This chapter provides details about the user registration process of the smart portal and covers the following areas: Terminology Overview Launch the Smart Portal Overview Page Functions for Different Users User RegistrationSmart Portal User GuidePSS 2.23-1

Chapter 2Smart Portal Partner User RegistrationTerminology OverviewThere are some key terms that are used in the registration process, these terms are listed below: Collaborative Services Offer – This offer has the customer's devices under a Partner Support Service(PSS) type service contract and allows the user, who works for a Cisco partner organizati on, to have accessto their customer's inventory report or diagnostic information. The partner can have one of the following userroles:ooPartner AdministratorPartner User Partner – has the Partner Support Service (PSS) type contract with Cisco for a specific entitled company. Entitled Company – is the customer company for which the inventory is uploaded. User functions– there are two available user functions in smart portal:oo Administrator – Only one that can create new user registrations (create administrator function only).User – Can manage only their own personal registrations; cannot register anyone for an entitled company.Smart portal user roles:Some user functions have multiple user roles within that user function; the list below identifies the user role(s)associated to each user function: User FunctionUser RoleAdministratorPartner AdministratorUserPartner UserUser roles and their associated privileges:ooPartner Administrator (PA) – has administrator privileges on smart portal for the customer companies theypurchased the PSS contract for. The Partner Administrator privileges allow the admin to perform the followingtasks: Register a collector. Download a license file. Maintain collector registrations. View all reports. Register other users as a Partner Administrator, Partner User,. View, manage and update any user registrations associated with PSS type contracts. Specify what reports an Partner User can view. Configure NOC/admin email addresses (Email Setup).Partner User (PU) – can view reports on smart portal for devices under a PSS contract they have in theirprofile, or for devices which they have the bill-to ID in their profile, or devices under a contract in the list ofGSP’s to be supported as PSS. The partner user can also manage the preferences related to emailnotifications for these devices.Smart Portal User Guide3-2PSS 2.2

Chapter 2Smart Portal Partner User RegistrationThe following tasks can be performed by the Administrator on the Device Diagnostics (DD) primary tab (DD primary tab Registered Devices pod - Email Setup) on the Reports portal. Create and manage groups (Device Group Management). Set preferences for SR creation and notifications for all devices in a group (Set Group Preferences). Identify device maintenance windows (Set Maintenance Window). Delete devices (button displayed at the bottom of the table). Edit device preferences for selected devices (button displayed at the bottom of the table. Types of contracts:There is only one Collaborative Services (CS) type contract for a partner; a partner must have a supportedPartner Support Service (PSS) type contract in their user's profile. The PSS contract is a pre-requisitefor user registration.Smart Portal User GuidePSS 2.23-3

Chapter 2Smart Portal Partner User RegistrationLaunch the Smart PortalTo launch the Smart Portal application, perform the following steps:Step 1Go to the smart portal at URL:; the smart portal Log In window opens. Enter your ID user name and password. Click Log In; the smart portal’s window opens and displays the Overview page.Smart Portal User Guide3-4PSS 2.2

Chapter 2Smart Portal Partner User RegistrationOverview Page Functions for Different UsersThe functions that are available for use on the Overview page are dependent upon the function associated during userregistration (Administrator) or changed to user.Administrator FunctionAn Administrator function has one user role, the Partner Administrator, which has the following functions availablethrough the Overview page.After the administrator functions are created, a partner administrator can change the roles of other partneradministrators (who are associated to the same entitled company) to user.User FunctionThe User function has one user role, the Partner User, which has the following functions available through theOverview page.A partner with a function of “User” can maintain only their personal registrations and view reports. The user functionhas no other registration related privileges.The question markspreceding some of the categories provide help information about that category whenclicked. For more information about this online help go to the PSS User Guide’s Introduction to Smart Portalchapter, the Training Aid section.Smart Portal User GuidePSS 2.23-5

Chapter 2Smart Portal Partner User RegistrationUser RegistrationThere are two user registration process for partners, the Self Registration pr ocess, which allows a partner to registerthem self as only a partner administrator and the Register Users process, which allows a partner administrator toregister others in a one of three user roles (partner administrator, partner user). Both registratio n processes use thesame user registration process (Self Registration or Register Users); the only difference is in who you are doing theregistration process for, yourself or another user.User Registration Task Pre-ReqsThe following tasks must be performed before registering a new user: The new user must have a valid IDTo obtain a ID (CCO Id) go to and in the top right corner of the web pageclick Register. For New User Registration, the new user must have at least one smart portal supported contract in theirCCO LDAP profile.When retrieving the contracts that exist in the to-be registered user's profile, the system will check ifthe contract status of the contract is valid. Valid contract statuses are: 'Active', 'Overdue', 'Signed', 'QA Hold'.User Registration ProcessThis section identifies the different types of user roles and explains who can register and maintain them.The following scenarios describe how PSS user (Partner Administrator / Partner User) registration occurs: A Partner who has a PSS contract in their profile can self-register for only the Partner Administrator role. The self-registered Partner Administrator can register additional partners in their company, as either aPartner Administrator role or a Partner User role.If the user encounters any issues in the registration process they can contact [email protected] forhelp.For the user function (Partner User role) the user is allowed only one registration per entitled company, andeach registration is associated to only one user role.User Registration TasksThe User registration task lets you perform the following tasks Self-Registration or Register Users - Allows the registration of new users, whereby the following tasks can bedone:oThe Self Registration function allows a partner to register them self as only a Partner Administrator.Smart Portal User Guide3-6PSS 2.2

Chapter 2oSmart Portal Partner User RegistrationThe Register Users function which allows a Partner Administrator to register others as one of two partner userroles (Partner Administrator, Partner User).Self-Registration or Register UsersThis section describes how a partner can register them self as a partner administrator, or register someone else asone of the two following user roles: Partner administrator Partner userThe administrator can register other users one at-a-time, or register multiple users at the same time.Self-Registration or Registering One Other UserTo self-register yourself as a partner administrator or someone else in one of the above user roles, perform thefollowing steps: Under the User Registration section, click Self Registration Or Register Users; the Register User: ID page appears.Smart Portal User GuidePSS 2.23-7

Chapter 2Smart Portal Partner User Registration For self-registration enter your ID (CCO ID), (in example, ibmademo1). For registering another user enter that user’s ID (CCO ID), Click the Get Contract Numbers button.Smart Portal User Guide3-8PSS 2.2

Chapter 2Smart Portal Partner User RegistrationRegistration for the Administrator role requires that the to-be registered person has one or more PSS supportedcontacts in their profile for the Entitled Company. All the contract numbers associated to the specified CCO ID are displayed in the Contract Number: list.Select one or more of the contracts in the drop-down list, and then click Continue.The following items identify restrictions to the selection of contract numbers: Only PSS supported contracts are allowed and will be processed by the portal. If a non-supported PSScontract is selected, then an error message appears indicating that an un-supported contract wasselected. To review a list of current contract types that are supported under the PSS offering read the infoat the following URL: mgmt/smart portal/Partner/Partner Supported Service GSPs.pdf You can select a maximum of five contracts from the Contract Number: list. A warning message willappear if more than five contracts are selected, and no processing will occur until five or less contractsare selected.If the expected contract is not present in the list then contact Cisco Smart Services Bureau (SSB) via: email:[email protected]. The smart portal displays a message indicating that the information for the new registration is beingprocessed and will take a few minutes before the results are displayed.Smart Portal User GuidePSS 2.23-9

Chapter 2 Smart Portal Partner User RegistrationSmart portal displays the results of the user registration; check an entitled company check box.Checking an entitled company check box checks all the checkboxes in the Reports column.any of the checked boxes.You can uncheck Click Submit. A warning appears about the entitled company; if you are certain that you have selected the correct entitledcompany, then click OK. After the processing has completed successfully, an informational message appears indicating thesuccessful registration.Smart Portal User Guide3-10PSS 2.2

Chapter 2Smart Portal Partner User RegistrationMultiple RegistrationsAn administrator can register several users at-a-time by using the Multiple Registrations function. To register more thanone user at a time, perform the following steps:To self-register yourself as a partner administrator or someone else in one of the above user roles, perform thefollowing steps: Under the User Registration section, click Self Registration Or Register Users; the Register User: ID page appears.Smart Portal User GuidePSS 2.23-11

Chapter 2Smart Portal Partner User Registration Click Multiple Registrations; the Multiple Registrations page appears. To request Multiple Registrations, enter a ID * and one Contract number into the Enter Cisco.comID * & Contract Numbers: entry area. Separate the CCO Id and contract number with a comma. Make surethere are no spaces anywhere in your entry information.Smart Portal User Guide3-12PSS 2.2

Chapter 2Smart Portal Partner User Registration Each ID needs to be entered on a separate line, and you can enter a maximum of 25 lines. Click Submit. A pop-up window indicates your info is being processed. The email notification could take up to 24 hours fordelivery.Smart Portal User GuidePSS 2.23-13

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Chapter 2 Smart Portal Partner User Registration Smart Portal User Guide PSS 2.2 3-7 o The Register Users function which allows a Partner Administrator to register others as one of two partner user roles (Partner Administrator, Partner User). Self-Registration or Register Users This section describes how a partner can register them self as a .