CODE-FAIPMT – 2015 TEST PAPER WITH SOLUTIONS(HELD ON SUNDAY 03th MAY, 2015)1.The reaction of C6H5CH CHCH 3 with HBrproduces:(1) C6H5CH 2CHCH3(2) C6H5CH2CH2CH2BrBrCH CHCH3(3)(4)C6H 5CHCH2CH33.The Ksp of Ag2CrO 4, AgCl, AgBr and AgI arerespectively, 1.1 10–12, 1.8 10–10, 5.0 10–13,8.3 10–17. Which one of the following salts willprecipitate last if AgNO3 solution is added to thesolution containing equal moles of NaCl, NaBr, NaIand Na2CrO4 ?(1) AgCl(2) AgBr(3) Ag2CrO4 (4) AgIAns. (3)Sol.BrBrÞ ëé Ag ûù Ans. (4)éëCrO ùû-24 1.1 10-12méëCrO4-2 ùû maxCH CHÅCHENC6H54.Bithional is generally added to the soaps as anadditive to function as a/an :(1) Dryer(2) Buffering agent(3) Antiseptic(4) SoftnerAns. (3)Sol. Bithionol (the compound is also called bithional) isadded to soaps to impart antiseptic propertiesCH3 HBrCH2 CH3BrCH CH2 CH3LLC6H5BrAIn Duma's method for estimation of nitrogen, 0.25g of an organic compound gave 40 mL of nitrogencollected at 300 K temperature and 725 mm pressure.If the aqueous tension at 300 K is 25 mm, thepercentage of nitrogen in the compound is :(1) 18.20 (2) 16.76 (3) 15.76 (4) 17.36Ans. (2)Sol. Volume of nitrogen collected at 300 K and 725 mmpressure is 40 mL actual pressure 725 – 25 700 mm273 700 40 33.52mL 300 76022,400 mL of N2 at STP weight 28 g33.5 mL of nitrogen weight Percentage of nitrogen28 33.52 100 16.76%22400 0.255.ClOHHOClSClClBithionol"Metals are usually not found as nitrates in theirores".Out of the following two (a and b) reasons whichis/are true for the above observation ?(a) Metal nitrates are highly unstable.Volume of nitrogen at STP K spso answer is Ag2CrO4Sol. C H6 52.2Ag2 CrO 4 K sp ëé Ag ûù ëéCrO4-2 ûù28 33.52g22400(b) Metal nitrates are highly soluble in water.(1) a and b are false(2) a is false but b is true(3) a is true but b is false(4) a and b are trueAns. (2)Sol. Metal nitrates are stable like NaNO3 and KNO3 andhighly soluble in water.1

AIPMT-20156.The correct bond order in the following species is: (1) O2 2 O2 O2(2) O 2 O2- O2 2(3) O2- O2 O2 2 (4) O2 2 O2 O2Ans. (3)Sol.No. of e -No. of e -O2 O2 2171514The species Ar, K and Ca2 contain the samenumber of electrons. In which order do their radiiincrease ?(1) Ca2 Ar K (2) Ca2 K Ar(4) Ar K Ca2 An organic compound 'X' having molecular formulaC5H10O yields phenyl hydrazone and gives negativeresponse to the Iodoform test and Tollen's test. Itproduces n-pentane on reduction. 'X' could be :(1) 2-pentanone(2) 3-pentanone(3) n-amyl alcohol(4) pentanalAns. (2)Ph—NH—NH2Sol.(1)TIn Kvs.Tvs.lT(2) In K vs.lAns. (2)Sol. Arrhenius equationK A.e - Ea/RT Þ lnK lnA -9.EaRT(3)21TClO3- ,SO23 -(2) SO23 , NO3(4)n-pentaneAccording to questions CH3 CH2 C CH2 CH3Odoes not give iodoform as well as Tollen’s testH3C CH2 CCH2 -pentane—or NH2-NH2/OHWhich of the following options represents the correctbond order ?(2) O -2 O2 O2 (3) O -2 O2 O 2(4) O -2 O2 O 2 Which of the following pairs of ions are isoelectronicand isostructural ?(1) ClO -3 ,CO32 -11.Negative(1) O -2 O2 O 2so, activation energy of reaction can be determinedfrom the slope of lnK vsTollen's testT(4) In K vs. TA(3)TLLThe activation energy of a reaction can bedetermined from the slope of which of the followinggraphs ?Phenyl hydrazoneI2 NaOHNegativeIodoform testReductionhence increasing order of radius is Ca 2 K ArIn Ksp3both are having one lone pair on central atom hencethey are pyramidal.X compound(C5H10O)1Atomic radius µ Zeff8.423EN(3) K Ar Ca2 Ans. (2)Sol. In isoelectronic species4210.Bond order 1.5 2.5 3.07.SO3-2hybridisation spAns. (3)Sol. According to molecular orbital theory (MOT)O2-ClO3-CO23 - ,SO32 -Ans. (1)Sol. According to molecular orbital theory (MOT)No. of e -O2-O21716 15Bond order 1.5 2O2 2.5

CODE-F12.O withTreatment of cyclopentanoneSol. FCC : r 16.methyl lithium gives which of the following species?(1) Cyclopentanonyl cation(2) Cyclopentanonyl radical(3) Cyclopentanonyl biradical(4) Cyclopentanonyl anionAns. (4)CH3ÅO yNH2rearrangementPhenyl hydroxyl amineOHp-AminophenolH2HC C – C– ClH(3) H3CH2HC C – C– ClH(4) H3CH2HC C – C– ClHCHCHCH2 ClWhich one of the following electrolytes has the samevalue of van't Hoff's factor (i) as that of the Al2(SO4)3(if all are 100% ionised) ?(1) K3[Fe(CN)6](2) Al(NO3)3(3) K4[Fe(CN)6](4) K2SO4Ans. (3)Sol. van’t Hoff factor ofAMagnetic moment 2.84 B.M. is given by :(At. nos, Ni 28, Ti 22, Cr 24, Co 27)(1) Ti3 (2) Cr2 (3) Co2 (4) Ni2 Ans. (4)K 4 [ Fe ( CN )6 ] 4K [Fe ( CN )6 ]hence m 2.8 B.M., paramagneticA given metal crystallizes out with a cubic structurehaving edge length of 361 pm. If there are fourmetal atoms in one unit cell, what is the radius ofone atom?(1) 127 pm(2) 80 pm(3) 108 pm(4) 40 pmAns. (1)-4so n 5 Þ i n 5number of unpaired electrons (n) 2Q m n (n 2)Al 2 ( SO 4 )3 2Al 3 3SO -42so n 5Sol. Ni 2 3d815.(2) H3C17.anilineHN OHacidic medium14.H2HC C – C– ClHAns. (2)Sol. After leaving Cl–, due to resonance, p bond is alsotransferredLLreduction(1) H3CH3Cweakly acidicmediumNO2361 127pm2 1.4141ENThe electrolytic reduction of nitrobenzene in stronglyacidic medium produces :(1) Azoxybenzene(2) Azobenzene(3) Aniline(4) p-AminophenolAns. (4)2 2 Which of the following is the most correct electrondisplacement for a nucleophilic reaction to takeplace?Ocyclopentanonyl aniona18.Nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide have someproperties in common. Which property is shown byone of these compounds, but not by the other ?(1) is a reducing agent(2) is soluble in water(3) is used as a food-preservative(4) forms 'acid-rain'Ans. (3)Sol. NO2 is not used as food preservative.3

AIPMT-201519.The total number of p-bond electrons in the followingstructure is :HH3CHHCH3H3CHH2C(1) 8Ans. (1)Sol. H3C(2) 12H HCH3(3) 16HCH3H3CH2CH(4) 423.The number of d-electrons in Fe2 (Z 26) is notequal to the number of electrons in which one ofthe following?(1) p-electrons in Cl (Z 17)(2) d-electrons in Fe (Z 26)(3) p-electrons in Ne (Z 10)(4) s-electrons in Mg (Z 12)Ans. (1)Sol. Fe 2 3d6 (number of ‘d’ electrons 6)in Cl 1s2 2s2 2p6 2s2 3p5Total p bonds 4Total p electrons 824.CH320.Solubility of the alkaline earth's metal sulphates inwater decreases in the sequence :(1) Ca Sr Ba Mg (2) Sr Ca Mg Ba(3) Ba Mg Sr Ca (4) Mg Ca Sr BaAns. (4)Sol. Due to very small size of Mg 2, Mg 2 showsmaximum hydration p electrons 11, which are not equal to number of ‘d’ electrons in Fe 2In which of the following compounds, then C - Clbond ionisation shall give most stable carbonium ion?HH3CHydrationenergyMaximum bond angle at nitrogen is present in whichof the following ?(1)NO -2(3) NO3-(2)NO 2(4) NO 2O2NH2CSol.H3CC ClA¾¾¾¾¾¾¾ The value of K is very high so the system will contain mostly products at equilibrium.4HC – ClH3CH3CC H3C CH3t-butyl carbonium ionHNO-2 NO-3 NO2 NO 2 bond angle If the value of an equilibrium constant for a particularreaction is 1.6 1012, then at equilibrium the systemwill contain :(1) mostly reactants(2) mostly products(3) similar amounts of reactants products(4) all reactantsAns. (2)Sol. The value of equilibrium constant for reactionK 1.6 1012(4)ClH3C CH3Ans. (2)Sol. NO2 : sp hybridisation (bond angle 180 )22.H3CC – ClHAns. (2)LL21.(3)SolubilityCH3HMgSO4 CaSO4 SrSO 4 BaSO 4CH – Cl(2)EN(1) H3CC – ClCHClHClCHÅbenzyl carbonium ion[stable due to resonance]HHClC ClO2NCH2 HO2NH2C HH3CH3C-I effectHC ClCÅClH3CH3CHCÅSecondary carbonium ion[isopropyl carbonium ion]

CODE-FMost stable carbonium ion is benzyl carbocation dueto resonanceÅCH2CH2ÅÅÅCH2CH225.CH3PhCH3 – C – CH –Ph – C – PhCH3(I)(II)– CH3(III)Sol.C.CH.PhPh.CPh(I)CH3HACH3(III)(II)Only (III) has H in conjugation with free radical27.The reactionCH3CH3CH3–C–ONa CH3CH2ClCH3AgNO3 no pptëéCo(NH3 )3 Cl3 ûù ¾¾¾¾29. A mixture of gases contains H 2 and O2 gases in theratio of 1 : 4 (w/w). What is the molar ratio of thetwo gases in the mixture ?(1) 4 : 1 (2) 16 : 1 (3) 2 : 1(4) 1 : 4Ans. (1)Sol.CH3–C–O–CH2–CH3–NaClw H2w O2 nH11/ 24Þ 2 4n O2 4 / 32 1Which of the following processes does not involveoxidation of iron ?(1) Decolourization of blue CuSO4 solutution by iron(2) Formation of Fe(CO)5 from Fe(3) Liberation of H2 from steam by iron at hightemperature(4) Rusting of iron sheetsAns. (2)LLCH3CoCl 3 .3NH 3 Þ éëCo ( NH 3 )3 Cl3 ùû30.Hyperconjugation occurs In :(1) II only (2) III only (3) I and III (4) I onlyAns. (2)H3CSol.ENA device that converts energy of combustion of fuelslike hydrogen and methane, directly into electricalenergy is known as :(1) Electrolytic cell(2) Dynamo(3) Ni-Cd cell(4) Fuel CellAns. (4)Sol. A device that converts energy of combustion of fuels,directly into electrical energy is known as fuel cell.26. Consider the following compoundsSol. Given reaction is an important laboratory methodfor the preparation of symmetrical andunsymmetrical ethers. In this method, an alkyl halideis allowed to react with sodium alkoxide.28. Cobalt (III) chloride forms several octahedralcomplexes with ammonia. Which of the followingwill not give test of chloride ions with silver nitrateat 25ºC ?(1) CoCl3·4NH3(2) CoCl3·5NH3(3) CoCl3·6NH3(4) CoCl3·3NH3Ans. (4)CH3is called :(1) Williamson continuous etherification process(2) Etard reaction(3) Gatterman - Koch reaction(4) Williamson SynthesisAns. (4)Sol.Fe0 5CO [ Fe0 ( CO )5 ]No change in the oxidation state of ironBecause of lanthanoid contraction, which of thefollowing pairs of elements have nearly same atomicradii ? (Nubmers in the parenthesis are atomicnumbers).(1) Zr (40) and Nb (41) (2) Zr (40) and Hf (72)(3) Zr (40) and Ta (73) (4) Ti (22) and Zr (40)Ans. (2)Sol. Due to lanthanoid contractionatomic radii of Zr and Hf is almost similar.32. Which of the following statements is correct for areversible process in a state of equilibrium ?(1) DG 2.30 RT log K(2) DGº –2.30 RT log K(3) DGº 2.30 RT log K(4) DG –2.30 RT log K531.

AIPMT-2015Ans. (2)Sol.DG0 -2.30RT log Kbecause at equilibrium DG 033.The angular momentum of electron in 'd' orbital isequal to :-2h(1)(2) 2 3 h(3) 0 hRCH CH R H2 (1 mole)RCH2 CH2 R DHSol.6h(4)The enthalpy of the hydrogenation of thesecompounds will be in the order as :(1) III II I(2) II III I(3) II I III(4) I II IIIAns. (1)Ans. (4)Sol. Orbital angular momentum for d-orbital l 2l ( l 1).hso orbital angular momentum 2 ( 2 1)h 6h34.37.1stability of alkeneThe enolic form of ethyl acetoacetate as below has:-H3 CHCCCOH 3CENThe boiling point of 0.2 mol kg–1 solution of X inwater is greater than equimolal solution of Y in water.Which one of the following statements is true in thiscase ?(1) Molecular mass of X is greater than themolecular mass of Y.(2) Molecular mass of X is less than the molecularmass of Y.(3) Y is undergoing dissociation in water while Xundergoes no change.(4) X is undergoing dissociation is water.Ans. (4)enthalpy of hydrogenation µOHsame solvent so, Kb is samem is same (given), x is undergoing dissociation in water.35.The function of "Sodium pump" is a biologicalprocess operating in each and every cell of allanimals. Which of the following biologicallyimportant ions is also a consituent of this pump :(1) Mg2 (2) K (3) Fe2 (4) Ca2 Ans. (2)Sol. K ion is a constituent of sodium pump36. Given :CHH 3CCH(I)633CHH 3CCH(II)32CHH 2CCH(III)22OOC2H5HSol. Hix k b m i y k b m Þ i x i yH2CCOOC2H5(1) 16 sigma bonds and 1 pi - bond(2) 9 sigma bonds and 2 pi - bonds(3) 9 sigma bonds and 1 pi - bond(4) 18 sigma bonds and 2 pi - bondsAns. (4)LL( DTb )x ( DTb )ySol.CHH HC C C C O C C HH O H OH H18 s 2pBiodegradable polymer which can be produced fromglycine and aminocaproic acid is :(1) PHBV(2) Buna - N(3) Nylon 6, 6(4) Nylon 2- nylon 6Ans. (4)Sol. Nylon 2-Nylon-6 is an alternating polyamidecopolymer of glycine (NH2–CH2–COOH) and aminocaproic acid [NH 2 –(CH 2) 5 COOH] and isbiodegradable.39. Which of the following species contains equalnumber of s- and p- bonds :(1) XeO4(2) (CN)2(3) CH2(CN)2(4) HCO3–Ans. (1)

CODE-FAns. (3)OSol.Sol. H C3XeO41.Ans.Sol.43.number of s bonds 4number of p bonds 4Which of these statements about [Co(CN)6]3– is true:(1) [Co(CN)6]3– has four unpaired electrons and willbe in a low-spin configuration.(2) [Co(CN)6]3– has four unpaired electrons and willbe in a high spin configuration.(3) [Co(CN)6]3– has no unpaired electrons and willbe in a high-spin configurtion.(4) [Co(CN)6]3– has no unpaired electrons and willbe in a low-spin configuration.(4)[Co(CN)6]–3Co 3 3d6 4s0 4p0Q in presence of strong field ligand, pairing ofelectrons occurs so in this complex no unpairedelectron is present and it is low spin complex.Which one is not equal to zero for an ideal solution:(1) DSmix(2) DVmix(3) DP Pobserved - PRaoult (4) DHmix(1)For an ideal solution DSmix 0Which property of colloidal solution is independentof charge on the colloidal particles :(1) Electrophoresis(2) Electro-osmosis(3) Tyndall effect(4) Coagulation(3)Tyndall effect is an optical property, so it isindependent of charge.Given :-OHOCH3CH3CH3CH3HOHOHCH3CH3Sol.OH45.0.693for first order t1/2 is independent ofKconcentrationA single compound of the structure :CH3 CH3t1/2 OHCCC H C C OH2H2is obtainable from ozonolysis of which of the followingcyclic compounds ?(1)CH3CH3O(II)O(III)CH3CH3Which of the given compounds can exhibittautomerism?(1) I and III(2) II and III(3) I, II and III(4) I and IICH3When initial concentration of a reactant is doubledin a reaction, its half-life period is not affected. Theorder of the reaction is :(1) First(2) Second(3) More than zero but less than first(4) ZeroAns. (1)H3CH3CCH3 CH3(2)H3CCH3(3)CH3CH3H3C(4)CH3Ans. (4)Sol.H3CCH3O3Zn H2 OH3 CO COHCCH37

AIPMT-201546.Which of the following endoparasites of humansdoes show viviparity ?(1) Enterobius vermicularis(2) Trichinella spiralis(3) Ascaris lumbricoides(4) Ancylostoma duodenaleAns. (2)47. Cryopreservation of gametes of threatened speciesin viable and fertile condition can be referred to as:(1) Advanced ex-situ conservation of biodiversity(2) In situ conservation by sacred groves(3) In situ cryo-conservation of biodiversity(4) In situ conservation of biodiversityAns. (1)48. Which one one of the following matches is correct ?(1) AlternariaSexualreproductionabsent(2) MucorReproduction AscomycetesbyConjugation(3) sBasidiomycetesAAns. (1)49. Minerals known to be required in large amounts forplant growth include :(1) calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper(2) potassium, phosphorus, selenium, boronAns.54.Ans.55.Ans.56.(3) magnesium, sulphur, iron, zinc(4) phosphorus, potassium, sulphur, calciumAns. (4)50.Which of the following enhances or induces fusionof protoplasts ?Ans.57.(1) Polyethylene glycol and sodium nitrate(2) IAA and kinetin(3) IAA and gibberellins(4) Sodium chloride and potassium chlorideAns. (1)8Which of these is not an important component ofinitiation of parturition in humans ?(1) Synthesis of prostaglandins(2) Release of oxytocin(3) Release of prolactin(4) Increase in estrogen and progesterone ratio(3)In which of the following gametophyte is notindependent free living ?(2) Pteris(1) Marchantia(3) Pinus(4) Funaria(3)Which of the following is not a sexually transmitteddisease ?(1) Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)(2) Trichomoniasis(3) Encephalitis(4) Syphilis(3)Leaves become modified into spines in :(1) Pea(2) Onion(3) Silk Cotton(4) Opuntia(4)Which one gives the most valid and recentexplanation for stomatal movements ?(1) Potassium influx and efflux(2) Starch hydrolysis(3) Guard cell photosynthesis(4) Transpiration(1)Which of the following had the smallest braincapacity ?(1) Homo sapiens(2) Homo neanderthalensis(3) Homo habilis(4) Homo erectus(3)High value of BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand)indicates that :(1) Water is highly polluted(2) Water is less polluted(3) Consumption of organic matter in the water ishigher by the microbes(4) Water is pure(1)ENDeuteromycetesLL(4) Phytophthora Aseptatemycelium51.Ans.

Ans.67.Ans.68.Ans.69.LLAns.59.66.The crops engineered for glyphosate are resistant/tolerant to :(1) Bacteria(2) Insects(3) Herbicides(4) Fungi(3)Which of the following statements is not correct?(1) Goblet cells are present in the mucosa ofintestine and secrete mucus(2) Oxyntic cells are present in the mucosa ofstomach and secrete HCl.(3) Acini are present in the pancreas and secretecarboxypeptidase(4) Brunner's glands are present in the submucosaof stomach and secrete pepsinogen(4)In sea urchin DNA, which is double stranded, 17%of the bases were shown to be cytosine. Thepercentages of the other three bases expected tobe present in this DNA are :(1) G 17%, A 16.5%, T 32.5%(2) G 17%, A 33%, T 33%(3) G 8.5%, A 50%, T 24.5%(4) G 34%, A 24.5%, T 24.5%(2)In Bt cotton, the Bt toxin present in plant tissue aspro-toxin is converted into active toxin due to :(1) Acidic pH of the insect gut(2) Action of gut micro-organisms(3) Presence of conversion factors in insect gut(4) Alkaline pH of the insect gut(4)Cytochromes are found in :(1) Outer wall of mitochondria(2) Cristae of mitochondria(3) Lysosomes(4) Matrix of mitochondria(2)Read the following five statements (A to E) and selectthe option with all correct statements :(A) Mosses and Lichens are the first organisms tocolonise a bare rock.(B) Selaginella is a homosporous pteridophyte(C) Coralloid roots in Cycas have VAM(D) Main plant body in bryophytes is gametophytic,whereas in pteridophytes it is sporophytic(E) In gymnosperms, male and female gametophytesare present within sporangia located onsporophyte(1) (B), (C) and (D)(2) (A), (D) and (E)(3) (B), (C) and (E)(4) (A), (C) and (D)(2)9ENAns.Sliding filament theory can be best explained as :(1) Actin and Myosin filaments shorten and slide passeach other(2) Actin and Myosin filaments do not shorten butrather slide pass each other(3) When myofilaments slide pass each other, Myosinfilaments shorten while Actin filaments do notshorten(4) When myofilaments slide pass each other Actinfilaments shorten while Myosin filament do notshorten(2)A gymnast is able to balance his body upside downeven in the total darkness because of :(1) Vestibular apparatus (2) Tectorial membrane(3) Organ of corti(4) Cochlea(1)A man with blood group 'A' marries a woman withblood group 'B'. What are all the possible bloodgroups of their offsprings ?(1) A,B and AB only(2) A,B,AB and O(3) O only(4) A and B only(2)Typical growth curve in plants is :(1) Linear(2) Stair-steps shaped(3) Parabolic(4) Sigmoid(4)The UN Conference of Parties on climate changein the year 2011 was held in :(1) South Africa(2) Peru(3) Qatar(4) Poland(1)A technique of micropropagation is :(1) Somatic embryogenesis(2) Protoplast fusion(3) Embryo rescue(4) Somatic hybridization(1)How many pairs of contrasting characters in peaplants were studied by Mendel in his experiments ?(1) Six(2) Eight(3) Seven(4) Five(3)Ans.70.Ans.71.K(5) C(5) A5 G(2) is the floral formula of :-(1) Sesbania(3) Brassica(2) Petunia(4) AlliumAns. (2)Ans.

AIPMT-2015Which one of the following is correct ?(1) Serum Blood Fibrinogen(2) Lymph Plasma RBC WBC(3) Blood Plasma RBC WBC(4) Plasma Blood – LymphocytesAns. (3)73. The movement of a gene from one linkage groupto another is called :(1) Duplication(2) Translocation(3) Crossing over(4) InversionAns. (2)74. Which body of the Government of India regulatesGM research and safety of introducing GMorganisms for public services ?(1) Indian Council of Agricultural Research(2) Genetic Engineering Approval Committee(3) Research Committee on Genetic Manipulation(4) Bio-safety committeeAns. (2)75. Rachel Carson's famous book "Silent Spring" isrelated to :(1) Noise pollution(2) Population explosion(3) Ecosystem managementAns.80.Ans.81.Ans.82.Ans.83.Ans.84.LL(4) Pesticide pollutionAns. (4)76. Gastric juice of infants contains :-79.(1) nuclease, pepsinogen, lipase(2) pepsinogen, lipase, rennin(3) amylase, rennin, pepsinogenA(4) maltase, pepsinogen, renninAns. (2)77. Which of the following is not one of the prime healthrisks associated with greater UV radiation throughthe atmosphere due to depletion of stratosphericozone ?(1) Reduced Immune System(2) Damage to eyes(3) Increased liver cancerAns.85.Ans.86.(4) Increased skin cancerAns. (3)78. Capacitation refers to changes in the :(1) Ovum before fertilization(2) Ovum after fertilization(3) Sperm after fertilization(4) Sperm before fertilizationAns. (4)10Most animals are tree dwellers in a:(1) Thorn woodland(2) Temperate deciduous forest(3) Tropical rain forest(4) Coniferous forest(3)True nucleus is absent in :(1) Mucor(2) Vaucheria(3) Volvox(4) Anabaena(4)Glenoid cavity articulates :(1) Scapula with acromion(2) Clavicle with scapula(3) Humerus with scapula(4) Clavicle with acromion(3)Transmission tissue is characteristic feature of :(1) Solid style(2) Dry stigma(3) Wet stigma(4) Hollow style(1)DNA is not present in :(1) Ribosomes(2) Nucleus(3) Mitochondria(4) Chloroplast(1)Gene regulation governing lactose operon of E.colithat involves the lac I gene product is :(1) Negative and inducible because repressorprotein prevents transcription(2) Negative and repressible because repressorprotein prevents transcription(3) Feedback inhibition because excess ofb-galactosidase can switch off trascription(4) Positive and inducible because it can be inducedby lactose(1)Which of the following does not favour the formationof large quantities of dilute urine ?(1) Caffeine(2) Renin(3) Atrial-natriuretic factor (4) Alcohol(2)What causes a green plant exposed to the light ononly one side, to bend toward the source of light asit grows ?(1) Green plants seek light because they arephototropic(2) Light stimulates plant cells on the lighted side togrow faster(3) Auxin accumulates on the shaded side,stimulating greater cell elongation there.(4) Green plants need light to perform photosynthesis(3)EN72.Ans.

CODE-F87.93.Nuclear envelope is a derivative of :(1) Membrane of Golgi complex(2) Microtubules(3) Rough endoplasmic reticulum(4) Smooth endoplasmic reticulumAns. (3)88. Select the correct option :I(1) Leucocytes(2) Helper T- Lymphocytes(3) Thrombocytes(4) B- LymphocytesAns. (2)94. Hysteresctomy is surgical removal of :II(a)Synapsis alignshomologous chromosomes(i)Anaphase-II(b)Synthesis of RNA andprotein(ii)Zygotene(c)Action of enzymerecombinase(iii) G2-phase(d)Centromeres do notseparate but chromatidsmove towards (c)(d)(1) (ii)(iii)(v)(iv)(2) (i)(ii)(v)(iv)(3) (ii)(iii)(iv)(v)(4) (ii)(i)(iii)(iv)(1)Keel is the characteristic feature of flower of :(1) Indigofera (2) Aloe (3) Tomato (4) Tulip(1)Perigynous flowers are found in :(1) Cucumber(2) China rose(3) Rose(4) Guava(3)A chemical signal that has both endocrine andneural roles is ?(1) Calcitonin(2) Epinephrine(3) Cortisol(4) Melatonin(2)In which of the following both pairs have correctcombination :(1) In situ conservation : CryopreservationEx situ conservation : Wildlife Sanctuary(2) In situ conservation : Seed BankEx situ conservation : National Park(3) In situ conservation : Tissue cultureEx situ conservation : Sacred groves(4) In situ conservation : National ParkEx situ conservation : Botanical Garden(4)AAns.90.(4) UterusAns. (4)95. Removal of proximal convoluted tubule from thenephron will result in:(1) More concentrated urine(2) No change in quality and quantity of urine(3) No urine formation(4) More diluted urineAns. (4)96. A major characteristic of the monocot root is thepresence of :(1) Scattered vascular bundlesLLAns.89.Anaphase-I(1) Prostate gland(2) Vas-deference(3) Mammary glandsEN(v)HIV that causes AIDS, first starts destroying:(2) Vasculature without cambium(3) Cambium sandwiched between phloem andxylem along the radius(4) Open vascular bundlesAns. (2)97.Which of the following characteristics is mainlyresponsible for diversification of insects on land ?(1) Bilateral symmetry(2) Exoskeleton(3) Eyes(4) SegmentationAns. (2)98. Which of the following cells during gametogenesisis normally dipoid?(1) Spermatid(2) Spermatogonia(3) Secondary polar body(4) Primary polar bodyAns. (2)99. The structures that are formed by stacking oforganized flattened membranous sacs in thechloroplasts are :(1) Grana(2) Stroma lamellae(3) Stroma(4) CristaeAns. (1)11

AIPMT-2015107. Erythropoiesis starts in :(1) Liver(2) Spleen(3) Red bone marrow(4) KidneyAns. (3)108. Which is the most common mechanism of geneticvariation in the population of sexually reproducingorganism?(1) Chromosomal aberrations(2) Genetic drift(3) Recombination(4) TransductionAns. (3)109. Blood pressure in the mammalian aorta ismaximum during :EN100. The chromosomes in which centromere is situatedclose to one end are:(1) Acrocentric(2) Telocentric(3) Sub-metacentric(4) MetacentricAns. (1)101. In a ring girdled plant:(1) The root dies first(2) The shoot and root die together(3) Neither root nor shoot will die(4) The shoot dies firstAns. (1)102. Vertical distribution of different species occupyingdifferent levels in a biotic community is known as:(1) Stratification(2) Zonation(3) Pyramid(4) DivergenceAns. (1)103. Multiple alleles are present :(1) At different loci on the same chromosome(2) At the same locus of the chromosome(3) On non-sister chromatids(4) On different chromosomesAns. (2)104. The mass of living material at a trophic level at aparticular time is called :(1) Standing state(2) Net primary productivity(3) Standing crop(4) Gross primary productivityAns. (3)(1) Diastole of the right ventricle(2) Systole of the left ventricle(3) Diastole of the right atrium(4) Systole of the left atriumAns. (2)ALL110. When you hold your breath, which of the followinggas changes in blood would first lead to the urge tobreathe?105. Which of the following animals is not viviparous?(1) Elephant(2) Platypus(3) Whale(4) Flying fox (Bat)Ans. (2)106. In an ecosystem the rate of production of organicmatter during photosynthesis is termed as:(1) Gross primary productivity(2) Secondary productivity(3) Net productivity(4) Net primary productivityAns. (1)12(1) rising CO2 concentration(2) falling CO2 concentration(3) rising CO2 and falling O2 concentration(4) falling O2 concentrationAns. (1)111. Vascular bundles in monocotyledons are consideredclosed because:(1) Cambium is absent(2) There are no vessels with perforations(3) Xylem is surrounded all around by phloem(4) A bundle sheath surrounds each bundleAns. (1)112. Male gemetes are flagellated in :(1) Anabaena(2) Ectocarpus(3) Spirogyra(4) PolysiphoniaAns. (2)

CODE-F113. Which one of the following may require pollinators,but is genetically similar to autogamy ?(1) Xenogamy(2) Apogamy(3) Cleistogamy(4) GeitonogamyAns. (4)114. In ginger vegetative propagation occurs through:(1) Offsets(2) Bulbils(3) Runners(4) RhizomeAns. (4)115. Which one of the following is not an inclusion body120. Which of the following represents the correctcombination without any exception?Characteristics(1)Mouth ventral, gills withoutoperculum; skin with placoidscales; persistent notochordChondrichthyes(2)Sucking and circular mouth; jawsabsent, integument without scales;paired appendagesCyclostomata(3)Body covered with feathers; skinmoist and glandular; fore-limbsform wings; lungs with air sacsAves(4)Mammary gland; hair on body;pinnae; two pairs of LimbsMammaliafound in prokaryotes ?(1) Cyanophycean granule(2) Glycogen granule(3) Polysome(4) Phosphate granuleAns. (3)Ans. (1)121. Which one of the following statements in incorrect?(1) In competitive inhibition, the inhibitor moleculeis not chemically changed by the enzyme.EN116. A somatic cell that has just completed the S phase(2) The competitive inhibitor does not affect the rateof breakdown of the enzyme-substratecomplex.of its cell cycle, as compared to gamete of the samespecies, has :(1) same number of chromosomes but twice theamount of DNA(3) The presence of the competitive inhibitordecreases the Km of the enzyme for thesubstrate.(2) twice the number of chromosomes and four timesthe amount of DNALL(3) four times the number of chromosomes and twicethe amount of DNA(4) twice the number of chromosomes and twice theamount of DNAAns. (2)117. Alleles are :(1) true breeding homozygotes(2) different molecular forms of a gene(3) heterozygotes(4) different phenotypeAns. (2)118. Select the correct matching in the following pairs:(1) Smooth ER – Synthesis of lipids(2) Rough ER– Synthesis of glycogen(3) Rough ER – Oxidation of fatty acids(4) Smooth ER – Oxidation of phospholipidsAns. (1)119. The terga, sterna and pleura of cockroach body arejoined by :(1) Muscular tissue(2) Arthrodial membrane(3) Cartilage(4) Cementing glueAns. (2)AClass(4) A competitive inhibitor reacts reversibly withtheenzyme to form an enzyme- inhibitor complex.Ans. (3)122. Which of the following regions of the brain isincorrectly paired with its function?(1) Cerebellum- language comprehension(2) Corpus callosum-communication between the leftand right cerebral cortices(3) Cerebrum- calculation and contemplation(4) Medulla oblongata - homeostatic controlAns. (1)123. Which one of the following statements is not true?(1) Pollen grains of some plants cause severeallergies and bronchial afflictions in some people(2) The flowers pollinated by flies and bats secretefoul odour to attract them(3) Honey is made by bees by digesting - pollencollected from flowers(4) Pollen grains are rich in nutrients, and they areused in the form of tablets and syrupsAns. (3)13

AIPMT-2015131. The following graph depicts changes in twopopulations (A and B) of herbivores in a grassy fieldA possible reason for these changes is that:(4) erythrocytes; mucosa and submucosa of colon(4) Fucus spp.ATime(1) Popul

AIP MT - 2015 TEST PAPER WITH SOLUTIONS (HELD ON SUNDAY 03 th MAY, 2015) 3. Th K sp 2CrO 4, Ag, AgB are respectivel, 1.1 10Œ12, 1.8 10Œ10, 5.0 10Œ13, precipita l AgNO 3 oluti adde solut cont NaC, aBr, NaI an 2CrO 4? (1) AgCl (2) AgBr (3) Ag 2CrO 4 (4) Ans. (3) Sol. éëû -ùéùëû 2 2 24s4 Ag CrO K Ag CrO- -- Þéùëû éëù .