Florida College SystemStudent DatabaseReporting Year 2021-22Version 33.02PREVIOUS VERSIONS ARE OBSOLETE

Summary of ChangesVersion 33.02 (Updated 2/11/2022) 1205: Updated note to reference the INDCERT reference file instead of the PINDCER.DE 2104: Removed Perkins from list of reports.Frequency Zero edits: added new edit for T3E2022Exceptions Report: Added Reverse Transfer Code (DE 2122).Unduplicated Headcount of Students Enrolled in Funded FTE Courses Report: Updated the dataelement number for Course Registration Period to DE 3014.6. Appendix B: Updated.Version 33.01 (Updated 10/18/2021) Element ALPHABETICAL Listing: Added Reverse Transfer Code (DE 2122).Data Element NUMERICAL Listing: Added Reverse Transfer Code (DE 2122).Data Elements by Record Type – End-of-Term Submission: Added Reverse Transfer Code (DE 2122).DE 1005:a. Modified edit 1005 8 First-Time Student Flag (DE 1005) EQ D and Course Dual/Co-EnrollmentFlag (DE 3005) IN (H, P, S) and Total Credit Hours Toward Award (DE 2008) GT 60 – Critical;modified hours from GT 29 to GT 60.b. Modified edit 1005 10 First-Time Student Flag (DE 1005) EQ Y and High School Graduation Code(DE 1008) IN (A, B, C, D, K, O, S) and High School Graduation Date (DE 1009) EQ 99999999 –Critical; added new value S for DE 1008.DE 1008:a. Modified value D – Certificate of Completion – Met all requirements except for the stateapproved graduation test (W08, W8A, W8C, W44, W53, W56); added diploma type W44 to thetable value definition; changed FCAT to the state approved graduation test.b. Added value S – State-recognized high school equivalency diploma awarded by a state otherthan Florida to a student who earned a passing score on the High School Equivalency Test(HiSET ), the Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC ), the California High SchoolProficiency Exam, or a combination of GED , HiSET , and/or TASC .c. Modified edit 1008 3 High School Graduation Code (DE 1008) NOT IN (B, C, S, X) and High SchoolCode (DE 1007) EQ ZZZZZZ – Critical; added new value S.d. Added note: Rule 6A-10.0240, Florida Administrative Code defines the minimum standards foran Out-of-state High School Equivalency DiplomaDE 1065:a. Modified edits 1065 1 and 1065 2 to informational starting in 2021-22 Spring (3E) end-of-termsubmission.b. Added note: Edits changed to informational starting in 2021-22 Spring (3E) end-of-termsubmission in preparation for data element deletion in 2022-23.DE 2122:a. Modified edits 2122 1, 2122 1, 2122 3 to critical starting in 2021-22 Spring (3E) end-of-termsubmission.b. Added note: Edits changed to critical starting in 2021-22 Spring (3E) end-of-term submission.DE 3018: Updated Florida Statute reference.DE 3208: Added new value: 115 - Grant, State, Open Door Grant Program. An award of funds to studentsparticipating in eligible integrated education and training program and noncredit industrycertification preparation, clock hour career certificate programs, for credit short-term career andtechnical education programs that result in the award of credentials identified under s.445.004(4). (FS S. 1009.895)b. Modified edits:i. 3208 3 Financial Aid Award Type (DE 3208) IN (105, 106, 107, 115, 209, 302, 303, 304, 305,309, 402, 403) and Financial Aid – Source of Funds (DE 3207) NE S – Critical; added newvalue 115.ii. 3208 8 Financial Aid Award Type (DE 3208) IN (114, 115, 302, 303, 304, 309) and FinancialAid – Award Condition I.D. (DE 3206) NE 2 – Critical; added new value 115.Frequency Zero Edits:a. Corrected DE 3011 Clock Hour Course edit to critical for all colleges with the exception of LakeSumter.b. Added DE 3011 Clock Hour Course edit as informational for Lake Sumter Summer term.Course Match selection criteria modified to only select Advanced and Professional, PostsecondaryVocational, Career Certificate, Developmental Education, and Dual Enrollment, and will includecourses that do not meet the standard naming convention.Data Quality Report 4C:a. Updated name and description to show that a credit hour report is produced in addition of theclock hour report.b. Updated selection criteria to calculate enrollment by college, psnid, CIP, and App Sponsor.Data Quality Report 6 Selection Criteria: Added Apprenticeship degrees to the full programcompleter calculation.Data Quality Report 10 Selection Criteria:a. Corrected report title from College Financial Aid Count to Career Certificate and ATD FinancialAid Counts Comparison.b. Corrected values for DE 3102.c. Added course and program selection criteria for Career Certificate and ATD.d. Corrected note to show report produced only at End-of-Term submissions.Version 33.00 (Updated 7/15/2021)1. Spring (3E) Data Submission Calendar: Updated end of data verification period from July 1, 2022 toJune 30, 2022 to remove overlap with PDB Annual (4E) submission.2. Annual (4E) Financial Aid Data Submission Calendar: Updated open of data verification period fromOctober 24, 2022 to October 25, 2022 to align with established schedule3. DE 1005:a. Added note: Edit 1005 14 will change to critical for the reporting year 2022-23 Summer (T1E)end-of term submissions.b. Added edit: 1005 14 First-Time Student Flag (DE 1005) IN (D, Y) match Student Demographicrecord from prior three terms with First-Time Student Flag (DE 1005) IN (D, Y) – Informational4. DE 2111: Removed value W; due to expiration of Emergency Order due to COVID-19.5. DE 3004: Updated references from Collegiate High School to Collegiate High School/Early CollegeProgram.6. DE 3031:a. Changed edits 3031 2, 3031 3, 3031 4, and 3031 5 from informational to critical. Added note: Edits 3031 2, 3031 3, 3031 4, and 3031 5 will become critical starting with the2021-22 Fall (2B) beginning-of-term submission.Acceleration Information Record Format – Record Type 3: Reduced DE 1205 from 9 spaces to 8spaces and increased the filler from 138 spaces to 139 spaces.Frequency Zero Edits: updated references from PSVC to CCC.Comparative Frequency listing of data elements added.Completions Report: updated references for Career Certificate from CC to CAR.Career Certification Program Readiness for College report: updated filename references for CareerCertificate from CC to CAR.FTE Reports: updated references for Career Certificate from CC to CAR.Data Quality Report 7 – Industry Certification Outcome by Certification Number – updated referencefile from INDP to INDCERT.

Florida College SystemStudent Database2021-22 Reporting YearTable of ContentsSection I: Documents and ProceduresSummer End-of-Term (1E) and Fall Beginning-of-Term (2B) Data Submission Calendar. 13Fall End-of-Term (2E) and Spring Beginning-of-Term (3B) Data Submission Calendar . 14Spring End-of-Term (3E) Data Submission Calendar. 15Annual (4E) Financial Aid Data Submission Calendar . 16Verification Reports List . 17Annual Financial Aid Verification Reports List . 20Procedures and Definitions . 21Database Criteria . 24Record Type Descriptions . 24Certificate of Professional Preparation. 29Baccalaureate Programs . 29Annual Financial Aid Submission . 32Section II: Data Element DictionaryNotes on Data Element Edit Descriptions . 35Notes on Reference Files . 35Data Element ALPHABETICAL Listing . 36Data Element NUMERICAL Listing . 40Data Elements by Record Type – End-of-Term Submission. 44Data Elements by Record Type – Beginning-of-Term Submission . 48Data Elements by Record Type – Annual Financial Aid Submission . 51Data Element 1000: Florida Education Identifier . 53Data Element 1001: Citizenship . 55Data Element 1002: Disabled Classification . 56Ethnic Origin . 58Data Element 1004: Fee Classification Residency . 59Data Element 1005: First-Time Student Flag . 61Data Element 1006: Gender . 64Data Element 1007: High School Code . 65Data Element 1008: High School Graduation Code . 66Data Element 1009: High School Graduation Date. 68Data Element 1011: Incarceration Status . 69Data Element 1013: Limited English Proficiency . 70Data Element 1014: First Name . 71Data Element 1015: Last Name . 72Data Element 1016: Middle Name . 73Data Element 1017: Reporting Institution . 74Data Element 1018: State at Time of First Entry . 76Data Element 1019: Student Birth Date . 78Data Element 1021: Student Identification Number . 79Data Element 1026: Term Institutional Grade Points . 81Data Element 1027: Term Institutional Hours for GPA . 82Data Element 1028: Term Identifier . 83Data Element 1029: Term Part-Time/Full-Time . 84Data Element 1030: Total Institutional Grade Points . 85Data Element 1031: Total Institutional Hours for GPA. 86Student DatabaseVersion 33.025July 1, 2021

Florida College SystemStudent Database2021-22 Reporting YearData Element 1032:Data Element 1033:Data Element 1034:Data Element 1035:Data Element 1036:Data Element 1037:Data Element 1038:Data Element 1039:Data Element 1040:Data Element 1041:Data Element 1042:Data Element 1048:Data Element 1049:Data Element 1050:Data Element 1051:Data Element 1052:Data Element 1053:Data Element 1054:Data Element 1055:Data Element 1057:Data Element 1058:Data Element 1059:Data Element 1060:Data Element 1061:Data Element 1062:Data Element 1063:Data Element 1064:Data Element 1065:Data Element 1066:Data Element 1067:Data Element 1068:Data Element 1101:Data Element 1102:Data Element 1103:Data Element 1104:Data Element 1106:Data Element 1107:Data Element 1108:Data Element 1109:Data Element 1201:Data Element 1202:Data Element 1203:Data Element 1204:Data Element 1205:Data Element 2001:Data Element 2002:Data Element 2003:Student DatabaseVersion 33.02Transfer Student Flag . 87Nation of Citizenship . 89Transfer Institution. 92Verified Disabled Classification Indicator. 95Race – White . 96Race – Black/African American . 97Race – Asian . 98Race – American Indian/Alaskan Native . 99Race – Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander . 100Ethnicity – Hispanic/Latino . 101Athletically Related Aid Indicator. 102Adult Origin of Schooling . 103Distance Education Student Location . 104Developmental Education High School Exemption . 105Developmental Education Military Exemption . 107AGE Employment Status . 108Highest Level of Education Completed – Parent One or Guardian One . 110Highest Level of Education Completed – Parent Two or Guardian Two . 111Name Suffix . 113Military Status . 114CAE Single Parent . 116CAE Displaced Homemaker. 117AGE Ex-Offender . 119AGE Homeless/Runaway. 121AGE Employment Barriers . 123AGE Migrant/Seasonal Farm Worker . 124AGE Level of Schooling Achieved . 126Civic Literacy Competency . 128AGE Income Status – Exhausting TANF . 129AGE Income Status – Long-Term Unemployed . 130AGE Income Status – Low Income . 131Entry Level/Exit Test – Score . 133Entry Level/Exit Test – Site . 136Entry Level/Exit Test – Subtest . 137Entry Level/Exit Test – Type . 139College Preparatory Completion Indicator . 142Adult Entry Level/Exit Test – Form . 143Adult Entry Level/Exit Test – Level of Difficulty . 145Entry Level/Exit Test – Date . 146Acceleration – Hour Type . 148Acceleration – Hours . 149Acceleration – Subtest . 150Acceleration – Type . 151Gold Standard Industry Certification Code . 153Program of Study – Award Type . 154Program of Study – CIP . 156Program of Study – Hour Type . 1626July 1, 2021

Florida College SystemStudent Database2021-22 Reporting YearData Element 2004:Data Element 2005:Data Element 2006:Data Element 2007:Data Element 2008:Data Element 2009:Data Element 2010:Data Element 2011:Data Element 2012:Data Element 2013:Data Element 2014:Data Element 2015:Data Element 2016:Data Element 2017:Data Element 2018:Data Element 2019:Data Element 2020:Data Element 2021:Data Element 2022:Data Element 2101:Data Element 2103:Data Element 2104:Data Element 2105:Data Element 2106:Data Element 2107:Data Element 2108:Data Element 2110:Data Element 2111:Data Element 2116:Data Element 2117:Data Element 2118:Data Element 2119:Data Element 2120:Data Element 2121:Data Element 2122:Data Element 3001:Data Element 3003:Data Element 3004:Data Element 3005:Data Element 3006:Data Element 3007:Data Element 3008:Data Element 3009:Data Element 3010:Data Element 3011:Data Element 3012:Data Element 3013:Student DatabaseVersion 33.02Program of Study – Hours . 164Program of Study – Level . 165Program of Study – Title . 170Total Clock Hours Earned Toward Award . 171Total Credit Hours Toward Award . 172Locally Inactive Program Flag. 173State Approved Teacher Preparation Program – DOE Code . 174State Approved Teacher Preparation Program – Benchmark Term . 175State Approved Teacher Preparation Program – Student Teaching Term. 176Baccalaureate Enrollment Flag . 177Baccalaureate Program of Interest . 178Baccalaureate Institution of Interest . 180EPI Subject Area Specialization – Program 1 . 182EPI Subject Area Specialization – Program 2 . 183EPI Subject Area Specialization – Program 3 . 184EPI Subject Area Specialization – Program 4 . 185EPI Subject Area Specialization – Program 5 . 186AGE Withdrawal Reason . 187Apprenticeship Sponsor Code. 189Completion – CIP . 190Completion Degree Granted . 194Occupational Completion Point Indicator. 197Adult Literacy Completion Point Indicator . 198Advanced Technical Certificate Completion Hours . 200Locally Inactive Completion Program Flag . 201Completion Multiple Major Indicator . 202State Approved Teacher Preparation Program Completion – DOE Code . 203CTE Basic Skills Examination Flag . 204EPI Subject Area Specialization – Completion 1 . 206EPI Subject Area Specialization – Completion 2 . 207EPI Subject Area Specialization – Completion 3 . 208EPI Subject Area Specialization – Completion 4 . 209EPI Subject Area Specialization – Completion 5 . 210Completion Date . 211Reverse Transfer Code . 213Course – Information Classification Structure . 214Course Cooperative Education Flag . 222Course Dual Enrollment Category . 223Course Dual Enrollment/Co-Enrollment Flag . 225Course Fee Kind . 227Course Grade Awarded . 229Course Identifier . 230Course Identifier – Section. 232Course Lifelong Learning Flag . 233Course Section Hour Type . 234Course Section Hours . 236Course Section Location – Campus . 2377July 1, 2021

Florida College SystemStudent Database2021-22 Reporting YearData Element 3014: Course Registration Period . 238Data Element 3015: Course Instructor Flag . 239Data Element 3018: FTE Flag . 240Data Element 3022: Adult Educational Functioning Level – Initial . 241Data Element 3025: Adult Educational Post Test – Status . 244Data Element 3026: Course Entry Date . 245Data Element 3027: Course Exit Date . 247Data Element 3029: Adult Educational Functioning Level – ESOL/ELCATE Listening . 249Data Element 3030: Adult Educational Functioning Level – ESOL/ELCATE Reading . 252Data Element 3031: Adult Test Series . 255Data Element 3102: Financial Aid Award Type . 256Data Element 3201: Financial Aid Term Identifier . 257Data Element 3202: Financial Aid Academic Year . 258Data Element 3203: Student Current Dependency Status . 259Data Element 3204: Expected Family Contribution . 260Data Element 3205: Financial Aid – Need . 261Data Element 3206: Financial Aid – Award Condition I.D. 262Data Element 3207: Financial Aid – Source of Funds . 263Data Element 3208: Financial Aid Award Type . 264Data Element 3209: Financial Aid Paid Amount . 268Data Element 3301: Program of Industry – CIP . 269Data Element 3302: Program Industry Certification Number . 271Data Element 3303: Program Industry Certification Date . 272Data Element 3304: Program Industry Certification Outcome . 273Student Demographic Information Record Format – Record Type 1 . 274Entry Level/Exit Testing Information Record Format – Record Type 2 . 276Acceleration Information Record Format – Record Type 3 . 277Program Information Record Format – Record Type 4 . 278Completion Information Record Format – Record Type 5 . 279Course Information Record Format – Record Type 6 . 280Economically Disadvantaged Record Format – Record Type 7 . 281Financial Aid Record Format – Record Type 8 . 282Industry Certification Information Record Format – Record Type 9 . 283Section III: Frequency Zero EditsFrequency Zero Edits . 287Student Demographic Information (Rec Type 1):. 287Entry Level/Exit Testing Information (Rec Type 2): . 289Program Information (Rec Type 4):. 290Completion Information (Rec Type 5): . 291Course Information (Rec Type 6): . 292Economically Disadvantaged (Rec Type 7): . 293Section IV: Verification Reports Selection CriteriaExceptions Report . 297Comparative Frequency Report. 300Enrollment in Occupationally Specific Programs (EP) . 301Completions Report .

Florida College System Student Database . Reporting Year 2021-22 . Version 33.02 . PREVIOUS VERSIONS ARE OBSOLETE. Summary of Changes Version 33.02 (Updated 2/11/2022) 1. DE 1205: Updated note to reference the INDCERT reference file instead of the PINDCER. 2. DE 2104: Removed Perkins from list of reports.