Return to Service and Post-Pandemic Planning for Capital ProgramsPROGRAMAND PROJECTMANAGEMENTSOLUTIONSPartnering with clients to safely deliver capital programs andprojects in a pandemic environment, with a safe return tooperations and solutions for the new normal.Americas

SECTION TITLEADDRESSINGTHE CHALLENGES OF OUR NEW NORMALADDRESSING THECHALLENGES OFOUR NEW NORMAL:PROGRAM PLANNINGAND REASSESSMENTAECOM CONFIDENTIAL AECOM 2020 RETURN TO SERVICE: PROGRAM AND PROJECT MANAGEMENTAs program management operations begin or resume in the newnormal, and construction sites become active once again, owners arefacing unprecedented return-to-operations challenges. New safetyprocedures often indicate a possible need for renewed program planningand program reassessment to avoid cost and schedule impacts.These activities may include project re-prioritization, reassessment ofthe program risk analysis and risk mitigation strategies, and scheduleadjustments associated with revised construction durations andsequencing.Managing capital programs during a pandemic also comes with anew measure of success: safely guiding the delivery of projects in apandemic environment. Employees and contractors must adhere toprogram-specific, local, state and federal COVID-19-related safetyguidelines. AECOM program managers keep pace with these everevolving guidelines, and facilitate the establishment and implementationof procedures for various program participants, to assist in overseeingsafety compliance.We have the expertise and technologies to rapidly provide a programassessment to help our clients achieve program goals. From areassessment of the initial risk analysis and mitigation strategies, tosafety planning and remote inspections, our professionals can help younavigate this new normal.2

DIGITIZE IS THE NEW SANITIZE RETURN TO SERVICE: PROGRAM AND PROJECT MANAGEMENT“DIGITIZE” IS THE NEW “SANITIZE”WHEN IT COMES TO MANAGING CAPITALPROGRAMS DURING THE PANDEMICAND FOR THE FUTURE NEW NORMALDuring the pandemic, we suggest that in some cases, “digitize is the new“sanitize” when it comes to managing capital programs. Our innovative digitalprogram management technologies can help you implement the strategiesneeded for safely returning to operations, and for long-term optimization of yourobjectives in the new normal.Capital project management software, and shifting data to the Cloud is partof the new normal. Revenue streams may be more uncertain as a result ofeconomic impacts from the coronavirus pandemic; our digital tools informcritical strategies to help clients accurately manage project funding andfinancing planning. As construction operations fully resume, our team can alsoprovide ongoing financial monitoring.One example of our innovative digital services is AECOM’s RevenueOptimization and Delivery Solutions, which provides a visualization of revenueoptimization planning, and can incorporate projected COVID-19 impacts. Ourrevenue modeling also incorporates demand forecasting planning for postpandemic mitigations.AECOM CONFIDENTIAL AECOM 20203

CAPABILITIES AND SERVICE OFFERINGS RETURN TO SERVICE: PROGRAM AND PROJECT MANAGEMENTCAPABILITIES AND SERVICE OFFERINGS: EXAMPLESCapital Improvement ProgramReview and ReprioritizationProgram planning review andreprioritization of projects may beneeded from the lens of pandemicimpact considerations and long-termoptimization for the post-pandemicfuture. With the assistance of our financialmodeling experts, we can provide valuecreating data to plan for the new realityof a post-COVID-19 world. As yourprogram manager, we serve your partnerin continually revisiting assumptions andscenarios as more information unfolds.Drone ConstructionInspections and MonitoringLimiting person-to-person interaction ona construction site may serve to reducethe potential for virus transmission. Ourlicensed drone pilots can provide remoteconstruction inspection in partnershipwith our construction managementprofessionals. The inspection videosbecome integrated into the digital dailyinspection report.AECOM CONFIDENTIAL AECOM 2020Schedule and Budget AnalysisTime impacts associated with pandemicrelated safety measure requirementsand potential supply chain delaysare significant considerations in thescheduling process. We provide timeimpact analysis of schedules createdpre-pandemic and for new programs,with recommendations for strategies tomitigate potential delays.Safety TrainingAECOM employs a full range of Safety,Health & Environment professionals,including certified industrial hygienistsand public health and pandemicspecialists. We offer project sitepersonnel safety training for a widerange of issues including personalprotective equipment, health screenings,safety reporting, general coronavirusawareness, and project-specific jobsitesafety procedures.Risk AnalysisRisk analyses created pre-pandemic mayneed to be re-assessed and updatedwith an analysis done through the lens ofprogram management in the new normal.AECOM risk management experts arefamiliar with various potential impactsrelated to the pandemic, and can providemitigation strategies to keep yourprojects on-track.Grant Fund ManagementWe can help clients find, apply for andoversee grant funding and financing tohelp mitigate the impacts of lost revenueincurred as a result of the pandemic.Our services include grant researchand application development, creatingthe project definition, collecting data,compiling the benefit-cost analysis,post-award grant management andadministration, and project positioningtargeting outcomes aligned with theassessment criteria.Hosting of Virtual PublicMeetings for AECOM ClientsAECOM has launched an interactiveweb-based tool that allows clients tohold virtual public meetings such astown halls. The platform allows ourteams and clients to safety engage alarge number of meeting participants forcommunication pertaining to the impactand benefits of proposed projects, orother types of community outreach suchas engagement of the workforce.Construction Site Safety PlanA comprehensive COVID-19 exposurecontrol plan may be useful in helping tomaintain the safety of participants in aprogram. Our assistance can pertain torecommendations including delivery ofmaterials, worker density restrictions,safety training, COVID-19 digital recordkeeping, and virtual procurementstrategies.4

CAPABILITIES AND SERVICE OFFERINGS RETURN TO SERVICE: PROGRAM RETURNAND PROJECTTO SERVICE:MANAGEMENTDISCIPLINECAPABILITIES AND SERVICEOFFERINGS: EXAMPLESPersonnel Digital Monitoring/TrackingProximity interaction of construction jobsitepersonnel and program management teammembers can be monitored and digitallytracked while on-site or in the programmanagement office. AECOM can help ourclients or general contractors in facilitatingthe implementation of a system thatinvolves tracking tags on a wearable device.Digitized interaction/contact data can becollected and displayed on individual workerprofile dashboards, to produce contacttracing reports. In addition to providing datafor contacts in the event a worker testspositive for the coronavirus, the informationcan also be used for development ofspecific safety protocols and adjustmentsto staff training.HVAC System AssessmentOur teams can identify strategies formodifications to potentially enhance afacility’s air quality and possibly reducethe risk of airborne virus transfer.AECOM CONFIDENTIAL AECOM 2020Whether providing project design-phaserecommendations, design services, orassisting your facilities department staff intheir return to service as your project rampsback up, we can assess building systemsfor adjustments and augmentations. Weprovide rapid assessments for potentialmodifications to existing HVAC systems,which may result in enhanced filtration,pressure zones and outdoor air delivery.Disinfection Contractor OversightWe provide cleaning contractor oversightand reporting for the process ofdisinfection of facilities by a contractor,on behalf of our clients. Our teams canalso prepare cleaning and disinfectionspecifications for use by contractors.These specifications typically addressvarious issues associated with disinfectionof surfaces for the coronavirus, andalso include employee training, personalprotective equipment, approved biocides,sequencing of work, waste disposal, andemergency disinfection procedures.5

PROJECT EXPERIENCE EXAMPLES RETURN TO SERVICE: PROGRAM AND PROJECT MANAGEMENTMiami Dade College Medical CampusJohns Hopkins University Applied Physics LaboratoryCOVID-19 Facilities Disinfection Oversight/Creation of Disinfection SpecificationSchedule Analysis and Recovery,and Remote InspectionsIn March 2020, a visitor to the Miami Dade College Medical Campus subsequentlytested positive for the coronavirus, resulting in the need for cleaning and disinfectionof portions of the campus. As part of our program management support servicesalready ongoing at Miami Dade College, AECOM provided technical guidance for andoversight of the cleaning and disinfection work performed by Miami Dade College’scleaning contractor. The contractor was engaged to disinfect surfaces at thecampus within three multi-story buildings involving 850,000 square feet.AECOM is currently providing construction management-as-advisor servicesfor the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in support of theUniversity’s 550-million capital construction portfolio. As a result of the coronaviruspandemic, our team provided pandemic-related schedule analysis and recoveryrecommendations, and integration of a Task Hazard Analysis pertaining tocoronavirus issues. We also provided return-to-service safety protocols and safetytraining consulting.AECOM also prepared the Cleaning and Disinfection Specification for use by thecleaning contractor. The specification addressed the various issues associated withcleaning and disinfection of surfaces for the COVID-19 virus including contractorsupervision, employee training, personal protective equipment, approved biocides,sequencing of work, work practices, waste disposal, emergency procedures, andother health and safety precautions.AECOM CONFIDENTIAL AECOM 2020As construction inspections resumed, our construction management teamimplemented safe Quality Assurance inspection techniques such as pre-scheduledinspections to limit the number of personnel interacting with each other, andrecommendations for potential AECOM remote video and drone inspections.6

PROJECT EXPERIENCE EXAMPLES RETURN TO SERVICE: PROGRAM AND PROJECT MANAGEMENTNew York City Department of Design and ConstructionU.S. Army Corps of EngineersGrant Management, ConstructionManagement and Engineering forCOVID-19 Medical SheltersHVAC System Improvementsfor Enhanced FiltrationAECOM provided emergency grant management, construction managementand engineering services to construct two temporary COVID-19 medical sheltersmedical shelters at the Brooklyn Cruse Terminal and the Billie Jean King NationalTennis Center in New York City. Grant management services pertained to theFEMA funding and reimbursement process, and compliance with all FEMA grantrequirements.In support of the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, AECOM deployed staff to severalalternative care facility sites across the U.S. Key to our services was the rapidassessment and subsequent modification to the existing heating, ventilation andair-conditioning (HVAC) systems in the alternative care facilities, which housed bothboth coronavirus and non-coronavirus patients. Our teams focused on enhancingthe performance of systems in terms of air filtration, pressure zones and outdoorair delivery. AECOM served as both the designer, and - in many cases - the turnkeycontractor delivering the solution.Our team provided construction management services onsite in a pandemicenvironment, including immediate mobilization, confirmation that the work wasproperly executed and completed in a timely fashion, document control, security,and audit support.AECOM CONFIDENTIAL AECOM 20207

PROJECT EXPERIENCE EXAMPLES RETURN TO SERVICE: PROGRAM AND PROJECT MANAGEMENTDallas/Fort Worth International AirportBoston Logan International AirportGrant Application SupportDevelopment ofSocial Distancing GuidelinesUnder a five-year program management/construction management servicescontract, AECOM is assisting in developing a Master Plan to identify and prioritizeinfrastructure needs at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) over thenext 20 years. As part of this effort, our team is providing strategic grant supportto identify potential candidate projects for inclusion in grant applications. Thiseffort has included an analysis of various grant programs at the federal level, frominfrastructure to technology. As an example, our team is currently supporting DFWwith an application to the Better Utilizing Investments to Leverage Development(BUID) Transportation Discretionary Grants Program. Our services include overallstrategic guidance, development of grant narrative and a Benefit-Costs Analysis.AECOM CONFIDENTIAL AECOM 2020AECOM is working with Massport to facilitate the development and implementationof an approach to social distancing throughout Boston Logan International Airport’sterminal and passenger processing facilities. The goals of the program are toimprove the passenger sense of health and safety, create space between thepassengers and improve the cleanliness at key touchpoints.8

About AECOMAECOM is a premier, fully integrated professional and technicalservices firm positioned to design, build, finance and operateinfrastructure assets around the world for public- and private-sectorclients. The firm’s global staff — including architects, engineers,designers, planners, scientists and management and constructionservices professionals — serves clients in over 150 countries aroundthe world. AECOM is ranked as the #1 engineering design firm byrevenue in Engineering News-Record magazine’s annual industryrankings, and has been recognized by Fortune magazine as a World’sMost Admired Company. The firm is a leader in all of the key marketsthat it serves, including transportation, facilities, environmental,energy, oil and gas, water, high-rise buildings and government. AECOMprovides a blend of global reach, local knowledge, innovation andtechnical excellence in delivering customized and creative solutionsthat meet the needs of clients’ projects. A Fortune 500 firm, AECOMcompanies, including URS Corporation and Hunt Construction Group,have annual revenue of approximately 19 billion.More information on AECOM and its services can be found us on Twitter: @aecomThe information contained in this document is intended for generalguidance on matters of interest only. The information is based onCDC and WHO recommendations at the time of publication.AECOM makes no guarantee, representation, or warranty, expressor implied, that services will eliminate the presence of COVID-19and coronaviruses or prevent the transmission of COVID-19 andcoronaviruses nor is AECOM ensuring the health and safety of anyperson. This document is provided with the understanding thatAECOM is not herein engaged in rendering professional, legal, orother advice or services. While AECOM has made every attempt toensure that the information contained in this document has beenobtained from reliable sources, AECOM is not responsible for anyerrors, inaccuracies, omissions, or for any results obtained from theuse of or reliance on this information. All information in this documentis provided “as is” without any guarantee of completeness, accuracy,timeliness, or the results obtained from the use of or reliance on thisinformation, and without warranty of any kind, whether express orimplied, including any warranties of performance, merchantability, orfitness for a particular purpose.This document is for the sole use of the recipient. The recipient ofthis document shall not distribute, transmit, disseminate, or otherwisedisclose, in any form or by any means, this document or any partthereof to any other person or entity, including without limitationany person or entity who competes with AECOM or provides similarservices as

control plan may be useful in helping to maintain the safety of participants in a program. Our assistance can pertain to recommendations including delivery of materials, worker density restrictions, safety training, COVID-19 digital record-keeping, and virtual procurement strategies. AECOM CONFIDENTIAL AECOM 2020