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Get moreout of your life insuranceAt John Hancock, we want to help you live a longer,healthier life. It’s why we introduced John HancockVitality, a new kind of life insurance that protectsyour financial future while offering significantsavings and rewards for living healthy.Whether you enjoy healthy living todayor simply aspire to live healthier, thereare two versions of the John HancockVitality Program to support youalong the way:1Vitality GOand Vitality PLUSINSURANCE PRODUCTS:Not FDIC InsuredNot a DepositNot Bank GuaranteedMay Lose ValueNot Insured by Any Federal Government Agency

Vitality GOHealthy living tips, resources,and rewards to get you goingYou can experience the John Hancock Vitality Program and live healthierwith Vitality GO. That’s because this basic “be healthy” version of theprogram is included on all our products – at no additional cost. DiscountsWith Vitality GO, you can win 10 off a purchase of 20 or more for your healthy achievements. Healthy Gear Discounts from REIGet a 15% discount on electronic gift cards from Vitality to purchaseoutdoor gear from REI.2 Wearable Device DiscountsGet a 25%-40% discount on selected fitness devices from Fitbit , Polar,or Garmin. You can also link these devices to your Vitality account toautomatically earn Vitality Points. Tufts Health & Nutrition Letter and Live More MagazineYou’ll receive complimentary access to the Tufts Health & Nutrition Letter,a publication dedicated to helping people live healthier, longer. You’ll alsoreceive online access to Live More magazine, an exclusive publication forJohn Hancock Vitality members.We’re so sure you’ll enjoy the Vitality GOexperience, you can upgrade to VitalityPLUS at any point in the first 25 months.You can even transfer your Vitality GO Status and Pointsto Vitality PLUS and earn annual premium savings of upto 15%, along with other great rewards and discounts.Vitality GO is not available with policies issued in New York, Washington & Puerto Rico.JOHN HANCOCK VITALIT Y1

Vitality PLUSEnjoy significant premium savingsand rewards for living healthy!You can add Vitality PLUS to your policy for as little as 2.00 a month3 andenjoy all the benefits of the John Hancock Vitality Program, including: Up to 15% in annual premium savings   The opportunity to earn an Apple Watch4Series 5 or Series 3for as little as 255 by exercising regularly or get a complimentaryFitbit device A one-year Amazon Prime membership when you reachPlatinum status three years in a row Up to 600 in annual savings on the healthy food you buy Exclusive discounts at more than 350,000 eligible properties6around the world with   Entertainment and shopping discounts from name brandslike, REI, Starbucks, and more   A free subscription to Headspace , a top-rated meditation app   An easy-to-use app and website with health-related resources, including the Tufts Health & Nutrition Letter, LiveMore magazine, webinars, and financial fitness tipsVitality PLUS members take anaverage of 9,323 steps per day,8compared to 5,000 steps for theaverage American.92JOHN HANCOCK VITALIT Y7

Celebrate healthy living with rewardsand discountsAfter registering forthe program and completing the VitalityHealth Review (VHR), you can order anApple Watch Series 5 or Series 3 for aslittle as 25. Over the next 24 months,you’ll make small monthly paymentsbased on the number of qualifyingworkouts completed. Earn500 Vitality Points fromStandard or Advancedworkouts and you’ll paynothing for that month!5Complimentary Fitbit &Wearable Device DiscountsExclusive Discountsfrom Hotels.comYou can also get a complimentaryFitbit device instead of Apple Watchwhen you become a member. Or ifyou prefer a different wearable device,you can earn a 25%-40% discount onanother style of Fitbit, Polar, or Garmin.You can earn discounts of upto 50% at more than 350,000eligible properties around theworld with And thehigher your Vitality Status, themore you can save.Amazon Prime MembershipHealthyMind BenefitHealthyFood BenefitEnjoy a one-year Amazon Primemembership when you reach Platinumstatus three years in a row. Primemembers get FREE fast shippingfor eligible purchases, streaming ofmovies, TV shows and music, exclusiveshopping deals and selection, unlimitedreading, and more.You’ll be rewarded for taking the 30-daysleep challenge and meditating aslittle as 10 minutes a day. Earn VitalityPoints, manage stress and live healthy.You also get a free subscription toHeadspace,7 a top-rated meditationapp with millions of users in more than190 countries.10Your healthy food choices cansave you up to 600 a year (or 50 a month) — at 16,000 storesnationwide, including Walmart and70 NutriSavings grocery chains. Getaccess to helpful nutrition tips andthe Tufts Health & Nutrition Letter.6Shopping & EntertainmentHealthy Gear DiscountsFree Health CheckYou’ll be rewarded for your healthysuccesses with gift cards, movietickets, and other prizes. The moreyou accomplish, the more opportunitiesyou’ll have to earn rewards from theseand other leading retailers.Earn a 25% discount on electronicgift cards from Vitality to purchaseoutdoor gear at REI. From backpackingto cycling to staying in shape, REI hasthe equipment you need to take yourtraining to the next level.2Monitor your health with a freescreening and personalizedreport from Quest Diagnostics. You can visit one of 2,200 PatientService Centers nationwide. We’llautomatically record your results,allowing you to earn even moreVitality Points.If you have a John Hancock Term with Vitality policy with a face amount less than 2,000,000, you are only eligible to earn an Apple Watch or get a complimentary Fitbit device,wearable device discount, a 10% HealthyFood discount, the HealthyMind benefit, the free subscription to Headspace, a 15% healthy gear discount, shopping and entertainmentdiscounts, and a free health check in the first program year only.JOHN HANCOCK VITALIT Y3

Small changes make a big differencewith Vitality GO and Vitality PLUSIt’s easy to achieve your healthy goals with John Hancock Vitality. That’sbecause small changes make a big difference when it comes to your overallhealth. It’s as simple as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, choosing ahealthy snack, or finding a few minutes to meditate each day.IT’S EASY AND FUNEarn Vitality PointsYou’ll earn Vitality Points for the everyday things youdo to be healthy, like walking, exercising, or buyinghealthy food.Achieve a Vitality StatusEach year, the number of Vitality Points you accumulatewill determine your Vitality Status (Bronze, Silver,Gold, or Platinum).Get rewardedThe higher your Vitality Status, the greater yourrewards and discounts.Vitality members have earned morethan 275,000 rewards, valued atover 2.7 million.84JOHN HANCOCK VITALIT Y

Two great John Hancock Vitality Programoptions to choose from!Vitality Rewards and DiscountsVitality GOVitality PLUSCOMPLIMENTARY 2 PER MONTH 315%25%Annual Premium SavingsSave up to 15% on your annual life insurance premium4Apple Watch Series 5 or Series 3Earn Apple Watch for as little as 25 by exercising regularlyFree Fitbit DeviceFitness Device Discount (Fitbit, Garmin, Polar) Gift DiscountsAmazon Prime Membership12Shopping and Entertainment Gift CardsHealthy Gear DiscountsFree Health CheckHealthyFood BenefitUp to 600 in annual savings at the grocery store25%HealthyFood Benefit – Vitality PointsHealthyMind Benefit – Vitality PointsFree Subscription to HeadspaceFree Subscription to Tufts Health & Nutrition LetterFree Subscription to Live More MagazineDIGITALVitality SquaresJOHN HANCOCK VITALIT Y5

It’s easy to get started!Follow Bob through his first year with theJohn Hancock Vitality PLUS Program.46Bob, 43, buys John HancockVitality PLUS life insurancebecause he wants toprotect his family and likesthe idea of being rewardedfor healthy living.Bob’s application is approvedand he receives a WelcomeKit from John Hancock.GOLDCongratulations!Bob has reachedGold Status!Bob gets a great discountfrom and takeshis family away for a surpriselong weekend.6JOHN HANCOCK VITALIT YBob completes his onlineVitality Health Review andhas a Vitality Age of 46.Bob manages stress bymeditating regularly usinghis free subscription toHeadspace.

SILVER3,000Bob’s underwriting informationis uploaded and he earns3,000 points for having goodbiometric results.Bob orders his AppleWatch for an initialpayment of 25.Bob starts walkingmore and quicklyreaches a SilverStatus!With the HealthyFoodbenefit, Bob saves 100at the grocery store.Bob is notified by emailwhen he earns points forworking out.He joins a local gym and trackshis activities with the Vitalitymobile app.43Bob finishes the year 10 poundslighter and with a reducedVitality Age of 43. By achievingGold Status, he’s also earnedpremium savings and rewardsfor the year ahead.JOHN HANCOCK VITALIT Y7

Two great companies,delivering value for youAbout VitalityTo help in your pursuit of a longer, healthier life, John Hancock isworking with Vitality, the global leader in integrating wellness benefitswith life insurance products. Vitality has an established track record ofcreating interactive, personalized programs that make a real differenceto people’s health. Millions of Vitality members worldwide use theironline tools to identify and track health and lifestyle goals and earnrewards along the way.Strength. Stability. John Hancock.John Hancock is among the highest-rated companies for financial strengthand stability as demonstrated by its A rating from A.M. Best.* Financialstrength ratings are a comprehensive measure of a company’s financialstrength and stability, and are important as they reflect a life insurancecompany’s ability to pay claims in the future. With over 155 years ofexperience, John Hancock offers clients a diverse range of insuranceproducts and services through its extensive network of employees, agents,and distribution partners. For more information on this or other lifeinsurance products, please contact your insurance agent.*Second highest of 13 ratings (superior ability to meet ongoing insurance obligations). Financial strength rating is current as of September 30, 2019, is subject to change,and applies to John Hancock Life Insurance Company (U.S.A.) and John Hancock Life Insurance Company of New York as a measure of each company's financial ability topay claims and to honor any guarantees provided by the contract and any applicable optional riders. These companies have also received additional financial strength ratings from other rating agencies. Financial strength ratings are not an assessment, recommendation, or guarantee of specific products and their investment returns or value,do not apply to individual securities held in any portfolio or the practices of an insurance company, and do not apply to the safety and performance of separate accounts.48JOHN HANCOCK VITALIT Y

To get started earning rewards and savings,visit Insurance policies and/or associated riders and features may not be available in all states.2. REI is not affiliated with the John Hancock Vitality Program. REI does not sponsor, endorse or have any responsibility for this promotion.3. For John Hancock Protection Term with the optional Vitality rider, the cost for Vitality PLUS is 3% of your annual premium. For survivorship policies thecharge is 4.00 a month.4. Please consult your financial representative as to how premium savings may affect the policy you purchase. Premium savings are in comparison to thesame John Hancock policy without the Vitality program. Annual premium savings will vary based upon policy type, the terms of the policy, and the level of theinsured’s participation in the John Hancock Vitality program.5. Apple Watch program is not available in New York or Puerto Rico. Apple Watches ordered through John Hancock Vitality may not be shipped to addresses inGuam. Once you become a Vitality PLUS member and complete the Vitality Health Review (VHR), you can order Apple Watch by electronically signing, at checkout,a Retail Installment Agreement with the Vitality Group, for the retail price of the watch. After an initial payment of 25 plus tax, over the next two years, monthlyout of pocket payments are based on the number of Standard Workouts (10,000 to 14,999 steps) and Advanced Workouts (15,000 steps) or the applicable ActiveCalorie thresholds. The step counts required for Standard and Advanced Workouts are reduced for members beginning at age 71 . One-time upgrade fees plustaxes apply if you choose (GPS Cellular) versions of Apple Watch, larger watch case sizes, certain bands and case materials. For more information, please Apple is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion. Apple Watch is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. All rights reserved.6. The HealthyFood benefit is available on qualifying purchases in the first year in the Vitality Program. In subsequent years HealthyFood savings apply tomembers who earn Gold or Platinum Status in the Vitality Program.7. The meditation portion of the program is compatible with apps such as Breathe, Buddhify, Calm and Headspace.8. Based on John Hancock Vitality member experience since inception in US, April 2015.9., Here’s how much the average American walks every day, July 2015, accessed from: rage-american-walks-every-day-2015-7. 13.10. Based on internal data from, About Us, accessed from: Restrictions apply, see Available to Vitality members who have reached Platinum Status for 3 consecutive program years.The life insurance policy describes coverage under the policy, exclusions and limitations, what you must do to keep your policy inforce, and what would causeyour policy to be discontinued. Please contact your licensed agent or John Hancock for more information, costs, and complete details on coverage.Vitality Rewards may vary based on the type of insurance policy purchased for the insured.Rewards and discounts are subject to change and are not guaranteed to remain the same for the life of the policy.For the purposes of this guide it is assumed that you are both the policy owner and the life insured. If you are not both the policy owner and the life insured, the discounts,rewards, and Fitbit will be provided only to the life insured to encourage participation in the program. Status is attained based on the actions of the life insured only.Vitality is the provider of the John Hancock Vitality Program in connection with your life insurance policy.Insurance products issued by: John Hancock Life Insurance Company (U.S.A.), Boston, MA 02116.MLI101119107

Life insurance that rewards healthy living PROGRAM OVERVIEW. Get more out of your life insurance . Your healthy food choices can save you up to 600 a year (or 50 a month) — at 16,000 stores nationwide, including Walmart and . rewards, and Fitbit will be provided only to the life insured to encourage participation in the program. .