FOREWORDThe West Virginia Board of Education is authorized to review and approve the primary instructional materials(textbooks, visual aids, etc.) used in West Virginia public schools. In fulfilling this task, the West Virginia Board ofEducation establishes advisory and review committees comprised of teachers and other educational specialists who haveexpertise in the subject areas being considered.The West Virginia Instructional Materials Review Committee, in cooperation with the West Virginia InstructionalMaterials Advisory Committee, performs an extensive evaluation of instructional materials and programs submitted forreview and conducts official hearings with publishers.The Official State Multiple List of Instructional Materials K-12 provides information for schools to use in theselection of instructional materials. Part I of the Official State Multiple List contains the listings of instructional materialsfor primary instruction in the subject of English Language Arts K-12, Music and Visual Art. Part II provides a listing ofsupplementary materials.The West Virginia Department of Education acknowledges the contributions of the members of the InstructionalMaterials Advisory Committee and the Instructional Materials Review Committee who participated in the review, analysis,deliberation, recommendation, and approval process. The support of counties, higher education, the publishers and theirrespective representatives is deeply appreciated.Dr. Steven L. PaineState Superintendent of Schools

THE WEST VIRGINIA INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALSADVISORY AND REVIEW COMMITTEEEnglish Language Arts (ELA), Music, and Visual ArtAdvisory CommitteeEde AshworthKay CarpenterBrenda ChadwellRonald ChadwellMartha EvansJudy GillianBev HoffmasterCarol KureyHelen McCartyElizabeth PowellVaughn RhudyJoseph RobertsonJennie ShafferCarla WilsonBrooke CountyWebster CountyRoane CountyRoane CountyCabell CountyKanawha CountyBerkeley CountyBarbour CountyHarrison CountyWyoming CountyRaleigh CountyGreenbrier CountyMineral CountyWood CountyVisual Arts, ChairELA, Elementary, ChairELA, Middle SchoolELA, Middle School, ChairELA, ElementaryELA, Middle SchoolELA, ElementaryMusic, ChairELA, High School, ChairMusic, ChairELA, High SchoolELA, High SchoolELA, High SchoolELA, Middle Schoolii

Review CommitteeBetty AudiaArlene BennettJanet BowlandJudith BoyceBethana BrewerMary Ellen ChapmanFlorisha ChristianLinda DlugosShawna GranthamMarguerite HickmanLorren JonesMelissa LawrenceDavid LemonElizabeth MarshallShelly MasonPaula NapierBruce NealTony NicholsJean PitzerLou RobertsonDenny SayreWanda SheetsBarbara SmithTambria StowersLinda WilliamsAngela WilsonHarrison CountyMonongalia CountyFayette CountyBraxton CountyWayne CountyWirt CountyMc Dowell CountyMonongalia CountyKanawha CountyHarrison CountyCabell CountyKanawha CountyMineral CountyRandolph CountyRitchie CountyPutnam CountyRoane CountyNicholas CountyPutnam CountyMineral CountyBoone CountyKanawha CountyBerkeley CountyLogan CountyWirt CountyCabell CountyELA, High SchoolMusicELA, ElementaryELA, Middle SchoolELA, High SchoolVisual ArtELA, High SchoolVisual ArtELA, Middle SchoolELA, High SchoolELA, Middle SchoolELA, Middle SchoolELA, ElementaryMusicELA, ElementaryELA, High SchoolELA, ElementaryELA, ElementaryELA, High SchoolELA, High SchoolMusicELA, High SchoolVisual ArtELA, ElementaryELA, High SchoolELA, Middle Schooliii

TABLE OF CONTENTSForeword . iWV Instructional Materials Advisory Committee . iiWV Instructional Materials Review Committee . iiiTable of Contents . iv-viLegend . vii-viiiDefinitions. ixPrimary Source Materials Note . ixFree or Loaned Items . xState Multiple List of Instructional Materials: Primary Source Materials (Note) . xiWV Vendor Representative List . xiiOfficial State Multiple List of Instructional Materials K-12 . 1Instructional Materials Multiple List English Language Arts K-12, Music, Visual Art . 1Primary Source English Language Arts K-12 . 2Glencoe/McGraw Hill . 3Holt, Rinehart and Winston . 7Houghton Mifflin . 48Pearson Prentice Hall . 99Perfection Learning . 135Zaner-Bloser . 140Primary Source Music . 148Glencoe/McGraw-Hill . 149Macmillan/McGraw-Hill . 159Pearson/Scott Foresman . 198Primary Source Visual Art . 262Davis Art . 263iv

Glencoe/McGraw Hill . 294Harcourt . 300SRA/McGraw-Hill . 323Supplemental Source English Language Arts K-12 . 352Bedford, Freeman and Worth . 353Carson Dellosa. 356Classroom, Inc. . 422EMC Corporation . 429Merit . 430New Readers Press . 433Perfection Learning . 435Red Brick Learning. 438Shurley Instructional Materials . 448Siboney Learning Group . 461Sopris West Educational Services . 462Steck-Vaughn, an imprint of Harcourt Achieve . 465Cengage Learning (FKA Thomson Learning) . 468Universal Publishing. 474William H. Sadlier, Inc. . 477Zaner-Bloser . 489Supplemental Source Music . 515Hal Leonard Corporation . 516Appendices . 557Appendix A . 558Grouping for Adoption of Instructional Materials . 559Appendix B . 561Instructional Materials Selection Process . 562v

Appendix C . 563Instructional Materials English Language Arts K-12 Generic & Specific Criteria . 564Appendix D . 646Instructional Materials Music K-12 Generic & Specific Criteria . 647Appendix E . 751Instructional Materials Visual Art K-12 Generic & Specific Criteria . 752vi

West Virginia Board of EducationInstructional Materials Recommended for West Virginia Public Schools by the West VirginiaInstructional Materials Advisory CommitteeOFFICIAL STATE MULTIPLE LIST, GROUPEnglish Language Arts K-12, Music, and Visual ArtAdoption Period July 1, 2008 to June 30, 2014(Vendor’s names are arranged alphabetically and by chronological order of grade their under. Variations in terminologiesand writing styles resulted from actual reproduction of vendor’s legal bids.)LEGENDAll instructional materials are sold initially through Column 1 (wholesale) and Column 2 (retail) prices. Exchange prices(Columns 3 or 4) shall extend through one entire school year, either following the date of initial purchase or the date ofcomplete use. Proof of exchange required. Vendor’s options apply.Column 1Lowest net wholesale price to boards of education and responsible dealers.*Column 2Retail price to patrons after not exceeding 15% has been added to new wholesale price.Column 3Lowest net exchange price to boards of education and responsible dealersColumn 4Retail exchange price to patrons when not exceeding 10% has been added to net exchange price.Column 5Additional equipment and materials necessary for the success of instruction, as determined by the vendorvii

NOTE:1. Prices and items submitted for bids are subject to further verification due to the vastness of this state multiple list. In theevent any discrepancy exits, the original bid submitted by the vendor would determine any inquiry.2. On last page of each series bid, the following will be included:Teacher’s Editions will be furnished free upon request, one per teacher for each 25 pupil editions purchased, first year of implementation.Additional Teacher’s Editions may be purchased at a cost indicated on this bid.Free normal shipments to counties/schools (check one) Direct from Vendor State Approved Depository."All materials produced after August 18, 2006, must comply with the National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard (NIMAS), as requiredby the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), and must be submitted to the National Instructional Materials Accessibility Center(NIMAC) in NIMAS format. This requirement does not apply to material produced prior to August 19, 2006." Permission to translate into Braille,Large Type Editions, Audio Recordings, etc., will be filed with the American Printing House for the Blind, Louisville, Kentucky, within 30 days ofadoption by the West Virginia Board of Education. Specify no charge as N/C.viii

DEFINITIONSTEXTBOOKS, INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS AND LEARNING TECHNOLOGIES“Textbooks”The definition of “textbook” includes books; instructional materials, as used therein, means systems of instructionalmaterials, or combinations of books and supplementary materials which convey information to the pupil; learningtechnologies, including, but not limited to, applications using computer software, computer assisted instruction, interactivevideodisc; other computer courseware and magnetic media.Primary Source MaterialsThe West Virginia Instructional Materials Advisory Committee reviews and recommends primary source materials todeliver Content Standards and Objectives.Chapter 18, Article 2A, Section 8 of the Code provides: “No textbook, instructional materials, or learning technologiesshall be used in public elementary or secondary school in West Virginia as the primary source to deliver the instructionalgoals and objectives for state required courses unless it has been approved and listed on the state multiple list by theWest Virginia Board of Education, except as otherwise provided for in” [the waiver process].Section 5 of the cited legal reference further provides: “The county board of education shall, upon recommendation of thecounty superintendent with the aid of a committee of teachers and not later than the first day of May of the year followingthat in which the multiple list for the group was made and approved, select from the state multiple list one or more items todeliver instruction ”Supplementary Source MaterialsSupplementary materials have either been bid by the vendor or determined by the West Virginia Instructional MaterialsAdvisory Committee to be support material to accompany an approved primary source materials. Supplementarymaterials do not have to be reviewed or recommended for classroom use. Their presence in this document is solely forgaining a price advantage and assuring availability for the adoption period; however, several vendors submitted theirmaterials for full review.ix

Free or Loaned ProgramsVendors were required to file on their bid(s) all free items that will be given away to any/all counties uponadoption/purchase. Only teacher’s edition/manual/guide that accompanies student instructional materials can be both bidand given away, as declared on the vendor’s bid.x

STATE MULTIPLE LIST OF INSTRUCTIONALMATERIALSPRIMARY SOURCE MATERIALSNOTE: Primary Source Instructional Materials are those teaching materials placed in the elementary andsecondary schools in West Virginia that are used as the primary source of instruction. The primary sourceinstructional materials listed in this publication have been reviewed and judged to meet the generic and specificcriteria assuring that the Content Standards and Objectives for English Language Arts K-12, Music, and Visual Artare delivered.xi

VENDOR REPRESENTATIVE LISTENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS K-12, Music, and Visual ArtPrimaryDavis Art PublicationsDeborah Dilling50 Portland StreetWorchester, MA 01608-2013Telephone: .comPrimaryGlencoe McGraw-HillMark Hurt590 Avenstoke RoadWaddy, KY 40076Telephone: 502-223-4580 CELL 304-208-0473Fax:859-406-1001Email:mark [email protected] School PublishersBob Riley248 Late Av.Bridgeport, WV 26330Telephone: 800-215-0863 or comPrimaryHolt Rinehart WinstonSteve McBride27 Marilyn RoadScott Depot, WV 25560Telephone: 304-757-3414/Cell: w.comPrimaryHoughton MifflinJim Absten295 Oakland AvenueHuntington, WV 25701Telephone: 304-522-8739Fax:304-522-8739Email:Jim [email protected]

PrimaryMacMillan/McGraw-Hill PublishingHolley Barker402 5th AvenueHuntington, WV 25701Telephone: 304-525-5930Fax:304-525-6130Email:Holley [email protected] Education Prentice HallDick Herath4189 Dick Woods RoadCharlottesville, VA 22903-7224Telephone: hool.comPrimaryPearson Scott Foresman PublisherJennifer Susser112 South Gate Rd.Charleston, WV 25314Telephone: scottforesman.comPrimarySRA/McGraw-HillJoanne Lawrence120 Windmere Dr.Scott Depot, WV 25560Telephone:Cell:Fax:Email:PrimaryPerfection Learning CorporationLeah Ames10520 New York AveDes Moines, IA 50322Phone: 1-800.762.2999 Ext. 220Fax:515.278.2980Email: nie RichTelephone: 800-248-2568 mxiii304-757-8327304-382-6414304-757-0723joanne [email protected]

290 Fairmont Dr.Hermitage, PA 16148SupplementalBedford Freeman and Worth PublishingSusan Alexander4B Cedarbrook Dr.Cranbury, NJ 08512Telephone: 866-843-3715 ext. lementalCengage LearningBeth Monk1530 Washington Blvd.Huntington, WV 25701Telephone: n.comSupplementalSiboney Learning GroupGregory R. Koenig325 N. Kirkwood Rd.Suite 200St. Louis, MO 63122Telephone: g.comSupplementalHal Leonard CorporationLaura Kohrs7777 W. Blue Mound Rd.Milwaukee, WI 53213Telephone: d.comSupplementalHoughton MifflinIrene Brimberry4503 Rivercliff Drive SWLilburn, GA 30047Telephone: 770-985-9431Fax:770-978-1483Email:Irene [email protected]

SupplementalPerfection LearningLeah Ames10520 New York AveDes Moines, IA 50322Phone: 1-800.762.2999 Ext. 220Fax:515.278.2980Email: [email protected] InstructionalKeith Covington366 Sim DriveCabot, Arkansas 72023Phone: 1-800-566-2966Fax:501-843-0583Email: [email protected] Rich290 Fairmont Dr.Hermitage, PA 16148Telephone: 800-248-2568 mSupplementalWilliam H. Sadlier, Inc.Dan McElhinny9 Pine StreetNew York, NY 10005-1002Telephone: ier.comSupplementalMerit SoftwareAdam Saunders121 West 27th Street, Suite 603New York, NY 10001Telephone: 212-675-8567 or re.comSupplementalTelephone: 336-632-0084 or 800-321-0943xv

[email protected] PublishingPat DovelP.O. Box 35665Greensboro, NC 27425-5665Fax:Email:SupplementalClassroom, IncorporatedGeorge DeMarco245 Fifth Avenue, 20th FloorNew York, NY 10016Telephone: minc.orgSupplementalNew Readers PressLisa Keller1320 Jamesville AvenueSyracuse, NY 13210Telephone: 800-448-8878 ex pplementalSopris West Educational ServicesCarolyn Elkins4093 Specialty PlaceLongmont, CO 80504Telephone: 303-651-2829 ex mentalSteck-Vaughn, an imprint of Harcourt AchieveLiza MarshallAdoptions & Contracts SpecialistHarcourt Achieve10801 North Mopac Expressway, Bldg. 3Austin, TX 78759Telephone: orgxvi

VENDOR REPRESENTATIVE LISTENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS K-12, Music, and Visual ArtSupplementalThomson Learning/Cengage LearningBeth Monk1530 Washington Blvd.Huntington, WV 25701Telephone: n.comSupplementalEMC CorporationJ. Robert Lee200 Pebble TrailAlpharetta, GA 30004Telephone: plementalRed Brick LearningKathy Andrews151 Good Counsel Dr.PO BOX 669Mankato, MN 56002Telephone: 412 .comSupplementalUniversal PublishingLarry Wildenstein100 4th StreetHonesdale, PA 18431Telephone: 1-800-940-2270Fax:1-570-251-0264Email:[email protected]

OFFICIAL STATE MULTIPLE LISTOFINSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALSK-122008English Language Arts K-12, Music K-12,and Visual Art K-12West Virginia Department of Education1

Primary SourceMaterialsEnglish Language Arts K-122

Glencoe/McGraw HillSPECIFICGRADECOURSEStudent Editions-PrimaryTITLECOPYRIGHTDATESE ISBN(1)(2)(3)(4)(5)Grades 9-12EnglishLanguage Arts,SpeechGlencoe Speech20050-07-861618-2 60.00 69.00 59.94 65.93n/aGrades 9-12EnglishLanguage Arts,SpeechGlencoe The Basics of Speech20050-07-861620-4 57.00 65.55 56.94 62.63n/aGrades 9-12EnglishLanguage Arts,JournalismJournalism Today20050-07-861616-6 60.00 69.00 59.94 65.93n/aGlencoe/McGraw HillSPECIFICGRADEGrades 9-12COURSEEnglishLanguageArts, SpeechTeacher Editions-PrimaryTITLEGlencoe SpeechTeacher Annotated EditionCOPYRIGHTDATETE ISBN(1)(2)(3)(4)(5)20050-07-861619-0 78.99n/an/an/an/a3

Grades 9-12EnglishLanguageArts,JournalismJournalism TodayTeacher Manual2005Glencoe/McGraw HillSPECIFICGRADEGrades 912 49.98n/an/an/aFree or Loan-PrimaryCOURSEEnglishLanguageArts, Speech0-07-861617-4TITLECOPYRIGHTDATEISBNFree Materials/TermsGlencoe Speech2005Teacher Annotated Edition20050-07-861619-0Free per teacherTeacher Resource Box20050-07-865112-3Free per teacherInteractive Student Edition CD-ROM20050-07-869570-8Free per teacherTeacher Resources on CD-ROM20010-658-01371-8Free per teacherExamView Sotfware20010-658-01372-6Free per teacher4n/a

Grades 912Grade 912EnglishLanguageArts, SpeechEnglishLanguageArts,JournalismGreat Student Speeches20010-658-01430-7Free per teacherCommunication Videotape Library20010-658-01671-7Free per teacherThe Basics Of Speech2005Teacher Wraparound Edition20050-07-861621-2Free per teacherTeacher Resource Binder20050-07-865115-8Free per teacherTeacher Annotated Edition, Workbook20050-07-866585-XFree per teacherInteractive Student Edition CD-ROM20050-07-869569-4Free per teacherJournalism Today2005Teacher Manual20050-07-861617-4Free per teacher5

Teacher Resource Binder20050-07-865125-5Free per teacherTeacher Annotated Edition, Workbook20050-07-866572-8Free per teacherInteractive Student Edition CD-ROM20050-07-869568-6Free per teacherIs training mandatory?English/Language Arts,Speech and Journalism NoVisual Arts-NoMusic-NoWho will be trained?Teachers andAdministatorsLength of training (in days)?Varies according to local needs6

HOLT, RINEHART AND WINSTON, A DIVISION OF HARCOURT INC.SPECIFICGRADECOURSETITLECOPYRIGHTDATESE ISBN(1)(2)(3)(4)(5)6EnglishLanguageArts K-12Elements of Language, Introductory Course,Student Edition20070-03-079677-6 61.9571.2461.7971.05NA7EnglishLanguageArts K-12Elements of Language, First Course,Student Edition20070-03-079678-4 61.9571.2461.7971.05NA8EnglishLanguageArts K-12Elements of Language, Second Course,Student Edition20070-03-079679-2 61.9571.2461.7971.05NA9EnglishLanguageArts K-12Elements of Language, Third Course,Student Edition20070-03-079681-4 67.1577.2266.9877.02NA10EnglishLanguageArts K-12Elements of Language, Fourth Course,Student Edition20070-03-079682-2 67.1577.2266.9877.02NA11EnglishLanguageArts K-12Elements of Language, Fifth Course,Student Edition20070-03-079683-0 68.2578.4868.0778.28NA12EnglishLanguageArts K-12Elements of Language, Sixth Course,Student Edition20070-03-079684-9 68.2578.4868.0778.28NA7

HOLT, RINEHART AND WINSTON, A DIVISION OF HARCOURT INC.SPECIFICGRADECOURSETITLECOPYRIGHTDATETE ISBN(1)(2)(3)(4)(5)6EnglishLanguageArts K-12Elements of Language, Introductory Course,Teacher's Edition20070-03-079686-5 100.05115.05NANANA7EnglishLanguageArts K-12Elements of Language, First Course,Teacher's Edition20070-03-079687-3 100.05115.05NANANA8EnglishLanguageArts K-12Elements of Language, Second Course,Teacher's Edition20070-03-079688-1 100.05115.05NANANA9EnglishLanguageArts K-12Elements of Language, Third Course,Teacher's Edition20070-03-079689-X 111.05127.70NANANA10EnglishLanguageArts K-12Elements of Language, Fourth Course,Teacher's Edition20070-03-079691-1 111.05127.70NANANA11EnglishLanguageArts K-12Elements of Language, Fifth Course,Teacher's Edition20070-03-079692-X 120.95139.09NANANA12EnglishLanguageArts K-12Elements of Language, Sixth Course,Teacher's Edition20070-03-079693-8 120.95139.09NANANA8

HOLT, RINEHART AND WINSTON, A DIVISION OF HARCOURT INC.SPECIFICGRADECOURSETITLECOPYRIGHTDATESE ISBN(1)(2)(3)(4)(5)EnglishLanguageArts K-12ELEMENTS OF LANGUAGE20076EnglishLanguageArts K-12ELEMENTS OF LANGUAGE, INTRODUCTORYCOURSE:Each teacher may select GRATIS CHOICE 1 orGRATIS CHOICE 2 – in the initial year ofpurchase and implementation of this program2007NANANANANANA6EnglishLanguageArts K-12GRATIS CHOICE 12007NANANANANANA6Englis

Tambria Stowers Logan County ELA, Elementary Linda Williams Wirt County ELA, High School . 120 Windmere Dr. Scott Depot, WV 25560 Telephone: 304-757-8327 Cell: 304-382-6414 Fax: 304-757-0723 Email: [email protected] Primary Perfection Learning Corporation Leah Ames 10520 New York Ave