Visit EscondidoYear-End Report: July 2014 – June 2015Completing our second year of marketing efforts as a City entity on behalf of ourtourism and visitor-centric businesses and community, we’re excited by the responseand growth we’re experiencing in engaging guests and locals with everything thatEscondido has to offer!Our primary goal this year was to continue the consistency of our outreach to all of our stakeholders, solidifyingrelationships and encouraging them to be proactive in getting their news and events information to us. We havedefinitely seen a dynamic shift in the amount of incoming information, which helps offset the amount of time needed tocurate information.By steadily growing our presence, we’ve also seen a marked increase in the amount of editorial coverage and socialmedia engagement with our local businesses and our industry partners county and state wide. Visit Escondido hasdeveloped a comprehensive foundation to continue moving forward in its efforts to attract visitors, stimulate increasedspending for local businesses (by residents and visitors), and support the marketing efforts of tourism relatedbusinesses, organizations and events.The Visitors Center has become more readily visible and accessible through signage, GPS systems and referralsas more businesses become aware that it’s conveniently located downtown on Grand Avenue. Downtown hasexperienced some exciting new business openings and continues its progressive renaissance.This report serves to highlight our marketing efforts over the past fiscal year.Submitted by Katherine Zimmer, Tourism & Marketing Administrator.Visitors Center235 East Grand AveTue-Fri 10am-4pm760.839.4777VisitEscondido.comPanoramic view of the Visitors Center in the PD Storefront on Grand Avenue.We received great feedback and lots of social media sharing of the U-T San Diego article that ran inFebruary highlighting the Visitors Center and our services!“Hi Katherine!Did you know that Visit California News tweeted the recent U-T SanDiego article about you? I was so excited to see this! What a great article!!Thank you for all your hard work at Visit Escondido. You’re a truechampion for tourism and the City is lucky to have such a seasonedprofessional helping to promote Escondido.Travel matters to state and local economies and you continue to help bringthat to the forefront for the City of Escondido. Your passion for your workshines and Visit California appreciates your continued partnership andcollaboration.” Kelly Wells, Visit CaliforniaIndustry Relations Liaison, Orange County & San Diego

VISITORS CENTERThe Visitors Center at 235 E. Grand Avenue welcomed over 771 walk-in guestsrepresenting 39 states and 11 countries during its second year, almost doubling thenumber from last year. Call-in’s and email inquiries have significantly increased as well.Visitors typically ask for things to do, maps, dining suggestions, hiking locations and otheroutdoor activities, wineries/breweries, arts/theater, and public transportation information.Many of our guests enjoy showing up on our Facebook page so they can share theirexperience with family and friends!Approximately 25% of our guestsare locals and new residentscoming in to ask relocationquestions, learn about things todo and find specific businesses orservices.A family recentlyrelocated fromPortland and a fatherand son visiting fromLuxembourg.Volunteers“We received our packet withthe very helpful informationthank you so much! We areeagerly anticipating enjoyingEscondido. Have a wonderfulday!” Nomi R. (Lawrence, KS)A recent Facebook poll by Yahoo!Travel reports that “VisitorCenters, printed maps and rackcards remain in demand.” 95% ofresponders answered positively tothe question. “Does anyone stilluse rack card brochures. nowthat we have smart phones?”We utilized the assistance of four volunteers with a total of 397.5 work hours primarilyfocused on posting events to the website calendar and e-newsletter content.HOTEL OCCUPANCY & NEWSHotel Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) revenue at the end of Fiscal Year 2014/2015 increased by 8% compared to theprior fiscal year. There have been consistent increases of 7.2 - 9.8% annually for the past four fiscal years.Best Western reports: “2015 is shaping up to be one of the best years in recent history for the Best Western EscondidoHotel. A combination of recent renovations, great online reviews, and a busy summer season for visitors to Escondidohave produced a banner year. Monthly occupancy rates are up 3-9% over the previous year, along with a respectablegrowth in revenues.”New EconoLodge Inn & Suites: The former Howard Johnson motel on Washington and Centre City Pkwy was sold inlate 2014 and has been completely remodeled. The new owners retained most of the HJ staff, who are very happy to beserving guests at the renovated property.“Thanks for the help. We had a great timeand will definitely visit again in the future.” John T. & family from Tempe, AZNew Directional SignageSeveral new signs have been placed on roads leading into thedowntown area - Tulip St turning onto Valley Parkway; ValleyParkway going toward Second St; and Centre City Parkwayboth north and south bound.This signage has greatly improved the flow of visitors intohistoric downtown/Grand Avenue and to the Visitors Center.Page 2

DIGITAL continues to bring in excellent traffic and analytic stats. 1,582 events were posted to the calendar during this fiscal year 13 ongoing weekly events and 20 major annual events are maintainedin side navigation Unique visits, monthly average: 9,861 Page views, monthly average: 41,481 Featured Homepage “News” blog posts: 96 (avg 8/month)“We are tracking how people get to ourwebsite and 60 have come directly fromyour website in just 30 days! Thank you!!!Your business is really helping and Iwanted to thank you for it.” You-Uniquely yours, Cheri Kuptz, SpiritivityEnjoy Escondido! Monthly E-newsletterMailChimp distribution: Averages 1,601 subscribers monthly and has an average open rate of27.37%, which is well above the industry average of 10.6%. For the FY2014-15 period, 18,583 people were reached with 5,087unique opens. Each issue includes 5-7 featured news posts, about 30 of the top eventsfor that month, as well as 19 “ongoing” weekly events and an area mapat the bottom. Sample from June: addition to the primary distribution channel, the monthly Enews link is given to several stakeholders who send it outto their email lists, adding thousands of views: John Paul the Great Catholic University, Escondido Unified High SchoolDistrict, Hidden Valley Orthodontics, Escondido Friends Facebook page, Citywide employees, Visit Escondido socialmedia channels, and Welk Resort.Social MediaThis year has seen substantial organic and paid growth in our social media numbers with agreat deal of interactive engagement. We have begun to have a real impact and influence on ouraudience. In addition, we’re attending the San Diego Tourism Authority’s Social Media programwith workshops throughout the year which assist with trends, channels and functionality educationand face-to-face networking to build our regional presence.Facebook: “Likes” up over 100% (current 2,752: 2,548 people 205 businesses) Average 46 posts/month Average weekly total reach/all content: 28,346 Average weekly reach of page posts: 18,758Twitter: Followers are up 58% (currently 928 followers; 2,406 updates) Engagement amongst our primary stakeholders is very active.Increased Twitter engagemnent with majorstakeholders and partners.Page 3Produced by John Paul theGreat Catholic University- The Happy EscondidoYouTube video has beenviewed over 6,200 times!

Social Media continued - post highlightsWe have a great partnership with San Diego Fashion Weekfor their North County show.Boosted Facebook post reached over 15,300 people with 144 Likes,33 Shares, and 16 Comments.Twitter appreciation :-)Page 4

“DINE OUT ESCONDIDO!”Escondido Restaurant Week during CA Restaurant Month“Dine Out Escondido!” (DOE) continued its momentum with a second successful year.We changed it from a month-long program to the last week in January, which allowedus to avoid overlap with San Diego Restaurant Week and give our restaurant partnersa more focused advantage. 22 of our best restaurants participated and we expectthat to grow in 2016. Visit California continues to support our program by a providingstatewide online presence, marketing support and social media.PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS: 22 Restaurant Participants: 13 Downtown and 9 Around dedicated DOE webpage: 6,280 unique visitorsFacebook - VisitEscondido page: 64,814 total reach (organic paid) 138,773 total impressions associated with page 2 Successful FB Contests, 5 gift certificates and 5 sets of CCAE tix given as prizes Over 55 FB posts from restaurant participants and others, with many sharesU-T San Diego: 2 editorial Dedicated web page for Escondido’s participation in California Restaurant Month and two VisitCAFacebook posts specific to “Dine Out Escondido!”101 Things To Do San Diego: Promoted across all digital channels, per month reach: Website: 12,000; Newsletter: 3,000; Facebook: 7,000; Twitter: 13,400Enewsletters: Promoted in over 14 different eblasts with total reach of 65,000 Web calendars:,, 101ThingsToDoSW.comPrint Collateral: 50 posters; 5,000 flyers; and 3,000 table cardsTwitter: lots of tweets and retweets!FEEDBACK HIGHLIGHTS:“This is the kind of program Escondido really needs. Very well organized and valuable to our local economy.” Greg Provance, GM, Vintana Wine Dine“Surprisingly, participation included not only first time tourism visitors but a solid new local crowd!” Brianna Garcia, Marketing Manager, Offbeat Brewing Co.“Dine out Escondido was a success for us. We sold over 100 orders of our Steak and Shrimp dinner special. It was a great week and Ithank you for all your hard work.” Ray Alto, Jr., Jalapeño Grill & Cantina“Thank you for putting this program together. We were up 10% in sales and the marketing materials were great.” Dave Ihm, Area Director, On The Border“A fun community event! We sold 60 specials, drew some new guests and our staff loved it. The materials were very nice we likedthat they were colorful and tastefully done.” Alicia Watkins, GM, Escondido Brigantine“It was nice to see some new faces that may have not come in if not for the promotion. Thank you for all you do!” Suzanne Schaffner, Owner, EscoGelato“Thank you, Visit Escondido and the participating restaurants for organizing ‘Dine Out Escondido!’ again this year. It’is a wonderful wayto showcase and enjoy restaurants here in Escondido. I shared your Facebook postings with my Facebook friends and have had several couples choose Escondido restaurants for their dining out choice. One of the couples had never tried any of our lovely restaurantson Grand Avenue and now they have been there twice in the last several weeks!” Pam A., Escondido ResidentPage 5

PRINT COLLATERAL & DISPLAY MARKETINGNew Tourism Map:A Neighborhood Reinvestment Program (NRP)County grant for 5,000 was awarded to producea new area tourism map. 25,000 were printedand began county-wide distribution to over 400locations in September 2014 including San Diegohotels, airports, visitors centers, convention centerand many attractions.“We discovered Offbeat Brewing Co. fromyour visitor map and not only are we regularOBC customers, but we’ve grown our ownbusiness through our relationship with theGarcia’s we now have new venues for ourmobile food and catering services!” Bob Carpenter, Sunny Side KitchenIn addition to the full area map, the map includeshighlight maps of downtown, a wine/craft beer map, and a special biking routes guidealong with information about major annual eventsand the farmers’ markets schedules.The map is serving our visitors, businesses and locals well.A reprint is scheduled for October 2015.UPDATES ONMARKETING MATERIALSDowntown Dining GuideA stand-alone comprehensiveDining Guide is, at City Hall,stakeholder locations. The guideshopping, parks, art galleries,Center, SDCDM, Transit Center,information.and popular Downtownthrough the Visitors Center,local hotels, and many otherfeatures 36 restaurants,City Hall, CCAE, Historyand downtown parkingWinery and Craft BeerExperiences MapAn updated Winery and Craft Beer map rack card showcases 15 wineriesand 4 craft beer experiences. The wineries love it and it’s also available MarketsA rack card size brochure featuring our fourunique farmers’ markets helps promote allof them “at-a-glance.” Having four distinctivemarkets adds to the attractions and things todo that keep visitors here, enjoying an openair “locals” experience.Sports Park & Transit Center Signage:Limited plans are moving forward to updatethe signage at the Transit Center and addone new sign at the Ryan Park soccer field.We will continue to pursue additional signagefor Kit Carson Park.New Arts BrochureDiscussions are happening to create a new brochureto highlight Escondido Arts and feature the SecondSaturday Art Walk events. Certified Folder Display andseveral arts businesses are collaborating with VisitEscondido to produce the piece.“Thanks for all your hard work! Thewinery/brewery map is great. Cheers!” Aaron Calles, Owner, Plan 9AlehouseSeasonal Event FlyersSummer Camps & Activities, Fall/Holiday Events & ActivitiesThese consolidated seasonal event flyers are very popular online and with local residents.Light Gallery Display Cases: We continue to maintain the four display cases in front ofthe old Light Gallery building (Grand Ave at Kalmia), posting event flyers, posters, andVisit Escondido collateral.Page 6

VISITORS GUIDEDistribution of the first “This Is Escondido” Visitors Guide is underway. 15,000 copieswere printed through a North County printer. The guide is 60 pages and includescategories of What To Do, Where To Stay, Eat, and Shop, and Local Services. Theguide was produced by local publisher, Orange Book Directories and is designed toservice both visitors and locals.ADVERTISINGSan Diego Tourism Authority’s Official Visitor Planning GuideThe SDTA produces their bi-annual Guides through San Diego Magazine and wecontinue to have a strong presence in the North County Inland section. By placinga one-third page general brand ad consistently in each issue, our editorial coveragehas grown and the results are very positive for our stakeholders. We will startalternating the general brand ad with the wine and craft beer map ad next year.101 Things To Do - San Diego101 Things To Do is an excellent advertising partner. They provide an economicalinternet marketing avenue that gives us exceptional exposure through their website,social media, and eblast channels.Phoenix MagazineWe continue to leverage thePhoenix Magazine partnership with the San Diego TourismAuthority’s members ad space in two issues per year with afocused San Diego travel section - June and September. VisitEscondido continues to have astrong presence with a one-thirdpage ad with great placementvisibility. Circulation: 204,045active, affluent readers nationwide,primarily in the western region.San Diego CityBeatNew to our advertising efforts this year is the popularSan Diego CityBeat. “San Diego CityBeat is the leadingalternative news and entertainment weekly in America’sfinest city.” With a print circulation of over 44,000weekly and a substantial online and social mediapresence, our half page wine & craft beer map adshave been receiving excellent exposure.4L MagazineThrough a trade we were able topromote our wineries and craftbreweries in 4L Magazine this May “San Diego’s Premier Men’s Health,Fitness and Lifestyle Magazine” which has a print distribution of 40,000throughout the county and an onlinepresence.The Escondido MagazineVisit Escondido continues to be anEM partner by compiling the brandedquarterly Events Calendar, whichfeatures about 50 events over threemonths covered on 6-8 pages of eachissue. EM has a print circulation at15,000 plus online presence.Page 7

EDITORIAL HIGHLIGHTS Orange Coast Magazine: Full pageeditorial on EscondidoInterval World magazine: 5-page featureCBS8: Cordiano Winery, a slice of Italy inEscondido“Happy Escondido” video – over 6,200YouTube views worldwideSan Diego U-T article: Escondido maymean “hidden” - but not for San Diego’s HighlandValley Wine Trail Catching the Rhythm ofVisit San Diego’s Facebook campaign: #ExploreThe15the ValleyVisit San Diego’s Facebook promo: #ExploreThe15 - 15 Ways To ExploreThe Outdoors Along I-15 - included Orfila Vineyards & Winery, Daley Ranch,Palomar Observatory, Kit Carson Park, Bernardo Winery, Stone Brewing WorldBistro and Gardens, and Queen Califia’s Magical San Diego Gets Serious About WineEscondido Magazine: Spring issue featured all of Visit Escondido’s maps,including the cover image with the wine mapSan Diego Magazine: Best of North County featured Kettle Coffee & TeaNorth County Business Journal: Why North County’s Wine Industry IsGrowing Stronger (also featured Escondido winery photos and wine map)Desert Sun: Explore backroad charms of EscondidoPhoenix Magazine: Discover North County San DiegoEdible San Diego: Quarterly listing of our 4 Farmers’ MarketsNorth County Business Journal: How Connected Tourism Plays A Role InBoosting The North County EconomyNorth County Food: Michelin, It’s More Than Just A Tire - featuring FrenchMaster Chef Ponsaty from Bellamy’s RestaurantPacific San Diego: All Heart featuring Chef Jesse Paul andThe Wooden SpoonThe Culture Trip: Top Five Local Escondido Food And 50 Fun And Free Activities in San Diego featuring Queen Califia’s Magical CircleThe Culture Trip: One Tank Getaways: San Diego - featuring Welk ResortNETWORKING GROUPS, EVENTS & SPONSORSHIPSNetworking Groups, Events & Partners San Diego Professional Tour Guide Association: We hosted afamiliarization trip for 26 tour guides in April. The day-long tour include theCalifornia Center for the Arts, Escondido, downtown walking tour, lunchat Vinz Wine Bar, Queen Califia’s Magical Circle, Cordiano Winery, andDomaine Artefact Winery. Visit San Diego / SDTA San Diego Visitor Center Network SDZ Safari Park Guest Ambassadors Visit California San Diego Concierge Association San Diego Convention Center CorpSan Diego Professional Tour Guides on California Welcome Center, Oceansidean Escondido familiarization tour. City of Escondido: Recreation, Dixon Lake,Community Services, Special Events & Library Comite de Turismo y Convenciones de TijuanaSponsorships / Additional Marketing Exposure(COTUCO) California Concierge Symposium Escondido Chamber of Commerce San Diego Fashion Week at Harrah’s SoCal Escondido Downtown Business Association Cruisin’ Grand Escondido SDG&E 2nd Annual Zombie Food Truck Festival SDNEDC and Hops Highway advertising efforts The Wedge event in downtown Escondido Wine & Craft Beer orgs & events such as the San Diego Fashion Week San Diego at Harrah’s SoCal ResortCraft Beer Hospitality & Tourism Economic Summit Escondido Day at the San Diego County FairPage 8

media channels, and Welk Resort. Social Media This year has seen substantial organic and paid growth in our social media numbers with a great deal of interactive engagement. We have begun to have a real impact and influence on our audience. In addition, we're attending the San Diego Tourism Authority's Social Media program