STANFORD LAW SCHOOLWINTER 2016 TEXTBOOK LISTSECOND YEAR, THIRD YEAR and ADVANCED DEGREE STUDENTS(As of December 10, 2015)COURSE218JSD Research ColloquiumDeborah HenslerTEXT(S)No textbook required222Advanced Legal ResearchSean Kaneshiro/Rachel SambergNo textbook required226AccountingFrancis “Vic” StantonHorngren, Suden, Elliott, and Philbrick, Introduction to Financial Accounting, 11th Ed., 2014, PrenticeHall236Art and the LawSimon Frankel/Adine VarahMerryman, Elsen and Urice, Law, Ethics and the Visual Arts, 5th Ed., 2007, Kluwer Law International238Administrative LawDavid Freeman EngstromMashaw, Merrill, Shane, Magill, Cuellar, and Parrillo Administrative Law, The American Public LawSystem, Cases and Materials, 7th Ed., 2014, West262Corporate FinanceSvetlana BryzgalovaBerk and DeMarzo, Corporate Finance, 3rd Ed., 2013, Pearson-Prentice Hall(no need to purchase MyFinanceLab that sometimes comes with the book)266Juelsgaard Intellectual Property and Innovation ClinicPhil Malone/Jef PearlmanCarrier, Innovation for the 21st Century, 2011, Oxford UniversityDoctorow, Information Doesn’t Want to be Free: Laws for the Internet Age, 2014, McSweeney’s274Immigrants’ Rights Clinic: AdvancedJayashri Srikantiah/Lisa Weissman-WardNo textbook required275Deals IIMichael KlausnerNo textbook required278The Article III JudgeThomas GriffithScalia, A Matter of Interpretation: Federal Courts and the Law, 1998, Princeton UniversityBreyer, Active Liberty: Interpreting Our Democratic Constitution, 2008, VintageBarnett, Restoring the Lost Constitution: The Presumption of Liberty, 2014, Princeton University283Federal CourtsNorman SpauldingFallon, Manning, Meltzer, and Shapiro, Hart and Wechsler’s The Federal Courts and The FederalSystem, 7th Ed., 2015, Foundation

COURSE285International Trade RegulationAlan SykesTEXT(S)Jackson, Davey and Sykes, Cases, Materials and Texts on Legal Problems of International EconomicRelations, 6th Ed., 2013, WestJackson, Davey and Sykes, Legal Problems of International Economic Relations, 2013 DocumentarySupplementary, 2013287Juelsgaard Intellectual Property and Innovation Clinic:AdvancedPhil Malone/Jef PearlmanNo textbook required290EvidenceGeorge FisherFisher, Evidence, 3rd Ed., 2013, Foundation292Estate PlanningB. Howard PearsonPennell, Estate Planning and Drafting, 2nd Ed., 2014, West297Entertainment LawBonnie Eskenazi/Bertram FieldsNo textbook required299DerivativesKimberly SummeNo textbook required303Teaching and Learning in Higher EducationMariatte Denman/Thomas Ehrlich/Rhea RichardsonNo information available304Law and the Rhetorical TraditionTicien SassoubreAristotle (translator – Kennedy), On Rhetoric: A Theory of Civic Discourse, 2nd Ed., 2006, OxfordBizzell and Herzberg, The Rhetorical Tradition: Readings from Classical Times to the Present, 2nd Ed.,2001 Bedford/St. Martins Press311Comparative LawAmalia KesslerKagan, Adversarial Legalism: The American Way of Law, 2003, Harvard UniversityMerryman and Pérez-Perdomo, The Civil Law Tradition: An Introduction to the Legal Systems ofWestern Europe and Latin America, 3rd Ed., 2007, Stanford University318History of American LawLawrence FriedmanFriedman, A History of American Law, 3rd Ed., 2005, TouchstoneFriedman, American Law in the 20th Century, 2004, Yale University (recommended)321Patent ProsecutionKirupa PushparajContact instructor for information, [email protected] Solving and Decision-Making for PublicPolicy and Social ChangeJason Bade/Paul BrestNo textbook required

COURSE335Legal EthicsDeborah RhodeTEXT(S)Rhode, Luban, and Cummings, Legal Ethics, 6th Ed., 2013, Foundation337IP: Trademark and Unfair Competition LawMark LemleyNo textbook required344Law and Economics Seminar IIA. Mitchell PolinskyNo textbook required348Health Law: Finance and InsuranceKate Bundorf/Daniel KesslerNo textbook required353Corporate AcquisitionsRonald GilsonNo information available359Tax PolicyJoe Bankman/Daniel KesslerNo textbook required368Law and Biosciences: NeuroscienceHank GreelyNo textbook required377Partnership TaxSteven FranklinCunningham and Cunningham, Logic of Subchapter K: A Conceptual Guide to Taxation ofPartnerships, 4th Ed., 2010, WestCunningham and Cunningham, Learning the Logic Subchapter K: Problems and Assignmentsfor a Course in the Taxation of Partnerships, 2008, WestBank and Stark, Selected Sections Corporate and Partnerships Income Tax Code and Regulations,2015-16 Edition, Foundation402Moot CourtRandee Fenner/Lisa PearsonNo textbook required408Criminal Defense ClinicSuzanne Luban/Ronald TylerKrieger and Neumann, Essential Lawyering Skills: Interviewing, Counseling, Negotiation, andPersuasive Fact Analysis, 5th Ed., 2015, AspenPozner and Dodd, Cross-Examination: Skills for Law Students, 2009, Lexis NexisBerger, Mitchell, and Clark, Trial Advocacy: Planning, Analysis, and Strategy, 4th Ed., 2015, Aspen418Criminal Defense Clinic: AdvancedSuzanne Luban/Ronald TylerNo textbook required419Three Strikes ProjectMichael RomanoNo textbook required

COURSE423Supreme Court Litigation Clinic: AdvancedJeffery Fisher/Brian WolfmanTEXT(S)No textbook required427Local Government LawRichard FordFrug, Ford and Barron, Local Government Law, Cases and Materials, 6th Ed., 2014, West432Managing Natural Resources in the Face of ClimateChange and Other Stressors WorkshopDavid HayesNo textbook required451European Union LawSiegfried FinaDavies, Understanding European Union Law, 6th Ed., 2015, Routledge453State-Building and the Rule of Law Workshop: AdvErik JensenNo textbook required453AAfghanistan Legal Education Seminar: AdvMegan Karsh/Erik JensenNo textbook required461Foreign and International Legal ResearchSergio StoneNo textbook required465Venture Capital IJohn Rodkin/Dan SicilianoNo textbook required467Quantitative Methods: FinanceDaniel SicilianoBerk and DeMarzo, Corporate Finance, 3rd Ed., 2013, Prentice Hall/Pearson472Externship Companion SeminarJory SteeleNo textbook required483Deal Litigation SeminarRachelle SilverbergNo textbook required491Myth, Law, and PracticeJeff StrnadNo information available496Legal Studies WorkshopBarbara Fried/Daniel HoNo textbook required

COURSE500Modern American Legal ThoughtBarbara FriedTEXT(S)No textbook required516Law and Humanities WorkshopAmalia Kessler/Bernadette MeylerNo textbook required51921st Century Professional Skills and Practice MgmtMichelle Galloway/Susan RobinsonNo textbook required522Private Equity InvestingJohn QuigleyLevin and Rocap, Structuring Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Entrepreneurial Transactions,2015, Aspen (recommended)Stevenson, Roberts, Bhide, and Sahlman, The Entrepreneurial Venture, 2nd Ed., 1999, HarvardUniversity (recommended)528Economic Analysis of LawA. Mitchell PolinskyShavell, Foundations of Economic Analysis of Law, 2004, Harvard UniversityPolinsky, An Introduction to Law and Economics, 4th Ed., 2011, Aspen534Law and PsychologyRobert MacCounNo textbook required538Sociology of LawMichele DauberMacaulay, Friedman & Mertz, Law in Action: A Socio-Legal Reader, 2007, WestBogira, Courtroom 302: A Year Behind the Scenes in an American Criminal Courthouse, 2006,VintageErikson, Wayward Puritans: A Study in the Sociology of Deviance, 2004, Prentice Hall541Legal Profession WorkshopDeborah HenslerNo textbook required545Alternative Dispute ResolutionJanet Martinez/Abraham SofaerFolberg, Golann Stipanowich, and Kloppenberg, Resolving Disputes: Theory, Practice, and Law3rd Ed., Aspen562Comparative Civil RightsRichard FordOppenheimer, Foster and Han, Comparative Equality and Anti- Discrimination Law: Cases, Codes,Constitutions and Commentary, 2012, Foundation562AComparative Civil Rights: Paris Field StudyRichard FordNo textbook required564The Future of FinanceTanya BederBeder and Marshall, Financial Engineering, The Evolution of a Profession, 2011, WileyCross-listed with ECON 152/252, PUBLPOL 364, and STATS 238

COURSE565Immigration Law and PolicyJennifer ChacónTEXT(S)Legomsky and Rodriguez, Immigration and Refugee Law and Policy, 6th Ed., FoundationAleinikoff, Martin, Motomura, and Fullerton, Immigration and Nationality Laws of the United States:Selected Statutes, Regulations and Forms, 2014, West577Regulation of the Political ProcessNate PersilyIssacharoff, Karlan, and Pildes, The Law of Democracy, 4th Ed., 2012, FoundationSupplement is available free on-line583International Investment LawJonathan Greenberg/Alan SykesNo textbook required588Sports LawDonald DellCozzillio, Levinstein, Dimino, and Feldman, Sports Law Cases and Materials, 2nd Ed., 2007, Carolina591Securities RegulationJoseph GrundfestCoffee, Sale and Henderson, Federal Securities Laws: Selected Statutes, Rules and Forms, 2015-2016,FoundationCoffee, Sale and Henderson, Securities Regulation: Cases and Materials, 13th Ed., Foundation615.01 NegotiationMegan KarshShell, Bargaining for Advantage: Negotiation Strategies for Reasonable People, 2006, Penguin615.02 NegotiationJessica NotiniShell, Bargaining for Advantage: Negotiation Strategies for Reasonable People, 2006, PenguinStone, Patton and Heen, Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most, 2010, Penguin617Public Interest Law and PracticeDiane ChinNo textbook required620Criminal Prosecution ClinicGeorge FisherNo textbook required621Sentencing, Corrections, and Criminal Justice PolicyJoan PetersiliaPetersilia and Reitz, The Oxford Handbook on Sentencing and Corrections, 2012, Oxford University622Environmental Law ClinicDeborah Sivas/Alicia ThesingStark, Writing to Win: The Legal Writer, 2012, Three RiversDo not purchase; available from instructors623Environmental Law Clinic: AdvancedDeborah Sivas/Alicia ThesingNo textbook required625IP: Copyright Licensing, Principles, Law and PracticePaul GoldsteinNo textbook required

COURSE632Religious Liberty ClinicJames SonneTEXT(S)No textbook required637Advanced Legal Writing: Intellectual PropertyCounselingAndrew GildenNo textbook required640Community Law ClinicJulie Brodie/Lisa Douglass/Danielle JonesNo textbook required642Community Law Clinic: AdvancedJulie Brodie/Lisa Douglass/Danielle JonesNo textbook required650Advanced Negotiation: Public PolicyJanet MartinezNo textbook required654Law and Biosciences WorkshopHenry “Hank” GreelyNo textbook required660Youth and Education Law Project ClinicBill Koski/Carly MunsonKrieger and Neumann, Essential Lawyering Skills: Interviewing, Counseling, Negotiation, andPersuasive Fact Analysis, 5th Ed., 2015, AspenColker and Waterstone, Special Education Advocacy, 2011, LexisNexis662Youth and Education Law Project Clinic: AdvancedBill Koski/Carly MunsonNo textbook required663Intl Human Rights and Conflict Resolution Clinic:AdvancedJames CavallaroNo textbook required664Advanced Legal Writing: Business TransactionsMarilyn BautistaNo textbook required665Advanced Legal Writing: Legislative Drafting andAnalysisMarilyn BautistaNo textbook required672Ending Wars: A Just Peace or Just a PeaceAvishai Margalit/Allen WeinerNo textbook required

COURSE688Religious Liberty Clinic: AdvancedJames SonneTEXT(S)No textbook required692Modern Surveillance LawTodd Hinnen/Richard SalgadoNo textbook required703Corporate Governance and Practice SeminarJacob Hale RussellNo textbook required704Law, Science and Technology ColloquiumShawn MillerNo textbook required705SPILS Master ThesisDiego McCawleyNo textbook required706Environmental Law and Policy ColloquiumVanessa CasadoNo textbook required707SPILS Research Methods WorkshopDiego McCawleyNo textbook required708Advanced Legal Writing for American PracticeTanya de la FuenteNo textbook required715D Digital Currency and CybercrimeKathryn HaunNo textbook required717Intermediary LiabilityDaphne Keller/Mark LemleyNo textbook required721Private Equity Investing: Quantitative Skills SeminarJohn QuigleyNo textbook required726Negotiation on the GroundJulie Kennedy/Janet MartinezNo textbook required736Comparative Venture Capital – ChinaG. Marcus ColeNo textbook required736AComparative Venture Capital – China: Field StudyG. Marcus ColeNo textbook required

COURSE741Introduction to Law and EconomicsA. Mitchell PolinskyTEXT(S)Polinsky, An Introduction to Law and Economics, 4th Ed., 2011, Aspen742FederalismDavid EngstromNo textbook required745Intellectual Property: International andComparative CopyrightPaul GoldsteinGoldstein and Trimble, International Intellectual Property Law: Cases and Materials, 4th Ed., 2016,FoundationGoldstein and Trimble, International Legal Materials on Intellectual Property, 2014 InternationalLegal Materials Supplement, Foundation755Deals in Latin AmericaGeorge TriantisNo textbook required760Law and Visual CultureTicien SassoubreNo textbook required774Clean Energy Project Development and FinanceJeffrey Brown/Dan Reicher/David RogersNo textbook required781Philanthropy and Civil SocietyPaul Brest/Rob ReichNo textbook required784Critical Race TheoryKenneth MackCrenshaw, Gotanda, Peller, and Thomas, Critical Race Theory: The Key Writings That Forced theMovement, 1996, New Press786International JusticeBeth Van SchaackRosenberg, Galis, and Zucker, Reconstructing Atrocity Prevention, 2015, Cambridge UniversityStraus, Fundamentals of Genocide and Mass Atrocity Prevention, 2015-16Cross-listed with IPS 208A (books under Policy Studies)797Criminal Justice and the Rights of NoncitizensJennifer ChacónNo textbook required798Education Law and PolicyJonathan GlaterNo textbook required

Bonnie Eskenazi/Bertram Fields 299 Derivatives No textbook required Kimberly Summe 303 Teaching and Learning in Higher Education No information available . 348 Health Law: Finance and Insurance No textbook required Kate Bundorf/Daniel Kessler 353 Corporate Acquisitions No information available Ronald Gilson 359 Tax Policy No textbook required .