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TABLE OF CONTENTSMISSION STATEMENTS . 3WTAMU Mission Statement . 3Division of Student Enrollment, Engagement, and Success Mission Statement . 3Jack B. Kelley Student Center Mission Statement . 3GENERAL POLICIES . 4Marketing/Advertising. 4Alcohol . 6Amplification of Sound . 6Audio/Video – Production Services . 7Bicycles/Non-Motorized Vehicles . 7Building Hours/After Hours . 8Cleanliness . 8Donation Boxes/Drives . 8Decorations. 8Emergency Safety (buff alert, tornadoes, fire, etc.) . 9Food/Catering . 10Catering Kitchen . 10Event Liability Insurance . 11Lost & Found. 11Parking . 11Political Activity . 11Reservations . 11Sales . 18Smoking/Tobacco. 18Illegal Weapons/Illegal Substances . 18 2017 Jack B. Kelley Student Center West Texas A&M UniversityPAGE 2

MISSION STATEMENTSWTAMU Mission StatementWest Texas A&M University is a diverse and inclusive student-centered community of learnersthat: provides a technology-rich, academically rigorous educational experience at theundergraduate and graduate levels; cultivates opportunities to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills,information literacy, and ethical behavior; directs resources in support of empowering co-curricular experiences; maintains focus on the development of future leaders for our community, the state,the nation, and the world; and serves through education, research, and consultation as a catalyst for economicdevelopment and enhancement of the quality of life for the region.Division of Student Enrollment, Engagement, and Success Mission StatementThe Division of Student Enrollment, Engagement, and Success develops a student-centerededucational environment that enhances involvement in individual growth and learning byoffering rich and varied programs, services and facilities that challenge and support studentstoward academic success and lifelong learning. Students are empowered to become informed,responsible, creative and articulate decision makers who will strive for educational, personal,social and professional achievement.Jack B. Kelley Student Center Mission StatementThe Jack B. Kelley Student Center is the gathering place for the entire West TexasA&M University community. We are dedicated to providing a premiere facility thatinspires educational growth, diversity, soc ial engagement and intellectualdevelopment through student-centered programs and services.FundingThe Jack B. Kelley Student Center is committed to remaining fiscally responsible and makesevery effort to remain open and transparent. The JBK Student Center funds its maintenance andoperations entirely through the University Center Fee. General revenue funding (money fromThe State of Texas) is used for academic purposes and does not fund the JBK Student Center orany of the operations. In the spring of 2010, a University Center Fee increase was presented tothe students of West Texas A&M University. The students voted to increase the student centerfee and as a result provided enough funding to build the 10.9 million expansion of the Jack B.Kelley Student Center. 2017 Jack B. Kelley Student Center West Texas A&M UniversityPAGE 3

GENERAL POLICIESMarketing/AdvertisingMarketing space is available to campus organizations, academic and auxiliary departments.Reservations are only for those groups advertising events and services that are open to theentire campus community and respect the mission of the University and its endeavors.Marketing reservations will follow same date availability as space reservations (pg. 10).Providing space for an event or marketing of an event does not necessarily imply universityendorsement or sponsorship of a product, issue, or idea. Therefore, users may not state orimply University sponsorship or endorsement of their activities without the University’s consent.Promotional material and advertising for non-University sponsored activities must include thefollowing disclaimer: "This is not a West Texas A&M University program."All posters, flyers, banners, or table tents must include the name of the registered studentorganization or University department and the name, date and time of the event. UniversityGraphic standards must be followed. Materials that do not include this information will beremoved from the JBK.Any written material placed within the JBK may not contain obscene words, promote alcohol orother drug usage or any unlawful activity; or violate University rules, Texas A&M UniversitySystem policies or local, state or federal laws.Posters, flyers or banners may not be attached to any unauthorized part of the JBK. Thisincludes doors, windows, ceilings, walls or other surfaces. Tacks must be used to postinformation on bulletin boards. No glue, tape, etc. will be allowed.Information written on posters, flyers, banners and table tents must be written in English orhave the English translation included. If acronyms or abbreviations are used, the full translationmust be printed. The only exceptions are when acronyms or abbreviations are used for thename of the University, registered student organizations, or campus buildings.Persons or organizations that post materials are responsible for the removal of these materialswhen the date of posting has expired. An expiration date will be considered as one dayfollowing the date of the posted event.Bulletin BoardsA maximum of one (1) flyer per event may be posted on each bulletin board.Off-campus flyers or posters, including commercial advertising, may be placed on open bulletinboards so designated by the Student Center Committee. All open boards will be cleared at the 2017 Jack B. Kelley Student Center West Texas A&M UniversityPAGE 4

first of each month.Student Government will approve all student election campaign materials for posting.PostersA maximum of two (2) signs per event or per organization may be hung from the metal posterstrips from the ceiling in the main hallway of the JBK. They may be no more than three (3) feethigh and three (3) feet wide and must be hung back-to-back. The JBK staff will display posters asspace is available.One outdoor sandwich board (two sides) is available for use in designated areas of thePedestrian Mall. It may be reserved at the JBK Information Desk. Posters/signs must beweather resistant, i.e. vinyl, laminated. Posters/signs must be attached with Velcro or bungeecords, and tape. No tacks, nails, etc. will be allowed.The JBK will furnish a sandwich board for signs in the Commons area. An organization may usethe sandwich board for publicizing its events the day before the event and the day of the event,pending availability. It may be reserved at the JBK Information Desk. No other sandwich boardor standing signs will be allowed in the Commons area or in the hallways of the JBK withoutstudent center staff approval.Table TentsThe table tents are available in the JBK Student Center Food Court and the Dining Hall.Space is available on a weekly basis (Sunday to Monday) only.All artwork will be submitted electronically via email.All ads must be received no later than the Monday prior to the week the ad is to run.The required artwork dimensions are 6.5" wide x 3.75" tall. The card that is installed in thenapkin holder is actually 6.5" wide x 4.25" tall with the artwork at the top portion of the card.All artwork submitted must be either .jpeg, .pdf, .psd, or .tif. No other formats will beaccepted. Microsoft Publisher or Word documents are unacceptable. All ads must be proofedand approved by you before sending to us.Bathroom BulletinsThe Bathroom Bulletins are available in the JBK Student Center only.Space is available for up to two weeks or until your event date, whichever comes first. 2017 Jack B. Kelley Student Center West Texas A&M UniversityPAGE 5

Bring 7 flyers (8.5" x 11" portrait) to the JBK Information Desk. For the artwork to properlyshow, there needs to be .25" border around the entire page.All artwork will be approved and distributed within two business days.Electronic SignsElectronic signage will not be allowed for political promotion.The electronic signage content manager must approve all content of a questionable nature.Content manager reserves the right to reject ads containing content that is in direct competitionwith JBK vendors or services.AlcoholAlcohol is not allowed in the JBK except in the Legacy Hall, Legacy Foyer, Hazel Kelley Wilsonroom, and Legends Club. Prior approval must come from the President’s Office before alcoholwill be permitted.If alcohol is part of an official University function, the event must start after 5 p.m.Any Student Organization that wants to host an event with alcohol must show that alcohol is notthe primary focus of the event and must get prior approval from the Office of StudentEngagement and Leadership and the Vice President for Student Enrollment, Engagement, andSuccess.Cash bars and/or distribution of hard liquor at an event will require coordination with anapproved liquor licensed provider.If beer and/or wine are supplied for open distribution, it will be the responsibility of the eventhost to provide a TABC certified bartender for each station.If alcohol is served, UPD will be contacted to determine if an officer will be required to attendthe event. The fees associated with having an officer present will be billed to the customer.Amplification of SoundSound levels of events in the JBK may not disrupt regular business operations and must remainat a level appropriate for the facility. The use and volume of p.a. systems, sound systems, stereosystems, or other musical/sound devices must have prior approval of the student centerdirector. 2017 Jack B. Kelley Student Center West Texas A&M UniversityPAGE 6

Audio/Video – Production ServicesThe JBK Student Center reserves the right to require technical service staff, including hours ofcall and crew sizes for meetings and events. All paying groups will be charged an hourly fee foran A/V technician(s) for large-scale events, multi-media presentations, and events using the A/Vbooth. The technician is there to assist, but may not be able to accommodate last minuterequests.All A/V support equipment needs to be scheduled through the Information Desk, and at leasttwo weeks in advance. Further notice is preferable and helps ensure availability.No other A/V service provider is allowed to provide services in the JBK Student Center withoutprior approval.Size, type, and cost of sound systems will be determined by Production Services after the venueand event details are presented by the requestor. Production Services is not responsible forsatisfying entertainment contract requirements. It will not be presumed Production Services willprovide any services until after JBK staff has the opportunity to study the tech rider informationand it has been determined that the JBK can satisfy event requirements.Production Services staff will operate all lighting, sound, and video systems when necessary. Noclient setup, movement, or operation is allowed.Smaller sound systems are available for use within the JBK Student Center. The JBK has a limitedamount of equipment so it is encouraged to plan ahead.Production Services can provide support for events outside of the student center. All universityorganizations will be charged hourly fees for A/V services not in the student center along withother mandatory fees.Production Services A/V Technician’s will always deliver, setup, and operate equipment duringoff site events.Weather that may damage equipment will result in termination of services during the eventand/or during setup/teardown time. Clients that do not cancel prior to event loading will becharged the entire amount of the A/V order.Bicycles/Non-Motorized VehiclesNo running, roller-skating, roller-blading, skateboarding, or bike riding in the JBK. 2017 Jack B. Kelley Student Center West Texas A&M UniversityPAGE 7

Building Hours/After HoursBuilding and food court hours will be posted throughout the JBK.All events must end 15 minutes prior to regularly scheduled closing time, if no priorarrangements have been made for extended hours. Any requests for extended hours must bemade in advance and approved by the Student Center Director.CleanlinessOrganizations or individuals using the JBK facilities or equipment will be held financiallyresponsible for damage and/or cleaning.The group hosting an event is responsible for cleanup, repair of damages and replacement ofdamaged equipment. If an excessive amount of trash has been left in the room, a charge will bebilled to the customer for housekeeping.The student center director or a student center staff member must approve all requests to movefurniture in any part of the JBK. Individuals and groups will be held financially responsible fordamages to furniture and facilities.Donation Boxes/DrivesAll requests to provide donation boxes and/or drives in the JBK must be placed through theInformation Desk.All donation boxes must be checked regularly and have the following information on the box:contact person with phone number, University organization name, and date(s) of the event.DecorationsAll decorations must be removed immediately following the activity. Nothing may be left orstored in the JBK. Any items left in the facility will be charged 100 per day storage fee.The loading dock must be cleared of all debris.A large-scale event is any event that will have more than one-hundred (100) people inattendance.Large-scale events scheduled outside the fall and spring semester, can reserve an extra setupday at a reduced rate. During the fall and spring semesters, no setup days will be permittedwithout director approval. 2017 Jack B. Kelley Student Center West Texas A&M UniversityPAGE 8

A florist/wedding consultant may be used to provide non-food items only. The JBK StudentCenter must approve the set-up and decorations of the rented facility.Items such as glitter, birdseed, rice, bubbles and fireworks (i.e. sparklers) may not be utilized inthe JBK. Glitter, birdseed, rice, and fireworks (i.e. sparklers) may not be utilized outside anyentrance.Double-sided tape of any kind shall not be used in the JBK. Any damage and costs associatedwith repairing the damage will be billed to the group responsible for the event.Items weighing more than 3,000 pounds will not be allowed. Dimensions of items must allowfor easy access into facility.All items must be clean and will be visually inspected and approved prior to entering the facility.No battery-powered vehicles (i.e. Chevy Volt) will be permitted in facility.Helium balloons are not allowed in the Legacy Hall or adjoining hallways.Helium tanks are not permitted within the JBK.Fog/smoke machines may not be used in any part of the JBK. These machines will set off the firealarms throughout the building.If the Genie lift is needed for decorations, the first two hours of use will be provided free ofcharge. Any additional time will be charged at an hourly rate.As per University policy, candles, incense, or any other flame effect devices may not be used inany University facility.No decorations may be hung from any wall, acoustic panel, ceiling, door or other surface of theJBK. All decorations must have advanced approval of the student center director.Signs designating the food court areas, Buffalo Gold Card office, offices in the building, or anypermanent sign will be of a design and style first approved by the student center director. Noother permanent-type signage is allowed.Emergency Safety (buff alert, tornadoes, fire, etc.)In the event of an emergency during an event, the JBK staff will follow the proper proceduresoutlined in the JBK Student Center emergency manual. All building occupants are expected tofollow all instructions given to them by a JBK staff member. 2017 Jack B. Kelley Student Center West Texas A&M UniversityPAGE 9

Food/CateringIn accordance with existing contracts and University rules, catering will be allowed within the followingguidelines.All catering of food shown on the regular menu of the food court restaurants must be donethrough the food court restaurants. The food service director must approve all other foodrequests.The use of heating appliances (open-flame devices, toaster ovens, heating plates, sterno cans,fry cookers, etc.,) to prepare food or to warm food is neither allowed in the JBK, nor on theouter covered perimeters of the JBK. Upon approval by the student center director, exceptionsmay be granted for certain events contracted through University food services.Any baked goods prepared for distribution in the JBK must be pre-portioned and individuallywrapped prior to the event.Any person or group serving food within the JBK shall hold harmless WTAMU, its agent,employees, and representatives from any liability or action arising from personal injury orproperty damage caused by the negligent act of omission or commission of the group.Food Safety: The group hosting an event is liable for all food safety preparation and service.Individuals within the group are expected to follow standard food safety and hygiene practicesfor food served or sold. WTAMU retains the right to require insurance, permits, or inspection asneeded. If needed, food-handling procedures are available from the JBK Information Desk oronline at beverages with permanent dyes are allowed in carpeted areas (i.e. red punch, anything withcranberry, raspberry or blueberry juice, etc.)Catering KitchenThe kitchen is available for groups bringing in and/or preparing food for special events only(non-reoccurring event).The kitchen is equipped with electrical outlets, refrigerators, warming cabinets, microwave, icemachines, coffee/tea makers and counter space. Equipment is not to be moved from its originallocation.All items must be removed from the kitchen at the end of the event including food.The kitchen must be left clean after the event is completed. To clean the kitchen, you must usethe approved cleaning chemicals provided by the JBK Student Center. An additional cleaning feemay be charged if the kitchen requires cleaning beyond normal end of the day custodial service. 2017 Jack B. Kelley Student Center West Texas A&M UniversityPAGE 10

Event Liability InsuranceAll outside organizations and parties renting the facility, which are not directly administered byWTAMU, may be required (as determined by the Risk Assessment process) to provide proof ofevent liability insurance valued at one-million dollars specifically listing WTAMU as additionallyinsured. Copies of the policy must be provided at the same time the balance is paid in full.Student organizations and/or departments that are hosting an event may be required (asdetermined by the Risk Assessment process) to verify that all participants have a signed TAMUSliability waiver on file before participating in the event.Lost & FoundA lost and found will be operated at the Information Desk for items found at the University.ParkingNo parking is allowed in the driveway or under portico once loading/unloading is complete.JBK Student Center visitor parking is for university visitors only. No faculty, staff, or students arepermitted to park in visitor parking.Political ActivityTable space for candidates of political or student government elections is not allowed unlesssponsored by a registered student organization.ReservationsThe JBK Student Center staff reserves the right to deny space usage for any group/event that isprogrammatically or operationally impractical to accommodate or that conflicts with theUniversity’s mission or policies.The JBK Student Center reserves the right to cancel, interrupt, or terminate any event in theinterest of public safety, noncompliance with university policies, or if the event can be viewed asinappropriate or not consistent with the mission of West Texas A&M University.All educational programs provided by an outside organization and open to the community atlarge will be required to pay an exhibitor fee. Once the event is confirmed, the student centerdirector must approve all marketing material prior to distribution. Failure to do so may result indenial to use the space. 2017 Jack B. Kelley Student Center West Texas A&M UniversityPAGE 11

Groups should not advertise their events until the confirmation email has been received. Ifadvertising is sent out prior to approval, it may result in denial of the request to use the space inthe JBK Student Center.A large-scale event is any event that will have more than one-hundred (100) people inattendance.The use of the JBK facility, J.A. Hill Chapel or outside lawns (not including Buffalo Sports Park)will be scheduled through the JBK Information desk. All reservations should be secured an event at least 2 weeks in advance is recommended.The University is not liable for problems that might occur prior to or during the rental period (i.e.power failure, air conditioning problems, sprinkler systems, etc.)In case of University emergency, any event may be cancelled up to 24 hours in advance.The University will not be responsible for acquiring any special equipment for any group unlessagreed upon when the reservation is made.Institutional Priority EventsInstitutional Priority Events are mission critical events that will be scheduled as far in advance asdates are available. These events take priority over all other events and must be approved bythe JBK Student Center Advisory Board. When Institutional Priority Events are initiallyscheduled, it will only be for the actual day of the event.Events to be considered for submission must meet three (3) of the following criteria:o Submission Criteria1. Attendance must exceed 200 or more2. Annual event which has occurred at least 3 years in a row3. Open to the entire campus community4. Requires a contract of 12 or more months in advance5. Will aid in recruitment and retention efforts6. Requires significant space utilization in the JBK Student Center7. Donor funded program at 500,000 or aboveAny previously approved Institutional Priority event that fails to meet the criteria for twoconsecutive years will be removed from the list pending the JBK Student Center Advisory Boardapproval. Any group that has been removed from the list, must wait one scheduling cycle beforeapplying for reinstatement onto the list.Buffaloes Traditions Program 2017 Jack B. Kelley Student Center West Texas A&M UniversityPAGE 12

Buffaloes Traditions Program recognizes that some traditional events and programs should haveprecedence on the calendar. Buffaloes Traditions Program reservations are deemed to havepriority status. Submission for this status shall be received no later than January 1 of theprevious year. The Buffaloes Traditions Programs shall be booked into the JBK Student CenterBuilding reservations calendar as soon as the University calendar has been approved and prior toadvance reservations being booked.This procedure permits selection of a few programs that must happen annually in the JBKStudent Center at a prescribed time. The programs should remain constant from year to yearand if the event fails to remain constant, the space will be lost. Dates for the event may changeas dictated by the University calendar. Once these have been selected, any new submissions willbe submitted to the JBK Student Center Advisory Board for review.o Submission Criteria1. Sponsorship by organization or University department2. Annual program at a specified time of year3. Open to the entire campus communityo Selection Criteria1. Significant student involvement in planning2. Resources required are unique to JBK Student Center3. Program will aid in student recruitment and retention effortsSchedulingOnly Legacy Hall, Legacy Foyer, The Legends Club, Entire Commons area, East Commons, HazelKelley Wilson Room, Buff Branding Room, Eternal Flame Room, Senate Chamber, West TexasRoom, Thunder Room, Maroon Room, and White Room may be reserved. Only the BuffBranding Room, Eternal Flame Room, Senate Chamber, West Texas Room, Thunder Room,Maroon Room, and White Room may be reserved for regularly scheduled meetings.WTAMU departments and student organizations may not serve as fronts for off-campusorganizations. If “fronting” is discovered, outside rental rates will apply.Student organizations have priority in using the student center and may reserve meeting roomsby the academic year. Student organizations may begin to make reservations April 1 st for theupcoming academic year. Beginning May 1st, all campus departments may make reservationsfor the upcoming academic year.Outside organizations can make reservations for the upcoming academic year starting on May1st, but they cannot make a reservation more than 6 months ahead of their event date. If allInstitutional Priority and Buffalo Traditions events have been confirmed for the upcomingsummer, the JBK reserves the right to allow outside organizations to book events more than sixmonths in advance.The date that marks the beginning of the fall semester is defined as the day the residence halls 2017 Jack B. Kelley Student Center West Texas A&M UniversityPAGE 13

open. The end of the summer semester is marked by the day before the residence halls openfor the fall semester.Reservation space is critical space and it is important to remain efficient. “No shows” will not betolerated and may jeopardize future opportunities to reserve space in the JBK. Failure to cancelreservations for events involving special set-ups at least two business days in advance of theevent date may result in a fee.o 1st time – verbal and written warningo 2nd time – 25 feeo 3rd time – 100 feeo 4th time or more – lose scheduling privileges within the JBK Student Center for durationof the academic year.If the date of a confirmed event needs to be changed, it must be done so or by contacting the JBK. There is no guarantee that the new date willbe available until the change is made and prior reservations are checked for the same location,date and time.Classes may be scheduled on a one-time basis during each semester. Classes will not be allowedto use the JBK on a regular basis.The entire Commons area may only be reserved by University departments and st

organization or University department and the name, date and time of the event. University Graphic standards must be followed. Materials that do not include this information will be . napkin holder is actually 6.5" wide x 4.25" tall with the artwork at the top portion of the card. All artwork submitted must be either .jpeg, .pdf, .psd, or .