Run your businessmore efficiently withSQL Server on AzureAugust 2019

Is it time to replace aging hardware & software?Do big thingswith SQL Serveron AzureCan you run your technology more efficiently in the cloud?Are you meeting today’s security & compliance standards?Can you use cloud innovation to better serve customers?Small and medium businesses can move server workloads toAzure – and benefit from improved cost savings, innovation and security2

AZURE REGIONSWhat isMicrosoftAzure?Azure is a public cloudmade up of more than 100interconnected datacentersaround the world.Each data center runsthousands of servers forcompute and storagemanaged by Microsoft.MORE THAN AWS &GOOGLE COMBINEDSimply log into the Azureportal to begin using cloudservices to run nearlyanything.3

Azure SQL Database Managed InstanceThe best destination for SQL workloads in the cloudSQLMove to PaaS withAzure SQLDatabase ManagedInstanceLift-and-shift to Managed Instance forfully managed services that always runson evergreen features, i.e. the end of Endof SupportMove to IaaS withAzure SQL VMUpgrade to SQL Server 2017 on AzureVMs, or Move “as-is” with SQL Serverand 2008/R2 and get 3 years of ExtendedSecurity Updates* for freeUpgrade onpremisesUpgrade to SQL Server 2017/2019 andWindows Server 2019Modernize to AzureSQL Server onpremisesModernize on premises* ESU worth 75% of license every year for the next three years after EOS

Unbeatable ROI: Run any part of your business in the cloudmore cost-effectively than ever before: Azure SQL DatabaseManaged Instance has the best ROI for cloud SQL with anticipatedROI of 212% and payback period of 6 months1Bring your SQLServer workloadsto AzureUnmatched security and compliance: With advancedsecurity features and 90 compliance certifications – more thanany other public cloud – Azure helps secure your dataFlexible modernization: Add cloud innovation at your ownpace, running SQL Server workloads on-premises and in the cloudUnparalleled innovation: Eliminate administration and freeyour time to innovate with Azure SQL Database, a fully manageddatabase service that’s never needs to be patched or upgraded1) Forrester Total Economic Impact of Azure SQL Database Managed Instance report5

212% Total ROICostBenefit3 years after initial investment & migration toAzure SQL Database Managed Instance6 months or lessPayback post migrationUnbeatable ROI:Database migrationpayback in 6months or lessForrester study findssavings for Azure SQLDatabase ManagedInstance customersInitial investmentYear 140%Improvement inproductivity fordatabase administrationYear 2Up toYear 355%Savings ondevelopment and testuse (“Dev/Test”)*Microsoft commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact study to examine potential cost savings andbusiness benefits enterprises would achieve from migrating on-premises workloads to Azure SQL Database Managed Instance.Download the full Total Economic Impact of Azure SQL Database Managed Instance report* Find out more about Dev/Test pricing at

SOC 2Type 2Unmatched securityand compliancefeatures in AzureSQL DatabaseManagedInstanceBuilt-in security features like firewall, virtual network(VNET) and Azure Active Directory integrationextend your current network security to the cloudSQL Database can encrypt data in useand at rest, protecting your data frominternal and external eyesAdvanced Threat Protection raisesautomatic alerts on suspicious activitiesAzure offers the broadest set of complianceofferings of any public cloud, including SOC,ISO, and HIPAAProtect apps running SQL Server 2008/R2 –If your apprequires 2008/R2, stay protected with 3 more years ofExtended Security Updates, free only in Azure7

Use familiar SQL Server features in Azure SQLDatabase. Azure SQL Database and SQL Server are builton the same code, so your app works the same wayFlexiblemodernization: Azureworks with onpremisesinvestmentsEliminate application changes with full SQL Serverprogramming surface. Move SQL Server basedapplications to the cloud with few or no changesLeverage built-in integration across on-prem andcloud: Azure Active Directory and other Azure servicescan work with your on-premises applications,networking, and security8

Best ROIAzure SQLDatabase ManagedInstanceEliminate administrationand free your time toinnovateMigration payback in six monthsor less1Full parity based on 100% codeconsistency; supports source versionback to SQL 2005SQL parityIntelligent DBMachine-Learning basedperformance and securityHybridWorks with your on-premisesinvestmentsEasy migrationLift and shift to the cloud with no codechanges, using Microsoft’s free tools1) Forrester Total Economic Impact of Azure SQL Database Managed Instance report9

Customer are migrating SQL Server 2008 and 2008R2 to Azure for savings and securitySEB provides software, solutions, and services specialized in benefit administration and healthcareclaims processing. They chose Azure for cost reduction and more than 90 compliance offeringsTrican Well Service Ltd. moved their SQL Server 2008 to Azure to secure and manage their workloadsReduce database management withAzure SQL Database Managed InstanceGain peace of mind with 3 years free ExtendedSecurity Updates for SQL VMs on Azure"With SQL Server 2008 approaching end of support, SEB needed to migrate twocritical business applications that contained sensitive health and PII information. InAzure, we were able to get three years of Extended Security Updates for applicationVMs, and move the data to Azure SQL Database which significantly decreased bothmanagement and infrastructure spend. Azure's compliance certifications for HIPAA,PCI and ISO-27k, as well as data residency in Canada, were critical in meeting ourregulatory requirements.”– Mario Correia, Chief Technology Officer, SEB Inc.“We have a critical application running on SQL Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server2008 R2 that could not be upgrade before end of support. Moving the applicationand database to Azure VMs reassured us that our data would stay secure becauseMicrosoft provides 3 extra years of free extended security updates in Azure. Now ITcan focus on innovation rather than managing legacy hardware.”- Arthur Lo, Team Lead - Infrastructure Services at Trican Well Service upport-by-moving-to-Azure-VM-for/10

Assess: Inventory your workloads and map them to theright size of Azure SQL Database or SQL Server on virtualmachines. Use the free assessment tool Azure MigrateSimplify migrationwith free toolsMigrate: Rehost applications with few to no codechanges. Reliable migration at scale and with minimaldowntime with Azure Database Migration Service, freefor 6 monthsOptimize: Use free options for cost management andsecurity monitoring to make sure each Azure SQLDatabase and virtual machine is secure and wellmanaged11

Use pay-as-you-go pricing to pay for SQL in Azure monthly,no more up-front capital expensesHow to buySQL in AzureOr, with a SQL Server subscription license, get rights to runany version of SQL Server on-premises or in AzureCommit to 1-year or 3-year subscription for further discountsand predictable costsUse Azure cost management tools to easily track utilizationand cost savings recommendationsContact your Microsoft Azure Partner for more details.12

ResourcesTry Azure for free Get 200 credit Try the latest version – SQL Server 2017 & 2019 at your apps and data to Azure Read the Database Migration Guide, Use our free migration tools at Get help from a Microsoft Azure PartnerDon’t lose security updates! Extended support for SQL Server 2008/R2 ended onJuly 9, 2019 Get free extended security updates in Azure until July 2022. Move your apps and databases intothe cloud “as-is” and then upgrade on your timeframe.Free Azure training online

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Windows Server and SQL Server best on AzureUnmatched security6.5 trillion threat signals analyzed daily3,500 security experts 1 billion per year investment in securityUnparalleled innovationOnly cloud with evergreen SQL, which never needs to bepatched or updatedUnique, built-in resource management and governanceOnly fully-managed service for any .NET appUnbeatable offers5x less expensive than AWSAzure Hybrid BenefitFree Extended Security UpdatesBuilt-in hybridOperate seamlessly across your datacenter and the cloudOnly cloud provider with end-to-end hybrid infrastructure2.5M hybrid enabled Windows Servers through Windows Admin CenterMost comprehensive backward and forward SQL compatibility with Azure SQL DB Managed Instance

Azure SQL Database Managed InstanceChoose if You would like to reduce or eliminate database administration tasksSQL Database is a fully managed and intelligent database service. It is also evergreen, soit’s always up-to-date: no more patching, upgrades or End of Support. You use SQL Server for applications or data warehouseSQL Database Managed Instance has the full surface area of the database engine,with everything you need for applications, data marts and data warehouses. However itcannot run the free reporting tools that come with SQL Server.Unparalleled,innovative optionsfor running SQL inAzure You want the best ROI for managed SQL in the cloudSQL Database Managed Instance has an ROI of 212% over 3 years, with a payback periodof just 6 months.*Azure SQL Virtual MachineChoose if Your software application vendor requires a specific SQL Server version,operating system, or configurationUnlike the evergreen SQL of Managed Instance, SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines letsyou run a specific version of the database and Windows Server. SQL Server 2008 & 2008 R2receive 3 years of Extended Security Updates for free in Azure.** You are using SQL Server reporting tools on the same serverSQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) and SQL ServerIntegration Services (SSIS) can all be run alongside SQL Server in a virtual machine.*Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact of Azure SQL Database Managed Instance report**Extended Security Updates cost 75% of license value when purchased for use outside Azure16

Unlocking best pricing for SMB customersVariable Workloads Application development, testinge-CommerceAnalytics & Data ScienceReportingCustomers desire efficiency,performance, scalabilityAzure HybridBenefitPay-As-You-GoFor customers with Software AssurancePay-As-You-GoFor customers without Software AssurancePredictable Workloads Line of Business AppsCRMContent ManagementProcurement, Asset ManagementCustomers desire cost savings,prioritized capacity, flexibilityAzure HybridBenefitReserved InstancesFor customers with Software AssuranceServer SubscriptionReserved InstancesFor customers without Software Assurance

Start today on your modernizationAssessEvaluate your environment,determine optimal migration pathMigrateMove your legacy SQLServer to AzureOptimizeFine-tune resources to optimizecosts and strengthen securityGet the details onSQL DB Managed InstanceBackup and Restoreto Managed InstanceFeel comfortable withAzure’s PaaS modelStep-by-step guidance with theDatabase Migration GuideUse Database Compatibility Levelfor SQL Server to Managed InstanceManage costs in Azure18

Database. Azure SQL Database and SQL Server are built on the same code, so your app works the same way Eliminate application changes with full SQL Server programming surface. Move SQL Server based applications to the cloud with few or no changes Leverage built-in integration across on-prem and cloud: Azure Active Directory and other Azure services