STROM CENTER NEWSEveryone's IrishOn March 17th.March, 2018edition 336*lSPThe following is the first of a series of recentupdates to our StromResource Center.Lenten ServicesContinueThe 44th Annual LentenLay Breakfast seriescontinues through Friday, March 3 0 th Strom Center hosts the Fridays events,offering rolls /toast, juice and coffeebeginning at 6:30 a.m. with the servicesrunning approximately from 7:15-7:45 a.m.There is no charge for the breakfasts but afree will offering is welcomed.The breakfast series is sponsored by theWarren County Ministerial Association.Listed below is the schedule of theservices and the church(es)remainingpresenting: March 2: Immaculate Conception Church March 9: First United Methodist Church March 16: Heritage Bible Church March 23: Immanuel Baptist Church March 30: First Lutheran ChurchIf you have not attended before, please docome and join us for one, some, or all of thebreakfast services.Strom's ResourceCenterThis month STROM'SRESOURCE CENTER is announcing newliterature recently received from TheAmerican Academy Of Ophthalmology.Included are the following Brochures /Bookmarks: Eye myths and facts - education of eyesProtect Your Sight - early detection ofeye disease Seeing Well As You Grow Older -vision loss Low Vision vision rehabilitationRisk Of Glaucoma symptom and short--quiz Macular Eye Degeneration - risk factorsProgram Eligibility - no cost eye examEye Care Drug Discount - mini guideDrug discount cardFor persons with low vision, we have bothtable top and hand held magnifying aids.Inquiries and / or suggestions on resourceinformation may be directed to Staff Worker,LYNDA ACCARDO (309 734 8074).Strom's Resource Center is open and availableto all persons.Reminder.Strom Center will close followingthe Lenten Service on March 30th inobservance of Good Friday.MARCH BINGO DATESTuesday, March 13" Tuesday, March 27thBingo starts at 1 pm and ends approximately 3 pm. Cost per card is 25 centseach. We have a great variety of prizes.Popcorn and drink are available.If you haven't joined us for so! --

TRIADINFORMATIONFrom the GroovyGrandmotherThe speaker for our FebruaryTRIAD Meeting was SUE JOHNSON, Manager ofEducation and Outreach of the Alzheimer'sAssociation. Alzheimer's is the 6 th leading cause ofdeath in America. At this time there is no way toprevent, cure or diagnose it. Signs and symptoms ofAlzheimer's was discussed. Five million people inthe U.S. have Alzheimer's, forty percent of thatpopulation are not informed of their Alzheimer'sdiagnosis. After age 85 years of age, one in threepeople have Alzheimer's. Alzheimer's cannot betreated, but the symptoms can be treated. The latestapproved new medicine to treat the disease was in2003. The newest research involves signs andsymptoms of Alzheimer's and diagnosing it by useof a blood test.The Alzheimer's Association has a help line staffedwith professionals to answer questions. It is manned24 hours a day, seven days a week. The phonenumber is 800-272-3900. The Association isalways looking forvolunteers. AnInformation Meeting willbe held on June 10, at 1PM at Strom Center.(More information aboutthat program will beincluded in future editionsof the Strom CenterNews.SUE JOHNSON,The March 8th TRIADAlzheimer's Associationwill meet at 1 PM atStrom Center. Thespeaker will be NANCY KUCHARZ, from EagleView Community Health System in Oquawka,Illinois.If you would like a reminder of the TRIADmeetings and / or cancellation notifications on theday of the meetings, please feel free to call 309 7344339.USELESS TRIVIA INFORMATION (From theGroovy Grandmother): "What is the only animalthat can't jump?"Give Up?.Answer "The Elephant"it'shere !!!!!Strom Center is veryhappy to announce thatwe now have our own .Please check it out!Important services andprogramdetailsarehighlighted. Alsoincluded in the website are past editionsof our Strom Center News.Reviewing the site will allow persons tobecome acquainted with staff members,board members, volunteeropportunities, Thrift Shop information,as well as ways to donate to StromCenter.Thank you to NICK CARLSON, whohas created the website. He has madecountless contacts and visits to Strom toget a good perception of Strom'smission. And, aswell he is helping toget our StromFacebook up and ontrack in the nearfuture we willkeep you posted onthat project as ithappens!NICK CARLSONAgain, check ourwebsite out!!!---rJust a Reminder toAll.There are several ways toacknowledge a specialbirthday, anniversary, orother event.give therequest to Carol to put in ourStrom Center News and/or, we

can put it on our Flashing WindowSign, and/or we can post it on ourEntryway Bulletin Board!If you would like to submit theinformation for our StromCenter News, please either mailemailor([email protected] )ittoCarol or call Strom (734 5677) andgive the information to StromCenter Worker Bob Anderson. Wewould love to highlight yourinformation!!Note from DarleneCox, PotluckPlanner!MARCHPOTLUCKSorry, we had to cancel our at this time of year is veryunpredictable but we are going to try it again!Come join us on Saturday, March 24th fromnoon — around 3 pm. Just bring a side dish,everything else is furnished. Bingo and / or cardswill be played following our meal. We are hopingfor a great turn out! See you on the 24t h 1100011111111 11111*************Ham BirthdayThrift ShopCornerto you, HaPPY13irthdaY to you.from Thrift ShopManager,Crystal VanskikeMarch is rolling in and Spring is justaround the corner!This will be the final month for our Menand Women's jeans, casual dress pantsbeing on sale for 2 each.We will continue the Women's Shirt RackSale of 1 each thru July. More and moreitems are added daily!The Back Sales Floor will be filled withSpring and Garden Items.SPECIAL NOTE!!!PLEASE.WE WILL NOLONGER ACCEPT TVS,COMPUTERS, ORBROKENELECTRONICS!!Thank you to all those who shop andsupport our Thrift Shop. Proceedssupport programs not otherwise fundedby other sources.t4i6'HaPPY Birthday to a special lady.PHYLLIS WHEELER whose 90th Birthday is March 1111011111110001111111WINNERSO.D.O.Shanghi Rummy:Least Points Winner:JEANNIE WALLACE2nd Place Winner: ANNE LIBYMINI) EXPLORER WINNER:MARY HASTINGVALENTINE WORD CHALLENGEWINNER:JUDY ROESSLER(Oh, My Goodness !/) Judy came upwith 327 Words!!!Newsletter Helper Award:LOUISE ANDERSONCONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!!

VOTEReminder: Please remember tovote in the General PrimaryElection on Tuesday, March 20, 2018.Information provided by Tina Conard,Warren County Clerk /Recorder & ElectionAuthority concerning the election is postedon Strom's Entryway Bulletin Board.A new polling location for MonmouthPrecinct 7, 8, & 10 is at the Maple CityBaptist Church, 325 East 9th Avenue,Monmouth, IL, (the old JamiesonCommunity Center building)NigirOUT & ABOUT THECOMMUNITYSPAGHETTI DINNERHonor Flight FundraiserOUTREACH VISITS PLANNEDFOR APRILLYNDA ACCARDO, SHIP Counselor/ I& A / Outreach Specialist will bevisiting the following sites in April:Oak Terrace, Costello Terrace,Kirkwood Village Senior Center, andRoseville Friendship Center. Dateswill be listed in the April StromCenter News.Please call LYNDA (734 8074) if youwish to see her at any of these sites.She can assist you in a variety ofareas.Benefits Access, HomesteadExemption, Medicare, Medicaid, etc.To allocate enough time for eachperson it would be advantageous tocall her in advance concerning whatyour needs are.**************** ****** ****IGHTWhere: Monmouth American LegionWhen: Saturday, March 10, 2018Doors open at 4:30 PMSilent Auction: 4:30-7 PMDinner Served: 5:30 PMTickets in advance or at the door.Kids 3-10 5.00Adults: 10.00Patriotic Entertainment by Leo Ramer &The Ecumenical Singers & MonmouthRoseville Men's Glee ClubSponsored by: COURTYARD ESTATES(309 734 9355) & HOSPICE & PALLIATIVE CARECOMPASSUSI NGMEDaylight Savings begins on Sunday,March 11, 2018 at 2:00 AM turn yourclocks forward 1 hour to 3:00 AM !Got Cabin Fever?!?A great way to solve that problem is to comebrowse through our paperbackbooks at Strom! We have a great selection ofall types. .new ones are added each week!And what a bargain at only 10 cents each!

From/ theJstaff at Stro-wv CeAfItex.Thapive ecu-For the Apprecistti,otA,c.eLebratf,ovk,!staff members CRYSTAL VANSKIKE, BOB ANDERSON, KATHYFERRENBURG, LYNDA ACCARDO, avid vikusel,f (CAROL McCRERY)verb vvutch CI pprec Late the Izi,vtot words -from all who attet&ded thestaff Appreal,ati,oK, Evetnt lieLci IA- Febritaru. it was aavtd 1,t vu,eavyt so mixch to 2 I A,.4/4/4-ki,ndt,.-Fter,„,00v,,,,,-Fof vs.1 wai4,t to thavdR, 0 thi,vdR,!0aLL who lq,ept mu motA,thLuRecogiA,i,ti,ovI, from WARREN ACHIEVEMENT CENTER a compLetesurpri,se. (evetA, mu lit,tsbavi,ol, ietA,IA,u!) The iiA,sc,ri,bed TabLet I recei,vect1,s oltspLaued 1,IA, h/tu offtce.1 Love 1.t! ThatAIR, uov, thatAIR, uou., thatA3R,UN/di

„Strom. Get/I:Ler News frown. ourHENDERSON COUNTY CENTERHenderson County Seniors.Here are some events to note on yourMarch Calendars: LINE DANCING is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 -9 AM CRAFTING is held on Tuesdays from 8:30 -11 AM BALANCING EXXERCISES are held every Monday, Wednesday, andFriday, from 8- 8:30 AM EXERCISING (walking, exercise equipment) is available daily, Monday- Thursday from 8 AM 4 PM, and on Fridays from 8 AM Noon. BINGO will be held on Wednesday, March 21st at 1 PM.-- Strom Center's office and the Henderson County Health Departmentbuilding will be closed on Friday, March 30th in observance of GoodFriday.PICTURES OF OUR VALENTINES DAY GET-TOGETHER!

ifMARCH 2018 EventsThursdWednesuesdayCall for reservations by 1 PM the prior day:Stephanie Reading: 309- 734-5677Thrift Shop open:Mon — Fri: 8:30AM- 4PMSaturday: 8 AM— 2:30 PMThrift Shop #: 309-224-865411:30 AM Lunch9:00 AM: WoodCarvers9:00AM: Crafters10:30-11:30 BloodPress. Check by WIHH11:30 AM: Lunch1:00 PM: Bingo9:30 AM:Exercise11:30 AM:Lunch9:00 AM: WoodCarvers9:00AM: Crafters11:30 AM: Lunch12:30 PM: 0.D.0Mind Explorer Due!264111111111161111111a.9:30 AM:Exercise11:30 AM:Lunch9:30AM: Exercise11:30 AM: VOPA11:30 AM: Lunch(Birthday Dinner16179:00 AM: WoodCarvers9:00AM: Crafters11:30 AM: Lunch1:00 PM: Bingo2211:30 AM Lunch236:45 LentenBreakfast9:30 AM:Exercise11:30 AM: Lunch30289:30AM: Exercise11:30 AM: VOPA11:30 AM: Lunch6:45 LentenBreakfast9:30 AM:Exercise11:30 AM: Lunch11:30 AM Lunch1: 30 PM: StromBoard Meeting9:30 AM: Exercise9:30-10:30 BloodPress Ck byCourtyard Estates11:30 AM: VOPA11:30 AM: Lunch2711:30 AM: Lunch15212019PalmSunday106:45 LentenBreakfast9:30 AM: Exercise11:30 AM Lunch1:00 pm TriadMeeting1413129:30 AM:Exercise11:30 AM:Lunch9:30AM: Exercise11:30 AM: VOPA11:30 AM: Lunch9:00 AM: WoodCarvers9:00AM: Crafters11:30 AM: Lunch9:30 AM:Exercise11:30 AM:Lunch11DaylightSavingbegins984*6:45 LentenBreakfast9:30 AM:Exercise11:30 AM: Lunch11:30 AM Lunch9:30 AM:Exercise11:30 AM: Luncht),Good FridayrSt. Patricks Day24Strom Potluckat Noon

MARCH 1 20189 eson Community Center Senior Nutrition1% MilkServed AtAll Meals12Chicken RiceCasseroleBroccoliCornPears19 Grilled ChickenMacaroni SaladPeas & CarrotsBrownieBunBBQ Pork ChopBroccoli SaladBaked BeansFruit CocktailWheat Bread13Pork LoinMashed PotatoesCarrotsPeachesWheat Bread20Ri2726Spaghetti w/MeatSpinach SaladGreen BeansApricotsVelvet ChickenSwiss Steak 2Baked PotatoStewed TomatoesBroccoliMashed PotatoesRice Krispy TreatOrange FluffWheat BreadWheat RollPotato BarOptionAvailableDailyBeef StroganoffPeasCarrotsMandarin Orangeseatballs w/GravyBroccoliCauliflowerRiceJello w/FruitBBQ ChickenColeslawCornWild RiceBaked in 8Chicken ParmesanCheesy HashGreen BeansBrownCornColeslawPastaChocolate CakeApricotsBun161514ChiliHamburgerBeans & TomatoesBaked BeansCarrot SticksSaladFruitTropicalBanana PuddingCornbreadBun2128Pork RoastBaby BakersCapri VeggiesYellow CakeDinner RollBeef & NoodlesMashed PotatoesPeasVanilla Pudding2229Roast Beef HashDiced PotatoesCarrotsMixed FruitWheat BreadTurkey BreastSweet PotatoesWax BeansPearsWheat Roll233Chipped BeefMixed VeggiesSaladCookieBiscuitSalmon PattyCreamed PeasHash BrownPlumsWheat BreadSausagePancakesHash BrownV-8BananaLunch is served at 11:30 at these locations:Community Senior Citizens of Stronghurst(Mondays)309-299-5301Faith Bible Church in Oquawka(Tuesday - Friday)309-299-5301Kirkwood Senior Center309-768-2146Roseville Senior Center309-426-2277Strom Center309-734-5677Reservations must be made by 12:30 PM the dayBEFORE you want to eat.Please call the site you will attend.Home-delivered meals are available foreniors meeting eligibility requirementsCALL 309-734-4251Non-Discrimination Policyamieson Community Center does not discriminat(in admission to programs or treatment ofemployment in programs or activities inompliance with the Illinois Human Rights Act; theU.S. Civil Rights Act; Section 504 of theRehabilitation Employment Act; and the U.S. andIllinois Constitutions. If you feel you have beendiscriminated against, you have a right to file acomplaint with the Illinois Department on Aging.or information, call 800-252-8966 (Voice and TDDor contact Programs and Services Manager atWestern Illinois Area Agency on Aging at800-322-1051.CLOSEDmieson Community Center is partially funded byThe Western Illinois Area Agency on AgingAndThe Warren County United Way

MIND EXPLORER Mind Explorers' is a monthly feature of STROM CENTER NEWS Answer the questions and turn them in ormail them in by the 20th of the month. The person with the highest number of correct answers will berecognized in our next Monthly Newsletter.! (In case of a tie, the winner will be drawn). This month's quiz hasa difficult-o-meter rating of 9.0 . !!!1. In the children's rhyme where did the first little piggy go?2. This sweet item is used to make smores:3. This famous actor uttered the words in a 1972 movie: "I'm gonna make him an offer he can'trefuse."4. A frightening dream is a:5. A kind of dummy manipulated by strings is called a:6. The popular British Prime Minister from 1979 to 1990:7. This Texas city was once the self-proclaimed "Helium Capital of the World":8. The study of the way the sentences of a language are constructed. (It's also a grade schoolsubject):9. This elderly lady is one of Agatha Christie's famous detectives:10.Unscramble the letters to find a 1963 -66 sitcom starring Bill 999Answers to the Previous Mind Explorer (Winner is named on Recognition Page!)1. Who was the man who Delilah tried to find the source of his strength? SAMSON2. Fred Flintstone has a cute daughter named Pebbles, but what is his wife's name? BETTY3. According to statistics, what per cent of pet owners give Valentine cards to their pets? A) 3%, B) 7%, C)12%, or D) 17%: A) 3%4. About 1 billion Valentine cards are sent yearly. This makes it the A) first, B) second, C) third, or D)fourth most purchased special occasion card sent. A) FIRST5. In medieval times, what letter of the alphabet became synonymous of a kiss? X6. In the 1800's physicians would encourage their patients to eat what food to calm their pining for a lostlove? CHOCOLATE7. What per cent of women send themselves flowers on Valentines Day? A) 5%, B) 12%, C) 15%, or D)22%? C) 15%8. Teachers, children, wives, mothers, or pets, of these, who receives the most valentine cards?TEACHERS9. How many of the US states have a town named Valentine? 4 (ARIZONA, NEBRASKA, TEXAS,VIRGINIA)10. Unscramble the letters to find a favorite Valentine offering: SENDERSDOZERO ( 3 words): DOZENRED ROSES

STROM CENTER, INC.211 South A StreetMonmouth, IL 61462NON-PROFITU.S. POSTAGE PAIDPERMIT NO. 24MONMOUTH, IL 61462RETURN SERVICE REQUESTEDSTROM CENTER, INC.211 South A Street, Monmouth, IL 61462Fax: 309-734-4560Toll-free: 866-787-6628 Director: Carol Neal McCrery 309-734-4560 Information and Assistance & Outreach/ SHIP Counselor: Lynda Accardo 309-734-8074 Information and Assistance Worker/ SHIP Counselor (Warren / Henderson Counties): Kathy Ferrenburg 309-734-5677 / 309- 627- 2812 Information and Assistance Worker/ SHIP Counselor Henderson County:Erica Little 309-627-2812 : Strom General Inquiries: Bob Anderson: 309-734-5677 Strom Thrift Shop Manager: Crystal Vanskike: 309 224 8657 Jamieson Community Center Nutrition Coordinator: Stephanie Reading 309-734-5677Non Discrimination Policy:Strom Center does not discriminate in admission to programs or treatment of employment in programs or activities incompliance with the Illinois Human Rights Act; the U.S. Civil Rights Act; Section 504 of the RehabilitationEmployment Act; and the U.S. and Illinois Constitutions. If you feel you have been discriminated against, you have aright to file a complaint with the Illinois Department on Aging. For information call 800-252-8966 (Voice and TDD)or contact Programs and Services Manager at Western Illinois Area Agency on Aging at 800-322-1051.-Strom Center is partially funded by:The Western Illinois Area Agency on AgingandThe Warren County United Way

Education and Outreach of the Alzheimer's Association. Alzheimer's is the 6th leading cause of . SHIP Counselor/ I & A / Outreach Specialist will be visiting the following sites in April: . Thapive ecu-For the Apprecistti,otA, c.eLebratf,ovk,! staff members CRYSTAL VANSKIKE, BOB ANDERSON, KATHY .