e D DEEPAKDEEPAK SPINNERSSPINNERS LIMITEDLIMITEDA GovernmentGovernment Recognised ExportExport HouseHouseCorporateCorporate IdentificationIdentification No. :: L17111HP1982PLC016465L17111HP1982PLC016465Plot No. 194194 - 195,Fourth195,Fourth Floor, IndustrialIndustrial Area,PhaseArea, Phase 2,ChandigarhIndiaI Phone:Chandigarh - 160002,160002,IndiaPhone: 9191 172172 265 I 22REF.NO/DSL/PA/2022DatedDated 10.05.202210.05.2022To,BSELimited,BSE Limited,th Floor,P.J. Towers,P. J.Towers, 2525"Floor,Dalal Street,Street,MumbaiMumbai -— 400400 001SCRIPCODESCRIP CODE — 514030514030Sirs,Sirs,Sub.meeting ofof DeepakSub. :: OutcomeOutcome ofof meetingof thethe BoardBoard ofof DirectorsDirectors ofDeepak SpinnersSpinners LimitedLimited ('the(‘theCompany')Company’)Ref.Ref. : RegulationRegulation 3030 && 3333 ofof SEBISEBI (Listing(Listing ObligationsObligations andand DisclosureDisclosure Requirements)Requirements)Regulations,('Listing Regulations’)Regulations')Regulations, 20152015(‘ListingthPleaseApril 2022,2022, informingPlease referrefer toto ourour letterletter dateddated 2525" Aprilinforming youyou aboutabout meetingmeeting ofof thethe BoardBoard ofofthDirectorsto beDirectors ofof thethe CompanyCompanytobe heldheld onon Tuesday,Tuesday, thethe 1010" MayMay 2022,2022. ThisThis isis toto informinform youyou thatthat thethe .BoardBoard atat itsits meetingmeeting heldheld todaytoday hashas — i)i)ApprovedCompany for theyear endedApproved thethe AuditedAudited FinancialFinancial ResultsResults ofof thethe Companyforthe yearended 3131*st MarchMarch 2022.2022.ii)Recommended2.501- (Rupees TwoFifty Paise Only)Recommended aa dividenddividend ofof RsRs 2.50/Two andand FiftyOnly) perper equityequity share ofofRs.25% (Twenty(Twenty FiveFive Percent)on paidRs. 10/10/- eacheach equivalentequivalent toto 25%Percent) onpaid upup equityequity shareshare capitalcapital ofof thethest Matrch 2022. The dividend will be subject to approval ofCompanyfor theCompanyforthe yearyear endedended onon 3131*March 2022. Thedividendwill be subject to approval ofthethe shareholdersshareholders inin thethe ensuingensuing AnnualAnnual GeneralGeneral MeetingMeeting oftheof the Company,Company.PleasePlease findfind attachedattached thethe followingfollowing —a)a) AuditedAudited FinancialFinancial ResultsResultsb)b) Auditors'Auditors’ Report,Report,c)on unmodifiedc) DeclarationDeclaration onunmodified opinionopinion ofof Auditors'Auditors’ Report.Report.Theat 3.00and concludedat 4.30The meetingmeeting commencedcommencedat3.00 andconcludedat4.30 p.m.p.m.Theclosure dateThe datedate ofof AnnualAnnual GeneralGeneral MeetingMeeting andand bookbook closuredate willwill bebe intimatedintimated separately,separately.Yoursfaithfully,FOR DEEPAK SPINNERSLIEncl.above.Encl. : as above.RegisteredRegistered OfficeOffice & Works: DeepakDeepak SpinnersSpinners Limited,Limited, 121,121, IndustrialIndustrial Area,Area, Baddi,Baddi,TehsilTehsil Nalagarh,Nalagarh, DistrictDistrict Solan,Solan, HimachalHimachal 'PradeshPradesh - 173205173 205 I Phone:Phone: 9191 1795 244 011/16011/16

AHouseA GovernmentGovernment RecognisedRecognised ExportExport No. :: L17111Identification No.Corporate Identification PlotFourth Floor,Plot No.No. 194194 -- 195,195,FourthFloor, IndustrialIndustrial Area,Area, PhasePhase 2,2,ChandigarhPhone:0973/74/7791 172 265 0973/74/77Phone: 91160002,India I Chandigarh - [email protected] I ! www.dsl-india.comrDEEPAKLIMITEDDEEPAK SPINNERS LIMITEDREF.NO/DSL/PA/2022REF.NO/DSL/PA/2022th May 2022DatedDated 1010"May 2022BSELimited,BSE Limited,CorporateRelationship DepartmentCorporate RelationshipDepartmentst Floor, New Trading Ring,11 Floor, New Trading Ring,RotundaBuilding, P.J.Towers,Rotunda Building,Dalal Street,Street,Mumbai -400001Mumbai— 400001SCRIPCODE:SCRIP CODE : 514030514030DearSirs,Dear Sirs,Subject :Subject.: DeclarationDeclaration inin casecase ofof AuditAudit ReportReport withwith UnmodifiedUnmodified OpinionOpinionReference:Reference : RegulationRegulation 3333 ofof SEBI(LODR)Regulations,SEBI(LODR) Regulations, 20152015Pursuant(LODR) Regulations,2015 asby notificationPursuant toto RegulationRegulation 3333 (3)(d)(3)(d) ofof SEBISEBI (LODR)Regulations, 2015as amendedamendedbynotification 25.5.201525.5.2015 ANDANDCircular no. CIR/CFD/CMD/56/2016CIR/CFD/CMD/56/2016 datedSEBI/LAD-NRO/GN/2016-17/001 DATEDCirculardated27.5.2016,27.5.2016 , wewe confirmconfirm thatthat thethe StatutoryStatutory AuditorsAuditors ofof thethe Company,Company, M/s.M/s. JJ KK VVSS & Co,Co, CharteredCharteredAccountants(Registration no.318086E) -haveonAccountants (Registrationno. 318086E)have issuedissued anan AuditAudit ReportReport withwith unmodifiedunmodified opinionopinion ontheResults offor thethe quarterand yearyear endedthe AuditedAudited FinancialFinancial Resultsof thethe CompanyCompanyforquarter andended onon 31.3.202231.3.2022Thanking You,ThankingYours faithfully,Yoursfaithfully,FORFOR DEEPAKSPINNERSL1MlTEDDEEPAK SPINNERSLIMITEDRegistered121.1ndustrialArea, Baddi,Industrial Area,Baddi.Limited, 121,Spinners Limited,Deepak SpinnersWorks: DeepakOffice & Works:Registered Office011/16244 011/161795 24491 IPhone: 911795Phone: 205173PradeshTehsil Nalagarh, District Solan, Himachal.,,",.

I DEEPAKLIMITEDDEEPAK SPINNERSSPINNERSLIMITEDRegd. Office:Office: 121, IndLArea,Indl.Area, Baddi, Distt. Solan,Solan, H.P.-173205H.P.-173205CIN.CIN. 0974; Email: [email protected] No. 0172-2650973,0172-2650973, 2650974;[email protected] ;; Website:Website: www.dsl-india.comwww.dsl-india.comSTATEMENTQUARTER AND2022STATEMENT OF AUDITEDAUDITED FINANCIALFINANCIAL RESULTSRESULTS FOR THETHE QUARTERAND YEARYEAR ENDEDENDED 31ST31ST MARCH,MARCH, 2022(Rs(Rs. in Lakhs)Lakhs)QuarterendedYearendedQuarter endedYear erNote - 2Refer Note1.1. IncomeIncome(a) RevenueOperationsRevenue From Operations(b) OtherIncomeOther Income TotalTotal IncomeIncome2. ExpensesExpenses(a) CostMaterials ConsumedCost of MaterialsConsumed(b) ChangesinChanges in InventoriesInventories of FinishedFinished Goods,Goods,Work-inProqressandWasteWork-in Progress and Waste(c)(c ) EmployeesEmployees BenefitBenefit ExpensesExpensesFinance Cost(d) FinanceCost(e)(e) DepreciationDepreciation && AmortizationAmortization ExpensesExpenses(f) OtherOther ExpensesExpensesTotal expensesto f)Totalexpenses (a(ato3. Profitbefore ExceptionalProfit beforeExceptional ItemsItems andand TaxTax4. ExceptionalExceptional Items5. ProfitTaxProfit beforebefore Taxexpenses 6.6. TaxTax expenses-- CurrentCurrent TaxTax- DeferredDeferred Tax- Incomeearlier yearsIncome TaxTax related to earlieryearsafter TaxPeriod7. ProfitProfit afterTax forfor thethe Period8. OtherOther ComprehensiveComprehensive IncomeIncomea. Itemsthat will not be reclassifiedItemsthatreclassified to profitprofit or loss(net of tax)9. Otherfor theOther ComprehensiveComprehensive IncomeIncome forthe periodperiodfor theperiod10. TotalTotal ComprehensiveComprehensive IncomeIncome forthe periodCapital ( face11. PaidPaid up EquityEquity ShareShare Capitalface valuevalue ofof Rs.10/-each)10/-each)12.12. OtherOther EquityEquity13.13. EarningEarning PerPer shareshare- InIn Rs.Rs.BasicandDiluted(InRs.)NotBasic and Diluted (InNot ferRefer NoteNote -231.03.2022 ge 11 ofof 33

aSTATEMENT OF SAs sParticulars-.AssetsAssetsNon-CurrentNon-Current AssetsAssetsProperty,Property, Plant and EquipmentEquipmentCapitalCapital work-in-progresswork-in-progressRightRight of use AssetsAssetsIntangibleIntangible AssetsAssetsFinancialFinancial AssetsAssetsa. InvestmentInvestmentb. OtherOther Non CurrentCurrent FinancialFinancial AssetsAssetsOtherOther Non-CurrentNon-Current AssetsAssetsCurrentCurrent al AssetsAssetsa.Tradea. Trade ReceivablesReceivablesb.Cashb.Cash and Cash EquivalentsEquivalentsc.BankBalances other thanabovec.Bank Balancesotherthan (b) aboved.OtherFinancial AssetsAssetsd.Other FinancialCurrentCurrent Tax AssetsAssets (net)OtherCurrent AssetsOther CurrentAssetsTotalTotal AssetsAssetsEquityLiabilitiesEquity AndAndLiabilitiesEquityEquityEquity ShareShare CapitalCapitalOtherOther EquityEquityLiabilitiesLiabilitiesNon- CurrentNonCurrent LiabilitiesLiabilitiesFinancialFinancial LiabilitiesLiabilitiesa. BorrowingsBorrowingsb.b. LeaseLease LiabilityLiabilityLong-TermProvisionsLong-Term Provisions(Rs(Rs. in erredDeferred TaxTax LiabilitiesLiabilities LiabilitiesLiabilitiesa. BorrowingsBorrowingsb.b. TradeTrade PayablesPayablesa.micro anda. TotalTotal outstandingoutstanding duesdues ofof microand smallsmall enterprisesenterprisesb.Totalof creditorsmicro and smallb.Total outstandingoutstanding duesduesofcreditors otherother than microsmall enterprisesenterprisesc.c. OtherOther FinancialFinancial LiabilitiesLiabilitiesd. Lease LiabilityLiabilityOtherOther CurrentCurrent LiabilitiesLiabilitiesShortShort TermTerm ProvisionsProvisionsCurrentCurrent Tax LiabilitiesLiabilities (Net)TotalTotal EquityEquity andand LiabilitiesLiabilitiesSTATEMENTSTATEMENT OF CASHCASH FLOWFLOWYearear larsA.CashCash FlowFlow fromfrom Operating ActivitiesActivitiesNetProfitbeforeNetProfit before TaxTaxAdjustmentfor::AdjustmentforDepreciation and AmortizationAmortization ExpenseNet profit on sale/discardsale/discard of property, plant and equipmentFinanceCostsFinance CostsProvisionwritten backProvision for Exepected CreditCredit Loss writtenbackInterestIncomeInterest Incomen.,uo '., (Rsin Lakhs)Rs. inLakhsYearear )1,605(2)438(6)629(121)(100)-

r-PDividendDividend on Non-CurrentNon-Current InvestmentInvestmentProvisionProvision for ExepectedExepected CreditCredit LossesLosses(1)150150OperatingCapital ChangesOperating ProfitProfit BeforeBefore WorkingWorkingCapitalChangesMovementsMovements in workingworking capitalcapital :'Increase)!DecreaseinInventories(Increase)/ Decreasein crease in Trade andand otherother ReceivablesReceivablesIncreaseIncrease !(Decrease)/(Decrease) in TradeTrade and OtherOther PavablesPayablesCash GeneratedCashGenerated fromfrom OperationsOperationsLess :- IncomeIncome TaxTax Paid (net(net of refunds)refunds)Netfrom OperatingNet CashCash fromOperating Flow fromfrom FinancingFinancing ActivitiesActivitiesRepaymentRepayment of Long Term BorrowingsBorrowingsProceedsProceeds ofof l.onqLong TermTerm BorrowinosBorrowingsNet Proceeds!Proceeds / (Repayment)(Repayment) of ShortShort TermTerm BorrowingsBorrowingsDividendDividend paidPaymentof LeaseliabilityLease liabilityPaymentofFinance(previous yearFinance CostsCosts (including(including capitalisedcapitalised RS.NilRs.Nil (previousyear Rs. 13.65 Lakhs))Lakhs))NetCashUsedinFinancingActivitiesNet Cash UsedFinancing 495)(1,495)Cash FlowFlow fromActivitiesB. Cashfrom InvestmentInvestmentActivitiesr. terest receivedreceivedPurchasesof Property,Property, PlantEquiprnents (includinq capitalPurchasesofPlant and Equipments(includingcapital advance)advance)ProceedsProperty, PlantPlant & EquipmentsEquipmentsProceeds from sales of Property,Purchaseof InvestmentPurchaseofInvestmentDividendDividend on Non-CurrentNon-Current InvestmentInvestmentNetActivitiesNet CashCash UsedUsed in InvestingInvesting (198)C. 4)(3,655)NetNet IncreaselIncrease/ (Decrease)(Decrease) in CashCash andand CashCash EquivalentsEquivalents (A B C)(A B t theat thebeqinninq of the yearbeginningyearend of the yearyearNotes:Notes:1.activity of the Companyfalls withinwithin a singleviz 'Yarn'there is no other1. TheThe businessbusinessactivityCompanyfallssingle primaryprimary businessbusiness segmentsegmentviz‘Yarn’ and hencehencethereother reportablereportable segmentsegmentas per Ind AS 108 'Operating‘Operating Segments'.Segments’.2. The figuresbalancing figurefigures for threethree monthsmonths endedended 31st March, 20222022 and 31st March, 2021 are the balancingfigure betweenbetween auditedaudited figuresfigures in respectrespect of thepublished yearof the respectivefull financialfinancial yearyear and publishedyear to datedate figuresfigures up to the nine monthsmonthsofrespective financialfinancial year.3. Thetheir respectiveThe aboveabove resultsresults werewere reviewedreviewed by the AuditAudit CommitteeCommittee and approvedapproved by the Board of DirectorsDirectors in theirrespective meetingsmeetings held on 10thMay,May, 2022.2022.4. Thedirectors in their2022 havedividend of Rs. 2.50!The Board of directorstheir meetingmeeting held on 10th May, 2022have recommendedrecommended dividend2.50/- per shareshare subjectsubject to approvalapproval of theshareholdersGeneral Meeting.shareholders in the AnnualAnnual GeneralMeeting.5.5. The figurefigure for the previousprevious periodsperiods havehave been regrouped!regrouped/ rearranged,rearranged, whereverwherever consideredconsidered necessary.necessary.For andbehalf ofForand behalfof BoardBoard ofof DirectorsDirectors((geo-*Place:Place: KolkataKolkataDate:Date : 10th10th May, 20222022Ch.airmanDirectorChairman andand ManagingDirectorPageof 3Page 33 of3

JKVS&CO.Chartered AccountantsIndependent Auditor’s Report on the Quarterly and Annual Audited Financial Results ofthe Company Pursuant to the Regulation 33 of the SEBI (Listing Obligations andDisclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015, as amendedTo the Board of Directors of Deepak Spinners LimitedReport on the Audit of the Financial ResultsOpinionWe have audited the accompanying statement of quarterly and annual financial results ofDeepak Spinners Limited (“the Company’), for the quarter and year ended March 31, 2022 (“theStatement’), attached herewith, being submitted by the Company pursuant to the requirementof Regulation 33 of the SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations,2015, as amended (the "Listing Regulations").In our opinion and to the best of our information and according to the explanations given to us,the Statement read with notes presented in accordance with the requirements of the Listing Regulations in this a true andfair view in conformity with the applicable accounting standards and otheraccounting principles generally accepted in India, of the net profit and othercomprehensive income for the quarter and year ended March 31, 2022 and other financialinformation of the Company for the quarter and year ended March 31, 2022.Basis for OpinionWeconducted our audit in accordance with the Standards on Auditing (SAs), as specified undersection 143(10) of the Companies Act, 2013, as amended("the Act"). Our responsibilities underthose Standards are further described in the ‘Auditor’s Responsibilities for the Audit of theFinancial Results’ section of our report. We are independent of the Company in accordance withthe ‘Code of Ethics’ issued by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India together with theethical requirements that are relevant to our audit of the financial statements under theprovisions of the Act and the Rules thereunder, and we have fulfilled our other ethicalresponsibilities in accordance with these requirements and the Code of Ethics. We believe thatthe audit evidence we haveobtainedis sufficient and appropriate to provide a basis for our auditopinion.Management's Responsibilities for the Financial ResultsThese financial results have been prepared on the basis of the annual financial statements. TheBoard of Directors of the Company are responsible for the preparation and presentation of theStatement that gives a true and fair view of the net profit/loss and other comprehensive incomeand other financial information of the Company in accordance with the applicable accountingstandards prescribed under Section 133 of the Act read with relevant rules issued thereunderand other accounting principles generally accepted in India and in compliance with Regulation33 of the Listing Regulations. This responsibility also includes maintenance of adequateaccounting records in accordance with the provisions of the Act for Ssaleguardpgsiahaassets209, Hans Bhawan 1, Bahadur Shah eyor Marg, New Delhi-11000Email ID : [email protected]? i Bh No.: 9015157141, 989175Office at Kolkata & Mumbai

JKVS&CO.of the Company and for preventing and detecting frauds and other irregularities; selection andapplication of appropriate accounting policies; making judgments and estimates that arereasonable and prudent; and the design, implementation and maintenance of adequateinternalfinancial controls, that were operating effectively for ensuring the accuracy and completenessofthe accounting records, relevant to the preparation and presentation of the Statement that givea true and fair view and are free from material misstatement, whether dueto fraud or error.In preparing the Statement, management is responsible for assessing the Company’s ability tocontinue as a going concern, disclosing, as applicable, matters related to going concern and using thegoing concern basis of accounting unless managementeither intends to liquidate the Companyor tocease operations, or has norealistic alternative but to do so.The Board of Directors are also responsible for overseeing the Company’s financial reporting process.Auditor’s Responsibilities for the Audit of the Financial ResultsOur objectives are to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the Statement as a whole are freefrom material misstatement, whether due to fraud or error, and to issue an auditor’s report thatincludes our opinion. Reasonable assuranceis a high level of assurance, but is not a guarantee thatan audit conducted in accordance with SAs will always detect a material misstatement whenit exists.Misstatements can arise from fraud or error and are considered material if, individually or in theaggregate, they could reasonably be expected to influence the economic decisions of users taken onthe basis of these Statement.As part of an audit in accordance with SAs, we exercise professional judgment and maintainprofessional skepticism throughout the audit. Wealso:*Identify and assessthe risks of material misstatement of the Statement, whether due to fraud orerror, design and perform audit procedures responsive to thoserisks, and obtain audit evidencethat is sufficient and appropriate to provide a basis for our opinion. The risk of not detecting amaterial misstatement resulting from fraud is higher than for one resulting from error, as fraudmay involve collusion, forgery, intentional omissions, misrepresentations, or the override ofinternal control.*Obtain an understanding of internal control relevant to the audit in order to design auditproceduresthat are appropriate in the circumstances. Under section 143(3)(i) of the Act, we arealso responsible for expressing our opinion on whether the Company has adequate internalfinancial controls system in place and the operating effectiveness of such controls.*Evaluate the appropriateness of accounting policies used and the reasonableness of accountingestimates and related disclosures made by management.*Conclude on the appropriateness of management's use of the going concern basis of accountingand, based on the audit evidence obtained, whether a material uncertainty exists related toevents or conditions that may cast significant doubt on the Company’s ability to continue as agoing concern. If we conclude that a material uncertainty exists, we are required to draw attentionin our auditor’s report to the related disclosures in the financial results or, if such disclosures areinadequate, to modify our opinion. Our conclusions are based on the audit evidence obtained upto the date of our auditor’s report. However, future events or conditions may cause the Companyto cease to continue as a going concern.Page 2 of 3

JKVS&CO.*Evaluate the overall presentation, structure and content of the Statement, including thedisclosures, and whether the Statement represent the underlying transactions and events in amanner that achievesfair presentation.Materiality is the magnitude of misstatements in the Statement that, individually or in aggregate,makesit probable that the economic decisions of a reasonably knowledgeable user of the Statementmay be influenced. We consider quantitative materiality and qualitative factors in (i) planning thescopeof our audit work and in evaluating the results of our work; and(ii) to evaluate the effect of anyidentified misstatements in the Statement.We communicate with those charged with governance regarding, among other matters, the plannedscope and timing of the audit and significant audit findings, including any significant deficiencies ininternal control that we identify during our audit.Wealso provide those charged with governance with a statement that we have complied with relevantethical requirements regarding independence, and to communicate with them all relationships andother matters that may reasonably be thought to bear on our independence, and where applicable,related safeguards.Other MatterThe Statement includes the results for the quarter ended March 31, 2022 being the balancing figurebetween the audited figures in respect of the full financial year ended March 31, 2022 and thepublished unaudited year-to-date figures up to the third quarter of the current financial year, whichwere subjected to limited review by us, as required under the Listing Regulations.ForJ KVS&Co.Chartered Accountants\ Firm Reg. No. 318086ELateJDate: May 10, 2022AgiGoyePartnerPlace: New DelhiMembership No. 523903UDIN : 22523903AISKXA4146Page 3 of 3

Registered Office &Works: Deepak Spinners Limited, 121,Industrial Area,Baddi, TehsilNalagarh, District Solan, Himachal 'Pradesh - 173205 I Phone: 91 1795244011/16 . D EPAK SPINNERS LIMITED [email protected] I REF.NO/DSL/PA/2022 Dated 10th May2022 BSELimited, Corporate Relationship Department 1st Floor,NewTradingRing,