Professional Developpment Activiities 2012-2013CCerro Coso GoalsGfor Proofessional Developmenttent Success1. Increase Stude1.1. Improve instructioni1.2. Improve instructioniin thee distance education environment1.3. Improve classroomcmanaggement in the disstance education environment1.4. Improve instructioniin bassic skills1.5. Improve studentssupport1.6. Improve studentssupport withw integrated technology1.7. Improve basicbskills support2. Improve Transsparency and Effeective Communication2.1. Increase facultyfand staff awarenessaof susstainable continuous quality improovement2.2. Increase understandinguoff institutional policies and proceduures3. Enhance Workkplace Competence and Preparedness3.1. Enrich disscipline specific‐joob specific professsional competennce3.2. Develop awarenessaof safee workplace practices and emergeency preparednesss3.3. Develop culturalcawarenesss and understanndingNOTES: Faculty prooviding workshopps receive flex creedit at double (2xx) the time for the workshop to alllow for preparattion time.Funds for individual conferences cannot be allocated exceptt in unusual circummstances. The coollege will be adhhering to an equittablepreferencee of sending teamms rather than inddividuals. Conferences will be careefully selected soo that they addreess several collegeeprofessionnal development goals.

Sample Activities 2012-2013- Other similar activities may be selected.Goal 1: Increase Student SuccessEvent/ ActivityPresenter/SourceKiana Wyatt/guest facultyType/ActivityFlex WorkshopDate(s)* ongoingAugust 16thUsing External Programs to Enhance Your Course: AdobeConnect, Jing,etc. via Adobe Connect to your computerMoodle’s New Grade Book: via Adobe Connect to yourcomputerMoodle Best Practices and Success Strategies1.5Kiana WyattFlex WorkshopAugust 16th2Charles Osteen/guestfacultyiTV: Tips and hints for great classes with individual practice Charles Osteen/guestsessions (held in an iTV classroom)facultyMoodle Best Practices and Success Strategies (Session 1)Charles Osteen/guestfacultyMoodle Best Practices and Success Strategies (session 2)Charles Osteen/guestfacultyFlex WorkshopAugust 17th1.5Flex WorkshopAugust 17th2Flex WorkshopJanuary 11, 20131.5Flex WorkshopJanuary 11, 20131.5Software Training and Navigation for the Student SuccessLabs‐Read Write Gold‐ Student Success LabBasic Skills‐ day symposiums‐teams preferredWorkshopAugust, TBD3Symposium1‐2x semesterTBD6October 8‐10Sac’toTBD8‐16Basic SkillsContact Laura Vasquez3CSN Math Pathways for SuccessCAPED “Capitol Strategies for Success” DSPS fundedCAPEDConference‐ DSPSEOPS/CARE Conference‐ Technical Training‐EOPS fundingEOPSConference‐ EOPSstaff & faculty onlyAre you sure your online students are the ones registeredin your online class‐Methods to ensure student integrityPromoting Student Involvement in Your CourseEnhance Your Course with Adobe ConnectHow’s the Grade Book Going? A Final Check UpMoodle 2 Essential Training for StudentsKiana Wyatt/guest facultyLunch & LearnOctober, 20121Kiana Wyatt/guest facultyKiana Wyatt/guest facultyKiana Wyatt/guest faculty & LearnLunch & LearnLunch & LearnNovember, 2012February,2013April, 2013*1111webinar8‐16

Moodle 2 Essential Training for TeachersVIMEO Essential TrainingYou Tube Essential TrainingDetermining The Quality Of your {Developmental}ProgramActive Review: Circuit Training for math‐letesBest Practices for Student EmpowermentCoaching Developmental Students In the Digital AgeConnecting the Pieces in a Text: Strategies for identifyingInferencesCan a Hybrid Platform Work for Developmental Learners?YESConnecting Universal Design and Learning Outcomes: Co‐Constructed Classrooms for At‐Risk StudentsDeveloping Competency: Creating Effective CollegeReading/Writing CoursesReading Minds, Changing Minds: Intellectual Empathy viaClicker LessonsUsing You Tube in English and Reading classesProfessional Development Mentoring‐develop a mentoringprogram for adjunct and new facultyGetting Results – Professional Development ModulesLearning Exchange Network‐LENS TrainingUnlocking the Gate: What we know about ImprovingDevelopmental Education‐Lessons from Rigorous ebinar*n/aWebinar*n/aWebinar*n/aPower pointexamplesPower point*n/a*n/aPower point lesson*n/aLesson plan examples*n/aOctober1 hour Links plan examplesLunch & Learn‐SeptemberPower Point WithMany org/Webinar*1 ch nference Links Links Links Links Links Links Links LinksNADE.comBonita ew.htmln/a

May 20‐22,July 31‐Aug 2, Sept16‐18,11‐13,October 3‐4 CostaMesa18Supplemental Instruction Training ( Basic Skills Funded‐airfare, registration, hotel, vehicle, parking)Pre‐registration required.UM Kansas CityI faculty member –funded by basic skillsStrengthening Student Success Conference‐ Funding TBDRP group, 3CSN, ASCJC,Career Ladders Project,Learning Works,& MSJCConferenceEmpowering Non‐Traditional Students to Succeed inToday’s College ClassroomSeven Ways to Effectively Engage Faculty in theRecruitment ProcessRecruiting a Diverse Student Body Using NoncognitiveVariablesAdditional* NADE.netistreams.comWebinars*variesEvent/ ActivityPresenter/SourceJill Board,Corey MarvinDate(s)* ongoingAugust 16,2012HoursWelcome Back: State of the CollegeType/ActivityFlex General SessionCerro Coso Sustainable Continuous Quality Improvement(SCQI): Are We There Yet?New Full Time and Adjunct Faculty OrientationCorey MarvinHeather OstashCorey MarvinFlex General SessionAugust 16,20124Flex DayAugust 17., 20126Adjunct Faculty Development: Fitting Part‐Time facultyinto the Mosaic ( Developmental)Effective MeetingsInstitutional Policies and Procedures: The SyllabusInstitutional Policies and Procedures: Drops andWithdrawalsCerro Coso Budget Development Process‐Workshop1Become familiar with proposed Academic Senate Budgetprocess Links MarvinCorey MarvinWebinar*n/aWebinarFlex WorkshopFlex Workshop*Jan 11, 2013Jan 11, 2013n/a1.51.5Mary O’NealMary O’NealFlex WorkshopFlex WorkshopAugust 17thOct 2nd or Oct 4th1116Goal 2:Improve Transparency and EffectiveCommunication2

Goal 3: Enhance Workplace Commpetence andPrreparednessEvvent/ ActivityPresennter/SourcePrrotecting Your Daata ‐General Secuurity‐Chhanges Between MS Office 2007 AndA 2010Caalifornia League OfO Classified Confference –VenturaaUnfunded As Of Appril 2012MMental Health atalog.PPdfAmm I Buggin’ Ya Yeet? Dealing With DifficultDStudentBeehaviorsLive Scribe Pen Traaining For Placingg Lectures & NoteesOnlineOutlook 2010‐Time Mangaement WithW A CalendarExxcel 2010‐Pivot TablesTIn DepthExxcel 2010‐Chartss In DepthWWord 2010‐Formss In DepthDealing With Difficcult People – Fromm The Obnoxiouss To TheDangerousOutlook – Workingg It Instead Of It WorkingWMeTiips And Tricks In UsingUWord, Exceel, Etc.Data Charting In ExxcelOutlook 2010 Powwer ShortcutsExxcel 2010 Managing Multiple WorrksheetsDDate(s)HoursMike CampbellCTBDContacct‐ Shelley CrabtrreeType/ActivityFlex WorkkshopTBDConferennceAugust 17thTBBDJuune 20131.5TBD8 TBDContacct‐Penny nferrence LinksBonitaa RobisonWebinar*n/aLunch An d ontacct Jill BoardWeb ConfeferencesTBBDTBD2.51.5Alll GoalsEdducation Advisoryy Board Roundtable & Teleconference‐Beest Practices Reseearch

rn.Ca.Us/Kcmh/ t? Dealing With D ining For Placing e Mangaement W ables In Depth m In Depth In Depth ult People - From It Instead Of It W sing Word, Exce cel er Shortcuts ing Multiple Wor Board Roundta arch petence and rity‐ nd 2010 erence -Ventura Trainingcatalog.P ifficult Student Lectures & Note