Concur User GuideTable of Contents Generalo Accessing Concur – pg. 2o Required Fields & Audit Rules – pg. 4o Updating Your Profile – pg. 5Traveler – Submitting as Yourselfo Create a Travel Request – pg. 12 Foreign Travel Requests – pg.17 Requesting a Cash Advance –pg. 19 Guest Travel – Travel Request –pg. 20 Printing a Travel Request – pg.65 Determining Travel RequestStatus – pg. 22o Making a Travel Reservation – pg. 23 Accessing the Travel Module –pg. 23o Starting an Expense Report – pg. 29 Meal Allowances & Itineraries –pg. 34 Placing University Card Chargeson an Expense Report – pg. 39 Lodging Expense Types &Itemization – pg. 44 Adding Out-of-Pocket Expenses– pg. 47 Processing Personal Expenseson a University Card – pg. 49 Adding Attendees – pg. 53 Allocating Transactions – pg. 56 Entering Personal VehicleMileage – pg. 59 Documented Miles ExpenseType – pg. 61 Attaching Receipts & ReceiptHandling – pg. 62 Printing an Expense Report –pg. 65January 2022 Guest Travel – Expense Report& Obtaining Guest Signature –pg. 66Correcting and Resubmitting anExpense Report – pg. 69Determining Expense ReportStatus – pg. 70Reviewing Expense ReportTotals – pg. 71Approvalo Reviewing and Approving Requests &Expenses – pg. 73o Accessing Approval Items – pg. 73o Approve Submitted Requests or Reports– pg. 74o Send a Submitted Request or ReportBack to the User – pg. 75o Adding an Additional Review Step – pg.76o Accessing Past Approvals – pg. 77Delegate – Acting on Behalf of Someone Elseo Request or Expense Delegate Settings –pg. 79o Reviewing Expense Report Totals – pg.71o Remove Unneeded Travelers in Concur– pg. 80Miscellaneouso Accessing Past Requests & Reports – pg.81o Concur Connected Applications – pg. 83o Converting Foreign CurrencyTransactions – pg. 91o Ticket Exchange – pg. 92o E-receipt Activation in Concur – pg. 99Frequently Asked Questions & Tipso Concur – Frequently Asked Questions –pg. 100Questions? Contact [email protected] (850) 644 - 5021Return to Table of ContentsPage 1

Concur User GuideAccessing ConcurPurpose: To assist users in logging into Concur Travel and Expense Management and navigating the Concur homescreen.Logging into FSU - Concur Travel & Expense ManagementFSU Employees will have access to the myFSU “Faculty & Staff” portal. To Log in:1. Go to my.fsu.edu2. Enter your username and password.3. Click the link for Concur tile.If you are an FSU employee and student, make sure you are on the Faculty and Staff view and not the Student view. Ifyou are not redirected to Concur after clicking on that link, or you do not see the Concur icon, please [email protected] the Home PageThe home page includes the following sections that make it easy for you to navigate and find the information you need. Quick Task Bars – Provide direct access to create or approve an expense report, authorize a travel request, applyavailable electronic expenses to an expense report, or access incomplete expense reportsCompany Notes – Displays University specific informationTrip Search/My Trips – Provides access to travel booking, and upcoming trips.My Tasks – Displays a dashboard for your approvals, available expenses, and open reports.Profile – Provides access to verify personal information for travel purposes, designate delegates, set preferencesfor email notifications, and set-up a mobile device.January 2022Questions? Contact [email protected] (850) 644 - 5021Return to Table of ContentsPage 2

Concur User GuideTo return to the Home page from any screen, click the Concur logo in the upper left corner of your screen.January 2022Questions? Contact [email protected] (850) 644 - 5021Return to Table of ContentsPage 3

Concur User GuideRequired Fields & Audit RulesItems marked with a red asterisk (*) in Concur are required fields and must be completed before moving to the nextsection. Failure to complete a required field or performing an action that is irregular or not allowed will result in an auditrule appearing on the header of a travel request or expense report.Audit rules typically fall into one of two categories: (Alert) – These types of audit rules require interaction from the user to address the behavior or actionthat created the audit rule notification. These will prevent a travel request or expense report from beingsubmitted and need to be cleared before submitting.(Information) – These audit rules typically serve as a notice of potential conflicts or behaviors that mayrequire close examination by an approver or auditor. These will not prevent a travel request or expensereport from being submitted.An exception text is generated when an audit rule detects a potential action or issue requiring further review or action.Users should read exception text carefully and take the action recommended to address any items requiring attention.January 2022Questions? Contact [email protected] (850) 644 - 5021Return to Table of ContentsPage 4

Concur User GuideUpdating Your ProfilePurpose: Verifying and updating your information in the profile is the first thing all new users should do when they loginto Concur.Important note: To prevent errors and delays in booking travel, it is important to keep your profile, including creditcards and frequent flyer information, up to date and accurate.Note: The “Required” notice does not disappear when the information is submitted. But it must be entered before youcan save the profile. It is recommended to click the Save button after completing each section.Personal InformationYour complete name should match your government issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, which youwill present to airport security. If first/last name are different than what is on user’s photo ID, please [email protected] and Last name will be populated from your University HR record.Verify or add Middle Name and, if applicable, Suffix to match your government issued ID. If user needs to modify and isunable, contact [email protected] information is correct. User cannot modify again after saving.January 2022Questions? Contact [email protected] (850) 644 - 5021Return to Table of ContentsPage 5

Concur User GuideContact InformationEnter a work and home phone number; these can be cellular or land lines. Optionally, you may enter a mobile phone.Email AddressesYour ‘’ email account will automatically be uploaded into the Concur Travel & Expense system, but you mustverify your email address within Concur by clicking the Verify link. By verifying your email address, Concur can associateyour email address with your Concur account.Note: Once you verify your email address, you will be able to forward any electronic receipts to [email protected] will then be displayed in the Available Receipts in the Expense portion of the application. It also enables itineraryinformation to be emailed to [email protected] work and personal email addresses can be added by clicking Add an Email Address. Enter the email addressand select whether you want travel notifications to be sent to that email. Click OK. verify the email address, click the Verify linkCheck your email for a verification message from ConcurCopy the code from the email message into the Enter Code box next to the email addressClick OKJanuary 2022Questions? Contact [email protected] (850) 644 - 5021Return to Table of ContentsPage 6

Concur User GuideEmergency ContactOptional, but when traveling, if there should be an emergency, our travel management companies will have access tothe Emergency Contact information.Travel Preferences:Optional, but recommended for frequent travelers. If you participate in Frequent Traveler Rewards programs, click Add aProgram and then enter air, car rental, and hotel Frequent Traveler program information. Click “I Agree” to the termsand conditions if you agree.If you have a TSA Pre-check number, it can be entered on your Concur profile for your convenience and to expedite thescreening process at the airport.January 2022Questions? Contact [email protected] (850) 644 - 5021Return to Table of ContentsPage 7

Concur User GuideInternational Travel: Passports and VisasRecommended for International travelersFor international travel, entering Passport or International Visa information ahead of time will allow it to be availablewhen using Concur to book travel. Note: User's date of birth will be masked after editing it. If unsure that DOB is correct,users may re-edit the date.Note: You can enable e-receipts by following the instructions here.Credit Cards: RecommendedNote: FSU recommends the University travel card (T-Card) for frequent travelers. If you do not have a University travelcard, please work with your department travel representative or the University Travel department on determining if onewould suit your needs. If desired or required, a personal credit card can be entered into the profile following the stepsabove and will be available for purchasing plane tickets, or hotel and car rental reservations.Click Add a Credit Card. A window should open (check for popups) to fill in the fields.January 2022Questions? Contact [email protected] (850) 644 - 5021Return to Table of ContentsPage 8

Concur User GuideFill in the required fields: Display Name: A name to distinguish the t-card from any personal cards (i.e. University Travel Card)o Your name as it appears on this card: Must match card exactlyCard Type: VISACredit Card Number: Must match card exactlyExpiration Date: Must match card exactlyBilling Address:o Street: 5607A Univ. Centero City: Tallahasseeo State: Floridao Zip/Postal Code: 32306-2394o Country: United States of AmericaOptional: Use this card as the default for: Plane Tickets, Rail Tickets, Car Rentals, Hotel Reservations.January 2022Questions? Contact [email protected] (850) 644 - 5021Return to Table of ContentsPage 9

Concur User GuideTo Add or Remove a Delegate (Someone who may enter or approve travel on your behalf): to ProfileProfile SettingsClick on Request DelegatesClick AddSearch for the person you wish to add as a Delegate and click AddCheck the boxes that correspond with the permissions you are granting to the delegatea. To delete a delegate, click the checkbox to select the person, click Delete and confirm deletion7. Before navigating away from the page, click SaveRecommended permissions for Delegates acting as Travel Delegates (*) or Approver Delegates ( ) (*) Can Prepare – delegate has authority to prepare expense reports(*) Can Book Travel – delegate has authority to book travel (select with Can Submit Requests)(*) Can Submit Requests – delegate has authority to submit travel requests(*) ( ) Can View Receipts – delegate can view electronic receipts that the traveler has sent to Concur. This willautomatically get checked when you select “Can Prepare” or “Can Approve”(*) Can Submit Reports – delegate can click the submit button to check for audit rules, but traveler still mustsubmit the report.(*) Receives Emails – delegate receives email notifications( ) Can Approve – this is typically used by an approver to delegate approval authority to someone else. Approvalauthority can be permanent or temporary.o Can Preview for Approver – this is typically used to add an additional level of review, for example,reviewing for proper account number assignment, before the final review. A Previewer cannot approveor reject a report.( ) Receives Approval Emails – Copied on email notifications when the approver is required to approve a travelrequest or expense report in Concur.Click Save.January 2022Questions? Contact [email protected] (850) 644 - 5021Return to Table of ContentsPage 10

Concur User GuideA Note on Approver Delegates: Per FSU Travel Policy 4-OP-D-2-D, Approver Delegates can approve travel requests andexpense reports on behalf of an approver. Supervisors or Budget Approvers may appoint delegates. Budget ApproverDelegates must be authorized signers or be designated and authorized in writing by the DDDHC or PI. The ApproverDelegate form (or similar documentation containing the same information) is to be completed and kept at theDepartment Level for record keeping and auditing purposes. Upon request, a list of approver delegates can be providedfor one’s department.Request PreferencesNo changes necessaryFavorite AttendeesOptionalExpense SettingsInformation, Delegates, Preferences, Approvers, and Favorite Attendees are shared between Request and ExpenseSettings. Information that was entered (or edited) in Request Settings will carry through to the Expense Settings and viceversa.January 2022Questions? Contact [email protected] (850) 644 - 5021Return to Table of ContentsPage 11

Concur User GuideCreate a Travel RequestPurpose: All travel requires a travel request (Travel Authorization, T-Auth) for pre-trip approval and to encumber fundsprior to traveling. Travel Requests are also used to contact a travel agent for booking assistance. Agents with WorldTravel Services may ask for a Request number before assisting you.A reminder regarding requests and encumbrances. Amounts on a travel request are estimates to encumber funds. Astravel requests should be created prior to travel, it is not possible to know the exact amounts or detailed expense typesof expenses to be incurred.If Creating a Request on Behalf of Another EmployeeThe user must act as a delegate for that employee. To act as a delegate:1. Click on Profile2. Search for employee under Acting as other user3. Click Start SessionWhen acting as a delegate, the appearance of the top right corner changes, indicating that the user is acting as adelegate. When you are done acting as a delegate, click the drop-down menu and click “Done acting for others”.January 2022Questions? Contact [email protected] (850) 644 - 5021Return to Table of ContentsPage 12

Concur User GuideCreate a Travel RequestTo begin a new Travel Request, click on Requests then select Create New Request. The user may alternatively click New,then select Start a Request. All fields with a red asterisk are required.1. In the Request Header section, enter the appropriate values for each field.a. No Cost to University – Check this box if the trip is being funded by a non-FSU or non-DSO source. Donot check this box if you anticipate reimbursement from or expenses paid by the University.b. Request Name – Enter something meaningful to you and your department, using location and date canhelp distinguish travel easily.c. Trip Type – In-state, Out of state, Foreign. Non-Travel is not a valid travel request option.d. Travel Start/End Dates – These fields should represent the dates of the business trip, and not includeany extra days of personal travel.e. Destination City – Begin typing the city name and choose from list.f. Destination Country – Will auto-populate based on city selection but you may type in the field.g. Traveler Type – Select from drop down menu.h. Request/Trip Purpose – Select from the drop-down menu.i. Benefit to University – Select from drop down menu.j. Additional Information – Required if Request/Trip Purpose or Benefit to University is "Other".Otherwise, use the comment field.k. Does this trip contain personal travel? – Select yes or no.l. Dates of personal travel – Fill in if answer to previous field is yes.m. Guest ID – If booking guest (non-employee) travel, enter the traveler's name here.January 2022Questions? Contact [email protected] (850) 644 - 5021Return to Table of ContentsPage 13

Concur User Guiden. Guest Address – Required if previous field is completed to verify the guests address.o. Department & Fund – Required for all requests.p. PCBU – Project Costing Business Unit. Required for travel on projects only.q. Project – Required if travel is on a project.r. Chartfields 1, 2, & 3 – Optional.s. Comment – Required in certain circumstances, also helpful in explaining unusual circumstances.2. Click Create. A unique request ID is generated. If No Cost to University box is checked, you can click Submit.Otherwise, if you anticipate expenses and/or reimbursements, proceed to adding estimated expenses.Adding ExpensesExpenses must be added to the request to complete and submit the request. Expenses include but are not limited toairfare, car rental, and hotel. At least one expense must be completed. A user should enter an expense with a zero-dollaramount if they do not anticipate any reimbursement.1. Click the Add button. In this example we will look at airfare. Click “Air Ticket”.2. Select Round Trip, One Way, or Multi-Segment. Round Trip is the default.3. Enter the starting airport and the destination airport. Outbound and return dates default from the RequestHeader but can be changed to different days within the time period of the request.4. Enter the estimated amount of the airline ticket in the “Amount” field.5. Click Save.6. Similarly, select “Car Rental”, “Hotel Reservation”, estimated expenses for meals, per diem, car mileage, etc.from the drop-down menu, if applicable, then enter the required information. Click Save.a. If you need to change something, click the box next to the item(s) you want to change and click Edit.7. When finished click Submit Request.8. Review the confirmation agreement. If you agree with the terms, click Accept & Submit. If you do not agree withthe terms or need to make a change, click Cancel.January 2022Questions? Contact [email protected] (850) 644 - 5021Return to Table of ContentsPage 14

Concur User GuideNote: Available balance checking (Budget Check) occurs immediately upon request submittal. If the request fails theavailable balance check, it will automatically be returned. When this happens, verify that all department/fund codes arecorrect or contact the budget manager.The request will appear on the Active Requests page. You may click on the request to open it and review its expensesand status. You may recall a request at any point in the approvals workflow to modify it. Requests cannot be modifiedafter it is fully approved.Recalling a RequestPurpose: You cannot change, cancel, or close/inactivate a Request that has been submitted unless you Recall it first. Auser may recall a request at any point in the approvals process.January 2022Questions? Contact [email protected] (850) 644 - 5021Return to Table of ContentsPage 15

Concur User Guide Cancelling an approved request will release the encumbrance and indicate that travel will not occur but will notallow any changes or additions to the request. A cancelled request can be used to process expense and refundsfrom a cancelled trip.Closing/inactivating a request will release the encumbrance, but no expense reports can be created from aclosed/inactivated request. If assistance is needed with reopening a request, contact [email protected] forassistance.Click the Request from the Manage Requests page.Click the Recall button. The status of the request is updated to Send Back to UserMake any necessary changes, then select Save, Attachments, Print/Email, Cancel the Request or Submit Request tocomplete the process.Foreign Travel RequestsPurpose: International or “foreign” travel refers to travel to any country (including Mexico and Canada) outside thecontinental United States, Alaska, and Hawaii. Travel to the noncontiguous U.S. locations of American Samoa, Guam,Midway Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and Wake Island is considered foreign travel.January 2022Questions? Contact [email protected] (850) 644 - 5021Return to Table of ContentsPage 16

Concur User GuideInternational travelers will be prompted in Concur to complete and attach an attestation form regarding laws,regulations, and policies associated with international travel as part of the Request process.Creating a Foreign Travel RequestFollow the instructions here (until step 6) to create a new travel request, ensure all appropriate fields are filled on therequest header and estimated expenses are provided. Ensure trip type used is “Foreign”. Then prior to submitting therequest (in step 7) follow the steps below to download, review, sign and attach the international travel attestation formto your request. Note: This form along with all the requirements can only be reviewed and signed by the traveler.Downloading and Signing the International Travel Attestation form:1. After creating your request, navigate to the request Expected Expenses page.2. Locate the Print/Share option and select the “FSU-International Travel Attestation Form” to generate a basicform, or download and save the form here: For ease of access, it is recommended to save the form and use Adobe Acrobat DC or FSU Docusign tosign the document digitally.i. Adobe Acrobat DC Instructionsii. Docusign Instructions3. Once the document is signed, return to your request and click the Attachments option and then select AttachDocuments.January 2022Questions? Contact [email protected] (850) 644 - 5021Return to Table of ContentsPage 17

Concur User Guide4. Click on the Upload and Attach icon. Using the pop-up window locate and upload your signed form on your localcomputer or device.5. If successful, a notification will appear near the bottom of the screen to confirm that the document is nowattached. Review the travel request and attachments as needed, then when ready, Submit Request.January 2022Questions? Contact [email protected] (850) 644 - 5021Return to Table of ContentsPage 18

Concur User GuideRequesting a Cash AdvancePurpose: Concur users cannot request a cash advance by default. Users will need to contact the Travel Office([email protected]) to have the ability to create a cash advance. The steps outlined below describe the process to request acash advance when other methods of handling travel expenses are impossible or inappropriate.Cash Advances are not encouraged, but are available case-by-case, when use of the travel card is difficult orunavailable, or extended foreign travel is involved. Email the FSU Travel office at [email protected] for eligibility beforerequesting an advance.Cash advances are completed as part of the request process and must be done prior to submitting the request. When anemployee is eligible for a cash advance, the fields pictured below will be accessible from the Linked Add-ons of theRequest Details section.To Request a Cash Advance or Travel Cash Advance:1. Navigate to Request, Manage Requests, and choose your created request.2. From the Request Details menu, choose Add Cash Advance and enter the amount.3. Click Add Cash Advance. It will populate above your expected expenses.Note: Your cash advance request can be equal to or less than the amount of the estimated expenses, but it cannotexceed the amount of the estimated expenses.January 2022Questions? Contact [email protected] (850) 644 - 5021Return to Table of ContentsPage 19

Concur User GuideReimbursing Guests in ConcurPurpose: This document describes the steps needed to complete a travel request and expense report on behalf of atraveler who is not an FSU employee.Before entering guest travel, the user should be familiar with navigating Concur, entering travel requests and enteringexpense reports.Expenses can be entered in Concur for individuals who are not University employees. The following are examples ofsome Non-Employee payments: A student who will be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses while attending a conferenceA job candidate who will be reimbursed for expenses incurred while traveling to the University for interviewsYou must complete a Guest Traveler Profile form and have a Guest ID number issued if the payee is not a Universityemployee. You will be able to book travel with the new guest ID 24 hours after submission. Please reach out to thetravel office if you encounter any issues. Note: Travel reps do not act as a delegate to enter guest travel. Guest travel isentered under the travel rep’s own profile. Guests are not employees and do not have a profile.Enter a Travel Request for a Guest Traveler:1. On the Concur home page in your own profile, on the Quick Task Bar, place your mouse pointer over New, andthen click Start a Request.2. Complete the header with required information pertaining to the guest’s travel.3. The Traveler Type must be Guest, and you must fill in the Guest ID and Guest Address fields.Note: The address provided in the Guest Address field is where the check will go and confirms that you have thecorrect guest traveler.January 2022Questions? Contact [email protected] (850) 644 - 5021Return to Table of ContentsPage 20

Concur User GuidePay particular attention to funding information (department, fund, PCBU, etc.), as it is pre-populated with the TravelRep's accounting defaults. It may need to be changed before submitting.Create estimated expenses, see Adding Expenses for instructions. Review and then Submit the guest travel request forapproval.January 2022Questions? Contact [email protected] (850) 644 - 5021Return to Table of ContentsPage 21

Concur User GuideDetermining Travel Request StatusPurpose: Users may wish to check on the status of their travel request as it proceeds through workflow. For additionalinformation on approvals and workflow in Concur see our Concur Approvals page.Access the Travel Request1. Log into and access Concur.2. Click on the Request tab. (Delegates should act as their traveler first).3. Travel requests in a variety of statuses appear under Manage Requests. The default view for this page is “ActiveRequests”. Requests are considered active if they were created within the last 90 days.Expense Report StatusesPending External ValidationSubmitted & Pending ApprovalPending Cost Object ApprovalPending Request AdministratorApprovedBudget checking between Concur and OMNI FIIn immediate Supervisor’s queueAt Budget Manager or Sponsored ResearchAt Office of Compliance and Ethics for international travelreviewRequest fully approved and user can begin making travelarrangementsAccessing CommentsOccasionally a request can be returned to the user. Typically, a user will receive an email from an auditor or approverinforming them of this, along with a request for additional documentation or information. A user can also findcomments on the travel request by opening the report and clicking Request Details Request Timeline.January 2022Questions? Contact [email protected] (850) 644 - 5021Return to Table of ContentsPage 22

Concur User GuideMaking a Travel ReservationPurpose: The purpose of this guide is to assist the user in booking a trip in the Concur travel module. Important: FSUtravel policy requires a completed and fully approved travel request prior to booking any travel to comply with rules andregulations of the state. Please see instructions on Creating a Travel Request if necessary.Accessing the Travel ModuleClick Travel in the top left corner if you are booking travel for yourself or acting as a Delegate to book travel forsomeone else. If you are booking for another user, verify you have delegated in as them and their name appears in theupper right corner. Example below.Airfare1. Select Round Trip, One Way, or Multi City, enter the From and To destination, and departure and returndates/times and click Search. Note: If flying to/from Tallahassee or other smaller airports, we recommend unchecking the “Flights w/no double connections” box to display more options.January 2022Questions? Contact [email protected] (850) 644 - 5021Return to Table of ContentsPage 23

Concur User Guide2. Review the flight availability and select a flight. Flights can be viewed by Fares, or by Schedules, and can befiltered using the Sort-By options. Note: “Sort by Duration” will give the flights with shortest layovers.3. Slide bars on the left of the screen enable you to filter search results by departure/arrival times, and price. Toselect your flight, click on the price button.4. Review the flight details and traveler information. If this is the flight you wish to book, you may select your seatassignment at this time by clicking Select Seats. Please note that FSU will not reimburse any fees associatedwith seat selection. Fees, if any, vary by airline.5. If seat selection is available, click the Select Seat button and make your selection. Click Close.6. Review the method of payment and make any necessary changes. Method of payment should be your Universitytravel card. For instructions on setting up your university card see here.7. On the Review and Reserve Flight page, verify all information and select Reserve Flight and Continue.January 2022Questions? Contact [email protected] (850) 644 - 5021Return to Table of ContentsPage 24

Concur User GuideHotelImportant- If the conference hotel has a special conference rate, do not book your hotel through Concur. Book directlythrough the hotel or conference website to obtain the conference block room rate. Note: FSU is allowed to use the stategovernment rates available in Concur. Rates may be comparable or better than the conference hotel rates.1. Click the Hotel icon2. Enter Check-in/Check-out Dates and other search criteria and click the Search button.3. When you are ready to reserve your hotel room, click the View Rooms button, and then locate the rate andoption that matches your expectations and click on the price button.a. Note: FSU recommends avoiding room rates that require advanced payments (“Deposit required”) whenpossible. International hotel reservations have the foreign maximum lodging limits for that locationlisted as a guide to use when reserving a room.January 2022Questions? Contact [email protected] (850) 644 - 5021Return to Table of ContentsPage 25

Concur User Guide4. On the Review and Reserve Hotel page, read and verify all information and if agreed, check the box “I agree tothe hotel’s rate rules, restrictions, and cancellation policy.”5. When ready click the Reserve Hotel and Continu

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