S t a t e B o a r d o f E x a m i n i n g W a t e r W e l l D r i l l i n g C o n t r a ct o r s an d Pu m p I n s t al l at i o n C o n t r a c t o r sJanuary 2018Wyoming Water WellContractor’s NewsletterNEWS FROM THE DIRECTOR’S DESKHappy New Year! I sure hope everyone was able to enjoy some time with family and friends overthe Holidays!On occasion I will receive an inquiry requesting additional information that pertains to anotheragency or organization that the WWCB is distinctly separate from. I can certainly understand theconfusion which is why I am sharing an article written by Mr. Steve Barbour, WWCB member. Hedoes a wonderful job of explaining each entity and their roles. Stay Warm!IN THIS ISSUE:News from the Director1WGWA Members and LicensedContractors1Test Your Knowledge2Calendar / Events3Test Your Knowledge3State Board ofExamining Water WellDrilling Contractors andWater Well PumpInstallation govSheri R. CulverExecutive Directorth122W. 25 St.Cheyenne, W Y 82002Office:(307) 777-7243Fax:(888) 988-1322E-Mail:[email protected] Members and Licensed Contractorsby Steve Barbour, License #02PI 002There appears to be confusion within the Wyoming Ground Water WellAssociation and the Water Well Contractors about the different Boards andAgencies that oversee our industry.Here is a clear distinction, well defined, role each State Agency has in thisindustry, as well as what the WGWA’s function is.1.) Each Water Well Contractor is required to have a licensed driller orpump installer to work on water wells. The Water Well Drilling andPump Installation Contractors Board issues the Licenses and is theregulatory board for the licensing. Inspections of work for thefollowing Minimum Construction Standards, is performed by thisBoard.2.) In order to drill a well, the first step is to apply for a drilling permit,and once the permit is issued, to adhere to the permit parameters, andminimum construction standards as written by the Wyoming StateEngineer. The State Engineer has the role of permitting water wells,regulation and administration of the water resources in Wyoming.3.) For a contractor to install a pump or do any associated electricalwork on a water system, they are required to be licensed. The StateFire Prevention and Electrical Safety has a Board that issues theselicenses and does the inspections of all electrical work performed bywater well contractors.Continue on Page 2

Wyoming Water Well NewsPage 2Continued from page 1There may be other State or Local Authorities that have licenses or requirements, butthey will also be self-governed, within that agency, and have their own administrativeduties.WGWA is a Trade Association without Statute Authority.DID YOU KNOWWater makes up 83% of ourblood, 70% of our brain, and90% of our lungs. Overall, ourbodies are 70% water.NGWA, The Groundwater AssociationWyoming State Board of Examining Water Well Drilling Contractors and WaterWell Pump Installation Contractors (Board)The Board was created in 2003 to administer ‘voluntary licensure,’ of water welldrilling and pump installation contractors.In 2008 Wyoming State Legislature passed the Water Well Drilling Contractors andWater Well Pump Installation Contractors Act (W.S. 33-42-100 thru 33-42-117), whichrequires ‘mandatory licensing’ of water well drilling contractors and water well pumpinstallation contractors. The Board’s role is one of administering the licensingprogram. Shale: Shale breaks into thinpieces with sharp edges. Itoccurs in a wide range ofcolors that include red, brown,green, gray and black. It is themost common sedimentaryrock and is found insedimentary basins worldwide. Supervise the general administration of this act.Enforce the provisions of the act and any rules and regulations promulgatedunder the act or the statutes or rules and regulations of the state pertaining tounderground water, and take all action necessary to carry out the provisionsof the act.Examine the qualification of anyone desiring to obtain a license pertaining tothe act.Adopt rules and regulations necessary to carry out the provisions of the act.Conduct hearings upon complaints with respect to any person licensed underthe act.Establish continuing education for persons licensed to maintain knowledge ofcurrent industry standards.Wyoming Ground Water Association (formally Wyoming Water WellAssociation)The Wyoming Ground Water Association (WGWA) has been a trade associationprotecting ground water since 1965, and is dedicated to the development andconservation of ground water.Continue on Page 4TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE answers on Page 3The Board’s definition of a well is: any artificial opening in the ground for the production of groundwateror the disposal of water underground, including developed springs, test wells, monitoring wells, deep wellground beds (cathodic protection bores), geothermal or heat exchange wells, drive points andexcavations for the purpose of artificial recharge to the groundwater bodies or disposal of wastes. Theterm “well” does not include excavations made for the dewatering of construction sites, mines or oil andgas wells, and the prospecting for and removal of mineral products, nor wells for the production of themedia for secondary oil recovery. True or False?

Wyoming Water Well NewsPage 3Calendar of Upcoming Events:WWCB Board MeetingCasper, WYJanuary 24, 2018WGWA 2018 ConventionCasper, WYJanuary 24-26, 2018NDAOn-Line Certification ExamsWebsitehttps//nda4u.comAGWT Educational Videos and ool.comNGWA Introduction to Groundwater Resources (#1012)WebsiteOnline self-paced courseNGWASelection and Operation of Meters for Safe andSuccessful Electrical Troubleshooting for Water WellPump Systems (#7132-1)WebsiteOnline self-paced courseTLCTechnical Learning CollegeWebsiteSelf-paced coursesCPS2018 Contractor Training er/WebsiteClassroom & OnlineTrainingInternational School of Well Drilling Online CoursesWWWA – Wyoming Water Well AssociationBIDP – Baroid Industrial Drilling ProductsNDA – National Drilling AssociationAGWT – American Ground Water TrustNGWA – National Ground Water AssociationSEDC – Shallow Exploration Drillers ClinicNWDA – Nebraska Well Drillers AssociationISWD – International School of Well Drillingwww.welldrillingschool.comCWWCA – Colorado Water Well ContractorsAssociationCPS - CPS DistributorsWARWS – Wyoming Association of RuralWater SystemsGoulds - Goulds Water Technology FactorySchool WebEx TrainingWWA- Wyoming Water AssociationTechnical Learning Collegewww.abctlc.comWWQ & PCA – Wyoming Water Quality &Pollution Control AssociationWWWCB – Wyoming Water Well ContractorsLicensing BoardAnswers to Test Your Knowledge from page 21.True (Per Wyoming Statute 33-42-102, (V))For continuing education opportunitiesplease refer to each respective association’swebsite for additional information.

Wyoming Water Well NewsThe Association has a Board of Directors who shallhave authority to engage and discharge employeesand agents of the association, fix salaries, admit,suspend or expel members; create and appointcommittees; and do everything necessary anddesirable in the conduct of the business of theAssociation, in accordance with the Constitution andBy-laws. Establish as a non-profit organizationo Promote the water well industry.o Promote education and techniques indrilling, well construction, welldevelopment, and science of theindustry.o Promote cooperation betweencontractors.o Protect of Wyoming’s ground water.o Inform and advise members as needed.Refer Wyoming citizens to member drilling andpump contractors, geologists, hydrologists,engineers, governmental employees, industrysuppliers and manufacturers.Wyoming State Engineer’s Office and Board ofControlThe Wyoming State Engineer’s Office is charged withthe regulation and administration of the waterresources in Wyoming. It Provides for the generalsupervision and protection of both inter- and intrastate waters of Wyoming.This includes theappropriation, distribution and application tobeneficial use of water as provided under the priorappropriation doctrine, and includes maintaining theflexibility within that framework to meet the changingneeds of the citizens of Wyoming.The StateEngineer’s Office collects analyzes, maintains andprovides water related information for ensuring theappropriatemanagementandregulationofWyoming’s water resources. All groundwater wells require a permit from theState Engineer before legal drilling cancommence.The State Engineer has the authority topromulgate rules regarding minimum wellconstruction standards upon advice andconsent of the Board of Control, and to orderthe cessation of the flow of water from any wellwhen necessary.Page 4 In addition to processing and maintaininggroundwater permits, the Ground WaterDivision maintains a statewide observation wellnetwork, conducts interference investigationsand water right adjudication inspections,prepares proof of adjudication for the Board ofControl’s consideration, reviews reports ofwater supply adequacy for subdivisions, andprovidesconflictresolutionbetweengroundwater and surface water appropriators.Wyoming Department of Fire Prevention &Electrical Safety DivisionThe Electrical Safety Division’s Responsibilitiesinclude: rical inspections in homes, schools andbusinesses.Interpretation of the National Electrical Code tolocal entities, Electrical Contractors and thegeneral public.Generating permits for electrical installations.This division oversees the licensing of LimitedElectrical Contractors (Limited electrical work forwells and irrigation systems). A limited ElectricalContractor is defined as a person, partnership orcorporation who contracts with another to performlimited electrical work, limited to the load side ofequipment disconnected for certain electricalsystems.A person shall not perform any limited electrical workwithout holding a proper license from the StateElectrical Inspector.The Board shall adopt rules and regulations toimplement the licensing of master electricians,journeyman electricians, low voltage technicians,limited technicians, temporary permits, reciprocallicenses, the registering of apprentice electriciansand apprentice technicians. The board ensureselectrical installations be performed by licensedelectricians. They also determine criminal penaltiesand other remedies.Continued on page 5

Continued from page 4The Board hears appeals to determine thesuitability of alternate materials and type ofconstruction and to interpret and grant variancesfrom rules and regulations of the board regardingthe installation of electrical equipment and electricalsafety standards. The Board operates inconjunction with the Department of Fire Preventionand Electrical Safety.CONGRATULATIONS TO THE NEW LICENSEE!PUMPMark Andrew CrushCrush Brothers DrillingHC 33 Box 12Rawlins, WY“Quality is the pride of workmanship.” W. Edwards DemingTrashNoSurfaceSealThe importance of qualitycontrol is core to thesuccess of any business.These photos show poor quality of workmanship which can allow potential contaminationof ground water.PitlessAdaptorinstalledbetweenpipe jointEnsure all personnel havea thorough knowledge ofthe quality standards andthe State Engineer’s Office,Water Well MinimumConstruction Standards.This will help guaranteethe quality of workmanshipof your crew, which willimprove public perceptionof your company.

email:[email protected] and o Sheri R. Culver Executive Director 122W. 25th St. Cheyenne, WY 82002 Office: (307) 777-7243 Fax: (888) 988-1322 E-Mail: [email protected] NEWS FROM THE DIRECTOR'S DESK January 2018 WGWA Members and Licensed Contractors by Steve Barbour, License #02PI 002