Hershey’s Mill Transition to Verizon Overview and Questions & AnswersApril 14, 2017The transition from Comcast to Verizon is an exciting opportunity for Hershey’s Milland all Residents. Below is an Overview that will answer many questions. Followingthe Overview are Answers to Questions not answered in the Overview. Please keepin mind that it is early in the process and some things will change. This is animportant and complex task. This document may be updated from time to time.Please read carefully for answers to many questions.Obviously, some residents prefer Comcast to Verizon, and some residents who hadVerizon’s FIOS in previous homes miss it. This is the subjective side of thediscussion that will not be fully resolved in all residents’ opinions.OVERVIEWHistory of What was Done:With the advice and concurrence of the Board, the President appointed aTelecommunications Committee, in March of 2016, of interested, and in some cases,highly experienced resident volunteers to research and study availabletelecommunications services, ascertain which might be available on a bulk basis forall residents so that the vast majority of residents would in fact save a significantsum of money each year on these collective services. The Telecom Committeemade contact with eight (8) companies, sent RFPs to three (3) companies whoexpressed interest and received proposals from three (3) including Comcast andVerizon. Each responding provider was offering significant discounts underindividual retail prices for any bulk services the MA was willing to bundle together forits residents. The Telecom Committee made regular reports to the Board and theBoard kept the MA Members apprised of the Committee’s progress. These updateswere mentioned in the minutes of each assembly. Since the Committee knewresidents were already enjoying the benefits of bulk savings on basic digital cabletelevision service, all residents need a phone line to keep their alarm systems incommunication with the Security Department and MOST residents have or want highspeed internet service, it was self-evident to the Committee, the Board and the MAMembers that significant savings in comparison to retail rates for unbundled servicescould be achieved.Three items guided research and decisions in relation to residents:1) What was best for the majority of HM residents in the long run?2) What was the cost impact on residents without internet?3) What would the status of the community be in 18 months?Ver 1.012017-04-15

The determination was the Verizon Triple Play plan was best for the majority in thelong run, for many reasons including: Meets resident minimum requirement of telephone to meet securityrequirements and bulk cable. Meets new buyers’ expectations Provides an expanded selection of add on services outside the plan, including,but not limited to items available now and coming in the future, like: medicaldevices, Internet of Things, remote controls for lights, smart thermostats andothers. Provides a significant improvement in Internet services Provides a State of the Art Fiber Optic Infrastructure to each HM home Preferred HDTV (315 channels channel 20) and HD set top box No activation or installation fee for bulk/add on services during the transitionperiod Super fast 150/150 megabits Internet and Dual Band Router Telephone line: unlimited local & long distance calls nationwide Ability to add other services as desired 22% discount on Verizon cell phone plansCommunityBeginning in 2017, Verizon will work with HM to design an infrastructure plan.Verizon will then install a fiber optic network infrastructure throughout thecommunity. There will be pedestals similar to Comcast’s pedestals. The fiber opticcable will be run underground. They will use ‘borers’ that are machines that boreunderground from one point to another pulling the fiber optic cable along with it. Thefiber optic cable will come to each village and to each home within villages. Eachhome will receive its own fiber optic cable. (Currently, in most cases, a cable entersa multi residential building in one location and then is split between all three homeswithin the building.) Whenever possible an existing ingress to each home will beutilized. Most likely, the fiber optic cable will come in closest to the electrical boxinput. The Transition and Implementation will be done in steps and phasesbeginning in 2018. More information will be provided as we get closer.Ver 1.022017-04-15

EducationSeveral opportunities will be provided to educate yourself on the changes, process,new equipment, what to do and when to do it. Reading this, and other articlesposted, is one of the steps in the process of learning about the change.There will be future informational publications on the HM website, Village websites,the HM monthly ‘Guide and Digest’, on Channel 20 and others. Be sure to attendyour upcoming annual village meeting for more information!The Verizon Bulk Package IncludesPreferred HDTV (335 channels: 255 Standard and 80 HD ChannelsHD Set Top BoxInternet – 150 Mg Upload and Download SpeedsDual Band RouterPhone/Voice (Dial Tone) – unlimited nationwideDedicated 800 Telephone Number for Bulk CustomersA Bulk Customer 800 number will be published for Hershey’s Mill residents.This 800 number goes directly to a Call Center that only handles Bulk customers.This is the same set up as we had with Comcast.TransitionAs the transition period gets closer, a plan with dates for transition will be published.Each village will be given dates to call a dedicated 800 number. The dates to callVerizon to arrange your installation date will be village by village. Calling during yourvillage call dates will lower any wait times for a Verizon representative to help you,and also, so that Verizon Technicians can be scheduled by village for more efficientand quicker installation.Resident ResponsibilityDuring your village call dates, each resident will call Verizon to set up your ownindividual account. During this call, you will tell Verizon:1) if you want to keep or “port” your phone number over to Verizon,2) what extra items you need (like extra set top boxes or premium channels or extratelephone lines you may want).Verizon will give you your own installation date. There will be planning sessions tohelp you prepare for the phone call to Verizon. You will only be charged directly forany extra equipment or services you request over and above the items included inthe Bulk Plan. See “The Verizon Bulk Package Includes” above to know what isincluded. On installation day, have your smart phones, tablets, and laptops fullycharged and available for the Technician to be sure they are connecting to yourWiFi. Your televisions and desk top computers should be easily accessible also.Ver 1.032017-04-15

COMCAST EQUIPMENTAll rented Comcast equipment must be returned to Comcast by the Resident. As weget closer to the transition date, more information will be available.Resident InstallationOn your installation date, a Verizon Technician will visit your home. During this visitthe Technician will turn off and disconnect all Comcast equipment and will install allthe equipment included in the Bulk Plan and any extra equipment you ordered duringyour account set up call. A grounded outlet (three prong plug) will be needed for theONT (Optical Network Terminal) unit. All homes within HM should have a groundedoutlet. The ONT unit connects the fiber optic cable to your interior cabling. TheTechnician will also provide instruction on how to operate your new remote control.They will work with you to be sure your tablets, computers, laptops, smart phones,etc are accessing your Wi-Fi and that your home phone(s) and television(s) areworking. During the installation, the Technician will also work with you to test yourSecurity System connection. There may be a Volunteer within your village to be inyour home with you during installation if you feel you would like or need extra helpwith the process.Power Outage – see this section below (Page 10, 14 & 15) for a fuller explanation. Ifyou desire battery backup, PowerReserve, please order a POWERRESERVE unitwhen you place your transition phone call to the 800 number on the dates for yourvillage. The 800 number and dates will be provided as we get closer to the transitionperiod.Early AdaptersThose wishing to transition to Verizon early will be given the opportunity to do so ona retail basis. This will involve setting up a retail plan temporarily and thentransitioning to the Bulk Plan on May 30, 2018. The bill you get for add on serviceswill be prorated for that first/conversion month.Early Adopters will continue with the current HOA payment that includes the currentbulk TV plan. More information on this opportunity as we get closer to this time.VOLUNTEER Opportunities:There are opportunities to assist with the transition within your village andcommunity wide. Please let your Village President know if you would like toVolunteer to assist your neighbors.Volunteers will receive early training and will be Ambassadors throughout thecommunity for the pre - transition and transition phases.Volunteers are needed and will be specially trained in the following areas:Ver 1.042017-04-15

Village Expert for most commonly asked questions,Information Dissemination within Village (print, email, verbally)Village Coordinator for Verizon Account Set Up dates as assignedVillage Contact for Verizon Technician during installation,In Home Buddy as requested when a resident is undergoing installationVillage Expert for operating remote controlsVillage Comcast Equipment Return ExpertSPECIFIC GENERAL INFORMATIONCurrent Telephone NumbersYou may keep your current telephone number, if you wish. To keep your currenttelephone number, each resident is responsible for making arrangements withVerizon to “port” their number during the individual account set up phone call. If youuse voice mail on your telephone you must activate the new Verizon voice mailwithin 60 days of transitioning to Verizon for it to remain available and active. Note:any saved voice messages will no longer be accessible.Multiple Telephone Lines within a ResidenceThe Bulk Plan includes one (1) telephone line. Any extra telephone lines must beordered during the individual account set up call. If you wish to keep the telephonenumbers on the additional telephone lines residents must make arrangementsthrough Verizon to “port” those phone numbers during the individual account set upcall.EMAIL AddressesYou may keep your Comcast email address or any gmail or yahoo or aol address.You must access your Comcast email address within 30 days and use it at leastonce a month for the email account to remain active.VERIZON: If you currently have a Verizon email address, you may keep it, providedyou follow the instructions on the Verizon website by May 1st, 2017. Don’t wait - do itnow, if you want to keep the address. NOTE: There may be an email from Verizonwith specific instructions already sent to you or will be sent. If you have anyquestions concerning your current Verizon email address, we suggest you contactVerizon.Ver 1.052017-04-15

AOL: AOL email offers IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol – this means youcan access/read/reply to your emails on multiple devices like smart phone, tablet,laptop, desktop), Advanced Spam Filters and Virus Protection:“For customers choosing to keep their email address, we are teaming upwith AOL to provide our customers with AOL Mail, an enhanced email experience.Here are just a few of the benefits you'll get with AOL Mail: Keep current email addressMuch more storage space for your emailAdvanced spam filtersVirus protectionEmail attachments up to 25MBSend texts and instant messages right from your inboxEasily manage your email anywhere with the highly rated AOL appTo learn more visit the AOL Mail for Verizon Customers help page”or visit: migrations.htm .Installation and Activation ChargesDuring the Transition Period, there will be no installation or activation charges forBulk services.Interior CablingCabling inside your home is always the resident’s responsibility. If the cabling insideyour home works now, it will work with Verizon. There is no need to upgrade fromRG59 to RG6 cable.Internet Speed – 150Mg up and down load speedsA significant number of HM homes have DSL; these homes would see a many-foldincrease in speed. Most of the remainder have told us they see speeds of 30-80 Mg.A few have speeds in excess of 100Mg with Comcast Blast (Blast is an 'as availablespeed’, meaning it is not a steady flow, but a Blast, and is not bi-directional, i.e.,download AND upload).NOTE: Internet Speeds – Currently, many people see slower than anticipatedresponse due to old routers limiting the thru put of their WIFIVer1.0Internet - Non-typical Residents - those who do not desire internet – Any residentwho does not desire Internet service does not have to turn it on.In studying the needs, available services and costs, residents without internetservices were considered. The cost impact on the minority with no internetwas determined to be minimal because of the minimum requirement for any homeVer 1.062017-04-15

owner to live in HM - namely 31.64 for Comcast Bulk Cable TV, paid through HOAfees, PLUS the requirement for every home, with the exception of Ashton, to have ahome telephone line to meet Security Requirements. Based on these two minimumcost requirements, and the greatly reduced cost of Verizon’s Triple Play, anypossible additional cost to the minority is minimal. Currently, the home turnover ratein Hershey’s Mill is approximately 100 homes or more per year. Typically, those whoare most likely not to have internet services, are the residents who are leaving HM.At this turnover rate, the number of residents not wanting or utilizing internet serviceswill consistently diminish. Further, the average age of those residents moving intoHM is younger than the current resident average age now. The new residents orprospective residents do want and will demand high speed internet services.NetflixNetflix is available through streaming over the Internet via smart tv or pc. It is not anapp through Verizon at this time.Verizon has recently announced a platform that will support Netflix. At this time, wedo not have a release date and hope it will be prior to our Community transition.Non-HD TelevisionsThese older type televisions will still work.ProgrammingFor details on programming offered, please visit the Verizon website (,).Most programming is similar between providers.Seasonal ResidentsA MOBILE APP allows using FIOS TV on any Internet connected device when awayfrom Hershey’s Mill.Telephone Numbers – See “Current Telephone Numbers” aboveQUESTIONS AND ANSWERSBattery BackupSee Power Outage below.Cable CardsCable Cards are, as of this writing, available through Verizon for a monthly charge of 4.99. Any resident desiring a cable card and possessing the appropriate equipmentto utilize a cable card must order these during their individual account set up call.Ver 1.072017-04-15

We are working with Verizon to determine if one Cable Card may be substituted forthe included Set Top Box.For those that own their own cable cards: the cards may be compatible withVerizon’s service. There may only be two types of cable cards on the market.Verizon is not able to verify in advance if any particular cable card, other than theones they have, is compatible with their system. Please contact the manufacturer ofyour cable cards to verify compatibility.Cell Phone DiscountsUnder the proposed agreement, a 22% discount is available for those withVerizon cell phone accounts)When the plan for this is set up the community will be notified. This discount cannotbe combined with other discount offers.ChoiceBulk Rates are offered by Providers in exchange for all residents subscribing to theProvider’s services under a Bulk Contractual Agreement. Providers do not allow acommunity to be in two Bulk agreements at the same time. For everyone within HMto have a choice of Providers everyone will have to be on Retail Rates. Retail Ratesare much higher and would cost residents approximately 53 More per month forVerizon or 97 More per month for Comcast for the same services as in the BulkPackage. The Retail Rates amount to approximately 636 to 1161 More per year.The Retail Rates quoted in this paragraph are detailed below and are based onIntroductory Rates offered on April 10, 2017. Note: these rates fluctuate up anddown, sometimes weekly.NOTE:1) Any resident who desires to keep Comcast as their provider may do so. TheHOA fee for Verizon will still be due for any residents who wishes to keepComcast. So, these residents will pay both the Verizon Bulk Rate and theComcast Retail Rate.2) Any resident who desires to keep Comcast television only will need to contactComcast to determine if the inside wiring in their residence will accommodateboth services. If the inside wiring does not accommodate both serviceproviders the resident is responsible for any modifications necessary to theirinside wiring to accommodate both services. Retail Rates for Comcastservices will apply plus Verizon’s Bulk Rate for these residents.Ver 1.082017-04-15

CHOICE - Current Retail Rates:Packages Offered By Verizon and Comcast for New RETAIL Subscribers onMonday, April 10, 2017 are detailed below. NOTE: New Retail Pricing changesfrequently. The details are important in the advertising.Verizon Triple Play: as offered Monday, April 10, 2017TV – 245 Channels plus HBOInternet - 150 Mg upload and download speedVoice (Dial Tone) – unlimited nationwideDVR/Set Top BoxCost per year averaged: 102.49 (Year 1: 94.99, Year 2: 109.99. Average 102.49)Plus, Router 10.00Plus, Taxes and Fees 18.37 (Approximate)Total Monthly Cost 130.86* Subject to provider changing pricesComcast Triple Play: as offered Monday, April 10, 2017TV – 230 Channels plus Showtime and StarsInternet – 200 Mg Download Only 20 Mg Upload (Also a new offering, however, thisspeed is Not listed on their Internet speed rates.)Voice (Dial Tone) – unlimited nationwideCost per Year for two years: 139.99Plus, Router 10.00Plus, Set Top Box 10.00Plus, Taxes and Fees 23.99 (Approximate)Total 183.99Minus Credit- 7.00Total Monthly Cost 176.98* Subject to provider changing pricesHard Wire PC’sQ: Can PC’s be ‘hard wired’ connected (connected by cable instead of through WiFito PC’s?A: YesIPv6Q: Is Verizon IPv6 ready?A: IPv6’s primary purpose is to expand the availability of IP addresses toaccommodate future needs and make upgrades to current needs thru the applicationof newer technological developments. Verizon is ready for it, when it is needed. Seethis link for umer-education/ipv6Ver 1.092017-04-15

Power Outage / Battery BackupQ: Will phones work in a power outage if they are plugged directly into a wired phoneoutlet?A: Telephones will not work in a power outage unless a battery backup device ispurchased by the resident. Verizon Fios uses electricity to power your voice service.The PowerReserve device uses standard D-Cell batteries to provide up to 24 hoursof power for your Verizon home phone service. The cost for this is a one timeapproximate cost of 40.00. The new version battery backup uses Standard D-Cellalkaline batteries and allows the resident to change out the battery themselves whenneeded. The PowerReserve will only provide power for Verizon voice service,including calls to 911. It will not provide power to your Verizon TV or internet serviceor cordless phones, home security systems, or devices that assist customers withdisabilities. To the best of our knowledge, alarm boxes in Hershey’s Mill havebattery backup. NOTE: Comcast telephones do not work in a power outage.If you desire a battery backup please order this when you place your transitionphone call to the 800 number on the dates for your village. The 800 number anddates will be provided as we get closer to the transition werreserve/*See end of document for more information – Pages 14 and 15Purchased MoviesQ: I have Comcast now and from On-Demand I have purchased (not rented) movies,will I still have those purchased movies when we switch to Verizon?A: Yes, paid for Movies purchased through Comcast will continue to be available.Here is how you will access your paid for movies after the transition to Verizon:As per the Comcast website, ‘ XFINITY On Demand FAQ’s Section’,movies purchased through Comcast should continue to be available as detailed onthis page. Briefly, previously purchased movies will be available through‘’ and the XFINITY Stream app. You will need your primaryXFINITY username and password to access your purchases. Refer to website for full directions.Ver 1.0102017-04-15

ProgrammingQ: How does the Verizon Programming (TV Channels) compare to Comcast?A: They are similar. Visit the Verizon website ( and look at the listingsunder “Preferred HD” for the exact programming. See Sports Channels below forSports Channels information.Repairs and MaintenanceQ: Who is responsible for the repair and maintenance of the phone lines and thealarm system?A: 1) Interior ‘phone lines’ or cabling is always the responsibility of the resident, herein HM or in any home in any neighborhood. Note: Some people pay an extra chargeon their phone bills to cover repair of interior phone lines. The last price for this wesaw was 12 a month.2) Repair and maintenance of exterior phone lines is the carriers’ responsibility, nomatter the company providing service.3) The repair and maintenance of the alarm systems does not change.Remotes: Voice Controlled RemoteQ: Does Verizon have a voice-controlled remote?A: At this time, Verizon does not have a voice controlled remote. The voicecontrolled remote is due to be released in 2018, hopefully, about the time Verizonwill come on line for HM. Please also note, Comcast’s voice controlled remotes onlywork with XFinity X1 and not with basic Comcast.Further, at this time, Verizon has an app for your smart phone that acts as a remote.This app has recently been upgraded to have voice control. STB channels can bechanged using your FiOS mobile app from your smart phone, when connected to thehome WiFi.When Verizon releases its voice activated remote it will have several advancedfeatures.RF RemotesQ: Does Verizon have RF remotes? RF (radio frequency) remotes allow equipmentto be out of sight.A: At this time, Verizon does not have RF remotes. We are unsure of a release datefor RF remotes. However, Logitech and other manufacturers sell RF converters, atreasonable prices. A homeowner can purchase IR to RF to IR extender systems;for example, see te-ControlRange-Extender-Kit-433-MHz/p.aspx.Ver 1.0112017-04-15

NOTE: Comcast’s RF remotes only work with XFinity X1 and not with basicComcast.Verizon does have IR Remotes. IR (infrared) Remotes operate on line of sight.Also, Verizon does sell an extender for 12.Security Suite/ProtectionQ: Does Verizon offer a free Security Suite?A: Security ProtectionTypically, computer viruses make their way onto computers through emails. Lessfrequently, a computer virus can be obtained through a website. Anti- virus Securitycan be purchased for a one-time fee. Norton, McAfee and other companies sell antivirus protection. Anti-virus protection can also be obtained for a monthly fee throughVerizon. On March 27, 2017, Verizon offered a monthly virus protection fee thatincludes Life Lock, and protection for your mobile devices and desk top devices. Goto the website below for more 3-27-2017-DSPEM/DSP Mar 27 DSP1A.html?CMP EMC-CON 2017-Q1 RX-NAecrmtxid327DSP1a 0339&txid B20170327 4584483216A monthly PC Security Suite is 6.99 with Verizon (as of April 12, 2017.).NOTE: Comcast only offers an included Security Suite with Xfinity internet.AOL email provides IMAP, an Advanced Spam Filter and Virus Protection.NOTE: Internet Speeds - Many people see slower than anticipated response due toold routers limiting the thru put of their WIFI.Sports ChannelsQ: What Sports Channels are included in Verizon’s Preferred HDTV Bulk Plan?A: Comcast Network, Comcast Sports Network, All ESPN Channels,Fox Sports 1 & 2, Big Ten 1 & 2, NBCSN, NFL Network.Sport Channel PlayoffsQ: In the spring, if the Philadelphia. Flyers or Sixers make the playoffs, their playoffgames bump the early season Phillies games off of Comcast Sports Net (Channel576 on FIOS). On the Comcast system, the Phillies games are moved to anotherComcast Sports Channel. Does Verizon offer this alternate sports channel as well?A: Yes. The station used to be called TCN, it is now called NBCSN and it isavailable in standard and high definition in the Preferred package. It is also availablein Extreme and Ultimate if someone upgrades.Ver 1.0122017-04-15

StorageQ: Will Verizon's TV box use a hard drive for storage or will storage be in the "cloud"like today's Comcast?A: Verizon’s and Comcast’s DVR’s are very similar. Both use only the DVR forstorage. Comcast uses the ‘cloud’ only as a portal to watch saved programmingthrough their remote application. Verizon also uses the ‘cloud’ as a portal to watchsaved programming through their remote application. As of April 12, 2017, Comcastreports their DVR’s can record up to 50 total hours. As of April 10, 2017, VerizonFiOS reports their DVR’s can record up to 200 total hours.Telephone Outlets - ExistingQ: Will the existing phone outlets still work?A: YesVer 1.0132017-04-15

Battery PowerReserve Unit - Customer Service Verizon 4/4/17, 12(54 PMSupport Battery Backup PowerReserveIf your ONT is configured with a Power Adaptor, you may utilize the Verizon Voice Backup PowerReserve. Using12 D-cell batteries, this device provides backup power for your basic voice services, including Emergency 911dialing, for up to 20 hours in the event of a power failure.How do I install my PowerReserve device?The PowerReserve device is easy to install and can be mounted on the wall, if desired. Please download thePowerReserve installation instructions here (pdf format) or follow along below.1. Open the PowerReserve door by pressing the latched tab toward the unit and then pushing the tab up.2. The PowerReserve device can be laid flat or mounted to a wall.3. Uncoil the cable located in the center of the tray.4. Insert 12 new D-cell alkaline batteries into the device. DO NOT use rechargeable or Lithium batteries.5. Place the power switch to the OFF position.6. Plug the power cable into the power adapter.7. Close the PowerReserve door.8. Leave the unit OFF until needed during a commercial power outage.Ver 1.0142017-04-15

ackup/power-reserve Page 1 of 4Battery PowerReserve Unit - Customer Service Verizon 4/4/17, 12(54 PMWill the PowerReserve provide battery backup for Internet and TV service in the event of apower outage?The PowerReserve device will only provide power for voice calls in the event of a power outage. Please use yourvoice service only for emergency calls to preserve your battery power. Verizon will not provide credits and is notliable for interruptions of service due to power outages. The PowerReserve device will not power cordlessphones, other devices, including those that assist customers with disabilities or home security systems, or yourFios by Verizon Internet or TV service.Ver 1.0152017-04-15

Verizon's FIOS in previous homes miss it. This is the subjective side of the . it was self-evident to the Committee, the Board and the MA Members that significant savings in comparison to retail rates for unbundled services . Verizon will then install a fiber optic network infrastructure throughout the