringnon-peak processing to allow forBOSTON USARHODE ISLAND USASHANNON IRELAND 1 (401) 491-9595 x5B2BGATEWAY EDI ewayarchitecturalenvironment has constantly evolvedas technological advances havebecome available. The hardwareinfrastructure has grown from asingle server (back in 1999) tomultiple servers and eventually to aninfinitely scalable queuing structurewithin a suite of servers. Utilising thenewer technologies of virtualisedcomputing environments within aserver infrastructure and StorageArea Networks (SANs), we have beenable to exponentially increase ourcomputing power while reducing thepower demand and physical footprintof the primary data centre.

CLIENT SUPPORTA key success factor of B2BGateway has been our ability to assign a dedicatedSupport Engineer to each fully-integrated EDI client and our unsurpassed 24/7back up support service. With offices located strategically across the globe, wecan cover most time zones live. We also have multi-lingual support staff withdirect line and email access. We have thousands of clients around the globe.These clients can be found in all verticalmarkets from banking to automotive towholesale distribution. Our clients reflect awide range of corporate sizes from themultinational corporation to the smallstartup company. Each of our client’s uniquebusiness needs are taken into considerationwhen setting up their system. Below is anorganizational example of B2BGateway’sdedicated 24/7 client support:.ClientDedicatedAccount SetupProject Mgr.Setup AccountEngineersSetupProgrammingTeamSE & RRTTeams with24/7 BackupInfrastructureProgrammingTeam 1 (401) 491-9595 x5B2BGATEWAY EDI eProgrammingTeam

TRADING PARTNERS.B2BGateway has long established Trading Partner relationships with theseorganizations and many, many more across the globe:.B2BGateway currently supports over 25,000 EDI relationships and presentlyworks with hundreds of trading partners. See our full list of Trading Partnersacross all verticals at New tradingpartner relationships are added daily.B2BGateway can map data to all the above Trading Partners formats and supportsthousands more worldwide. A full list of our current trading partner relationships can beviewed on our website works with all major retailers, wholesale distributors, manufacturers and thirdparty logistics providers (3PL’s) in North America, Europe, Australia and the Far East in orderto make EDI simple and cost effective for the end user. 1 (401) 491-9595 x5B2BGATEWAY EDI [email protected]

CLIENT TESTIMONIALS“Even though we have distributionnationally with some very BIG customers,we are still a small business. B2B lets usinteract with the BIG guys the way theyprefer, via EDI, so they don't have to makeany exceptions for us. I would highlyrecommendB2BGateway.Ican'temphasize enough the positive impactB2B and has had on my time, mybookkeeping and ultimately our bottomline!”Peter Spoto, President MaxRelief USA, Inc.Paula White, CEO 600lb Gorillas."Integration between our distributors andour accounting and warehousing functionsuse to be a big paperwork nightmare thattook many staff hours to reconcile. Now,with B2BGateway, it’s there, at ourfingertips, fully accountable and in thecloud. Employees in Sydney, San Francisco,London and Toronto are now all on thesame page, and our staff requirementshave been reduced by nearly 20%. Howgood is that?”.“For more than six years, Kuehne Nagel’s Contract Logistics division hasworked with B2BGateway, electronically integrating various business clientsinto the company’s warehouse management system.When I call, I know that I will be greeted with a friendly ‘Hello, B2BGateway;’my emails are answered promptly with either an answer or a timeline for whenI can expect an answer. In solving problems, no matter the origin, the teamgoes the distance to work with all parties to resolve them as quickly as possible– and always with a positive attitude.”Vincent CerconeManager Customer IntegrationI.T. Business SolutionsKuehne Nagel, Inc. 1 (401) 491-9595 x5B2BGATEWAY EDI [email protected]

SPECIALIZED SOLUTIONSB2BGateway created a custom order portal for SterlingRope. This portal allows the Sterling Rope customers tologin and place orders for the thousands of itemsoffered by this vendor. In addition, Sterling Rope hasthe ability to manage their price levels per customer,ensuring the accuracy of prices displayed when placingthe order. Those same prices pass directly into SterlingRope’s internal accounting software, preventing thepotential for hand-keyed errors.B2BGateway is currently working with the DublinInstitute of Technology in developing an EDI module forstudents currently undertaking DIT’s 3rd level DegreeCourse in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.B2BGateway will develop special software solutions toshow students how EDI is applied in Supply ChainManagement Solutions across the globe.This is a small sampling of our specialized solutions offered to variousclients around the world. 1 (401) 491-9595 x5B2BGATEWAY EDI y successfully developed and implementeda web-based electronic order / invoicing portal forsuppliers of Tesco in Ireland and the UK. The portalallows suppliers to receive orders from Tesco andreturn corresponding invoices in the required EDIcompliant format. The portal greatly reduces errors andaccelerates the payment process from Tesco to theirsuppliers.

B2BGatewaywasfounded in April 1999in Boston, MA and nowhas offices in Boston &Rhode Island, USA;Shannon,Ireland;Sydney, Australia andJinan, China. B2BGatewayoffersCloud / SaaS basedfully-integratedandWebBasedEDIsolutions to thousandsof clients and partnersin over 30 countriesworldwide. B2BGateway supportsnon-standarddatatransfer. B2BGatewayprocesses over 30billion in transactionsevery month. B2BGateway is a GS1AccreditedSolutionProviderIn addition to our corecompetencyofEDI,B2BGateway also offers VendorManaged Inventory (VMI), ScanBased Trading (SBT), SupplierPortals and Trading PartnerTesting & Validation solutions. B2BGatewayhasmultiple solutions to fitany organization needsor wants. We can alsocustomise solutions tosuitanyparticularproject. B2BGateway’stradingpartners include Ford,John Deere, Wal-Mart,Boots, Tesco, HomeDepot,JohnLewis,Target, Apple, Toyotaand many, many more. B2BGatewayistheprovider of choice formultiple ERP/MRP/WMSsoftware packages aroundthe world. B2BGateway is fully adeptinallrecognisedworldwide standards (UN/ EDIFACT, ANSI X12,Tradacoms,Eancom,Odette, oioUBL, etc.) andallcommunicationprotocols (VAN, AS2, FTP,FTPs, etc.)B2BGateway’sclientsinclude Avery Dennison,BuffaloTechnology,Cartridge World, GE,IncaseDesigns,Kuehne Nagel, Palo AltoNetworks,Slendertoneand Van Vliet to name buta few. 1 (401) 491-9595 x5B2BGATEWAY EDI [email protected] B2BGateway’sstaffiscomprised of 90% technicalpeople who all have a 4year college degree orhigher with over 10% of thecompanypossessingadvanced degrees.B2BGATEWAY FACT SHEET

POPULAR EDI TERMS & DEFINITIONSANSI ASC X12The official designation of the US nationalstandards body for the development andmaintenance of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).810 – Invoice850 – Purchase Order856 – Advance Shipping NoticeASNAdvanced Shipping Notice. (EDI 856)204 – Motor Carrier Shipping InformationAS2Secure, encrypted data transmission protocol.210 – Motor Carrier Freight Invoice211 – Electronic Bill of LadingCOMPLIANCE & VALIDATIONA process for ensuring that all EDI transmissionscomply with standards and protocols.214 – Transportation Carrier Shipment Status753 – Request for Routing Instructions754 – Routing Instructions.DATA MAPPINGThe restructuring of data from one format toanother.844 – Product Transfer Account AdjustmentEDIFACTA recognized EDI standard different from X12mainly used in Europe and Asia.845 – Price Authorization Acknowledgement849 – Respond to Product Transfer Account Adj.FLAT FILEA file that contains alphanumeric and/or numericdatabutnotcontrolcharacters.852 – Product Activity Data940 – Warehouse Shipping OrderFILE TRANSFER PROTOCOL (FTP)Internet protocol for transferring files.943 – Stock Transfer Shipment AdvicePROTOCOLSet of rules determining format and transmissionof data.944 – Stock Transfer Receipt AdviceTRADING PARTNEROrganization/vendortrade/exchange997 – Functional Acknowledgementwith945 – Warehouse Ship Advicewhom you willdocumentation.GS1/UCC-128 LABELSBar Code Labels located on the outside of shippingcartonsforeaseofscanning.VALUE ADDED NETWORK (VAN)A hosted service used for the transmission of data. 1 (401) 491-9595 x5B2BGATEWAY EDI [email protected]

TOP 5 ADVANTAGES OF EDIGreater Accuracyby removing needto re-key dataIntegration withsupply chain toolssuch as ERP, WMS,3PL.Greater Speedthrough electroniccommunication.EnvironmentallyFriendly - reducereliance on paperFaster Paymentfrom your TradingPartnersB2BGateway offers cloud-based, fully-integrated EDI and automated supplychain solutions. Our solutions, which remove the need to re-key data, are widelyused in Wholesale Distribution, Retail, Manufacturing, Third Party Logistics(3PL), Automotive and Government industries. We also to provide connectionsto eCommerce platforms such as Magento, Volusion, 3dcart and Shopify. 1 (401) 491-9595 x5B2BGATEWAY EDI [email protected]

CONTACTING B2BGATEWAYEUROPEAN HEADQUARTERS AUSTRALIAN HEADQUARTERSShannon, IrelandSydney, Australia 353 61 708533 61 2 8003 CAN HEADQUARTERSBoston, Massachusetts, USA 1 (401) [email protected] C E B O O KTWITTERLINKEDINBecome a fan of B2BGateway onFacebook so you can stay on topof our latest developments andchat with other users.Is tweeting more your thing? Wedo that too! Follow us on twitterusing your mobile phone toreceive tweets.We’re on the professionalnetworking sites too! You canalways find us contributing to ariveting EDI discussion.w w w.fa c e b o o k . c o m /B2BGatewayw w w . t w i t t e r. c o m /B2BGatewayw w w. l i n ke d i n . c o m /B2BGateway 1 (401) 491-9595 x5B2BGATEWAY EDI [email protected]

POPULAR GLOBAL EDI STANDARDS ANSI X12 Developed by American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in 1979 Most Popular EDI Transaction Set in North America Transaction Sets given numeric values, e.g. PO 850, Invoice 810 etc. Multiple standards or versions within X12, 4010, 4030, 5010 etc. EDIFACT