TURKISH LOCAL NATIONAL APPLICATIONReleased 6/29/00.APPLICATION FOR FEDERAL EMPLOYMENT - SF 171Form ApprovedOMB No. 3206-0012Read the instructions before you complete this application. Type or print clearly in dark ink.GENERAL INFORMATIONDO NOT WRITE IN THIS AREA1What kind of job are you applying for? Give title and announcement no. (if any)2National ID NumberFOR USE OF EXAMINING OFFICE ONLYDate entered register3Sex5Birthplace (City and State or Country)Male4Birth date (Month, Day, Year)FemaleOptionGradeForm reviewed:Form nceNoPreferenceClaimed6Name (Last, First, Middle)5 Points(Tentative)Mailing address (include apartment number, if any)10 Pts. (30%or MoreComp. Dis.)CityStateZIP Code10 Pts. (Lessthan 30%Comp. Dis.)OtherE-Mail namesAddressever used (e.g., maiden name, nickname, etc.)7Other10 PointsInitials and DateDisallowedHomePhoneCell Phone8Area Code9NumberWork PhoneFOR USE OF APPOINTING OFFICE ONLYNumberArea CodeExtensionWere you ever employed as a civilian by the Federal Government?10 Item11. If "YES ", mark each type of job you held with an reerPreference has been verified through proof that the separation wasunder honorable conditions, and other proof as required.10-point - 30% or More5-PointCompensable DisabilitySignature and TitleIf "NO", go to10-Point Other10-point - Less Than 30%Compensable DisabilityExceptedWhat is your highest grade, classification series and job title?AgencyTODates at highest grade: FROMLOCAL NATIONALS DO NOT WRITE THIS AREA11When can you start work?(Month and Year)12DateWhat is the lowest pay you will accept? (You willnot be considered for jobs which pay less than youindicate.)Pay PerOR Grade13 In what geographic area(s) are you willing to work?14 Are you willing to work:LOCAL NATIONALS DO NOT WRITE THIS AREA19Were you discharged from the military service under honorableconditions? (If your discharge was changed to "honorable" or "general"by a Discharge Review Board, answer "YES". If you received a clemencydischarge, answer "NO".)If "NO ", provide below the date and type of discharge you received.Discharge Date(Month, Day, Year)YES NOYES NOType of Dischargedates (Month, Day, Year) , and branch for all active duty military service20 List theFromToBranch of ServiceA. 40 hours per week (full-time)?B. 25-32 hours per week (part-time)?C. 17-24 hours per week (part-time)?all your active duty was after October 14, 1976, list the full names and dates of all21 Ifcampaignbadges or expeditionary medals you received or were entitled to receive.D. 16 or fewer hours per week (part-time)?E. An intermittent job (on call/seasonal)?15F. Weekends, shifts, or rotating shifts?Are you willing to take a temporary job lasting:the instructions that came with this form before completing this item.22 ReadWhen you have determined your eligibility for veteran preference from theA. 5 to 12 months (sometimes longer)?instructions, place an "X" in the box next to your veteran preference claim.B. 1 to 4 months?NO PREFERENCEC. Less than 1 month?5-POINT PREFERENCE - You must show proof when you are hired.16 Are you willing to travel away from home for:A. 1 to 5 nights each month?10-POINT PREFERENCE - If you claim 10-point preference, place an "X" in thebox below next to the basis for your claim. To receive 10-point preference youB. 6 to 10 nights each month?must also complete a Standard Form 15, Application for 10-Point VeteranPreference, which is available from any Federal Job Information Center. ATTACHTHE COMPLETED SF 15 AND REQUESTED PROOF TO THIS APPLICATION.C. 11 or more nights each month?MILITARY SERVICE AND VETERAN PREFERENCEyou served in the United States Military Service? If your only17 Haveactive duty was training in the Reserves or National Guard,answer "NO", If "NO", go to item or will you retire at or above the rank of major or18 Didlieutenant commander?THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYERPREVIOUS EDITION USABLE UNTIL 12-31-90Page 1YES NONon-compensably disabled or Purple Heart recipient.Compensably disabled, less than 30 percent.Spouse, widow(er), or mother of a deceased or disabled veteran.Compensably disabled, 30 percent or more.NSN 7540-00-935-7150171-110Standard Form 171 (Rev. 6-88)U.S. Office of Personnel ManagementFPM Chapter 295

WORK EXPERIENCE If you have no work experience, write "NONE" in A below and go to 25 on page 3.YES NO23 May we ask your present employer about your character, qualifications, and work record?A "NO" will not affect our review of yourqualifications. If you answer "NO" and we need to contact your present employer before we can offer you a job, we will contact you first.24.READ WORK EXPERIENCE IN THE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE YOU BEGIN.ADescribe your current or most recent job in Block A and work backwards, describingeach job you held during the past 10 years. If you were unemployed for longer than 3months within the past 10 years, list the dates and your address(es) in an experience block.You may sum up in one block work that you did more than 10 years ago. But, if thatwork is related to the type of job you are applying for, describe each related job in aseparate block.INCLUDE VOLUNTEER WORK. (non-paid work) -- If the work (or a part of the work) islike the job you are applying for, complete all parts of the experience block just asyou would for a paying job. You may receive credit for work experience with religious,community, welfare, service, and other organizations.Name and address of employer's organization (include ZIP Code, if known). INCLUDE MILITARY SERVICE -- You should complete all parts of the experience block justas you would for a non-military job, including all supervisory experience. Describe eachmajor change of duties or responsibilities in a separate experience block. IF YOU NEED MORE SPACE TO DESCRIBE A JOB -- Use sheets of paper the same size asthis page (be sure to include all information we ask for in A and B below). On eachsheet show your name, Number ID number, and the announcement number or jobtitle. IF YOU NEED MORE EXPERIENCE BLOCKS, use the SF 171-A or a sheet of paper. IF YOU NEED TO UPDATE (ADD MORE RECENT JOBS), use the SF 172 or a sheet ofpaper as described above.Dates employed (give month, day and year)Average number ofhours per weekFrom:Salary or earningsStarting TLYour reason for leavingEndingYour immediate supervisorNameTLExact title of your jobNumber of employeesyou superviseTo:perperIf Federal employment (civilian or military) list series, grade orrank, and, if promoted in this job, the date of your last promotionArea CodeTelephone No.Description of work: Describe your specific duties, responsibilities and accomplishments in this job, including the job title(s) of any employees you supervise. If youdescribe more than one type of work (for example, carpentry and painting, or personnel and budget), write the approximate percentage of time you spent doing each.ForAgencyUse(skillcodes,etc.)BName and address of employer's organization (include ZIP Code, if known)Dates employed (give month, day and year)Average number ofhours per weekFrom:Salary or earningsStarting TLYour reason for leavingEndingYour immediate supervisorNameExact title of your jobArea CodeTelephone No.TLNumber of employeesyou supervisedTo:perperIf Federal employment (civilian or military) list series, grade orrank, and, if promoted in this job, the date of your last promotionDescription of work: Describe your specific duties, responsibilities and accomplishments in this job, including the job title(s) of any employees you supervised. If youdescribe more than one type of work (for example, carpentry and painting, or personnel and budget), write the approximate percentage of time you spent doing each.ForAgencyUse(skillcodes,etc.)Page 2IF YOU NEED MORE EXPERIENCE BLOCKS, USE SF 171-A (SEE BACK OF INSTRUCTION PAGE).

EDUCATIONyou graduate from high school? If you have a (GED) high school25 Didequivalency or will graduate within the next nine months, answer "YES ".the name and location (city and state) of the last high school you attended or26 Writewhere you obtained your (GED) high school equivalency.If "YES", give month and year graduatedor received GED equivalency:If "NO", give the highest grade you completed:YESNOyou ever attended27 Havecollege or graduateschool?NAME AND LOCATION (city, state and ZIP Code) OF COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY. If you expect to graduate within nine months, give the month and year you expect to receive your degree:CityStateName28If "YES ", continue with 28.YESNOIf "NO ", go to 31 .MONTH AND YEAR NUMBER OF CREDITATTENDEDHOURS COMPLETEDZIP CodeFromToSemester QuarterTYPE OFDEGREE(e.g. B.A.,M.A.)MONTHANDYEAR OFDEGREE1)2)3)29CHIEF UNDERGRADUATE SUBJECTSShow major on the first lineNUMBER OF CREDITHOURS COMPLETEDSemester30CHIEF GRADUATE SUBJECTSShow major on the first lineQuarter1)2)3)NUMBER OF CREDITHOURS COMPLETEDSemesterQuarter1)2)3)fo (trade, vocational, Armed Forces, business) give information below.31 If you have completed any other courses or training to the kind of jobs you are applyingMONTH AND YEARNAME AND LOCATION (city, state and ZIP Code) OF NGCOMPLETEDYESNOSchool Name1)CityState ZIP CodeSchool Name2)CityState ZIP CodeSPECIAL SKILLS, ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND AWARDSthe title and year of any honors, awards or fellowships you have received. List your special qualifications, skills or accomplishments that may help you get a job.32 GiveSome examples are: skills with computers or other machines; most important publications (do not submit copies); public speaking and writing experience; membershipin professional or scientific societies; patents or inventions; etc.(Optional) How many words per33 TYPE?34minute can you:TAKE .List job-related licenses or certificates that you have, such as: registered nurse; lawyer; radio operator; driver's; pilot's; etc.DATE OF LATEST LICENSESTATE OR OTHERLICENSE OR CERTIFICATEOR CERTIFICATELICENSING AGENCY1)2)you speak or read a language other than English (include sign35 Dolanguage) ? language.LANGUAGE(S)CAN PREPARE ANDGIVE LECTURESFluentlyWith DifficultyIf "YES", list each language and place an "X" in each column that applies to you.If "NO", go to 36.CAN SPEAK AND UNDERSTANDFluentlyPassablyCAN TRANSLATE ARTICLESInto EnglishFrom EnglishCAN READ ARTICLESFOR OWN USEEasilyWith Difficulty1)2)REFERENCESthree people who are not related to you and are not supervisors you listed under 24 who know your qualifications and fitness for the kind of job for which you are applying.36 ListAt least one should know you well on a personal basis.FULL NAME OF REFERENCE1)2)3)Page 3TELEPHONE NUMBER(S)(Include Area Code)PRESENT BUSINESS OR HOME ADDRESS(Number, street and city)STATEZIP CODE

BACKGROUND INFORMATION -- You must answer each question in this section before we can process your application.37 Are you a citizen of the United States and/or do you hold a Green Card? (In most cases you must be a U.S. citizen to be hired. You will be required to submit proof ofYES NOidentity and citizenship at the time you are hired. - Not applicable for Turkish local nationals.) If "NO", give the country or countries you are a citizen of:NOTE: It is important that you give complete and truthful answers to questions 38 through 44. If you answer "YES" to any of them,provide your explanation(s) in Item 45. Include convictions resulting from a plea of nolo contendere (no contest). Omit: 1) traffic fines of 100.00 or less;2) any violation of law committed before your 16th birthday; 3) any violation of law committed before your 18th birthday, if finally decided injuvenile court or under a Youth Offender law; 4) any conviction set aside under the Federal Youth Corrections Act or similar State law; 5) anyconviction whose record was expunged under Federal or State law. We will consider the date, facts, and circumstances of each event you list. Inmost cases you can still be considered for Federal jobs. However, if you fail to tell the truth or fail to list all relevant events or circumstances, thismay be grounds for not hiring you, for firing you after you begin work or for criminal prosecution (18 USC 1001).YES NO38 During the last 10years, were you firedfromanyjob for any reason, did you quitafterbeingtoldthatyouwouldbefired, or did youleave by mutual agreement because of specific problems?39 Have you ever been convicted of, or forfeited collateral for anyfelonyviolation? (Generally, a felony is defined as any violation of lawpunishable by imprisonment of longer than one year, except for violations called misdemeanors under State law which are punishable byimprisonment of two years or less.)40 Have you ever been convicted of, or forfeited collateral for anyfirearmsorexplosivesviolation?41 Are you now under charges for any violation of law?42 During the last10years have you forfeited collateral, been convicted, been imprisoned, been on probation, or been on parole?Do notinclude violations reported in 39, 40, or 41, above43 Have you ever been convicted by a military court-martial? If no military service, answer "NO"44 Are you delinquent on any Federal debt? (Include delinquencies arising from Federal taxes, loans, overpayment of benefits, and otherdebts to the U.S. Government plus defaults on Federally guaranteed or insured loans such as a student and home mortgage loans.)45 If "YES" in: 38 -Explain for each job the problem(s) and your reason(s) for leaving. Give the employer's name and address.39through43 - Explain each violation. Give place of occurrence and name/address of police or court involved.44 - Explain the type, length and amount of the delinquency or default, and steps you are taking to correct errors or repay the debt. Give anyidentification number associated with the debt and the address of the Federal agency involved.NOTE: If you need more space, use a sheet of paper, and include the item number.ItemDateExplanationMailingAddressNo. (Mo./Yr.)Name of Employer, Police, Court, or Federal AgencyCityState ZIP CodeName of Employer, Police, Court, or Federal AgencyCityState ZIP Code46 Do you receive, or have you ever applied for retirement pay, pension, or other pay based on military, Federal civilian, or District ofYES NOColumbia Government service?47 Do any of your relatives work for the United States Government or the United States Armed Forces?Include: father; mother; husband;wife; son; daughter; brother; sister; uncle; aunt; first cousin; nephew; niece; father-in-law; mother-in;law; son-in-law; daughter-in-law;brother-in-law; sister-in-law; stepfather; stepmother; stepson; stepdaughter; stepbrother; stepsister; half brother; and half sisterIf "YES", provide details below. If you need more space, use a sheet of rmedForcesSIGNATURE, CERTIFICATION, AND RELEASE OF INFORMATIONYOU MUST SIGN THIS APPLICATION. Read the following carefully before you sign. A false statement on any part of your application may be grounds for not hiring you, or for firing you after you begin work.If you are a male born after December 31, 1959 you must be registered with the Selective Service System or have a valid exemption in order to be. eligible for Federal employment. You will be required to certify as to your status at the time of appointment.(Not applicable for Turkish local nationals.)Iunderstand that any information I give may be investigated as allowed by law or Presidential order. Iconsentto the release of information about my ability and fitness for Federal employment by employers, schools, law enforcement agencies and other. individuals and organizations, to investigators, personnel staffing specialists, and other authorized employees of the Federal Government.I certify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, all of my statements are true, correct, complete, and made in good faith.48 SIGNATURE(Signeachapplicationindarkink)Page 449 DATESIGNED(Month,day,year)*U.S. Government Printing Office: 1992 312-071/50114

ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR TURKISH LOCAL NATIONALSAPPLICATION FORM RECIPIENTSThe following rules and procedures will be applied when candidates are applying for a job at 39th Air Base Wing (39 ABW) Command.1. Vacant positions are filled solely on the basis of merit and qualifications for the best interest of 39 ABW and Turkish workforce at the US Forcesinstallations. Current employees are given priority considerations without any guarantee for assignment through in-service placement before anoutside applicant fills a vacant position. Qualifications and fitness for the job of candidates are determined through the use of qualificationstandards, level of education review, language proficiency and other job related tests, interviews, as appropriate, results of a medical examinationand a background security investigation to be conducted after a selection is made for the vacant position. 39 FSS Civilian Personnel Section alsoreserves the right to conduct employment history background checks through former employers at any stage of the qualifications assessment orselection process, or after the appointment.2. Applications of former 39 ABW employees terminated in accordance with Article 17 of Turkish Labor Law #4857 and those identified forreduction-in-force but not yet separated by any of the US Forces affiliated enterprises will be given preference without any guarantee for reemployment, void of a caveat to the contrary in the valid collective labor agreement.3. Applicants for jobs at the US Forces are required to carefully read and complete the "Employment Application" form, preferably by computer; tofill separate application forms for each and every vacant position, as previous application forms will not be considered nor will this applicationform for future vacant positions; to have minimum qualifications as required by the vacant position; to specifically identify the title of the positionfor which they are applying; to attach a front-back photocopy of Turkish ID and diploma; and to duly sign the application form. Incompleteapplication forms, those not reflecting complete and accurate information regarding past job experiences, those not bearing minimum qualificationsas required by the position, and those which reach Civilian Personnel Section past the close-out date will not be considered.4. Candidates whose application forms are accepted upon a preliminary review will be called, by phone or mail, for English and/or other jobrelated tests. It is the applicant's responsibility that the front page of application form bears an address and a telephone number to enable CivilianPersonnel Section to reach the applicant. Application forms of non-selected personnel will not be retained nor returned.*** Applicants, with Turkish-US dual citizenship (only) or possessing US Green Card at the time of application, cannot be considered due toconflicting NATO/SOFA provisions (ratified by Turkish Law #6375) and US laws.CIVILIAN PERSONNEL SECTIONİŞ BAŞVURU FORMU ALANLAR .39ncu Hava Üs Kanat (39 ABW) Komutanlığına iş başvurularında aşağıdaki kurallar ve usüller geçerli olacaktır.1. Açık işler; gerek 39 ABW Komutanlığının ve gerekse ABD Silahlı Kuvvetleri tesislerinde çalışan Türk işçilerinin yararına olarak, hakkaniyetkurallarına ve ehliyet esasına dayanılarak doldurulmaktadır. Açık herhangi bir kadro dışarıdan başvuran bir adayla doldurulmadan önceişyerlerimizde halihazırda çalışan işçilere, ve herhangi bir garanti verilmeksizin, tayin ve nakil imkanı tanınır. Adayların kalifiye olup olmadığı veişe uygunluğu, eğitim seviyesi, lisan bilgileri, işle ilgili test, mülakat ve işe seçildikten sonra yapılacak sağlık muayenesi ve güvenlik soruşturmasısonucuna göre kararlaştırılmaktadır. Ayrıca, 39 FSS Sivil Personel Dairesi kalifikasyon değerlendirilmesi, seçim sırasında veya işe alımyapıldıktan sonra aday hakkında daha önce çalıştıkları yerlerden bilgi toplama hakkını saklı tutmaktadır.2. 39 ABW Komutanlığı işyerlerinde daha önce çalışmış ve 4857 sayılı İş Kanununun 17. maddesi uyarınca işten ayrılmış veya ABD SilahlıKuvvetleriyle ilintili işletmelerde çalışmakta iken tensikata tabi tutulan ancak henüz iş akdi feshedilmemiş işçilere, yürürlükteki toplu işsözleşmesinde aksine bir kayıt yoksa ve herhangi bir garanti verilmeksizin, öncelik tanınır.3. ABD Silahlı Kuvvetlerinde işe girmek isteyenlerin "İş Başvuru Formu"nu dikkatle okumaları ve tercihan bilgisayar ile doldurmaları; daha önceaçılmış kadrolara yapılmış başvurular ile bundan sonra açılacak kadrolar için bu başvuru formu geçerli kabul edilmeyeceğinden açık her kadroiçin ayrı başvuru formu doldurmaları; başvuru yapabilmek için istenilen vasıflara sahip olmaları; hangi kadroya başvurduklarını açıkçabelirtmeleri; başvuru formlarına önlü-arkalı fotokopisi çekilmiş TC Kimlik örneği, mezuniyet belgesi eklemeleri ve başvuru formunu imzalamalarıgereklidir. Eksik doldurulan, geçmiş dönemlere ait iş tecrübelerini doğru ve eksiksiz olarak yansıtmayan, aranan asgari vasıfları taşımayan veyason başvuru tarihinden sonra Sivil Personel Dairesine ulaşan başvuru formları değerlendirmeye alınmayacaktır.4. Ön değerlendirme sonucunda başvuru formları kabul edilen adaylar, telefon veya posta ile, İngilizce veya iş ile ilgili diğer sınavlaraçağrılacaktır. Başvuru formunun ön yüzünde Sivil Personel Dairesinin adaya ulaşabilmesini sağlayacak adres ve telefon numarasının doğru veeksiksiz yazılması önemlidir ve adayın sorumluluğunuzdadır. Açık kadroya seçilmeyen adayların "İş Başvuru Form"ları saklanmayacak veya iadeedilmeyecektir.*** 6375 sayılı TC kanunu ile onaylanan NATO Kuvvetler Statüsü Sözleşmesi ile ABD Yasaları arasındaki hüküm uyuşmazlığı nedeniyle,(sadece) Türk-ABD çifte vatandaşlık taşıyan ya da başvuru tarihinde ABD Yeşil Kart sahibi kişilerin iş başvuruları değerlendirilmeyecektir.SİVİL PERSONEL DAİRESİ

Standard Form 171 (Rev. 6-88) U.S. Office of Personnel Management FPM Chapter 295 THE COMPLETED SF 15 AND REQUESTED PROOF TO THIS APPLICATION. 10-POINT PREFERENCE - If you claim 10-point preference, place an "X" in the box below next to the basis for your claim. To receive 10-point preference you