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Oracle Siebel CRM On DemandIntegration Pack for JD EdwardsEnterpriseOne (Opportunity to Cash)Note.2Introduction.4Challenges of integrations.4Service Oriented Architecture.4Web Service Gateway.5Oracle Business Process Execution Language.5Key Benefits.6Pre-Requirements.6Opportunity to Cash Integration Pack Features.6Product Data Synchronization Assumptions.6Customer Data Integration.7How Does the Integration Work? .7Customer 360 View.9Opportunity to Cash Integration Pack Flow.9Opportunity to Cash Integration Pack Business Process and Design.10Summary .12Page 3

INTRODUCTIONThe Opportunity to Cash Integration Pack creates a seamless front and back office user experienceby connecting Oracle Siebel CRM On Demand with the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Suite at thedata, business process, and user interface levels. Leveraging the best practices and methodology ofService Oriented Architecture, this pre-built integration combines the ease of use and rapiddeployment capabilities and can be further extended to meet the unique requirements of the yourorganization.This white paper will discuss the challenges of Oracle Siebel CRM On Demand integrationdevelopment with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and how these challenges can be mitigated with AMXInternational’s pre-built Opportunity to Cash Integration Pack solution. It will outline how AMXInternational delivers Integration Solutions; all powered by Service Oriented Architecture, OracleFusion Middleware and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne tools.By using key SOA principles, companies can more quickly and easily integrate Oracle Siebel CRMOn Demand with applications into more valuable and flexible processes that can evolve with thebusiness. It will also cover the technical details of the Opportunity to Cash Integration Solution.CHALLENGES OF INTEGRATIONThousands of companies are turning to Service Oriented Architecture to solve some of their biggestIT problems: integrating internal applications, reaching out to external partners, and supportingstrategic business transformation.JD Edwards EnterpriseOne customers are also vulnerable to the same concerns. Many of theseconcerns are related to how JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Suite could expose its data to other systemswithout losing its powerful business rules and flows, constraints, security and error handling features.The Service Oriented Architecture is an excellent approach to overcome these integrationslimitations. By leveraging the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Web Service Gateway feature, standardand custom business functions, database tables, and list of values can be exposed to any externalsystem as a web service.SERVICE ORIENTED ARCHITECTUREService Oriented Architecture is an architectural style that guides all aspects of creating and usingbusiness processes, packaged as services, throughout their lifecycle, as well as defining andprovisioning the IT infrastructure that allows different applications to exchange data and participatein business processes loosely coupled from the operating systems and programming languagesunderlying those applications.SOA represents a model in which functionality is decomposed into small, distinct units (services),which can be distributed over a network and can be combined together and reused to create businessapplications. These services communicate with each other by passing data from one service toanother, or by coordinating an activity between two or more services.SOA major key principles are compliance to standards (both common and industry-specific),reusability, granularity, modularity, componentization and interoperability.Page 4

WEB SERVICE GATEWAYWeb Service Gateway is a framework that facilitates web services and basic integration capabilities. Itis not a general integration hub, but a tool that produces and consumes JD Edwards EnterpriseOneservices. Using WSG customers perform point-to-point integrations from one JD EdwardsEnterpriseOne application to another, or from a JD Edwards EnterpriseOne application to any otherproduct. WSG also provides the runtime for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and JD Edwards WorldIntegration Points (formerly known as XBPs). Following are some of the WSG features: Supports complex data structures by exposing service level interfaces, also known as IntegrationPoints (such as ProcessSalesOrder), instead of the more granular business functions. Uses a graphical mapping tool that allows business logic to coordinate the granular businessfunction calls into a single transaction. It also includes a rich vocabulary of the most commontransform services, as well as support for EnterpriseOne-specific data transforms and crossreferencing services. Provides a service enablement tool to easily create web service interfaces described using WSDL.This tool invokes using SOAP over HTTP. It can also consume an external web service. Offers JD Edwards adapter to access to all established EnterpriseOne public interfaces likebusiness functions, database operations for queries and for updates to staging tables, real timeevents, and XAPI events (such as asynchronous request responses from EnterpriseOne). Supplies a transport protocol to support multiple protocols and transports for externalcommunication. The protocols are not limited to SOAP over HTTP, but also include XML overHTTP and HTTPS, FTP, e-mail, and JMS. Supports error handling and authentication.ORACLE BUSINESS PROCESS EXECUTION LANGUAGEOracle BPEL Process Manager provides a comprehensive, standards-based and easy to use solutionfor creating, deploying, and managing cross-application business processes with both automated andhuman workflow steps. Oracle BPEL Process Manager provides the orchestration aspects fordevelopment.With Oracle BPEL the state of long-running flows is automatically maintained in a database,ensuring that business processes can scale across multiple systems and that the processes cancontinue with no loss of process status or underlying data if an underlying system is disrupted.Oracle BPEL Process Manager features a graphical and user-friendly Process Designer, a Web-basedConsole for management, administration, and debugging of deployed processes, making it easier fordevelopers to modify and extend process integration packs.Page 5

KEY BENEFITSWith the Oracle Siebel CRM On Demand Integration Pack for JD Edwards EnterpriseOneOpportunity to Cash, your sales representatives will have a true 360 degree view of your customers,gaining better customer insight, resulting in more effective customer interactions, and productivity byproviding consistent user interface for front and back-office information, increasing efficiency andeffectiveness by reducing errors and re-work, and allowing sales agents to spend more time withcustomers.When sales people need to create a new customer record or sales orders during their day-to-dayactivities, the Siebel CRM On Demand Opportunity to Cash Integration Pack allows these newrecords to be synchronized between the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Suite and Oracle Siebel CRMOn Demand in real time. It consolidates your customer, contact and product information.PRE-REQUIREMENTSJD Edwards EnterpriseOne SuiteJD Edwards EnterpriseOne toolset 8.95, 8.96, or 8.97Oracle Siebel CRM On DemandWeb Service Gateway installed and configured (Server, adapters and drivers)Oracle Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) installed and configuredOPPORTUNITY TO CASH INTEGRATION PACK FEATURESThe Opportunity to Cash Integration Pack allows sales representatives to generate sales orders fromopportunity records created in Oracle Siebel CRM On Demand into JD Edwards EnterpriseOneSuite with a simple click action. It ensures consistent data across all applications by synchronizingcustomer, address, products, quotes and sales order information. The Integration Pack also comeswith the ability to generate quote reports.Requires minimal IT resource and maintenance and all theses processes are performed in realexecution time.PRODUCT DATA SYNCHRONIZATION ASSUMPTIONSThe Siebel CRM On Demand Product Catalog and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Suite Item Masterare expected to be synchronized to enable the Oracle Siebel CRM On Demand opportunity productlines to be passed to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Suite quoting. Product data are initially loaded intoSiebel CRM On Demand using a bulk load. Subsequent changes or product additions in JD EdwardsEnterpriseOne Suite are synchronized with Oracle Siebel CRM On Demand. All productinformation is maintained within JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Suite and synchronized with OracleSiebel CRM On Demand.Page 6

CUSTOMER DATA INTEGRATIONAfter the initial load of the Customer Data from JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Suite into Oracle SiebelCRM On Demand is complete, the customer records that exist in both applications aresynchronized, so that data integrity is maintained. Customer data is synchronized whenever anexisting customer record that exists in both applications is changed or when a new customer recordis created in Oracle Siebel CRM On Demand.HOW DOES THE INTEGRATION WORK?When an Opportunity is created and becomes possible sales. A sales representative will click in theCreate JDE Quote checkbox and the BPEL integration process is initialized. He or she also cangenerate a pre-quote report by clicking in the View Report link.Oracle Siebel CRM On Demand Opportunities Tab Create JDE Quote checkbox fieldOracle Siebel CRM On Demand Opportunities Tab View ReportThe BPEL integration process will send over to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Suite all relevant datafrom the opportunity such as customer, address, products, prices, and discount among others tocreate a quote.Page 7

In JD Edwards Enterprise One Suite the sales department will analyze financial requirements andinventory data, add any changes or new information, and move the quote eventually to a sales orderstage.JD Edwards EnterpriseOneWith the sales order number and type, the BPEL integration process will return back and update thesales data into the specific Oracle Siebel CRM On Demand opportunity.Page 8

CUSTOMER 360 VIEWIn Oracle Siebel CRM On Demand sales representatives will be able to access all quotes, quote lists,sales order having a true Customer 360 view of all processes. This functionality will be providedthrough a link in Oracle Siebel CRM On Demand to a JD Edwards EnterpriseOne custom screen.OPPORTUNITY TO CASH INTEGRATION PACK FLOWSQuoteProductsPage 9


Graphical Development of Business Processes in BPELPage 11

- Initial data load from JD Edwards EnterpriseOne into Oracle Siebel CRM On Demand forProducts and Descriptions.- Initial data load from JD Edwards EnterpriseOne into Oracle Siebel CRM On Demand forCustomer and Contacts.- The BPEL Integration Process waits for quotes to be created into JD Edwards Enterprise OneSuite.- The BPEL Integration Process synchronizes or creates new customer and address data into JDEdwards Enterprise One.- The BPEL Integration Process updates quote status into Oracle Siebel CRM On Demand.- The BPEL Integration Process waits for sales order number and type from JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.- The BPEL Integration Process returns sales data to Oracle Siebel CRM On Demand.SUMMARYLeveraging AMX’s experience and well-known knowledge in Oracle Siebel CRM On Demand andJD Edwards, the AMX’s Opportunity to Cash Integration Pack provides everything you need toimplement sustainable integrations between Oracle Siebel CRM On Demand and JD EdwardsEnterpriseOne Suite. By utilizing best practices AMX delivers an adaptable end-to-end solutiongiving you faster time to market and faster time to revenue. For more information on how the OracleSiebel CRM On Demand Integration Pack for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Integration can simplifyyour business, contact your AMX Sales Representative or visit www.amxinc.comPage 12

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by connecting Oracle Siebel CRM On Demand with the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Suite at the data, business process, and user interface levels. Leveraging the best pract ices and methodology of Service Oriented Architecture, this pre-built integration combines the ease of use and rapid