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Priests Embracing Islam2In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the MostMercifulPriests Embracing IslamContents1-Chaplain Yusuf Estes Ex-Christian Businessman& Preacher. (USA) .P: 32-Abdullah M. al-Faruque Formerly Kenneth L. Jenkins , formerminister and elder of the Pentecostal Church.(USA).P:203- Dr. Jerald F. Dirks (Abu Yahya) Former minister (deacon) of theUnited Methodist Church. Master's degree in Divinity from HarvardUniversity and a Doctorate in Psychology from the University ofDenver. (USA) . . . .P: 284- Sister Khadijah "Sue" Watson Former pastor, missionary, professor.Master's degree in Divinity. (USA Philippines) . . P: 425-Ibrahim Khalil Ahmed (Ibrahim Khalil Philobus) Former Coptic priestand missionary. (Egypt) . .P: 456- Martin John Mwaipopo Former Lutheran Archbishop.(Tanzania) .P: 507- Raphael Former Jehovah's Witness Minister. (USA) .P: 558- George Anthony Former Catholic priest.(Sri Lanka) . P: 639- Dr. Gary Miller (Abdul-Ahad Omar) a mathematician and Christianmissionary. (Canada) . . . . .P: 6410- Rev. David Benjamin Keldani (Abdu 'l-Ahad Dáwúd). (Iran) .P: 6911-Muhammad Aman Hobohm Diplomat, Missionary and SocialWorker. (Germany) . . .P: 7212-Archpriest.Viacheslav.Polosin.(Russia) . . .P:74

Priests Embracing Islam31- Chaplain Yusuf Estes Ex-Christian Businessman &Preacher ( USA ).Chaplain Yusuf Estes BeforeChaplain Yusuf Estes AfterMy name is Yusuf Estes now, but in years past my friends used to call meSkip. I have preached Christianity and worked in the entertainment andmusic industry since I was a boy in the 1950's. My father and I haveestablished music stores, TV and radio programs and outdoor entertainmentfor fun (and profit). I was a music minister and even used a pony ride andentertained the children as "Skippy the Clown."Once, I have served as Delegate to the United Nations Peace Conference forReligious Leaders. Now I am a retired former Muslim Chaplain for UnitedStates Bureau of Prisons, Washington, DC. and I join alongside manyAmerican Muslims, working with Muslim student and youth organizationsas well as schools for Muslim children. As such, I travel around the entireworld lecturing and sharing the message of the Christ of the Quran in Islam.We hold dialogs and discussion groups with all faiths and enjoy theopportunity to work alongside rabbis, ministers, preachers and priestseverywhere. Some of our work is in the institutional area, military,universities and prisons. Primarily our goal is to educate and communicatethe correct message of Islam and who the Muslims really are. AlthoughIslam has grown now to nearly tie Christianity as the largest of religions onearth, we see many of those who claim Islam as Muslims, that do notcorrectly understand nor properly represent the message of "Peace,Surrender and Obedience to God" [Arabic 'Islam']How.It.Happened: This may seem quite strange, while we perhaps mayshare a few different perspectives and concepts of God, Jesus, prophet hood,sin and salvation. But you see, at one time I was in the same boat as manyfolks are today. Really, I was. Let me explain.

Priests Embracing Islam4I was born into a very strong Christian family in the Midwest. Our familyand their ancestors not only built the churches and schools across this land,but actually were the same ones who came here in the first place. While Iwas still in elementary we relocated in Houston, Texas in 1949 (I'm old). Weattended church regularly and I was baptized at the age of 12 in Pasadena,Texas. As a teenager, I wanted to visit other churches to learn more of theirteachings and beliefs. The Baptists, Methodists, Episcopalians, Charismaticmovements, Nazarene, Church of Christ, Church of God, Church of God inChrist, Full Gospel, Agape, Catholic, Presbyterian and many more. Ideveloped quite a thirst for the "Gospel" or as we say; "Good News." Myresearch into religion did not stop with Christianity. Not at all. Hinduism,Judaism, Buddhism, Metaphysics, native American beliefs were all a part ofmy studies. Just about the only one that I did not look into seriously was"Islam". Why? Good question.Music.MinisterAnyway, I became very interested in different types of music, especiallyGospel and Classical. Because my whole family was religious and musical itfollowed that I too would begin my studies in both areas. All this set me forthe logical position of Music Minister in many of the churches that I becameaffiliated with over the years. I started teaching keyboard instruments in1960 and by 1963 owned my own studios in Laurel, Maryland, called "EstesMusic Studios."Business Projects In Texas, Oklahoma and FloridaOver the next 30 years my father and I worked together in many businessprojects. We had entertainment programs, shows and attractions. We openedpiano and organ stores all the way from Texas and Oklahoma to Florida. Wehad earned millions of dollars during those years, but could not find thepeace of mind that can only come through knowing the truth and finding thereal plan of salvation. I'm sure you have asked yourself the question; "Whydid God create me?" or "What is it that God wants me to do?" or "Exactlywho is God, anyway?" "Why do we believe in 'original sin?" and "Whywould the sons of Adam be forced to accept his 'sins' and then as a resultbe punished forever." But if you asked anyone these questions, they wouldprobably tell you that you have to believe without asking, or that it is a'mystery' and you shouldn't ask - "Just have faith, brother."Trinity.ConceptStrangely enough, the word "Trinity" is not in the Bible. And it has been a

Priests Embracing Islam5concern for religious scholars as early as 200 years after Jesus was raised upby Almighty God. I would ask preachers or ministers to give me some sortof an idea how 'one' could figure out to become 'three' or how God Himself,Who can do anything He Wills to do, cannot just forgive people's sins, butrather and had to become a man, come down on earth, be a human, and thentake on the sins of all people; keeping in mind that all along He is still Godof the whole universe and does as He Wills to do, both in and outside of theuniverse as we know it. They never seemed to be able to come up withanything other than opinions or strange analogies.Father - Ordained Non-Denominational MinisterMy father was very active in supporting church work, especially churchschool programs. He became and ordained minister in the 1970s. He and hiswife (my stepmother) knew many of the TV evangelists and preachers andeven visited Oral Roberts and helped in the building of the "Prayer Tower"in Tulsa, OK. They also were strong supporters of Jimmy Swaggart, Jim andTammy Fae Bakker, Jerry Fallwell, John Haggi and Pat Robertson.Met.A.Man.From.EgyptIt was early in 1991 when my father began doing business with a man fromEgypt and told me that he wanted me to meet him. This idea appealed to mewhen I thought about the idea of having an international flavor. You know,the pyramids, sphinx, Nile River and all that.He Was A "Mozlem": Hijackers; Kidnappers; Bombers, Terrorists.and.who.knows.what.else?Then my father mentioned that this man was a 'Moslem.' First, I hated theidea of meeting an "infidel, hijacker, kidnapper, bomber, terrorist, nonbeliever." Any normal person would be repulsed at the idea. I couldn'tbelieve my ears. A 'Moslem?' No way! I reminded my dad of the variousdifferent things that we had heard about these people.Lies Against Muslims & Islam - They Told Us, Muslims: Don't even believe in God They worship a black box in the desert. And they kiss the ground five times a day.No.Way!!I did not want to meet this 'Moslem' man. No way! My father insisted that Imeet him and reassured me that he was a very nice person. This was toomuch for me. Especially since the evangelists that we used to travel around

Priests Embracing Islam6with all hated Muslims and Islam very much. They even said things thatwere not true to make people afraid of Islam. So, why would I want anythingto do with these people?Idea.-."Change.Him.To.Christian"Then an idea came to me, "We can change this man to Christian." So, I gavein and agreed to the meeting. But on my terms.Met Him With A Bible, Cross and Cap with "Jesus Is Lord!" Iagreed to meet him on a Sunday after church so we would be all prayed upand in good standing with the Lord. I would be carrying my Bible under myarm as usual. I would have my big shiny cross dangling and I would have onmy cap which says: "Jesus is Lord" right across the front. My wife and twoyoung daughters came along and we were ready for our first encounter withthe 'Moslems.'Where.Is.He? When I came into the shop and asked my father where the'Moslem' was, he pointed and said: "He's right over there."I was confused. That couldn't be the Moslem. No way.Turban.&.Beard? I'm looking for a huge man with flowing robes, a bigturban on his head, a beard half way down his shirt and eyebrows that go allthe way across his forehead with a sword or a bomb under his coat.No.Turban.-.No.Beard.-.[!]This man had no beard. In fact, he didn't even have any hair on his head atall. He was nearly bald. Best of all, he was very pleasant with a warmwelcome and handshake. This didn't make sense. I thought they are terroristsand bombers. What is this all about?He.Needs.Jesus Never mind. I'll get right to work on this guy. He needs tobe 'saved' in the 'Name of Jesus' and me and the Lord are going to do it.Introduction.&.Interrogation After a quick introduction,I asked him:." d.Eve?"He.said: .Yes . (Very Good!).I said: What about Abraham?You believe in him and s?"."Ten.Commandments?".

Priests Embracing Islam7"Parting.the.Red.Sea?".Again.he.said: ."Yes." (Better still!)Then:.What about hets,David,SolomonandI.asked: Do you,.he.said:.Yes. - (OK!) f.God?.Again.the.said:.Yes.(Fantastic!)Well now - "This was going to be easier than I had thought."He was just about ready to be baptized only he didn't know it.And I was just the one to do it, too.Shocking Knowledge - Muslims Believe in the Bible?One day in the Spring of 1991, I came to know that the Muslims believed inthe Bible. I was shocked. How could this be? But that's not all, they believein Jesus hwithouthumanintervention;* He was the 'Christ' or Messiah as predicted in the Bible;*HeiswithGodnowandmostimportant;* He will be coming back in the Last Days to lead the believers against the'Antichrist.'After "winning souls to the Lord for Jesus" day after day, this would be abig achievement for me, to catch one of these 'Moslems' and 'convert' him toChristianity.I asked him if he liked tea and he said he did. So off we went to a little shopin the mall to sit and talk about my favorite subject: Beliefs. While we sat inthat little coffee shop for hours talking (I did most of the talking) I came toknow that he was very nice, quiet and even a bit shy. He listened attentivelyto every word that I had to say and did not interrupt even one time. I likedthis man's way and thought that he had definite potential to become a goodChristian. - Little did I know the course of events about to unravel in front ofmy eyes.

Priests Embracing Islam8First of all, I agreed with my father that we should do business with this manand even encouraged the idea of him traveling along with me on mybusiness trips across the northern part of Texas. Day after day we would ridetogether and discuss various issues pertaining to different beliefs that peoplehave. And along the way, I could of course interject some of my favoriteradio programs of worship and praise to help bring the message to this poorindividual. We talked about the concept of God; the meaning of life; thepurpose of creation; the prophets and their mission and how God reveals HisWill to mankind. We also shared a lot of personal experiences and ideas aswell.One day I came to know that my friend Mohamed was going to move out ofthe home he have been sharing with a friend of his and was going to beliving in the mosque for a time. I went to my dad and asked him if we couldinvite Mohamed to come out to our big home in the country and stay therewith us. After all, he could share some of the work and some expenses andhe would be right there when we were ready to go to out traveling around.My father agreed and Mohamed moved in.Of course I still would find time to visit my fellow preachers and evangelistsaround the state of Texas. One of them lived on the Texas -- Mexico borderand another lived near lived Oklahoma border. One preacher liked to a hugewooden cross that was bigger than a car. He would carry it over his shoulderand drag the bottom on the ground and go down the road or freeway haulingthese two beams formed in the shape of a cross. People would stop their carsand come over to him and ask him what was going on and he would givethem pamphlets and booklets on Christianity.One day my friend with the cross had a heart attack and had to go to theVeterans Hospital where he stayed for quite a long while. I used to visit himin the hospital several times a week and I would take Mohamed with mewith the hopes that we could all share together in the subject of beliefs andreligions. My friend was not very impressed and it was obvious that he didnot want to know anything about Islam. Then one day a man who wassharing the room with my friend came rolling into the room in hiswheelchair. I went to him and asked him his name and he said that it didn'tmatter and when I asked him where he was from he said he was from theplanet Jupiter. I thought about what he said and then began to wonder if Iwas in the cardiac ward or the mental ward.I knew the man was lonely and depressed and needed someone in his life.So, I began to 'witness' to him about the Lord. I read to him out of the bookof Jonah in the Old Testament. And the idea was that we can't really run

Priests Embracing Islam9away from our problems because we always know what we have done. Andwhat is more, God also always knows what we have done.Catholic.PriestAfter sharing this story with the man in the wheel chair, he looked up andme and apologized. He told me he was sorry for his rude behavior and thathe had experienced some real serious problems recently. Then he said thathe wanted to confess something to me. And I said that I was not a Catholicpriest and I don't handle confessions. He replied back to me that he knewthat. In fact, he said: "I am a Catholic.priest."I was shocked. Here I had been trying to preach Christianity to a priest.What in the world was happening here? priest began to share his story of being a missionary for the church forover 12 years to south and Central America and Mexico and even in NewYork's 'Hell's Kitchen.' When he was released from the hospital he needed aplace to go to recover and rather than let him go to stay with a Catholicfamily, I told my dad that we should invite him to come out and live with usin the country along with our families and Mohamed. It was agreed by allthat he would so, he moved out right away.Priests.Must.Study.ISLAM?.-.YES!During the trip out to our home, I talked with the priest about some of theconcepts of beliefs in Islam and to my surprise he agreed and then sharedeven more about this with me. I was shocked when he told me that Catholicpriests actually study Islam and some even carry doctors degrees in thissubject. This was all very enlightening to me. But there was still a lot moreto come.Different.Versions.of.the.BibleAfter settling in, we all began to gather around the kitchen table after dinnerevery night to discuss religion. My father would bring his King JamesVersion of the Bible, I would bring out my Revised Standard Version of theBible, my wife had another version of the Bible (maybe something likeJimmy Swaggart's 'Good News For Modern Man." The priest of course, hadthe Catholic Bible which has 7 more books in it that the Protestant Bible.So we spent more time talking about which Bible was the right one or themost correct one, than we did trying to convince Mohamed about becominga Christian.

Priests Embracing Islam10Quran Has Only ONE Version - In Arabic - And Still ExistsAt one point I recall asking him about the Quran and how many versions ofit there were in the last 1,400 years. He told me that there was only ONEQURAN. And that it had never been changed. Yet he let me know that theQuran had been memorized by hundreds of thousands of people, in it'sentirety and were scattered about the earth in many different countries. Overthe centuries since the Quran was revealed millions have memorized itcompletely and have taught it to others who have memorized it completely,from cover to cover, letter perfect without mistakes. Today, over 9 millionMuslims have memorized the entire Quran from cover to cover.This did not seem possible to me. After all, the original languages of theBible have all been dead languages for centuries and the documentsthemselves have been lost in their originals for hundreds and thousands ofyears. So, how could it be that something like this could be so easy topreserve and to recite from cover to cover.Anyway, one day the priest asked the Mohamed if he might accompany himto the mosque to see what it was like there. They came back talking abouttheir experience there and we could not wait to ask the priest what it was likeand what all types of ceremonies they performed. He said they didn't really'do' anything. They just came and prayed and left. I said: "They left?Without any speeches or singing?" He said that was right.Priest.Enters.Islam!A few more days went by and the Catholic priest asked Mohamed if hemight join him again for a trip to the mosque which they did. But this time itwas different. They did not come back for a very long time. It became darkand we worried that something might have happened to them. Finally theyarrived and when they came in the door I immediately recognizedMohamed, but who was this alongside of him? Someone wearing a whiterobe and a white cap. Hold on a minute! It was the priest. I said to him:"Pete? -- Did you become a 'Moslem?He said that he had entered into Islam that very day. THE PRIESTBECAME A MUSLIM!! What next? (You'll see).

Priests Embracing Islam11My.Wife.Announces.Her.Islam!So, I went upstairs to think things over a bit and began to talk to my wifeabout the whole subject. She then told me that she too was going to enterinto Islam, because she knew it was the truth.I was really shocked now. I went downstairs and woke up Mohamed andasked him to come outside with me for a discussion. We walked and talkedthat whole night through.Truth.Had.Come!By the time he was ready to pray Fajr (the morning prayer of the Muslims) Iknew that the truth had come at last and now it was up to me to do my part. Iwent out back behind my father's house and found an old piece of plywoodlying under an overhang and right there I put my head down on the groundfacing the direction that the Muslims pray five times a day.Guide.Me!.O.God!.Guide.Me!Now then in that position, with my body stretched out on the plywood andmy head on the ground, I asked: "O God. If you are there, guide me, guideme."And then after a while I raised up my head and I noticed something. No, Ididn't see birds or angels coming out of the sky nor did I hear voices ormusic, nor did I see bright lights and flashes. What I did notice was a changeinside of me. I was aware now more than ever before that it was time for meto stop any lying and doing anything sneaky. It was time that I really work atbeing an honest and upright man. I knew now what I had to do.So I went upstairs and took a shower with the distinct idea that I was'washing' away the sinful old person that I had become over the years. And Iwas now coming into a new, fresh life. A life based on truth and proof.Around 11:00 A.M. that morning, I stood before two witnesses, one the expriest, formerly known as Father Peter Jacob's, and the other MohamedAbdel Rahman and announced my 'shahadah' (open testimony to theOneness of God and the prophethood of Muhammad, peace be upon him)."I bear witness, there is no deity to worship, except Almighty Allah, aloneand He has no partners and I bear witness that Muhammad is Hismessenger and servant."

Priests Embracing Islam12A few minutes later, my wife follow along and gave the same testimony. Buthers was in front of 3 witnesses (me being the third).My father was a bit more reserved on the subject and waited a few moremonths before he made his shahadah (public testimony). But he did finallycommit to Islam and began offering prayers right along with me and theother Muslims in the local masjid (mosque).The children were taken out of the Christian school and placed in Muslimschools. And now ten years later, they are memorizing much of the Quranand the teachings of Islam.My father's wife finally acknowledged, before she died, that Jesus could notbe a son of God and that he must have been a mighty prophet of God, butnot God. She passed away within a few months of this statement at age 86.May Allah accept her statement of faith, ameen.Now stop and think. A whole entire household of people from varyingbackgrounds and ethnic groups coming together in truth to learn how toknow and worship the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe. Think. ACatholic priest; a minister of music and preacher of the Gospel; an ordainedminister and builder of Christian schools; and the children, even a greatgrandmother - they all come into Islam!Only by His Mercy were we all guided to see the real truth of Islam, byremoving the coverings over our ears and the blinders on our eyes, no longerhaving seals over our hearts - He was Guiding us now.Amazing Story - Family and Friends Entering Islam - From One Man.If I were to stop right here, I'm sure that you would have to admit that atleast, this is an amazing story, right? After all, three religious leaders ofthree separate denominations all going into one very opposite belief at thesame time and then soon after the rest of the household.More? - Yes! Baptist Seminary Student Reads Quran - Accepts IslamBut that is not all. There is more! The same year, while I was in GrandPrairie, Texas (near Dallas) I met a Baptist seminary student from Tennesseenamed Joe, who also came to Islam after reading the Holy Quran while inBAPTIST SEMINARY COLLEGE!More? Yes. Catholic Priest Loves Islam - But Needs His Job!There are others as well. I recall the case of the Catholic priest in a collegetown who talked about the good things in Islam so much that I was forced toask him why he didn't enter Islam. He replied: "What? And loose my job?"- His name is Father John and we still pray for Allah to Guide Him.

Priests Embracing Islam13Another.Catholic.Priest.Makes.ShahadahThe very next year I met a former Catholic priest who had been amissionary for 8 years in Africa. He learned about Islam while he was thereand entered into Islam. He then changed his name to Omar and moved toDallas Texas.Any more? Again - Yes! Orthodox Arch Bishop leaves church for IslamTwo years later, while in San Antonio, Texas I was introduced to a formerArch Bishop of the Orthodox Church of Russia who learned about Islam andgave up his position to enter Islam.Daughter of Hindu Pundit (Religious Leader) - Accepts Islam – met a woman in New York who wanted to make our CDs about "What IsIslam?" After giving her permission several years ago, I have learned shehas produced and distributed over 600 thousand of these to the non-Muslimsin America. May Allah reward her and keep her strong in her efforts, ameen.Hundreds.-.Thousands.-.Still.ComingAnd since my own entrance into Islam and becoming a chaplain to theMuslims throughout the country and around the world, I have encounteredmany more individuals who were leaders, teachers and scholars in otherreligions who learned about Islam and entered into it. They came fromHindus, Jews, Catholics, Protestants, Jehovah's Witnesses, Greek andRussian Orthodox, Coptic Christians from Egypt, non-denominationalchurches and even scientists who had been atheists.The combination always seems to be the same; people are sincerely seekingthe truth and are willing to put their different prejudices and biases out oftheir minds and begin to ask God for His Guidance in their lives.So, now you have the introduction to the story of my coming into Islam andbecoming Muslim. There is more on the Internet about this story and thereare more pictures there as well. Please take the time to visit it and thenplease take the time to email me and let us come together to share in alltruths based on proofs for understanding our origins and our purpose andgoals in this life and the Next Life.

Priests Embracing Islam14May I suggest to the seeker of truth do the following NINE STEPS topurification of the heart?1-Clean - your mind, your heart & soul - remove all prejudices & biases.2-Thank God - for what you have - every moment of every day.3-Read - a good translation of the meaning of the Noble Quran ect on the meanings & consider the bounties of your Lord.5-Seek - Forgiveness From God & Learn to Forgive others.6-Ask - in your heart for Guidance from Above.7-Open - your heart and mind.8-Continue - to do this up for a few months. And be regular in it.9-Avoid - the poison of evil while your heart is opening for the "rebirth ofyour soul."Remember -Clean;Thank;Read;ReflectThen "Seek, and ye shall find. Ask, and it shall be given thee. Knock,"Then Continue & Avoid.The rest is between you and the Almighty Lord of the Universe. If you trulylove Him, then He already Knows it and He will deal with each of usaccording to our hearts.[ANSWERS TO QUESTIONSNow as I promised here are the answers to the questions many have askedme connected with my choice of Islam:1. "How could you have turned your back on the perfect plan ofsalvation of Jesus Christ on the cross for you sins?"Answer: Your question implies you have not considered the similarities andteachings of the Bible and the Quran."ISLAM" means - "Surrender, submit and obey your Lord in sincerity andpeace." Whoever is trying to do this, is a "MUSLIM." If someone believes in

Priests Embracing Islam15Almighty God as One God and One Lord and wants to commit their life toserving Him and obeying His Commandments, then that person will be inthe right way and they will be "saved" according to God's Mercy. No onecan take the sins of another and the guilty must stand accused for what theyhave done. It will be up to Almighty God to Forgive or Punish according toHis Judgment on that Day.According to the remains of the translations of the Bible Jesus, peace beupon him, did not preach a message of salvation by worshipping him. Thiswas something added later by Saul (who later became Paul). We find clearstatements indicating salvation would come only through acknowledgingAlmighty God as One God and worshipping Him with all the heart, mindand strength. Jesus, peace be upon him, taught his followers to worship "MyGod and your God, My Lord and your Lord."Again, according to the remains of the English translation of the Bible, wesee the one on the cross crying out a very blasphemous statement, "Eli! Eli!Lama sabachthani?" (Which being translated means, "My God! My God!Why have you forsaken me?") This statement on the cross clearly indicatesthe one on the cross is not pleased with the situation nor does he consider itright or just. Therefore, one would have to conclude this was not somethingJesus approved of nor did he accept, or else someone else was on the crossin his place. Either way you look at it, the one on the cross did not acceptthis as a plan of salvation.The Quran is absolutely in agreement with these teachings and Muslims doworship the same God and Lord of Jesus, Moses, Abraham and Adam, peacebe upon them all. The Quran states in many places, no one will be taken totask for the sins of another, nor can anyone carry the burden of another. Wewill all be on our own on that Day. And I ask Allah to have Mercy andForgiveness for all those who believe in Him, ameen.I consider that I have not left the teachings of Jesus Christ, peace be uponhim. On the contrary, I feel much closer to Jesus, peace be upon him, and Ilook forward to His return on earth more than ever before. Now I amworshipping the same God he worships and I serve the same Lord he serves,in the very same way he does. Jesus prayed to Almighty God and taught hisfollowers to do the same. I am simply doing what he commanded to the bestof my ability and ask Almighty God to accept it.

Priests Embracing Islam162. "Do you consider you were really "saved" and that you hadin fact, been "born again?"Answer: The Baptists have a statement, "Once saved, always saved." Iasked one of them about this and he agreed it was true. Then I mentioned atone time I had become a Baptist (in my teen years) but now I was a Muslim.I had also been "saved" and baptized at the age of 12. I had accepted thevery statement of Jesus being the way, the light and the truth and no mancoming on to the Father except by him. I understood these statements tomean I must follow Jesus and his teachings. Therefo

Judaism, Buddhism, Metaphysics, native American beliefs were all a part of my studies. Just about the only one that I did not look into seriously was "Islam". Why? Good question. Music.Minister Anyway, I became very interested in different types of music, especially Gospel and Classical. Because my whole family was religious and musical it