Scopis Hybrid Navigationwith Augmented RealityIntelligent Navigation Systems for Cranial

Scopis Hybrid NavigationOne System. Optical and electromagnetic measurement technology.As the first interdisciplinary navigation platform Scopis Hybrid Navigation unifiesoptical and electromagnetic measurement technologies in one system.Scopis Hybrid Navigation system enablessurgeons to decide on the basis ofindications which technology suits the particularprocedure better and gives best possiblesupport. It is possible to use both technologiesduring one procedure, simultaneously and seamlessly.Combination of optical and electromagnetic measurement technologyBoth the optical and the electromagnetic technologies offer continuous endoscope navigationwith“AugmentedReality”.Thismakes Scopis technology information directly visible on the endoscopic image.A landing and alarm system (ILS) ensuressafe and quick navigation to anatomic targetsbefore and during surgery. Deviations from thetarget trajectory and approaches to criticalanatomic structures are signaled acousticallyand visually.Augmented Reality function visualizesplanning data on top of the endoscopeimageCompared to conventional navigation systems,Scopis Hybrid Navigation with AugmentedReality offers new concepts and solutionsfor existing clinical problems.1Switch technology as needed duringsurgeryInterdisciplinary use in cranial neurosurgery, spinal surgery, ENT, CMF

CompactDue to its compact design, the system can beintegrated into all common towers and is therefore ready for use at any time even in confined spaces.CompatibleWhether connecting to existing equipment or evaluatingradiological data – the system is equipped for all fields ofapplication.IntuitiveThe software is easy to use and enables to operate thesystem safely and comfortably even to novice users. Theflexible electromagnetic instruments offer the best possible handling for rapid interventions.InnovativeNOVA Augmented Reality (AR) provides supportivegraphic overlays on the real endoscopic images. Inaddition, patented instrument clamps and adapters allow to navigate existing instruments andendoscopes.SafeContinuous recording using videos and screenshotsprovides ideal support for documentation.Scopis Hybrid Navigation2

Optical TrackingHighest precision. Large measurement range. Universal adapter system.Highest precisionRegistration pointerBased on the market-leading technology the opticaltracking offers the highest precision of measurementin the range of 0.3 to 0.5 mm and keeps costs forconsumables low.Large measurement rangeEndoscope navigationThe optical tracking is characterized by its largerange of measurement which makes it possible toposition the camera at a distance of up to two meters.As a result the placement becomes flexible forall cranial interventions and work methods such asendoscopy and microscopy. When setting up surgeriesthe optical tracking system is easy to integrateand manage.Universal adapter systemBiopsy guide with needleUniversal adapter system forconventional instruments3Optical trackers can be attached to conventionalinstruments by means of special fixtures. Existing instruments such as suction tubes, chisels orBlakesley forcepses can therefore be used comfortablyfor navigation. The patented adapter system is not onlysuitable for passive instruments but also for active onessuch as shavers and drills.

Electromagnetic TrackingEasy to use. Flexible instruments. Intuitive workflow.Easy to useThe slim design of the instruments offers completefreedom of action and allows to reach any cavity inarea of surgery. As a result of the integration of thefield generator into the headrest the electromagnetictracking system is never in the way of the surgeon.Navigated suction tubeFlexible instrumentsThe electromagnetic instruments are made of highlyflexible material with high-precision sensors in the tip tobend them into shape as required. Therefore it is possibleto cover a wide range of operational scenarios with aneconomical number of instruments.Intuitive workflowThe number of preparatory and operational steps hasbeen consistently reduced to a minimum and representsthe best possible solution for use in surgery at short notice. The system is operational in less than 5 minutes, ideal for urgent applications.PointerInstrument tracker EMPatient tracker EM4

Planning Station and Augmented RealityFuture-proof. Innovative.For more challenging surgeries or also fortraining purposes it is sensible to be able to planthe intervention before the surgery. The Scopisexternal planning software enables you to do sooutside the operating theater at any work station.By means of a network connection to radiology orother departments it is possible to access PACS.In addition to simply setting planning points andtrajectories, a wide range of planning functions isavailable particularly for use in neurosurgery.Tumor segmentation (3D)Scopis navigation software supports advancedcranial planning functions such as diffusion tensor imaging with fiber tracking, functional neuroimaging (fMRI) and tumor segmentation.With the unique segmentation tool, tumors canbe marked and measured quickly and easily.Visualization of Diffusion Tensors5

Scopis planning software NOVA PLAN in useWith the Augmented Reality (AR) softwaremodule, Scopis exclusively offers the possibilityto overlay marked anatomical structuresdirectly on the endoscopic image during surgery.Navigation in the endoscopic imageBoth individual points and 3D objects(e.g. tumors) can be marked. In addition, surgicalapproaches can be defined as planning trajectories.Videos and screenshots in HD 1080The orientation in the situs is facilitated by overlaying additional information onto the endoscopicimage, which also increases safety.Distance display and alarm functionsVarious documentation optionsExtensive planning functionsRapid segmentationUp to 8 parallel fusion itemsExport of implant templatesThe extensive recording options not onlytake account of documentation requirements but can also be used for training andqualification purposes.After successful planning, data can be easily exported to the navigation system via network andUSB.NOVA PLAN external planning station6

Optimized Clinical WorkflowFast. Flexible. Intuitive.Support of current storage media(CD, DVD, USB)Network connectionImport of data in less than 60sAutomatic selection of usable dataThree types of registrationPatient registration in less than 90sSterile and unsterile workflowIn order to avoid disruption of efficient workflowin the operating theater the shortest possiblepreparation time for the use of navigation isessential.From import of data, preparation of the patientand instruments to patient registration as littletime should elapse as possible.Scopis Hybrid Navigation ensures this throughintelligent algorithms, intuitive operation andsimple handling.Workflow in 4 steps1 Loading image data72 Selecting registration type and planning

Navigated active instruments with Scopis universal adaptersWith the unique combination of both technologies in one device you can now decideduring the surgery whether you want tonavigate optically or electromagnetically. Aswitch between the two procedures is alsopossible during the operation with no effort.Optical trackingHighest precisionSpecial endoscope trackerNavigation of active instrumentsWith the new Scopis Hybrid generation, there is no need to commit to one technology atthe time of purchase. The advantages of bothsystems are available in one device.Electromagnetic trackingSimple handlingFlexible instrumentsRapid deployment3 Performing patient registration4 Navigation8

Advanced Image Fusion - Fibers around tumorDiffusion main directions represented bycolors merged with CT image data.Diffusion Tensor Imaging & Advanced Image FusionColor MR Integration for Scopis Hybrid NavigationAutomatic fusionUp to 8 parallel fusion itemsFlexible color paletteActive region segmentationAutomatic DWI to DTI conversionAdvanced tractography extensionHighly interactive fiber mappingTarget region planningThe Scopis NOVA software supports mergingimage data from fMRI, PET-CT, SPECT andprecomputed fiber tracks directly into thepatient‘s 3D model.This makes planning more precise and extendsthe surgeon‘s unterstanding of patient anatomy even further.Functional neuroimaging combined with Augmented Reality makes complicated cranialstructures accessible and lead to better surgical results.Fiber brush and fiber tracingPath intersection9PET and SPECT imaga data shows areas of highmetabolic activitiy which can indicate tumors.Tractographic reconstruction of neural connections merged with 3D model

Navigated UltrasoundIntra-operative ultrasound for optical and electromagnetic navigationScopis Navigated Ultrasound upgrades anyScopis Navigation System to take advantageof intra-operative ultrasound imaging.The Scopis Navigated Ultrasound is fully integrated into the navigation workflow for needleguidance, 3D reconstruction, measuring functions and Scopis Augmented Reality.The navigation without preoperative images isavailable.Both optical and electromagnetic navigationcan be used for a wide range of ultrasoundprobes.High quality, real-time beamformer8 image enhancement modesDoppler and B-Mode3D reconstructionFusion CT/UltrasoundEM and optical navigationLinear, convex, phased arrayOverlaid with CT and MRI scansMeasuring functionsLinear probe 40 mmConvex probe 60 mmPhased Array 90 Scopis Ultrasound Module10

Biopsy GuideAllows high precision alignment of compatible biopsy needles.For neurosurgical applicationsAllows high precision alignment of compatible biopsy needlesAttachment to star-bust connectors2 hinges for flexible positioning2 hinges for extra precision11The Scopis Biopsy Guide supports the accurateguide of Navigated biopsy needles in neurosurgery.The flexible arm of the Biopsy Guide is rigidlyconnected with the Mayfield clamp and followingthis, the alignment of the guide on the target isnavigated and fixed.Frameless biopsy optionThe product is an accessory for clinical navigationsystems of the Scopis Navigation Systems series.Navigated Biopsy GuideNavigated Biopsy Guide with needle

Spine clamp radiopaque with patient tracker andSpine pointerNavigated drill guideScopis Basic Spine InstrumentsNavigated Spinal InstrumentsFor cervical, thoraric and lumbar spinal procedures and posterior stabilization.Scopis Navigated Spinal Instruments upgradeany Scopis Navigation system for use inspinal neurosurgery and orthopedic spinalprocedures.Extension module Spinal SurgeryScopis Navigated Spinal Instruments combinea wide range of navigated instruments such astaps, awls, probes, drills and screwdrivers withScopis innovations such as Hybrid Navigationand Augmented Reality.Color coded trackersFor placement of particle screwsPercutaneous and open spineModular bits and handle systemInstrument clamps availablePrecalibrated awls, probes, tapsScrew driver and drill guideScopis Navigation software NOVA SpinalScopis Basic Spine Instrument Set12

Navigated Microscopy InterfaceAugmented Reality. Focus point navigation. Image Injection.For NOVA with compatible microscopeCarl Zeiss Pentero, Vario S88, NC4,Möller-Wedel HiR-1000/700, LeicaM500NEnables Augmented Reality Injectionvideo navigation, video Augmented RealityFocus tracking and focus navigationThe navigated microscopy interface enables theinsertion of planning data directly into the microscopy image.This enables first class Augmented Reality forcompatible microscope with navigation interfacesuch as Carl Zeiss Pentero, Vario S88, NC4, Möller-Wedel HiR-1000/700, Leica.The functionality varies based on type ofmicroscope.Just in time manufacturing: allow 10weeks for deliveryNavigated Microscope Augmented Reality13Navigated Microscope tracker

Integration into the Operating TheatreVarious ways of integration provide flexibility where it is needed most.Scopis provides several integration optionsthat give the opportunity to find the optimalway to place the Navigation System in the OT.The position sensor can be placed abovethe monitor which results in a very compactsystem.A classic stand with integrated cord wrap canbe easily set up and operated with one hand.Ceiling mounting systemMotorized 3D camera mount Self adjusting Highest degrees of freedomHeight adjustable camera stand One handed operation3D camera monitor integrationWith our motorized 3D camera mountcombined with a ceiling mounted arm fullflexibility is realized through self adjusting ofthe position sensor.Scopis 3D camera monitor integrationScopis motorized 3D camera mount14

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flexible electromagnetic instruments offer the best pos-sible handling for rapid interventions. Innovative NOVA Augmented Reality (AR) provides supportive . For NOVA with compatible micros-cope Carl Zeiss Pentero, Vario S88, NC4, Möller-Wedel HiR-1000/700, Leica M500N Enables Augmented Reality Injection video navigation, video Augmented Re-