Department of Counselor EducationThe College of New JerseyANNUAL REPORTAcademic Year 2016-2017A. OUR MISSION CONTINUESThe Department of Counselor Education at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) offers studentsrigorous, high-quality graduate programs of study in school counseling, clinical mental healthcounseling (generalist practice or addiction specialization), and marriage, couple, and familycounseling and therapy. As a unit within the School of Education, the department embraces themission of Creating Agents of Change, the overarching goal of the Conceptual Framework of theProfessional Education Unit at TCNJ.The mission of every program in the department is to create exemplary counseling professionalsprepared to enrich the lives of the people of New Jersey and around the globe through counselingand service and to provide a national model for the preparation of counselors. The department iscommitted to creating and supporting an inclusive learning community and to serving studentsfrom diverse backgrounds who seek initial and advanced degrees in counseling.Guided by the Standards of the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and RelatedEducational Programs (CACREP), which emphasize the traditions, values, and objectives ofprofessional counseling programs, the faculty of the Department of Counselor Education engagesstudents in the developmental process of becoming professional counselors who will address theneeds of the people they serve in an ethical and competent manner.DEPARTMENT IMPACT in 2016-2017:Faculty from the department continue to work as teacher scholars, presenting at national andinternational conferences and publishing in top tier counseling journals, publishing books andsuccessfully authoring grant proposals.In the fall of 2016, we received a grant Behavioral Health Workforce Education and Training(BHWET) Program through the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) whichprovided 21 School Counseling students with 10,000 living stipends to complete theirinternships in underserved schools and participate in training related to trauma informed schoolcounseling.The Department of Counselor Education has also been awarded the contract to continue runningthe Mercer County Intoxicated Driver Resource center. In addition to providing relevantcoursework and support to those who have received a DUI, the program allows our students the1

opportunity to gain valuable addictions specific experience working with program clients. Inaddition, the program provides financial support for two graduate students per academic year.Student RecognitionThe Department of Counselor Education is proud of the recognition that our students arereceiving at the national, regional, and state levels. Following are a few highlights of theseachievements: The NBCC Foundation, an affiliate of the National Board for Certified Counselors(NBCC) selected two of our graduates for the National Board for Certified CounselorsMinority Fellowship Program in 2015, 2016. Another student was just selected for thisprestigious national fellowship in 2017. Two students were selected as Graduate Student Representatives of the New JerseyAssociation for Marriage and Family Therapy (NJAMFT) in 2016.Other Impactful Departmental Community Outreach Initiatives:The department’s faculty have been involved in a number of community-based outreachesthroughout the year. One core faculty member, along with two alumni of the department,continue to offer the Mental Health Facilitator Program, which is developed by NBCCInternational, to interested organizations in the community. Two other core faculty membersoffered several Youth Mental Health First Aid trainings to undergraduate students, local K-12teachers, and community organizations. Another faculty member works in conjunction with acounty based counseling agency that provides services for survivors of sexual assault anddomestic violence while another serves as the program evaluator for a local police departmentprogram aimed at supporting youth in crisis.One of TCNJ’s strategic priorities emphasizes integrating both curricular and co-curricularlearning experiences. It calls for defining, identifying and prioritizing signature-learningexperiences that define TCNJ’s unique value. Signature learning experiences integrate scholarlyand deep learning, building leadership skills and developing social/global awareness. Thisobjective also calls for ensuring a broad range of student participation in these experiences.Our Community Engaged Learning efforts in AY 2016-2017 continue to include Students in COUN 551 (Substance Abuse and Addiction; Individual, Family andSociety) volunteer a full day of service at Prevention Point, a needle exchangeprogram for opioid dependent individuals and sex workers.Students in COUN 515 (Measurement and Evaluation) participated in a call-in eventfor The Trenton Violence Reduction project and collected baseline data.Students in COUN 675 (Group Counseling) offered group facilitation to the Bonnerstudents themselves to support their work in the community. As one of the corevalues of TCNJ is “The College promotes wellness and fosters the development ofthe whole person,” our provision of this service to Bonner students works to sustainthis value and maximize the benefit of service for these students.2

Students who participate in our study abroad program in Portugal go on a series ofsite visits to learn about the process of decriminalizing drug use and how such policyis implemented effectively. They also meet with the European Commission on DrugAddiction, an entity of the EU. Additionally, students who were enrolled in nonaddiction courses participated in a site visit to a career counseling agency as well asattended a presentation provided by the European Board for Certified Counselors(EBCC).STUDENT AWARDS in AY 2016-2017:Each year our department selects student recipients for a number of different awards. Thefollowing students received their respective awards at the Chi Sigma Iota International HonorSociety, Alpha Epsilon dinner and induction ceremony that occurred on Friday, May 5th 2017.The Douglas Burroughs Professional Commitment Award is intended to honor a counseloreducation student who has demonstrated outstanding service to the community or exhibitedcourage or perseverance in pursuit of graduate studies. This award was created in the memory ofthe late Douglas Burroughs, a former TCNJ counseling student and campus leader, whoovercame numerous hardships for his long quest to complete his graduate degree in counseling.The 2017 Douglas Burroughs Professional Commitment Award was given to: Jamie SuttonThe Erika Pluta-Diamond Award honors a counseling student who has demonstratedleadership in the classroom and has expressed an interest and dedication to helping women. Thisaward was created in memory of the late Erika Pluta-Diamond, a former TCNJ counselingstudent who was an avid advocate for oppressed women. This year the Erika Pluta-DiamondAward was given Anna NaseThe Social Justice and Advocacy Award honors a graduating counseling student who hasdemonstrated a serious commitment to social justice and equity through the development and/orimplementation of a service, program or social policy that meets the needs of, and has had amajor impact upon, the health and well-being of a culturally diverse group. This year’s recipientof the Social Justice and Advocacy Award is Katie Onitiri-HagemanThe Student Scholar of the Year Award is intended to honor a counseling student who hasdemonstrated outstanding academic performance and scholarship in counseling. The 2017Student Scholar of the Year award was given to: Kyle Hogan.The Outstanding Counseling Student of the Year award is intended to honor a graduatingcounseling student who has demonstrated outstanding academic performance and counselingskills as demonstrated by making significant and/or creative contributions as an intern,performing at an independent level significantly beyond what is expected of an intern, creatingand implementing new programs at the internship site; or responding to difficult, complex andchallenging client situations with exemplary expertise. This year’s recipient of the OutstandingCounseling Student of the Year Award is: Brittany Aydelotte.3

The Alpha Epsilon Chapter of the Chi Sigma Iota Honor Society also offers several scholarshipsto current and graduating students:The Altruism Scholarship is offered each year to a graduating counselor education student whohas demonstrated dedication in supporting others through volunteerism, altruism, and advocacyin the field of counseling. This year’s recipient of the Chi Sigma Iota Altruism Scholarshipwas Bridget Anton.The Pam Douglas McElroy Memorial Scholarship honors a counseling student who hasreturned to school or changed career paths and who exhibits perseverance, resilience,enthusiasm, and empathy. This year’s recipient was Jamie Sutton.COUNSELING PROGRAM/STUDENT OUTCOMESa. Number of graduates from 2016-2017 Academic Year:19CACREP-Accredited Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program (Masterof Arts in Counseling)4CACREP-Accredited Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling andTherapy Program (Master of Arts in Counseling)19CACREP-Accredited School Counseling Program (Master of Arts inCounseling)4Post-Masters Educational Specialist Degree in Marriage and FamilyTherapy13Completed all of the educational requirements for the Student AssistanceCoordinator in the Schools Certificate with Advanced Standing (SACCEAS)TOTALS:42 MA, 4 EdS, and 13 SAC CEASB. Completion rates89% for School Counseling67% for Clinical Mental Health Counseling57% for Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling and Therapyc. National Counselor Exam (NCE) pass rate: 93% overallProgram pass rates:4

95% for School Counseling100% for Clinical Mental Health Counseling80% for Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling and Therapyd.Job placement rate for May 2016 graduates:Employment rates by programs are:88% for School Counseling86% for Clinical Mental Health Counseling100% for Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling and TherapyCONCLUSION:Our department maintains a strong commitment to diversity and cultural competence. In 2016,the Department of Counselor Education at TCNJ established the first and only InternationalSchool Counseling Program accredited by CACREP. This program began in the summer of 2017in Lisbon, Portugal with our first cohort of students who live and work in countries all over theworld. New Jersey based students will continue to have the opportunity to take courses at ourPortugal site in the summer and on our Ewing, NJ campus.We have an active chapter (Alpha Epsilon) of Chi Sigma Iota, which facilitated importantservices for students such as a peer mentoring program, scholarships, networking events, andworkshops on job search strategies and preparing for the National Counselor Examination. Thisorganization continues to host an end of the year celebratory event for new inductees, awardrecipients, and their families.Students, faculty, and community members have been working together to make an impact onour campus and local communities, as well as the counseling field. In addition to theaforementioned information, our graduate students have partnered with faculty to publish intextbooks and peer-reviewed journals, as well as present at conferences in our field. We continueto maintain strong connections with our alumni who are making significant contributions to thecounseling field and communities in which they live and work.5

Guided by the Standards of the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP), which emphasize the traditions, . Number of graduates from 2016-2017 Academic Year: 19 CACREP-Accredited Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program (Master of Arts in Counseling) 4 CACREP-Accredited Marriage, Couple, .