MMSThe powerful accounts and trading solution that flexes to your businessContractor service provider NationwideServices is one of over 10,000 UK companieswho use Sage Line 100 and MMS to helprun their business.

MMSThe powerful accounts and trading solution that flexes to your businessContents3Introduction4Software that grows with your business5Sage MMS - driving your business forward6-7Sage MMS Financial Suite - the heart of your Sage MMS system8-9Sage MMS Financial Suite - features at a glance10-13Sage MMS Commercial Suite14-15Sage MMS Commercial Suite - features at a glance16-17Sage MMS Bill of Materials and Sage MMS Reporting18Document Manager19Support Services - helping you to get the most from SageIntroductionSage, the world’s leading supplier ofbusiness management solutions, hasbeen providing software and supportto businesses like yours for morethan 23 years. Over this time, we’vebuilt up a deep understanding of theneeds of all sizes and types ofbusiness. Using this insight weconstantly develop our productsand services in order to meetcustomer requirements.A network of supportSupported by our unrivalled customerservice and our close relationshipswith business partners and developerswe can provide the right businessmanagement solution for you - whateverthe size and nature of your company.With over 4.5 million Sage customersworldwide, 650,000 in the UK, thenetwork of people relying on Sagesystems is growing - many includeyour customers and suppliers. In thisincreasingly connected world, becominga Sage customer will enable you todo business more efficiently with thethousands of other companies whoalso rely on Sage.We’ve also developed a closerelationship with accountants inpractice, many of whom use Sagesoftware themselves; in fact, over 90%of accountants recommend Sage.“At Sage, we understand that mid-sized and largerbusinesses have varied and complexrequirements. From accounting and payrollthrough to CRM and ERP, we offer scalable,integrated software solutions to meet their needs.”Paul Stobart, CEO, UK and Ireland Region,Sage (UK) Limited

4Software that grows withyour businessIf you thought Sage was only forsmall businesses, think again.We have software solutionsdesigned specifically for largerbusinesses too – already usedby many thousands ofcustomers. In fact, we countover 37% of UK businesses with50-500 employees amongstour customers.At Sage, we understand thatlarger businesses have specificrequirements. While off-theshelf business software willbe fine for most first-timebuyers, many businesses reacha size and complexity wherethe software must map moreaccurately to their processes.We have scalable solutionsthat will automate financialmanagement, EnterpriseResource Planning (ERP),payroll, sales and marketingactivities.Sage provides industry-specificsolutions, too. We already havesoftware that’s designedspecifically for construction,manufacturing and retailbusinesses - which integrateswith Sage accounts andERP products to create anefficient, business-widemanagement system. Manyother industries are served withthird-party solutions that link toSage products.The result? A businessmanagement system that worksfor your kind of company.Solutions for larger or morecomplex businessesSage offers a complete range ofsolutions for all sizes and types ofbusinesses, so as your business grows,your Sage system can grow with you. Sage Line 50 is the UK’s mostpopular small business accountingsolution. It is the perfect solution forgrowing businesses who require apowerful accounting system that willaccommodate their changingbusiness needs. Sage MMS is Sage’s latestmid-range accounts and tradingsolution, with the best in technology,usability, customisation and businessprocesses. Straightforward toimplement and easy to learn,Sage MMS offers the ideal solution‘out of the box’ to many companieswith complex business processes.Sage MMS is also an ideal upgradepath for many Sage Line 50 userswho are experiencing rapid growth. Sage Line 100 is an establishedmid-range accounting and businessmanagement software solution withaccess to the UK’s widest range ofthird party developers and specialistsolutions. Sage Line 200/Line 500 aresophisticated ERP systems forlarger companies with complexprocesses who are looking togain full control of their businessacross finance, distribution,manufacturing, services ande-business operations.Sage MMS integratedbusiness solutionsThe ability to share information betweenfront and back office systems has beenidentified as providing clear competitiveadvantage for companies thatsuccessfully introduce it. As part of ourcommitment to providing real businessadvantage through linking our leadingproducts together, we offer you thechoice of integrating Sage MMS to ourmarket-leading Customer RelationshipManagement systems – ACT!,SalesLogix and Sage CRM MME (MidMarket Edition).By integrating any of our CRM productswith Sage MMS, your company willmaximise its IT investment by providingfuller, more timely and more meaningfulinformation to all key staff. This will giveyou operational and strategic advantagesthat will repay you time and again.

5Sage MMS - driving yourbusiness forwardAs a developing business, you’reprobably already using a number ofdifferent software packages toautomate many of your key businessprocesses.However, is your current systemsupporting your growth, or is itholding you back?With growth and change comescomplexity. You might be taking on newcustomers and suppliers and need asystem that can cope with an increasedvolume of transactions. You might havean expanding accounts department andneed to give additional users access toyour system. Or you might be starting tomove into overseas markets and need asystem that can handle multiplecurrencies.Sage MMS is made up of powerfulbusiness modules, which are designed towork together to help your operation runmore smoothly. Sage MMS combinesease of learning and use with highproductivity. Sage MMS can also beinstalled, configured and amended in anupgrade-safe way.From core financials to supplychain, Sage MMS offers you vitalbusiness control. Quickly installedSage MMS is quick to install and easyto use. Which means that you canbe up and running in a matter ofdays, with minimum disruption toyour business. Reassuringly reliableWith over 650,000 Sage customers,our business solutions are tried andtested and are supported by a nationalnetwork of accredited BusinessPartners. Multi-user, multi-companyand multi-currencySage MMS is network ready, allowingtypically up to 50 users simultaneousaccess to the program. It alsoaccommodates multiple companies,allowing you to consolidate subsidiariesfor management reporting. Additionally,it supports multi-currency trading, andwill automatically manage any exchangerate fluctuations.Sage MMS StructureBill of rchase OrderProcessingSales OrderProcessingPurchaseLedgerNominalLedgerSQL DatabaseCashBookDocumetManager SQLSage MMS v3.5 is built upon industrystandard SQL relational databasetechnology. This technology provides anumber of benefits including scalability,security, self tuning, robust data integrityand easy integration with otherapplications. The Sage MMS workspaceThe main screen of Sage MMS candisplay key, 'dashboard information'such as trading headlines, topcustomers by turnover or stock itemsthat need re-ordering - with full drilldown to detail. These ‘views’ can becustomised by your Sage BusinessPartner to meet the needs of eachindividual in your business ensuringmaximum productivity. CustomisableOur developer community is able tocustomise Sage MMS to the specificrequirements of your business. Document ManagerThe Sage MMS Document Managermodule enables businesses to create andsend professional, looking documentssuch as statements invoices, deliverynotes, quotes by merging informationfrom Sage MMS. There is no longer aneed to use expensive pre-printedstationary. Turn to page 18 to find outmore information on how the newmodule can save your business money. ACT! v8.2 integrationSage MMS v3.5 integrates with ACT!v8.2, Sage's entry level CRM system,allowing businesses to manage boththeir financial information and theirbusiness contacts in one place.Integration between Sage MMS andACT! provides businesses with aconsistent and single view of theirbusiness contacts. A single source ofshared information reduces theduplication of data entry, increases theaccuracy of data held, improvesvisibility of the customer and customerservice and staff satisfaction levels.

6Sage MMS Financial Suite the heart of your systemThe Financial Suite contains the following modulesNominal LedgerAt the heart of your business, theSage MMS Nominal Ledger providesyou with a wealth of reporting andbusiness management information.Its multi-level structure allows costcentre and departmental breakdown,giving you total flexibility to trackbudgets and produce profit and lossreports by product, sales region oreven individual departments.It simplifies managing your VAT,whilst providing comprehensiveanalysis of VAT details.Key Features and Benefits Process transactions quicklyand efficientlyCreate templates for recordingrepetitive transactions like payrollvalues. The prepayments optionallows you to cater for items thathave been paid in advance, suchas insurance. Accruals can beconfigured and automated tocater for anything you pay inarrears, such as electricity bills.You can also place transactions onhold with the batch postings facility. Budgetary control tomonitor performanceYou can track performance byassigning annual or monthlybudgets. You can also calculatemonthly budgets by percentage,and export to third partyapplications for further analysis. VAT Returns made simpleThe screen actually replicates aprinted VAT Return. Analyse thefigures produced using the drilldown facility. ConsolidationIf you need to report on differentcompanies within your organisation,you can merge Nominal Ledger datafrom separate companies for financialreporting. This includes companiesoperating in different currencies, asthe software converts values to thebase currency of the parent company.Cash BookThe Cash Book controls all of yourbank, investment and cash accounts,with the ability to configure all StandingOrders and Direct Debits. It offersmulti-currency processing andadvanced bank reconciliation, includinglinks to online banking services.Key Features and Benefits Automate Direct Debitsand Standing OrdersArrangements can be made toautomate transactions on a monthly,quarterly or user-defined basis. Save time and money withBank ReconciliationReconcile bank statements withdetails of payments and receiptsentered. Discrepancies canbe recorded, along with othertransactions like bank andinterest charges. Foreign Bank Accounts &Electronic BankingCaters for your different bankingrequirements.The Sage MMS workspace or ‘desktop’ views can be customised to feature the user's ownchoice of view.

7Sales and Purchase LedgerSage MMS offers total control formanaging your customers andsuppliers, no matter what currencythey trade in. In-depth analysisand key business information is allyours at the touch of a button.These ledgers are designed toallow you to enter data quickly, byspecifying defaults that suit yourprocesses. You can attach all relevantdocuments to customer or supplierrecords, as well as details of individualtrading terms. And if you have largevolumes of transactions, invoiceprocessing can be batch controlled.Key Features and Benefits Quickly locate and interrogatetransaction dataAll details are within easy reach.Drill down to analyse transactionsunder query. Designed for rapid data entryBoth ledgers can be configuredwith numerous defaults to speedup the data entry process, andensure compliance with agreedterms of business. For example,VAT can be applied at the standardrate automatically but easilychanged; and in the PurchaseLedger a ‘For Authorisation’flag set automatically on invoicetransactions over a certain value.When entering transactions suchas invoices, colour-coded warningsassist in preventing errors whilenot interrupting your workflow.Transactions can be batchedup and applied to the ledgersat ‘off-peak’ times to optimisesystem speed. Process Foreign CurrencytransactionsYou can trade in up to 100 foreigncurrencies, setting up each supplieror customer account with anoperating currency. Balance andturnover will be maintained in baseand foreign currency within theledgers. Payments and Receiptscan be made though the Cash Bookor Sales/Purchase Ledgers, andexchange rate fluctuations aredealt with by calculating ‘gains’and ‘losses’ and posting themto specific nominal accounts. Credit ControlThe Sales Ledger provides thebest tools to manage your debtors,with the flexibility to analyse absoluteor overdue debt againstcustomisable ageing periods. Automate PaymentsThe Purchase Ledger allows you toquickly identify all invoices overduefor payment and those that, if paid,will qualify for settlement discount. Automatic error correctionShould you post a transactionincorrectly, Sage MMS can automatethe necessary accounting processesto reverse it, updating the audit trailin the process.Report DesignerAt the heart of your financial andcommercial operations, Sage MMSholds a wealth of informationabout all aspects of your business.This information can be presentedback to you in a coherent and flexibleway, enabling you to understand theshape of your business and equippingyou to make informed decisions.Turn to page 17 for more informationabout Sage Report Designer and theother tools that Sage MMS offers.Data can be entered quickly while colour-coded warnings ensure that workflow is not interruptedunnecessarily when there is a potential problem.

8Sage MMS Financial Suite- features at a glanceNominal LedgerFlexible account structureAccount Number, Cost Centre and departmental analysis.Set and track budgetsAnnual and monthly budgets can be assigned, and budget profilescreated to calculate monthly budgets by percentage.Create memorandum accountsMemorandum accounts are not included in the totals for financialstatements, but are still reported on.Drill Down FacilityDrill down through Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet accounts andsummarised Nominal Codes/Cost Centres and departments.Batch journal entryPlace transactions ‘on hold’ for authorisation or amendment,before finally committing them to the Nominal Ledger.Automate Pre-payment and AccrualsEasy-to-use VAT Return procedureJournal TemplatesCreate templates to easily apportion fixed amounts orpercentages across Nominal Ledger accounts - for example, tospread electricity bills across cost centres.Flexible Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet layout designDefine up to 20 accounting periodsThe comprehensive open period accounting structure offersflexibility with tight controls.Group AnalysisGroup Nominal accounts for reporting purposes.Attach a file to a Nominal account(E.g. a spreadsheet or graph.)ConsolidationMerge Nominal Ledger data from two or more separate companiesfor financial reporting.Graphical analysis and presentation of Nominal data(E.g. bar charts and line graphs can be used to show balance andbudget for current and previous years.)Transactional analysisIn addition to Cost Centre and Department, assign a transaction to acustomisable analysis code - for example to report by project or job.Unlimited transaction historyAbility to change the nominal code on the free text invoicesCash BookProcess foreign currency transactionsReceipts and payments for your suppliers and customers can beentered through either the Cash Book or the Sales and Purchasemodules in up to 100 foreign currencies.e-Banking facilityAllows supplier payments to be made through yourbanking software.Bank ReconciliationWhen you receive a bank statement, use this routine to reconcile itwith the details of payments and receipts stored in the Cash Bookaccount records. e-Reconciliation facility allows bank reconciliationwith your banking software on the same screen.Automate Direct Debits and Standing OrdersArrangements can be made to automate transactions on amonthly,quarterly or user defined basis.e-Mail direct from a bank record and launch thebank’s website.Attach a file to a bank account(E.g. word processing documents and spreadsheets).Graphical analysis and presentation of bank data(E.g bar charts compare the current year’s bank account balancesto last year’s).Inter Account TransfersMove money from one bank account to another. Transfers may bebetween banks of the same currency or different currencies.Grouped transactionsCash Book group transactions function allows drill down from thepaying in slip to the individual postings.Multiple selections on the bank reconciliation formsA tick box option next to each line clearly identifies items whichare marked for reconciliation before saving the routine.

9Sales LedgerCurrency managementThe Sales Ledger will maintain turnover details of an account inboth the base currency and the operating currency of thecustomer - using spot rates or period rates, or a combination.Define terms of business for each customer account(E.g. agreed number of days for settlement of payments,settlement discount and credit limit).Create individual price lists for your customersUnlimited analysis codesProduce detailed analysis of your customers using the unlimitedanalysis codes. The codes created can be linked to the Sales orPurchase Ledger (or both) and a list of values provided to ensureaccuracy of the data captured.Trading periodsThe Sales Ledger can utilise trading periods for extra analysiswhich can match the opening period accounting structure orhave their own date range structure.e-Mail direct from customer records and launch yourcustomers’ websitesMultiple trader contactsUnlimited number of of contacts, roles telephone numbers andother contact numbers can be held for customers.Attach a file to a customer’s account(E.g. word processing documents, images and spreadsheets).Head Office FacilityControls if/where statements are sent.Graphically analyse and present customer data(E.g. bar charts show turnover and aged balances).Transaction ‘drill down’ facilityAnalyse customer transactions under query. (e.g. details of invoiceitems, and payments received).Unlimited transaction historyIntegrated credit management featuresInclude: debtors letters, statement production, provisions fordoubtful and bad debts, and the ability to place customeraccounts on hold.Batch data entryAmend, add to or delete entries of batches of transactions, beforefinally committing them to the Sales Ledger.Credit reference informationCustomer credit rating, account terms, payment terms can bestored directly against the customer record.Purchase LedgerDefine terms of business for each supplier account(E.g. agreed number of days for settlement of payments,settlement discount and credit limit).Batch data entryAmend, add to or delete entries of batches of transactions, beforefinally committing them to the Purchase Ledger.Unlimited analysis codesProduce detailed analysis of your suppliers using the unlimitedanalysis codes. The codes created can be linked to the Sales orPurchase Ledger (or both) and a list of valid values provided toensure accuracy of the data captured.Currency managementThe Purchase Ledger will maintain turnover details of an accountin both the base currency and the operating currency of thesupplier - using spot rates or period rates, or a combination.Trading periodsThe Purchase Ledger can utilise trading periods for extra analysiswhich can match the opening period accounting structure or havetheir own date ranged structure.e-Mail direct from supplier records and launch yoursupplier’s websites.Attach a file to a supplier’s account(E.g. word processing documents, images and spreadsheets).Graphically analyse and present supplier data(E.g. bar charts show turnover and aged balances).Transaction ‘drill down’ facilityAnalyse supplier transactions under query (e.g. details of invoiceitems, and payments made).Unlimited transaction historySend payments to a factor houseSend payments to a company that collects supplier debts ontheir behalf.Automate paymentsQuickly identify all invoices overdue for payment and those that ifpaid, will qualify for settlement discount. Payments can then bemade electronically or cheques and/or remittance advice printed.Flexible Cheque and Remittance Advice Designe-Banking facility to post supplier payments directly throughyour banking software.Credit reference informationSupplier credit rating, account terms, payment terms can bestored directly against the supplier record.Multiple trader contactsUnlimited number of of contacts, roles telephone numbers andother contact numbers can be held for supplier.

10Sage MMS Commercial SuiteIn addition to the core Financial modules, the CommercialSuite also contains the followingSage MMS SalesOrder ProcessingThe Sage MMS Sales OrderProcessing module gives youcontrol of the entire procedure, fromcapturing the order and ensuringstock availability, to dispatchinggoods and creatingthe invoices. All documentation isproduced efficiently as part of thisworkflow, including picking lists,order acknowledgments, deliverynotes and invoices.Sage MMS has been designedto ensure that orders are enteredquickly and accurately, and thatcustomer queries can be dealtwith promptly and with confidence.Key Features and Benefits Choice of Full, Rapid andTrade Counter order entryIn Rapid order entry mode,standard pricing and deliveryaddresses are used and orderscan be entered with just a fewkeystrokes. Full order entry modeallows for full flexibility - youcan change discounts and addnon-stock items, free text items etc.You can switch from one to the otheras necessary. Trade Counter orderentry quickly creates an order,allocates and dispatches stock,generates and prints an invoice. Margin and discount analysisIf authorised, staff can view themargin of a sales order at overall andline item levels, to allow instant pricenegotiation. The discounts appliedto a particular item can also becalled up - allowing customer queriesto be easily answered. Search categories andalternative itemsUsing the custom search categoriesfor each stock item, productsmatching customer requirements caneasily be located during the salesorder entry process. Alternative itemscan be instantly called up if thedesired item is out of stock. Sales order details areeasily accessibleSage MMS has an intuitive userinterface, which allows you toefficiently manage all your salesorders, finding an individual orderquickly and easily. From there youcan drill down to see full details ofthe order and how it is progressing. Integrates with otherSage MMS modulesBy working with the Stock andPrice Book modules, plus the SalesLedger, the Sales Order Processingmodule ensures that pricing controland credit management arehandled smoothly and efficiently.Once orders are processed, allrelevant information is updatedautomatically throughout the system,including stock records, customerbalances, VAT return andmanagement reports. Process foreign currency ordersSage MMS enables your customersto place orders with you in theirown currency, and all orderdocumentation is producedusing the appropriate currency.Exchange rates are controlled by youand applied either at orderentry or at the invoicing stage.This allows you to manage therisk of exchange rate fluctuations. Quotations and Pro FormasThe Sales Order Processing moduleallows you to quickly createquotations, using existing templatesfor even greater speed if required.Creating new account customerson the fly and converting quotationsto sales orders are simple tasks.Pro Forma invoices can also becreated with ease and convertedto sales orders. Advanced sales ordermanagementSage MMS manages repeat ordersin a very straightforward way.You can also manage back-to-backorders (in conjunction with thePurchase Order Processing module),drilling down on a sales order to viewany linked purchase orders. Fufilment methodsCustomer orders can be fulfilledusing a number of methods includingfrom your own stock, from a suppliervia stock and from a supplier directto the customer.

11Sage MMS PurchaseOrder ProcessingSage MMS manages the entirePurchase Order Processingprocedure, from creating a purchaseorder to checking goods receivedagainst purchase order and supplierinvoice. Automated processes helpyou to manage your supply chainwith confidence and efficiency ensuring that the correct goods arealways received and paid for.Key Features and Benefits Straightforward supply chainmanagementSage MMS allows you to easilymanage all your Purchase Orders,quickly finding individual orders anddrilling down to view the details. Integrates fully with otherSage MMS modulesBy working with the Stock Moduleand Sales Ledger, the PurchaseOrder Processing module ensuresthat once goods are received theyare available to your customers.As soon as the invoice is matchedwith goods received, all relevantinformation is updated automaticallythroughout the system, includingstock pricing, supplier balances,VAT return and management reports.Full links to the Sales OrderProcessing module allow you tosee which customer orders arelinked to a particular purchase order. Manual or semi-automaticPurchase Order ProcessingYou can create Purchase Ordersmanually if you wish; alternatively,the system can compile lists of whatyou should order based on shortfall(by warehouse, if necessary) andwhat’s required for back-to-backorders. You can then choose whoto buy from and what to pay.Sage MMS will then create a set ofreports to base your negotiations on;once you’re satisfied that you’ve gotthe best deal it will create and collatea series of Purchase Orders for you. Full matching of POs to invoicesand deliveries2-way or 3-way GRN matching issupported, and Sage MMS calculatesa running total when matching invoiceline items to orders - making it easierto spot errors as you go. Disputed invoicesSage MMS allows you to record theinvoice but flag it up as disputed.It won’t go through to the PurchaseLedger until the dispute has beenresolved - either by accepting it ‘asis’ or matching it to further deliveriesor a credit note. You can alsogenerate reports on disputed items. Full Back to Back orderingWhen you enter a sales order for anitem not normally carried in stock, apurchase order can be automaticallyraised to the item's supplier.However, you have the flexibility tochoose whether to use any on-handstock first - ensuring stock ismanaged and controlled as thebusiness requires. Direct DeliveryPurchase Order items can bedelivered to a number of deliveryaddresses including your premises,customers, suppliers and adhoc addresses. Process foreign currency ordersSage MMS enables you to sourcegoods worldwide, purchasing inup to 100 currencies. Advanced purchasingprocess managementFrom ensuring that only authorisedpersonnel place orders, to rejectingunexpected or incorrect deliveriesand highlighting any invoicediscrepancies, Sage MMS controlsthe process every step of the way.Manage your entire Purchase Order Processing procedure easily and quickly. Drill down to viewdetail on individual orders.

12Sage MMS Commercial Suitecontinued.Sage MMS Stock ControlWhether your requirements aresimple or complex, Sage MMSprovides a complete inventory andwarehouse management solution.Key Features and Benefits Stock record details areeasily accessibleSage MMS has an intuitive userinterface, which allows you to call upthe full details of an item quickly andeasily. All information can be viewedin an instant, including supplierdetails, stock levels, stock location,and stock history. This means youalways know how you arrived atyour current stock levels - byunderstanding where yourproducts came from, where theyare now, when they were sold,and at what price they were sold.From summary information,you can quickly drill down totransaction level. Serial number controlledstock itemsEach item can have a serial number;you can choose whether this hasto be unique. You can specifywhether the serial numbermust be entered when goodsare received. Numeric serialnumbers can be auto-generated.There’s great flexibility in processing- serial-numbered items can bespecified on a picking list, or definedduring the ‘pick and pack’ process.Serial-numbered items can have‘Sell By’ and ‘Use By’ datesassociated with them. Batch number controlledstock itemsItems can be associated with abatch number. As with SerialNumbers, you have full flexibilityas to when batch numbers arespecified. You can specify whetheritems for sale must be taken fromthe same batch, and set ‘Sell By’and ‘Use By’ dates. Unlimited suppliers forstock itemsSpecify unlimited alternativesuppliers for each stock item withdetails including, price history, leadtime, part reference and purchasehistory. Against each supplier a lastprice and list price can be recorded,either price can be used whenraising purchase orders. Units of measureYou can buy, store and sell the samestock items in different quantities.For example, you could buy tiles bythe pallet, store by the box and sellby the square metre. Search categoriesYou can set up unlimited categoriesto suit your product lines; these canbe used for reporting purposes or toassist in locating products during thesales order entry process. Inactive stock itemsYou can set a flag to make a stockitem inactive, so that it can’t beordered but remains on the systemwith full history. Internally-issued goodsStock issued internally to individualareas of a business (as opposedto the departments defined inthe Nominal Ledger) can berecorded, to assist in monitoringinternal usage. Stock taking procedureWith Sage MMS, you can producereports to assist in making acomparison between physical stockamounts and computer stock levels.You can also make adjustments tothe total stock, if appropri

16-17 Sage MMS Bill of Materials and Sage MMS Reporting 18 Document Manager 19 Support Services - helping you to get the most from Sage. Software that grows with . Sage Line 200/Line 500are sophisticated ERP systems for larger companies with complex processes who are looking to