PREDICTABLEPerformanceThese partnerships provide pre-engineered, pre-fittedfixtures and components that integrate, work with, orcomplement Armstrong Ceiling Systems.Our mission is to make it easier for architects, designers, andcontractors, who are increasingly being asked to design andinstall integrated ceilings, to find, specify, and build compatiblehigh-performance components for their ceiling layoutswith Ceiling System withintegrated lighting, diffusers, andsprinkler connections. Fermilab OfficeAIRDIFFUSERSSOUNDMASKINGCHILLED BEAMSLIGHTING &FIXTURESSPRINKLERCONNECTIONSSHADES




SOUND. THAT WORKS. Cover the ABCs of effective acoustics by ensuring your spacehas the ambient sound level needed for speech privacy,noise control and occupant comfort. Small, computer-tuned zones provide consistent, comfortable and effective sound masking Networked architecture maximizes control and easily scales for spaces of all sizes Designed for installation without ceiling cut-throughsCOMPLEMENT OVERVIEW:All Armstrong Ceiling Panels and Spaces6logison.comPARTNER RELATEDPRODUCT LINE: LogiSon Sound Masking

DIFFUSERS AND CHILLED BEAMSIndustry leader in air distribution solutions, which perfectly complement theinterior aesthetic, while ensuring optimal thermal comfort in occupied spaces. Customizable, quality products meet any architectural requirement Strict engineered approach and decades of experience result in tested and proven solutions Custom finishes allow for a seamless blend with architectural features Quick-build optionsINTEGRATION OVERVIEW:TechZone Ceiling Systems and DESIGNFlex Ceiling SystemsPARTNER RELATEDPRODUCT LINE: 4" & 6" Systems SHP Seriespriceindustries.com7

ON-THE-GRID LINEAR & DOWNLIGHTINGRedefining the way luminaires interface with the ceilinggrid through innovative on-the-grid mounting techniques. Easy on-the-grid installation and made-to-order ceiling tiles tohelp reduce installation costs Ultra-shallow form factor Flanges for supporting acoustical ceiling tiles Light guide optical system providing comfortable,low glare illuminationINTEGRATION OVERVIEW:15/16" & 9/16" Suspension Systems8aronlighting.comPARTNER RELATEDPRODUCT LINE: DUO T-BAR ACE T-BAR EDGE T-BAR QUAD T-BAR

LINEAR LIGHTINGSeamlessly integrate linear light fixtures usingIntegrated Light Connection Clips that suspendlights directly from the suspension system. Low-profile, pre-engineered light fixture offers a flush, sleek visual Length and width of lights are designed to coordinate with WoodWorks panelsINTEGRATION OVERVIEW:WoodWorks Grille, Grille Tegular, Linear Solid Wood, and Linear Veneered panelsPARTNER RELATEDPRODUCT LINE: CHIARObacklightsrl.com9

MINIMALISTICLINEAR LIGHTINGThe only lighting product that is designed, approved, and patentedto replace the cross members in a suspended grid ceiling system. No plenum occupancy Improve acoustics and optimize ceiling light reflectance Reduce and save with tool-free installationINTEGRATION OVERVIEW:15/16" & 9/16" Suspension Systems, DESIGNFlex Ceiling Systems,WoodWorks Grille Tegular, Ultima , Calla , Optima , and Lyra Vector 10jlc-tech.comPARTNER RELATEDPRODUCT LINE: T-BAR LED T-BAR FLEX

LINEAR LIGHTINGImpart a glowing elegance and bring harmonyto interior spaces. Ease of specification and installation Various lens options: recessed, flush, or pop-down toadd visual interest to the ceiling plane Design flexibility with multiple lengths, color temperatures,and lumen output options Optimized to provide high performance and visual comfortINTEGRATION OVERVIEW:TechZone Ceiling SystemsPARTNER RELATEDPRODUCT LINE: Avenue Seemfocalpointlights.com11

LINEAR AND COVE LIGHTINGArchitecturally sensitive, high-performance, energy-effectiveluminaires for general, ambient, task, and architectural applicationsin commercial and institutional spaces. Click – install-from-below zero-plenum LED luminaire system CovePerfekt – foolproof keyed mounting, up to 90% less labor Sculpt Geometrix – uniquely shaped lighting elements for creative ceiling designsINTEGRATION OVERVIEW:Axiom Direct Light Coves, Axiom Indirect, Field, and Light Ledge Coves, ACT & Drywall LinearLighting, TechZone Ceiling Systems, and DESIGNFlex Ceiling Systems12focalpointlights.comPARTNER RELATEDPRODUCT LINE: Click Cove Perfekt SCULPT Geometrix

LINEAR ANDCOVE LIGHTINGCreate inspiring on-center continuous or non-continuouslayouts that provide clean, modern aesthetics you’ll love. LENO LED light fixture installs from below to eliminate ceiling re-work Plug-and-play modular electrical wiring system Thin design for zero plenum applications with minimum clearance above ceilingINTEGRATION OVERVIEW:Axiom Direct Light Coves, ACT & Drywall Linear Lighting, TechZone Ceiling Systems,WoodWorks Grille, Grille Tegular, Linear Solid Wood, and Linear Veneered panelsPARTNER RELATEDPRODUCT LINE: LENO MOVE IT PANO Low-Profile13xalusa.com13

DOWNLIGHTINGLighting and architecture perfectly integrated intothe ceiling to deliver your vision of symmetry. Seamlessly integrate recessed downlights Eliminate the need for independent support of fixtures or modificationof the suspension system Full family of downlight, adjustable and wall wash optionsINTEGRATION OVERVIEW:Intersection Downlighting, Trimless Centered Recessed Downlighting, TechZone Ceiling Systems, WoodWorks Grille, Grille Tegular, Linear Solid Wood,and Linear Solid Wood Downlighting solutions14usalighting.comPARTNER RELATED PRODUCT LINE: BeveLED Mini for WoodWorks BeveLED 2.2 for WoodWorks BeveLED CONNECT Micro for WoodWorks

COVE LIGHTINGCove lighting system for perfect color, perfectbeam, and perfect alignment every time. Ideal for interior task and cove lighting for corporate,hospitality, and retail applications Integral power housing drops quickly into place withplug and play connections Cove’s architectural key-way means perfect alignmentand light distributionINTEGRATION OVERVIEW:Axiom Indirect, Field, and Light Ledge CovesPARTNER RELATEDPRODUCT LINE: ZipWave 707vode.com15

NATURAL LIGHTINGBring a visual connection to nature with Luminous SkyCeilingsand enhance the occupant wellness experience withmultisensory virtual skylights. Easy-to-install modular system: seamlessly integrates LED lighting, image panels,and architectural reveals into a single, integrated solution The sky is the limit: highest quality, proprietary image library in the business Custom design: create one-of-a-kind, virtual skylights for a signature installationINTEGRATION OVERVIEW:15/16" & 9/16" Suspension Systems, Axiom Classic, and Formations Clouds16skyfactory.comPARTNER RELATEDPRODUCT LINE: Luminous SkyCeilings INFINITY SkyCeilings

SPRINKLER CONNECTIONSRapid installation, simple relocation, feasible retrofitting andsystem versatility for all commercial suspended ceiling applications. Flexible systems meet fire protection standards Require less installation time vs. hard pipe armovers Reduce construction schedules to allow for rapid building occupancyINTEGRATION OVERVIEW:TechZone Ceiling SystemsPARTNER RELATEDPRODUCT LINE: Flexible Fire SprinklerConnectionsflexhead.com17

PARTNER MATRIXCove Perfekt, Click,SCULPT Geometrix FlexHead TechZone; FlexHeadADO; FlexHead MPT; SuperFlexw/ SLT TechnologyIntersection DownlightingShaped Fixtures(DESIGNFlex)Sound MaskingSprinkler ConnectionsChilled Beams Avenue B, Avenue 6,Seem 4-LP, Seem 6 T-Bar LED Cross Tee Light Sivoia QS Roller Shades100/150/300 SDS (Linear Slot Diffuser),SPD, SCD, SMD(Square Diffusers), SHP(Shaped Diffusers) LogiSon Sound Masking System Luminous & INFINITY SkyCeilingsInfinium SquareDownlight (6") BeveLED CONNECT;BeveLED Mini & BeveLED 2.2for WoodWorks ;Micro for WoodWorks ZipWave 70718Air Diffusers CHIAROLENO, PANOBuilding PerimeterShade Pockets Natural Lighting TechZone Ceiling SystemsLinear LightingDUO; EDGE; ACE; QUADDownlightingIndirect Light CovesDirect Light CovesPartnerFamily / Line(s)See how these partners fit into our integrated ceiling solutions, making specification and installation easy.


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Eliminate the need for independent support of fixtures or modification of the suspension system Full family of downlight, adjustable and wall wash options INTEGRATION OVERVIEW: Intersection Downlighting, Trimless Centered Recessed Downlighting, TechZone Ceiling Systems, WoodWorks Grille, Grille Tegular, Linear Solid Wood,