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Table of ContentsCatalog Henderson Campus1.General Information . . . 42.Mission Statement .3.Admissions Requirements . . . .4-6Re-Admission, Transfer Students, HomeSchooled applicants,Foreign Diploma,VA Benefit ApplicantStatement of Non-Discriminati . . . .65. .46.7.Student Services / Employment Assistance . . . . . .78.Time Clock Procedure . . . 89.Course Format . . . . .810.Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy . . .11.Graduation Policy . .2112.Institutional Tuition Refund Policy . . . .Withdrawal/Settlement PolicyCode of Professional Conduct . .Tardy/Attendance Policy/Financial ResponsibilityPrivacy Policy . in Training . . . .79-1415-1617-2224-26Cosmetology Course Outlines .27-29Employment OpportunitiesHair Design Course Outline . .30-32Employment OpportunitiesEsthetics Course Outline (600 Hour). . . . .33-35Employment OpportunitiesEsthetics Plus Course Outline (750 Hour).36-38Nail Technology Course Outline . . . . 39-41Employment OpportunitiesStudent Teacher 700 Hour Course Outline .42-43Employment OpportunitiesStudent Teacher 500 Hour Course Outline .44-452

22.Employment OpportunitiesVA Student Guidelines . . 46-4923.Class Start Calendar . . .5024.School Calendar / School Closings . .5125.Hours of Operation/Attendance Schedules . .51-5226.Tuition and Fees . .5327.Method of Payment . . . .5428.Ownership/Administration/Staff .5429.Student Grievance Policy . .5530.31.Scholarship information . . . .5532.Student Books, Equipment and Supplies . . . .56-58Facilities and Equipment . . . .553

General InformationIntroductionG Skin & Beauty Institute proudly welcomes you to a personally and economically fulfilling career.In the field of beauty, you are limited only by your own talent and ambitions.G Skin & Beauty Institute will help you build a solid foundation of knowledge. Our curriculum enables you tomaster the basic concepts, while it also lets in on the creative secrets of the professionals. Our manyclasses in advanced techniques get you ready to embark on a new future with confidence. G Skin & BeautyInstitute is licensed by the State of Nevada, Board of Cosmetology, 8945 W. Russell Road, Suite 100, LasVegas, Nevada, 891, (702) 486-6542. G Skin & Beauty Institute, Henderson, and G Skin & Beauty Institute,5040 S Gilbert Road, Chandler, Arizona are branch campuses of G Skin & Beauty Institute, 90 W. HillcrestBlvd Suite 302 Schaumburg, Illinois 60195, (224-293-0717). G Skin & Beauty Institute is also accredited bythe National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts & Sciences, 3015 Colvin Street , Alexandria, VA22314, (703) 600-7600. G Skin and Beauty Institute is approved for the training of veterans by theCommission on Postsecondary Education. 1860 East Sahara Avenue Las Vegas, Nevada 89104 (702)486-7330.Mission StatementG Skin & Beauty Institute, together with our highly skilled staff of instructors, and the management team arededicated to EXCELLENCE in education. We continually strive to be the best for and with our students asthey work towards their employment goals.Each student, after completing their course of training in cosmetology arts and science, hair design,esthetics, esthetics plus, nail technology, or student teacher will be prepared to successfully demonstrateand easily perform job entry level skills in all required subjects and for employment in the field of beauty.He/She will take and pass a final school examination in both theoretical and practical skills, take and passthe Nevada State Board Practical Exam, and qualify for the state examination in Theory, to obtain aNevada license, if applicable. Our final goal is to help our graduates find employment in their new field.Admission Requirements / Cosmetology / Hair Design / Esthetics / Nail Technology1. Submits a High School Diploma / Legal transcript from High School showing High Schoolcompletion/ HiSet test results/GED /an academic transcript demonstrating successful completionof a two year program that is acceptable for full credit toward a bachelor’s degree, or a bachelor’sdegree diploma2. Submits documentation for proof of age (must be 18) , ie: drivers license, state ID, birth certificate3. 100.00 Registration Fee and fill out application for admission4. 10.00 fee for State Board Registration5. 10.00 fee for State Board Rule book6. Complete all registration paperwork and submit all required documentationAdmissions Requirements / Student Instructor 500 hour course / 700 hour course1. Meets with the Director of Curriculum and Student Teachers2. Legal transcript from High School showing High School completion / High School Diploma / HiSetTest Results / GED / or academic transcript demonstrating successful completion of a two yearprogram that is acceptable for full credit toward a bachelor’s degree, or a bachelor’s degree diploma3. Submits documentation of proof of age, ie: drivers license, state ID, birth certificate4

4. Submits Student Teacher or PIL license from the State Board of Cosmetology, Nevada ( StateBoard will need proof of work experience in order to issue a PIL (or 500 hour license)5. Submits current license in chosen field6. Completes all registration paperwork and submits all required documentationAdmissions for Students with a Foreign DiplomaForeign diplomas must be verified prior to enrollment.Verification of a foreign student’s high school diploma must be performed by an outside agency that isqualified to translate documents into English and confirm the academic equivalence to a U.S. high schooldiploma. The admissions adviser at the school can help you obtain this process if you need it.1. Submits a verified and translated High School Diploma2. Must be at least 18 years of age3. Must complete all enrollment paperwork and submits all needed documentation4. Submits an application with a 100.00 Registration FeeAdmissions for Students with a Home School EducationStudents who have attended and completed HomeSchool through grade 12, may be eligible to attend GSkin & Beauty Institute. We are interested in having talented, well-qualified applicants from a variety ofsettings. Home school applicants are reviewed on an individual basis.Must be at least 18 years of age.1. Submits a successful completion of the State exam for home schooled students2. Submits an application with a 100.00 non-refundable Registration Fee.3. Completes all registration paperwork and submits all required documentationAdmissions Requirements for Students Re-Enrolling in a Program1. A non-refundable re-entry fee of 100.00 will be charged unless the student is returning within30 calendar days of dropping from the program2. A 10.00 fee to register with the State Board will be charged after the 10th day from the dropdate,after the student was dropped from the program.This fee is non-negotiable for any reason.3. If a student dropped due to pregnancy or a severe medical illness, they can appeal the 100.00re-entry fee. Appeal forms are in the secretary's office.4. If a student dropped a new Enrollment Agreement must be executed by the student/applicant.The student will receive credit for any tuition previously paid, and all tuition payments that aredue must be current. All required documentation must be submitted prior to re-entry.5. The student will return to school with the same status as when they left, including credit for anyactual and scheduled hours.6. The student must be able to complete the program within the maximum time frame and alsowithin the parameters of the State Law requirements.Transfer Students/Out of State StudentsThis school accepts transfer students or out-of-state transfers, for a maximum of 300 hours of attendancefor esthetic students and a maximum of 1000 hours of attendance for cosmetology students, a maximum of500 hours of attendance for Hair Design students, and a maximum of 300 hours of attendance for NailTechnology students, upon presentation of an official record of credit hours earned from the school and byapproval of the Nevada State Board of Cosmetology. All transfer hours are first evaluated by the5

Cosmetology State Board of Nevada, and by G Skin & Beauty Institute corporate office, to determine whichUnits of Instruction earned previously, are equivalent to the Units of Instruction designated by the State ofNevada. All credit hours accepted shall count as both attempted and completed.All hours earned will be accepted from a student who is transferring in from another G Skin & BeautyInstitute / Naperville Skin Institute in the same program. G Skin & Beauty Institute does not recruit studentsattending or admitted to another school offering a similar program of study. Students wishing to use theirVA benefits must present all Post-Secondary transcripts for prior credit they have earned for evaluationprior to enrollment. If the school grants credit to be applied at G Skin & Beauty Institute, it shall lower thenumber of hours required to complete the program, and charges applied will cover only the hoursremaining for the student to complete the course.Student teachers or PIL’s, 700 hour program or 500 hour program, may in some cases be credited forTransfer hours, but first must meet with the Director of Curriculum and Student Teachers, and adetermination of transfer hours will be determined at the time.Admission Requirements & Procedures for Transfer Students/Out Of State Students1. Must submit a High School Diploma, General Education Development Certificate (GED ), anacademic transcript demonstrating successful completion of a two year program that is acceptablefor full credit toward a bachelor’s degree, or a bachelor’s degree diploma2. Must be at least 18 years of age3. Must present an Official, signed and sealed copy of their transcript of hours earned at the previousschool.4. Must present the credit approved from the State Board of Nevada5. Must fill out an application form and pay 100.00 Registration Fee (non-refundable after 5 days)6. Complete all registration paperwork and submit all needed documentation7. VA students see page 45Admission Requirements for Students Receiving VA Benefits(see page 45-48)Buyer’s Right to CancelThe applicant buyer shall have the absolute right to cancel the Enrollment Agreement until midnight of thethird (3rd) day after the execution of the Enrollment Agreement. Cancellation must be in writing. In theevent of cancellation, applicants shall be entitled to a refund of all monies paid to the school. If notice of theright to cancel is not given to any prospective student at the time the enrollment agreement is signed, thenthe student has the right to cancel the agreement at any time and receive a refund of all monies paid todate within 10 days of cancellation.Statement of NondiscriminationG Skin & Beauty Institute, in its admission, instruction, graduation and employment policies, secures for allindividuals the freedom from discrimination against any individual because of his or her race, color, sex,sexual orientation, gender or gender identity, national origin, ethnic origin, ancestry, age, creed or religion,financial status, order of protection status, marital status, physical or mental disability, military status, orresidence for any reason. This state of non-discrimination also extends to employees of the school andthe administration of students in programs and activities sponsored by the school. Questions or complaintsabout Title IX, or sexual discrimination for any reason please refer to6

[email protected]. Title IX Coordinator, 10 Mechanic St., 60548,Sandwich, Illinois,815-786-7266Student Services1. Admission Representatives: Aids students in enrollment, selecting schedule of attendance andsuitable financial arrangements.2. Instructional Staff: Aids in improving students’ learning skills, preparing for examinations andestablishing working relationships with other students, customers, and staff.3. Academic Support Services: Staff is fully trained to aid individuals needing extra help withacademic hands-on instruction. Extra time is spent with individuals needing help.4. Secretary: Aids students in daily attendance records, financial records, and job placement.5. Housing: Students must arrange for their own off-campus housing.6. Parking: Off-street parking is available close to the school, free of charge.7. Advising: Students are advised regarding their training and career at checkpoint periods. Ourstaff is available for advising at any time during a student’s training, as the need arises. Contactinformation for Professional Services is available when needed.8. F.A. Advisor available on site, to help with any questions about your financing. Information andadvice on available financial assistance is accessible to students9. Employment Assistance: Every effort is extended to aid our graduating students, as well asour past graduates in finding suitable employment. Current job listings are made available on anonline job board. In addition, the Alumni Team reaches out to graduates with new job listing atleast monthly until our graduate finds employment. Classes in Professionalism, resumedevelopment, job search skills, and interviewing preparation are offered as part of thecurriculum. We do not, however, guarantee employment. Currently attending students andgraduates of G Skin & Beauty Institute have access to our online job board.10. Title IX Personnel: Title IX Responsible Employees at the Oak Brook location are managerAudry or Administrative Assistant Jessica. They will be happy to help you with any issues thatyou face.Interruption in Training Any students who must drop, may re-enroll by applying for admission throughthe Admission Office. There is a 100.00 registration fee to re-enroll. If the student re-enrolls within thirty(30) calendar days, the re-enrollment fee is waived. If a student drops due to an acute illness or pregnancy,the student may appeal the fee with proper documentation. Appeal forms are located in the secretary'soffice.Be aware that interrupting the program may have an effect on your Financial Aid Benefits and thatno one may re-enroll without being currentStudents will be dropped from the State Board of Nevada student log after 10 days of droppingfrom or of being dropped from the program. There will be a 10.00 fee for students to be re-enrolledwith the State Board.Transcript Fees/ Class Schedule Change/ Instruction Beyond Expiration Date/ Replacement SwipeCard FeesA 2.00 fee for transfer and transcripts of records will be charged to the student for copies of transcripts,after the first copy was given for no charge.A 40.00 class schedule change fee will be charged to the student for a change from one schedule to adifferent class schedule. This fee is payable in full prior to the change. Students are not allowed to7

accumulate over 100% of their attendance schedule on their contract. This situation will affect the financialaid package and may result in liabilities owed by the student. If a student wants to complete their programearlier than what is shown on their contract, the student must change their schedule, and receive a newend date on their contract. Students must be current on their TFC loan before any schedule changes will beapproved.A 10.00 State Board registration fee will be charged to anyone who has dropped or been dropped fromthe program for more than 10 days from the drop date, and who wishes to re-enroll.An additional fee, 1.00 per hour is charged for each hour of training, instruction, and/or examination whichis beyond the stated graduation date. In this circumstance, it is understood that the student mustexecute a new agreement, supplemental to the original Enrollment Agreement and payment of thisSupplemental Agreement will be arranged at that time. This applies to all programs.A 10.00 fee will be charged to the student who needs a replacement swipe card for any reason.Fee Waiver PolicyBecause of financial reasons, occasions may arise where a fee may need to be waived, in order for astudent to attend school. Forms are available in the admissions office to apply for a waiver. Forms are thenfaxed to the Executive Office for approval. Approved Fee Waivers may be paid in weekly installments, untilpaid in full, or may be approved for additional options depending on the extenuating circumstances.Student’s Financial ResponsibilityIt is understood that it is the STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY to ensure that the school is paid according tothe terms they agreed to, by the scheduled graduation date. The STUDENT has the sole responsibility toensure that their financial aid has been processed in a timely manner or that their scheduled monthlypayments are current. It is the STUDENT’S responsibility to ensure that they are maintaining satisfactoryprogress so that the financial aid funds can be disbursed on time.Time Clock ProceduresEach new student is given a swipe card to swipe in and out from the school’s time clock. This card is theONLY legal way to accumulate actual hours at the school. [It is against STATE LAW to swipe in or out foranyone other than yourself. Student’s found doing this may be suspended from the program.]To replace a lost, forgotten, or demagnetized card, the cost is 10.00. This is the student's soleresponsibility.AdvisingStudents who need extra help with written or practical work, or who just need a sympathetic ear, can relyon our caring staff. Our School Manager and teachers are readily available and willing to help anyone whoindicates that they could use the help. Progress reports are issued monthly, and students are counselled ongrades and attendance. A copy is given to the student and a copy is kept in the students Academic File.Students are advised on Satisfactory Academic Progress status at official evaluation points, which isdescribed in the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy. Contact information for Professional Services isavailable when needed.Course FormatsAll courses are taught in English8

Satisfactory Academic Progress PolicyThe Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy is applied consistently to every student who is enrolled in aNACCAS approved program, in any specific program and schedule for a particular category ofattendance at G Skin & Beauty Institute. It is printed in the catalog to ensure that a copy of this policy isprovided to all students prior to enrollment. The policy complies with the guidelines established by theNational Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences (NACCAS) and the Federal Regulationsestablished by the United States Department of Education.Definition:At G Skin & Beauty Institute, satisfactory progress is defined by the following criteria:1. A minimum cumulative grade average of 75%. The qualitative element used todetermine academic progress is a reasonable system of grades as determined byassigned academic learning.2. A minimum cumulative attendance average of 67% of all scheduled class time3. Maximum Time FrameIn order to be considered making satisfactory academic progress, he or she must meet both the attendanceminimum standards, in alignment with Maximum Time Frame, and academic minimum standards (bothquantitative and qualitative elements) at each official evaluation period by the midpoint of the program ormidpoint of the academic year, whichever is shorter.Only students who maintain satisfactory academic progress are eligible to receive Title IVassistance, unless the student is on warning or has prevailed upon appeal of the determination thathas resulted in the status of Probation.Academic Performance:GRADING SCALEStudents are evaluated in the following areas: Theory, Practical, and Laboratory (Clinic)The following reasonable grading system is used:92 – 10084 – 9175– 83Below 75ABCFExcellentAbove AverageAverageUnsatisfactoryRelated TheoryA minimum standard of 75% is established in each subject. Tests are given after eachchapter. If a student is retaking a failed test, the student receives a pass (75%) once thetest is passed.Practical WorkA minimum accessible standard of 75% performance is established for all practical skills.Failure requires further practice to achieve a passing level (75%).9

Grading ProceduresThe qualitative element used to determine academic progress is a reasonable system of grades asdetermined by assigned academic learning. Students are assigned academic learning and a minimumnumber of practical experiences. Academic learning is evaluated after each unit of study. Practicalassignments are evaluated as completed and count toward course completion only when rated assatisfactory or better. If performance does not meet satisfactory requirements, it is not counted and theperformance must be repeated. At least two comprehensive practical skills evaluations will be conductedduring the course of study. Practical skills are evaluated according to text procedures and set forth inpractical skills evaluation criteria adopted by the school.Determination of Progress: Official Evaluation PointsThe student’s performance is thoroughly evaluated at the following official scheduled checkpoints,using both quantitative and qualitative elements that are evaluated on a cumulative basis. TheOfficial Evaluation Periods are based on actual time completed versus scheduled hours. The firstofficial evaluation period is scheduled before or no later than the midpoint of the course. Maximumtime frame for each student will be measured for pace of progression at each official academic progresscheckpoint. All Satisfactory Academic Progress evaluations are completed within 7 business days followingthe established evaluation points.1600 Hour Cosmetology rs1600ActualHours600 Hour Esthetics Students:300Actual Hours1000 Hour Hair Design Students600Actual 0 Hour Esthetic Students375Actual Hours750Actual Hours600 Hour Nail Technology Students:300Actual Hours600Actual Hours500/700 Clock Hour Student Teacher Program:250Actual Hours500Actual Hours350Actual Hours700Actual HoursTransfer students are evaluated at the midpoint of the contracted hours or the established evaluationperiods, whichever comes first.Student Consultation for Satisfactory Progress results:When not meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements, a consultation will be scheduledwith a school official to review the results within 7 School Business Days following the establishedevaluation point. If the student has not met the standards for Satisfactory Academic Progress, the studentwill be advised on what steps need to be taken to achieve academic progress standards by the nextscheduled official evaluation period. The student will then be placed either on SAP Warning or SAPIneligible, or SAP Probation (upon an approved appeal)10

Students meeting minimum requirements for both attendance and academic performance at theend of each evaluation period will be considered meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)until the next scheduled official evaluation period.Students deemed not maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress will have their Title IV Fundinginterrupted, unless the student is on warning, or has prevailed upon appeal resulting in a status ofprobation.Results of the SAP will be kept in the student file and a copy given to the student. Results of the SAP arealways available through the school office.Determination of Status:Students will be in one of three Statuses:1.Satisfactory: Requires no action by the student or the school, maintains status until nextevaluation2.Warning: Student is not meeting SAP Standards, aid eligibility is retained until nextevaluation requires students to bring themselves Satisfactory by next evaluation3.Unsatisfactory: Student is not eligible to receive Title IV funding and will be placed onSAP Ineligibility. At this time students will be given 2 options:1.File an appeal using the Appeal Process outlined below2.Proceed to a cash pay basisFinancial Aid Warning StatusStudents failing to meet the requirements set forth for Satisfactory Academic Progress at any officialevaluation period will automatically be placed on SAP Warning Status until the next official evaluationperiod. During the SAP Warning period, students who are receiving Title IV funds will continue to befunded. If the student is meeting the minimum requirements at the end of the SAP Warning period, thestudent will be determined as meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress status. If at the end of the warningperiod, the student’s SAP evaluation results in the student not meeting either the attendance or academicminimum requirements, the student will be deemed ineligible to receive Title IV funds. If a student isineligible for Financial Aid, the student will be placed on a cash pay basis. The student does have the rightto appeal the negative progress determination prior to being placed on probation.The student will be advised to follow the school's appeal process outlined in this policy, and of the actionsrequired to attain Satisfactory Academic Progress by the next scheduled official evaluation period.Appeal Procedure : Students who will not attain Satisfactory Academic Progress by the end of theWarning Period, may appeal the negative progress determination by acting upon the followingprocedure:1. The student must appeal in writing. The appeal must include the following:a. The cause of the student not meeting the minimum SAP standards.b. An explanation of what circumstances have changed that will allow them to meetSAP at the end of the next official evaluation period.c. Attach any medical or other official documentation to verify your appeal, all appealsmust be accompanied by verifiable documentation.2.G Skin & Beauty Institute must verify that the student could mathematically regainSAP by the end of the next official evaluation period for both academic, attendance, andMaximum Time Frame standards.11

3.4.An Academic Plan must be developed that if followed, ensures that the student isable to meet the SAP requirements by the next official evaluation point, or by somespecified point within the student’s maximum time frame.The appeal procedure is prevailed upon prior to being placed on probation.The following are acceptable examples to file an appeal:1. death of a family member2. injury or illness of the student3. extenuating unusual circumstancesAppeal forms may be obtained through the school office. It is important that the followingguidelines be followed.All documentation along with the appeal form must be submitted within ten (10) days of notification thathe/she is not maintaining satisfactory academic progress. The student will be notified in writing of theschool administration’s decision within thirty (30) calendar days.An appeal will not be granted if it would be mathematically impossible for the student to achieve therequired grade or attendance level by the end of the probation period. The student will then be placed on acash pay basis.All appeal documentation is maintained in the student’s financial aid file.Probation:Students who appeal the Satisfactory Academic Progress negative status, and are approved, qualify forAcademic Probation. If the student’s appeal is successful, financial aid eligibility will be restored (on aFinancial Aid Probation basis) for one payment period, upon conclusion of which the student must haveachieved the required minimum standards.If at the end of the probationary period, the student has still not met the attendance and academicrequirements required for satisfactory academic progress or by the academic plan, she/he will bedetermined as NOT meeting minimum satisfactory academic progress standards, and, if applicable,student will not be deemed eligible to receive Title IV funds.Reinstatement of Financial Aid Eligibility:To remove himself or herself from Warning, Ineligible, or Probation status, the student shall establish aminimum cumulative attendance average of at least 67% of all scheduled class time and shall commenceto improve his or her grades such that by the next scheduled official evaluation period, he or she willestablish a cumulative minimum grade average of at least 75%.Incompletes, Withdrawals, Repetitions, and Noncredit Remedial Courses:Course incompletes, withdrawals, repetitions, and noncredit remedial courses do not apply and do notaffect Satisfactory Academic Progress.Transfer StudentsSatisfactory Academic Progress evaluation periods are based on the actual contracted hours at the school.Transfer hours from another institution that are accepted toward a student’s educational program arecounted as both attempted and completed hours for the purpose of determining when the allowablemaximum time frame has been exhausted.12

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