The DigitalMarketingCertificate

Why Digital Marketing?The Digital Marketing CertificatePathstream created the Digital Marketing Certificate, an online fourcourse program that will help you gain hands-on experience withdigital marketing tools such as Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, andGoogle Analytics.Digital marketing jobs growing 20% per year ntry level digital marketing jobs have grown 20% annually overEthe last 5 yearsI n-demand jobs include Digital Marketing Coordinators, MarketingAssociates, and Social Media Coordinators ver 50% of all marketing expenditure in the US goes to digitalOmarketing today Digital marketing draws upon a wide range of natural abilities and interests2

Certificate Overview4 courses Hands-On Software TrainingFoundations and Strategy of MarketingMarketing Analytics & Performance OptimizationSocial Media MarketingMarketing Content Strategy and BrandingLearn core concepts and technical skills:Gain a strong understanding ofcore concepts including brandpositioning, market segmentation,competitive analysis, marketingchannels and metrics.Use Facebook Ads Managerto create, post, and analyze aFacebook ad campaign for acompany of your choice.Practice interpretingand analyzing resultsof ad campaignsusing multipleplatforms.Example projects to add to your portfolio: Comprehensive digital marketing plan using core frameworks Analysis of A/B test results and Google Analytics report data Original Facebook ad and analysis of results using Ads Manager3

Learning ExperienceLearn foundational concepts and technicalskills in a project-based, online platformPractice using digital marketing toolsdirectly in the learning platformGet individualized support and feedbackfrom instructors4

Program SyllabusCourse 1: Foundations and Strategy of MarketingThis course is designed to introduce you to the basics of Digital Marketing.Skills learned: Analyze a business using the 4Ps, SWOT analysis and other marketing techniques Build unique value propositions, brand positioning maps, customer journey maps, and competitiveanalysis Identify market segmentation and target personas, appropriate marketing channels, KPIs andmarketing objectivesExample projects: Create a comprehensive digital marketing plan for a company of choice Analyze the company using frames like the 4Ps and SWOT analyses Write marketing objectives and generate KPIs that support objectivesCourse 2: Marketing Analytics andPerformance OptimizationIn this course you’ll gain the skills needed to analyze results of marketing efforts. You will learn aboutfactors that drive conversion and how to optimize marketing campaigns using data and A/B testing.Skills learned: Interpret data using Google Sheets Visualize analytical findings using Google Sheets and Google Slides Interpret the results of A/B testing, calculate KPIs and determine needed sample size Produce segments and analyze audience reports in Google AnalyticsExample projects: Assess the performance of different marketing channels for a company Format, organize, and summarize data from Google Analytics reports Outline an A/B test process and elements of an experiment including goals, metrics and hypotheses;analyze data from sample A/B test and report results5

Program SyllabusCourse 3: Social Media MarketingThis course will give you a deeper understanding of the role social media plays in a digital marketingstrategy. You will learn about social media platforms and best practices.Skills learned: Use Facebook’s Audience Insights tool to explore audience demographics and identify targetaudiences for a product or service Create a social media campaign outline: select metrics, identify effective campaign management tools,and create visual content Pull and analyze ad reports from Facebook Ads ManagerExample projects: Create a social media campaign outline for a Facebook ad, analyze its existing social media pages andbuild a Facebook ad After posting the ad, analyze the performance of the ad and reflect on changes that would make thead run more effectively in the future Design cross platform social media contentCourse 4: Marketing Content Strategy and BrandingThis course is designed to give you clearer insight into branding and content strategy. You’ll exploreconcepts such as consumer psychology, appropriate content, and strategy and search engine optimization.Skills learned: Create a content marketing mission statement for a company’s specific audience Evaluate what marketing channels are most relevant given various business circumstances Incorporate SEO keywords into marketing content to align with target market Create visuals and copy for various marketing channels to drive engagement to the content pieceExample projects: Create a content strategy brief for a company looking to reach a new target market using the company’sbrand strategy, new target audience persona and customer research Write components of a blog post and create associated content for Facebook and Twitter6

Frequently Asked QuestionsWhy is Digital Marketing relevant today?In the last 12 months, there were over 300,000 job postings for digital marketingroles. Businesses are on track to spend over 120 billion dollars on digitalmarketing by 2021. They will need effective and skilled digital marketingprofessionals to oversee these budgets and launch strategic campaigns thatdrive real results. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Glassdoor, thedemand for digital marketing roles has nearly doubled since 2012 and the field ison track to keep growing.Businesses of all sizes — ranging from small companies to multinationalcorporations — rely on digital marketing to grow their brands and reach newcustomers. You can help them stand out.What prerequisites do I need?Students must have a high school degree prior to take this program. There are noother prerequisites for this certificate program - our courses are designed to helpthose with little or no experience get started in the field of digital marketing.Many experienced digital marketing professionals also take this certificateto refine their digital skills, but no prior experience is required or expected.What industry certifications will I be prepared for?This certificate program aligns with the Facebook Certified Digital MarketingAssociate exam and the Google Analytics Individual Qualification. While werecommend additional study beyond this program, you’ll gain a headstart in yourpreparation for these industry-leading certifications.7

The Digital Marketing Certificate Pathstream created the Digital Marketing Certificate, an online four-course program that will help you gain hands-on experience with digital marketing tools such as Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Google Analytics. Digital marketing jobs growing 20% per year Entry level digital marketing jobs have grown 20% .