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Study #3167May 2014 6400426 PagesWorld RoofingIndustry Study with Forecasts for 2018 & 2023Table of ContentsExecutive Summary1 Summary Table. 3Market EnvironmenTGeneral. 4World Economic Overview. 5Recent Historical Trends. 5World Economic Outlook. 7World Building Construction Outlook.10Relationship to Roofing Demand.12Residential Building.15Nonresidential Building.17World Demographic Overview.18Population.19Households.21World Housing Stock.23Materials & Technology Trends.27Pricing Patterns.29Legal & Regulatory Environment.32OVERVIEWGeneral.36Regional Overview.37Demand.38Production.44International Trade.46Demand by Product.48Bituminous Roofing.52Shingles & Plates.54Low-Slope Bituminous.55Tile Roofing.59Concrete.62Clay.62Metal Roofing.63Fiber Cement Roofing.66Elastomeric Roofing.68Plastic Roofing.70Other Roofing.73Demand by Market.77Residential.78Nonresidential.81NORTH AMERICAGeneral.83Roofing Supply & Demand.84Roofing Demand by Product.87Roofing Demand by Market.89United States.90Canada.97Mexico. 104WESTERN EUROPEGeneral. 110Roofing Supply & Demand. 111Roofing Demand by Product. 115Roofing Demand by Market. 117Germany. 118France. 123United Kingdom. 128Italy. 133Spain. 138Other Western Europe. 144ASIA/PACIFICGeneral. 152Roofing Supply & Demand. 153Roofing Demand by Product. 156Roofing Demand by Market. 158China. 159India. 166Japan. 172Indonesia. 177Thailand. 182South Korea. 187Other Asia/Pacific. 193OTHER REGIONSCentral & South America. 201Brazil. 208Other Central & South America. 213Eastern Europe. 220Russia. 227Other Eastern Europe. 232Africa/Mideast. 240Turkey. 248Iran. 253Other Africa/Mideast. 258INDUSTRY STRUCTUREGeneral. 268Industry Composition. 269Market Share. 271Product Development & Manufacturing. 276Marketing & Distribution. 278Cooperative Agreements. 280Mergers & Acquisitions. 284Company ProfilesBASF SE. 289Berkshire Hathaway. 295BlueScope Steel. 299Boral Limited. 306Braas Monier Building. 309Bridgestone Corporation. 314Building Materials Corporation of America. 319Carlisle Companies. 324China National Building Material. 329Duro-Last Roofing. 331Dynal Industrial. 333Etex Group. 334Fletcher Building. 338FLSmidth & Company. 340HeidelbergCement AG. 342Henry Company. 343Hood Companies. 345Icopal a/s. 348IKO Group. 352Imerys SA. 357Kubota Corporation. 359Mapei SpA. 360Click here to purchase onlinePage NCI Building Systems. 363Nordic Waterproofing. 367Nucor Corporation. 370Onduline SA. 373Owens Corning. 375Rautaruukki Oyj. 379Saint-Gobain. 381Sanko Metal Industrial. 385Siam Cement. 386Sika AG. 389Soprema SAS. 392Tajima Roofing. 394TAMKO Building Products. 396TechnoNICOL Corporation. 399Terreal SAS. 401Uralita SA. 403Wienerberger Baustoffindustrie. 404Additional Companies in theWorld Roofing Industry.407-426List of Tables/ChartsExecutive Summary1 Summary Table. 3Market EnvironmenT1 World Gross Domestic Product by Region.102 World Building ConstructionExpenditures by Region.12Cht Relationship Between Per Capita RoofingDemand & Per Capita BuildingConstruction Expenditures, 2013.143 World Residential Building ConstructionExpenditures by Region.164 World Nonresidential Building ConstructionExpenditures by Region.185 World Population by Region.216 World Households by Region.237 World Housing Stock by Type & Region.268 World Roofing Prices.31Cht World Roofing Prices, 2003-2023.32OVERVIEW1 World Roofing Market Environment.382 World Roofing Demand by Region.41Cht World Roofing Demand by Region, 2013.42Cht World Roofing Demand Projected 2013 2018 Annual Rate of Area Growth.433 World Roofing Production by Region.45Cht World Roofing Productionby Region, 2013.464 World Roofing Net Exports by Region.485 World Roofing Demand by Product.50Cht World Roofing Demand by Product, 2013.516 World Bituminous Roofing Demandby Type & Region.537 World Tile Demand by Type & Region.61(continued on following page)Order now, click here!

Study #3167May 2014 6400426 PagesWorld RoofingIndustry Study with Forecasts for 2018 & 2023List of Tables/Charts(continued from previous page)8 World Metal Roofing Demandby Type & Region.659 World Fiber Cement RoofingDemand by Region.6710 World Elastomeric RoofingDemand by Region.7011 World Plastic Roofing Demand by Region.7312 World Other Roofing Demand by Region.7613 World Roofing Demand by Market.78Cht World Roofing Demand by Market, 2013.7814 World Residential Roofing Demandby Application & Region.8015 World Nonresidential Roofing Demandby Application & Region.82NORTH AMERICA1 North America: RoofingSupply & Demand.86Cht North America: Roofing Demandby Country, 2013.872 North America: RoofingDemand by Product.88Cht North America: Roofing Demandby Product, 2013.893 North America: RoofingDemand by Market.904 United States: Roofing Supply & Demand 945 United States: RoofingDemand by Product.966 United States: RoofingDemand by Market.977 Canada: Roofing Supply & Demand. 1018 Canada: Roofing Demand by Product. 1029 Canada: Roofing Demand by Market. 10310 Mexico: Roofing Supply & Demand. 10711 Mexico: Roofing Demand by Product. 10812 Mexico: Roofing Demand by Market. 109WESTERN EUROPE1 Western Europe: RoofingSupply & Demand. 114Cht Western Europe: Roofing Demandby Country, 2013. 1152 Western Europe: RoofingDemand by Product. 116Cht Western Europe: Roofing Demandby Product, 2013. 1173 Western Europe: RoofingDemand by Market. 1184 Germany: Roofing Supply & Demand. 1215 Germany: Roofing Demand by Product. 1226 Germany: Roofing Demand by Market. 1237 France: Roofing Supply & Demand. 1268 France: Roofing Demand by Product. 1279 France: Roofing Demand by Market. 12810 United Kingdom: RoofingSupply & Demand. 13111 United Kingdom: RoofingDemand by Product. 13212 United Kingdom: RoofingDemand by Market. 13313 Italy: Roofing Supply & Demand. 13614 Italy: Roofing Demand by Product. 13715 Italy: Roofing Demand by Market. 13816 Spain: Roofing Supply & Demand. 14217 Spain: Roofing Demand by Product. 14318 Spain: Roofing Demand by Market. 14419 Other Western Europe: RoofingSupply & Demand. 14820 Other Western Europe: RoofingDemand by Product. 14921 Other Western Europe: RoofingDemand by Market & Country. 150ASIA/PACIFIC1 Asia/Pacific: Roofing Supply & Demand. 155Cht Asia/Pacific: Roofing Demandby Country, 2013. 1562 Asia/Pacific: RoofingDemand by Product. 157Cht Asia/Pacific: Roofing Demandby Product, 2013. 1583 Asia/Pacific: Roofing Demand by Market 1594 China: Roofing Supply & Demand. 1635 China: Roofing Demand by Product. 1656 China: Roofing Demand by Market. 1667 India: Roofing Supply & Demand. 1698 India: Roofing Demand by Product. 1719 India: Roofing Demand by Market. 17210 Japan: Roofing Supply & Demand. 17511 Japan: Roofing Demand by Product. 17612 Japan: Roofing Demand by Market. 17713 Indonesia: Roofing Supply & Demand. 18014 Indonesia: Roofing Demand by Product. 18115 Indonesia: Roofing Demand by Market. 18216 Thailand: Roofing Supply & Demand. 18517 Thailand: Roofing Demand by Product. 18618 Thailand: Roofing Demand by Market. 18719 South Korea: Roofing Supply & Demand 19020 South Korea: RoofingDemand by Product. 19121 South Korea: RoofingDemand by Market. 19222 Other Asia/Pacific: RoofingSupply & Demand. 19623 Other Asia/Pacific: RoofingDemand by Product. 19724 Other Asia/Pacific: Roofing Demandby Market & Country. 198OTHER REGIONS1 Central & South America: RoofingSupply & Demand. 204Cht Central & South America: RoofingDemand by Country, 2013. 2052 Central & South America: RoofingDemand by Product. 206Click here to purchase onlinePage Cht Central & South America: RoofingDemand by Product, 2013. 2073 Central & South America: RoofingDemand by Market. 2084 Brazil: Roofing Supply & Demand. 2115 Brazil: Roofing Demand by Product. 2126 Brazil: Roofing Demand by Market. 2137 Other Central & South America:Roofing Supply & Demand. 2168 Other Central & South America:Roofing Demand by Product. 2179 Other Central & South America: RoofingDemand by Market & Country. 21810 Eastern Europe: RoofingSupply & Demand. 223Cht Eastern Europe: Roofing Demandby Country, 2013. 22411 Eastern Europe: RoofingDemand by Product. 225Cht Eastern Europe: Roofing Demandby Product, 2013. 22612 Eastern Europe: RoofingDemand by Market. 22713 Russia: Roofing Supply & Demand. 23014 Russia: Roofing Demand by Product. 23115 Russia: Roofing Demand by Market. 23216 Other Eastern Europe: RoofingSupply & Demand. 23517 Other Eastern Europe: RoofingDemand by Product. 23618 Other Eastern Europe: RoofingDemand by Market & Country. 23819 Africa/Mideast: RoofingSupply & Demand. 24420 Africa/Mideast: RoofingDemand by Product. 246Cht Africa/Mideast: Roofing Demandby Country, 2013. 24521 Africa/Mideast: RoofingDemand by Market. 248Cht Africa/Mideast: Roofing Demandby Product, 2013. 24722 Turkey: Roofing Supply & Demand. 25123 Turkey: Roofing Demand by Product. 25224 Turkey: Roofing Demand by Market. 25325 Iran: Roofing Supply & Demand. 25626 Iran: Roofing Demand by Product. 25727 Iran: Roofing Demand by Market. 25828 Other Africa/Mideast: RoofingSupply & Demand. 26229 Other Africa/Mideast: RoofingDemand by Product. 26330 Other Africa/Mideast: RoofingDemand by Market & Country. 264INDUSTRY STRUCTURE1Cht23World Roofing Sales by Company, 2013. 270World Roofing Market Share, 2013. 272Selected Cooperative Agreements. 281Selected Acquisitions & Divestitures. 285Order now, click here!

Study #3167May 2014 6400426 PagesWorld RoofingIndustry Study with Forecasts for 2018 & 2023Demand growth will be driven by rebounding residential building construction activity in many developed countries, and by continued strong growth in construction activity in lower-income areas.World demand to rise 3.7%annually through 2018Global demand for roofing is projected toincrease 3.7 percent per year through2018 to 12.6 billion square meters, asignificant improvement from the lethargic performance between 2008 and2013. Demand growth will be drivenprimarily by rebounding residentialbuilding construction activity in manydeveloped countries, including the US.Continued strong growth in constructionactivity in lower-income areas, particularly in Asia, will also contribute todemand gains.World Roofing Demand, 2018China(12.6 billion square meters)Other Asia/PacificNorth AmericaAfrica/MideastOther RegionsNew nonresidentialconstruction to befastest growing marketDemand for roofing in new nonresidential construction applications is projectedto post the fastest gains of the fourmarkets through 2018, driven by recovering nonresidential construction activityin developed countries and continuedstrong growth in developing areas.Roofing demand in new residentialapplications fell between 2008 and 2010due to the housing market collapses inmany developed countries, and onlybegan to recover in 2011. Rebounds inmany of these housing markets will allowroofing demand in new residentialconstruction applications to post aboveaverage gains through 2018. Roofingdemand in the residential and nonresidential reroofing markets is forecast tocontinue to post strong gains through2018.Tile, bituminous roofingto remain dominantChina & US to account forover half of all new demandBituminous and tile roofing productswere the most popular choices in 2013,together accounting for two-thirds ofglobal demand in area terms. Tileproducts will benefit from their intensiveuse in the rapidly growing Asia/Pacificmarket, while bituminous products willsee rapid growth in the US market,where they are used extensively inresidential applications. Bituminousproducts are also beginning to gainshare in the fast growing China market.Fiber cement products are forecast tolose market share through 2018, in partdue to growing health concerns in Braziland India about the use of asbestos.China and the US will account for overone-half of global gains in roofingdemand through 2018. China, theworld’s largest market for roofing, willmaintain its trend of strong growth andby itself account for over one-third oftotal market gains. Strong growth is alsoexpected in smaller roofing markets suchas India, Indonesia, and Turkey. The USis projected to recover from a housingmarket collapse that began in 2006 andcaused roofing demand in the country toplummet. Although some higher-incomecountries will see fast, rebound-fueledgrowth, market gains will typically beClick here to purchase onlinePage Copyright 2014 The Freedonia Group, Inc.Order now, click here!

Study #3167May 2014 6400426 PagesWorld RoofingIndustry Study with Forecasts for 2018 & 2023Sample Text,Table & ChartTABLE VI-7INDIA:ROOFING SUPPLY & DEMANDItem2003 2008 2013 2018 2023Gross Domestic Product (bil 2012 ) 2465 3624 4980 6740 9370per capita GDP2290 3130 4020 5130 6760asia/pacificPopulation (mil persons)1077 1159 1239 1315 1386India: Roofing Supply & DemandBuildingDemand for roofing in India totaled 535 million square meters,val- Construction Expend (bil 2012 )248.6421.2571.0 786.01060.0Residential128.1 185.8 257.0 349.0 450.0ued at 3.9 billion, in 2013. India was the world’s third largest marketNonresidential120.5 235.4 314.0 437.0 610.0for roofing products that year, behind China and the US. The country’smassive population supports the high demand for roofing materials.135 121 1079986However, per capita usage of roofing products was among the lowestm²inroofing/mil GDPm² roofing/capita0.31 0.38 0.43 0.51 0.58the world in 2013, reflecting the widespread poverty and large averagem² roofing/000 construction1.34 1.04 0.94 0.85 0.76household size in much of the country. Nevertheless, economic reformsand large-scale industrialization have helped spur growth in India’sRoofing333.7 440.1 534.5 666.0 807.5housing market, and the country posted roofing demand gains amongthe Demand (mil m²)fastest in the world between 2008 and 2013. /m²5.33 6.16 7.25 8.30 9.30Roofing1780 2710 3880 5530 7490As building construction expenditures accelerate through 2018,de- Demand (mil )mand for roofing in India is forecast to post annual gains of 4.5 percent,net exports1525108090reaching 666 million square meters. This rate will again be among theRoofing Production (mil )1795 2735 3890 5610 7580fastest in the world. An acceleration in the growth of new floor spacewill also drive demand gains through 2018.sampletextsampletableIndia is the second largest producer of roofing materials in the Asia/Pacific region, with 2013 output of 3.9 billion. Small and mid-sizedcompanies account for much of the industry production. India maintained a small trade surplus of roofing materials in 2013. Major tradepartners include Canada, South Africa, the UK, and the US.Through 2018, roofing product manufacture in India is projectedto increase 7.6 percent per annum to 5.6 billion, slightly faster than expected demand value gains over the same period. As such, the country’strade surplus is expected to widen. Local producers will benefit fromincreasing domestic demand, as well as favorable sales conditions inexport markets.sampletext168WORLD ROOFING MARKET SHARE, 2013( 87.2 billion)Copyright 2014 The Freedonia Group, Inc.O th e rs8 9 .5 %Click here to purchase onlinePage CHART VIII-1samplechartM a rke tL e a d e rs1 0 .5 %3.2%G AF M t ls2.5%S ain t - G o b ain2.3%O wen s C o rn in g1.4%E t ex1.1%M o n ierOrder now, click here!

Study #3167May 2014 6400426 PagesWorld RoofingIndustry Study with Forecasts for 2018 & 2023Sample Profile,Table & ForecastCOMPANY PROFILESTABLE VI-8INDIA: ROOFING DEMAND BY PRODUCT(million square meters)Item2003 2008 2013 2018 2023Roofing DemandBituminous:Shingles & PlatesLow-Slope BituminousTile:ConcreteClayMetalFiber Duro-Last Roofing Incorporated525 Morley DriveSaginaw, MI fileKey Products: polyvinyl chloride roofing membranes and relatedAnnual Sales: 175 million (estimated)Employment: 850 (estimated)productsDuro-Last Roofing, a John R. Burt Enterprises company, producesprefabricated, reinforced single-ply roofing systems for commercial andindustrial buildings. The privately held company markets its productsthroughout the US, Canada, and Mexico.The Company is active in the world roofing industry through themanufacture of proprietary thermoplastic, polyvinyl chloride (PVC)roofing membranes. These membranes are made from a weft-insertionknitted scrim laminated between two layers of PVC film composedof PVC resins, stabilizers, plasticizers, biocides, ultraviolet absorbers,and flame retardants. The resulting membrane, which is designed forenhanced strength and durability, can be utilized in flat and low sloperoofing applications. Duro-Last Roofing’s roofing membranes areavailable under the DURO-LAST, DURO-FLEECE, DURO-TUFF, andDURO-SHIELD brand names. In particular, DURO-LAST productscan reflect 88 percent of the sun’s energy and feature an UnderwritersLaboratories Class A fire rating. Among the Company’s DURO-LASTroofing systems are ROCK-PLY membranes with a ballasted appearance; SHINGLE-PLY membranes that resemble shingles; VINYL RIBmembranes, which have the appearance of an architectural standing331This Freedonia study, WorldRoofing, offers historical data(2003, 2008, 2013) plus forecasts(2018, 2023) for roofing supplyand demand, as well as demandby product and market in 6 regionsand 18 major countries. The studyalso assesses market environmentfactors, examines industry structure, evaluates company marketshare and profiles 39 competitorsin the roofing industry worldwide.Copyright 2014 The Freedonia Group, Inc.Click here to purchase onlinePage STUDYCOVERAGEOrder now, click here!

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INDUSTRY MARKET RESEARCH FOR BUSINESS LEADERS, STRATEGISTS, DECISION MAKERSOther StudiesWorld InsulationThrough 2018, global demand for insulation will rise5.0 percent annually to 24.9 billion square metersof R-1 value. The Asia/Pacific region will grow thefastest, driven by building construction activity andmanufacturing and industrial output. Foamed plasticinsulation will lead value gains. This study analyzesthe current world industry, at 19.5 billion square meters of R-1 value, with forecasts for 2018 and 2023 bymaterial, market, world region, and for 21 countries.The study also evaluates company market share andprofiles industry players.#3206.October 2014. 6500CeilingsUS ceiling product demand will rise 7.3 percent perannum through 2018 to 2.5 billion, driven by arebound in nonresidential building construction. Specialty ceiling product demand (e.g., clouds, baffles,stretch ceilings) will see faster growth than demandfor tile or suspension systems. The nonresidentialsegment will remain by far the dominant market. Thisstudy analyzes the 1.7 billion US ceiling industry,with forecasts for 2018 and 2023 by product, marketand US region. The study also evaluates companymarket share and profiles industry participants.#3204. August 2014. 5300World Drywall & Building PlasterGlobal demand for drywall is forecast to rise 5.8percent per year through 2018 to 10.4 billion squaremeters. Nearly three-fourths of new demand will begenerated in China and the US. The nonresidentialbuilding market for drywall will o

13 Indonesia: Roofing Supply & Demand .180 14 Indonesia: Roofing Demand by Product .181 15 Indonesia: Roofing Demand by Market .182 16 Thailand: Roofing Supply & Demand .185 17 Thailand: Roofing Demand by Product.186 18 Thailand: Roofing Demand by Market.187 19 South Korea: Roofing Supply & Demand 190 20 South Korea: Roofing