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About ERP SoftwareEnterprise resource planning (ERP) is not a new concept. It was introduced more than40 years ago, when the first ERP system was created to improve inventory control andmanagement at manufacturing firms. Throughout the 70’s and 80’s, as the number ofcompanies deploying ERP increased, its scope expanded quite a bit to include variousproduction and materials management functions, although it was designed primarily foruse in manufacturing plants.In the 1990’s, vendors came to realize that other types of business could benefit fromERP, and that in order for a business to achieve true organizational efficiency, it neededto link all its internal business processes in a cohesive and coordinated way. As aresult, ERP was transformed into a broad-reaching environment that encompassed allactivities across the back office of a company.What is ERP?An ERP system combines methodologies with software and hardware componentsto integrate numerous critical back-office functions across a company. Made up ofa series of “modules”, or applications that are seamlessly linked together through acommon database, an ERP system enables various departments or operating unitssuch as Accounting and Finance, Human Resources, Production, and Fulfillment andDistribution to coordinate activities, share information, and collaborate.Key Benefits for Your CompanyERP systems are designed to enhance all aspects of key operations across acompany’s entire back-office – from planning through execution, management, andcontrol. They accomplish this by taking processes and functions that were previouslydisparate and disjointed, and seamlessly integrating and coordinating them. As a result,an ERP system can:* Facilitate more efficient completion of day-to-day tasks.* Reduce the redundant and overlapping activities that waste time and money bystandardizing core procedures.* Eliminate data silos by creating a single, centralized repository of timely, accuratebusiness data.* Enable more effective resource allocation and management. 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.

About ERP Software* Reduce overhead costs.* Enhance strategic planning by allowing for more accurate assessment of needs, andenabling measurement of goals versus outcomes.Does My Company Need ERP?Companies of all types and sizes can benefit from an ERP implementation. Even ifbusiness processes and related workflows are relatively smooth across the business,ERP can deliver even greater productivity and cost efficiency. However, the companieswho need ERP the most are those whose most critical business procedures are sofragmented and broken that they hinder growth and profitability. For these firms, ERPcan help create a business process management mindset, allowing them to define bestpractices, formalize activities, and streamline cross-departmental functions.Additionally, ERP is designed to help companies who have trouble achieving “oneversion of the truth”. For example, in many firms, revenue data maintained by thefinance department doesn’t always match the numbers generated by the salesorganization. These disparities can make it difficult to assess financial status andprofitability, and in the case of public companies, report results to investors. ERPsystems consolidate and centralize all back-office information. Each transactionconducted by a department will be handled, recorded, and managed by a single system.In this way, the most frequent causes of conflicting information -- such as a lack ofintegration across departmental applications -- are eliminated.Common ERP FeaturesMost ERP suites contain a broad range of modules to enhance a variety of back-officefunctions, including:* Manufacturing – includes features for project and process management, engineering,scheduling, capacity management, engineering, material requirements planning, andquality management.* Supply Chain Management – includes capabilities to support order entry, purchasingand procurement, inventory control, planning, goods inspection, and claimsprocessing. 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.

About ERP Software* Financial Management – includes functionality such as general ledger, cashmanagement, accounts payable and receivable, and fixed asset management.* Project Management – includes features for costing, billing/invoicing, time andexpense management, and activity monitoring.* Human Capital Management – includes capabilities to support hiring and staffing,payroll, training, time and attendance tracking, and benefits administration.Many ERP environments leverage a data warehouse or operational data store forreporting purposes; this limits the impact of data analysis on the transactional databaseand prevents the performance slow-downs that report generation can impose on theproduction environment.What to Look for When Choosing an ERP Solution“Big bang” ERP implementations come with quite a bit of risk. Few businesses have theresources to handle an all-at-once deployment. Therefore, it is critical to choose an ERPvendor with a flexible and modular platform, so it can be rolled-out in phases.Additionally, since many ERP modules often replacing existing business applications, besure to select a solution that includes comprehensive data migration tools. This will helpmove data from old applications to new ones in the most efficient and effective fashion.Finally, look for a single-source provider who has designed and developed each modulein-house. Choosing a vendor who has created a complete ERP suite by bolting togethervarious solutions – such as those developed by OEM partners or obtained throughacquisition of smaller ERP companies – can lead to integration and performance issues.Top ERP Software VendorsYou have many options when choosing a ERP software vendor. To make it a bit easier,we’ve featured some of the leading ERP solutions in this paper.Review these vendors, and you’ll be well on the way to finding the right ERP softwarefor your business. 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 1-888-8 CONSONAHighlights* Use of Microsoft technology establishes a seamless interaction between allelements of the Intuitive ERP architechture.* Industry-specific, flexible solutions to better match business requirements.* Focused on rapid growth through consolidation.* Serves small to mid-sized manufacturers.* Focus on quality and customer , INERP Solutions:* Intuitive ERP* Made2Manage ERPFounded:2003, Indiana, USA(as M2M Holdings, Inc.)Customer Focus:Consona serves the small to mid-size manufacturing segment, primarily customers inthe 5 to 150 user range. Virtually all product and service segments are represented inits customer base.Select Customers:San Antonio Lighthouse, Northern Digital, Bigfoot Industries Inc., Qualitel Corporation,TrailTech Inc., Ace Designers, Ltd., American Tubing, Inc. 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.

About Consona/Made2ManageConsona Corporation, formerly M2M Holdings, Inc., is a business software and serviceprovider dedicated to becoming a valued business partner by helping companiescontinuously improve business processes over time. Toward this mission, Consonainvests in the people, processes, technology and tools needed to provide customers witha unique and effective combination of customer care, product fit, industry expertise, anda broad range of consulting, IT and business services.The Consona product portfolio consists of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)product lines and both industry-specific and cross-industry Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) solutions. Consona provides CRM and ERP business solutions to more than4,300 customers worldwide and across a variety of industries, including manufacturingand professional services.A number of elements work together to make Consona a standout in the industry.Backed by an experienced management team and deep financial resources, Consonamelds an aggressive acquisition program, strong balance sheet, solid customerrelationships, and high-fit solutions into a value proposition that is unmatched by othervendors—but well-matched to its customers and their businesses.Consona ERP Key Strengths* Integration of data across the enterprise ensures that customers have greater visibilityin all areas of their business, from a strategic decision level to daily operations.* Insight into production, inventory and financial data makes it easy for users of theConsona ERP solution suite to identify opportunities for cost savings and efficiencyimprovements. A high-level view of key business indicators facilitates faster and moreaccurate management decisions—and an intuitive interface puts all of this at thecustomer’s fingertips when and where they want it.* Consona’s ERP solutions fit a broad range of industries and business types.* Intuitive ERP is designed to support businesses that operate locally or globally.Language and currency need not be a barrier to conducting business. With multilanguage and multi-currency capabilities, Intuitive ERP can be implemented aroundthe world. 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.

About Consona/Made2ManageConsona ERP TechnologyExclusive use of Microsoft technology establishes a seamless interaction between allelements of the Intuitive ERP architecture. Intuitive ERP is written in Microsoft VisualBasic for Applications , straight Microsoft Visual Basic , VB.NET and MicrosoftTransact SQL (T-SQL) languages. Intuitive ERP uses Microsoft SQL Server as thedatabase technology.Because of its pure Microsoft approach, Intuitive ERP connects seamlessly to anyMicrosoft business application, including Microsoft Office, Exchange, Project, and more.Consistent technology also means that Consona’s Intuitive, as a software provider,is able to put its development energy into building innovative features and functionsthat directly benefit its customers, rather than wasting time chasing solutions to toughproblems rooted in technology clashes.Consona ERP HighlightsIntuitive ERP* Organizes all of a company’s information into one, centralized system. This meansthat there is no need for different departments to re-key information and less need formanual paperwork, thus reducing the potential for errors.* Cuts operations costs by delivering complete visibility of an organization’s KeyPerformance Indicators on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis can provide graphical,complete, up-to-the-minute information of exactly what is going right and what is goingwrong with your business before it is too late to make adjustments. .* Increases throughput by letting customers see upcoming bottlenecks before theyhappen—driving more efficient scheduling on the shop floor also reducing downtimeand overtime.* Reduces purchasing costs with supplier relationship management functionality thatforecasts demand to suppliers, taking better advantage of quantity breaks, andtracking vendor performance. With Intuitive ERP, customers can get the best pricesfrom their vendors. 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.

About Consona/Made2ManageMade2Manage ERP* Since 1986, Made2Manage has been supplying ERP software and services to smalland mid-market manufacturers in a variety of industries.* Provides complete, real-time inventory analysis and just-in-time material information,so customers can order what they need when they need it, without needing tostockpile inventory “just in case”.* Automatically calculated, adjustable safety stock and surplus levels allow organizationsto keep their inventory within the parameters they set while keeping inventory carryingcosts to a minimum.* Delivers complete visibility into the shop floor to allow businesses to see exactlywhere they have untapped capacity, and therefore better utilization of the shop floor isavailable that there is no need for different departments to re-key information and lessneed for manual paperwork, thus reducing the potential for errors.Consona ERP Modules* Planning and Materials Management* Procurement* Manufacturing* Financial and Accounting* Business Process Optimization* Quality Control 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. [email protected] 1-800-999-1809Highlights* Offers next-generation enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions providingcapabilities across the entire enterprise, including manufacturing workflow.* Based on the most agile and adaptable business architecture available, EpicorICE 2.0, combining collaborative Web 2.0 concepts with Epicor True SOA toprovide unprecedented scalability and flexibility on almost any device.* Provides global solutions available in over 150 countries and over 35 languagesthat comply with legal and industry standards.Ownership:Public(NASDAQ: EPIC)Headquarters:Irvine, CaliforniaERP Solutions:* Epicor 9* Epicor Manufacturing* Epicor DistributionFounded:1984, California, USACustomer Focus:Epicor’s ERP solutions help midmarket organizations and divisions and subsidiariesof the Global 1000 maximize their most important resources for profitable growth.Solutions are available for a number of industries including manufacturing, distribution,services, hospitality and retail.Select Customers:Ace Clearwater, Alphatec Spine, Apogee Enterprises, Aqua-Aerobic Systems,Bruno Independent Living Aids, Cold Jet, COLT Defense, General Dynamics, TEAMIndustries, Symetrics Industries, Symmetry Medical, Waterfurnace. 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.

About EpicorEpicor Software is a global leader delivering business software solutions to themanufacturing, distribution, retail, hospitality and services industries. With 20,000customers in over 150 countries, Epicor provides integrated enterprise resource planning(ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM) andenterprise retail software solutions that enable companies to drive increased efficiencyand improve profitability.Founded in 1984, Epicor celebrates 25 years of technology innovation deliveringbusiness solutions that provide the scalability and flexibility businesses need to buildcompetitive advantage. Epicor provides a comprehensive range of services with a singlepoint of accountability that promotes rapid return on investment and low total cost ofownership, whether operating business on a local, regional or global scale.At the core of Epicor is an adaptable, collaborative architecture that satisfies the needs ofany manufacturer regardless of country, industry or device, enabling business anywhere– business without barriers. Epicor delivers unprecedented business management,providing real time, in-context business insight throughout any manufacturingenvironment.Epicor is a multidimensional solution uniquely equipped with rich feature sets supportingany environment including make-to-order (MTO), engineer-to-order (ETO), configureto-order (CTO), mixed-mode, make-to-stock and discrete manufacturing. Built onthe second-generation service-oriented architecture (SOA), Internet ComponentEnvironment (ICE) 2.0, Epicor fuses modern Web 2.0 technologies with True SOA - delivering unprecedented flexibility and visibility across multiple departments. Epicor’sERP solutions go beyond traditional ERP, encompassing processes outside theproduction and distribution cycle.In addition to a full range of manufacturing capabilities, Epicor extends tools across backoffice processes including financial management, customer relationship management,sales and customer service, providing real-time, in context information to employeesfrom the shop floor to the top floor. 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.10

About EpicorEpicor continues to earn accolades and global recognition for its products andinnovational impact in the marketplace.Epicor ERP Key Strengths* Epicor is a global leader dedicated to providing business software solutions tocompanies around the globe. With comprehensive solutions, service and support, thecompany helps more than 20,000 of the world’s best companies run their businessmore efficiently and effectively.* Epicor’s ERP solutions automate and optimize business operations by integratingdata and processes into a single unified solution to maximize profitable growth. Epicordelivers a single end-to-end software solution for business.* The company offers a comprehensive range of professional services with its solutions,providing a single point of accountability to promote rapid return on investment andlower total cost of ownership.* In addition to award-winning financial, inventory and manufacturing managementcapabilities, Epicor’s ERP solution delivers in-depth supply chain management,customer relationship management, business intelligence and enterprise performancemanagement functionality.* Epicor solutions are built to comply with local governmental and industrialrequirements in a majority of countries around the globe.Epicor ERP TechnologyEpicor provides the latest, most flexible and collaborative architecture available. EpicorICE 2.0 provides unprecedented levels of scalability, flexibility and configuration to modifysoftware to fit the workflow – rather than modifying workflow to fit the software. Whetherin the back office or on the manufacturing floor, Epicor provides the connectivity,responsiveness and access to data needed to compete in today’s global economy.Epicor’s hosting services provide the first step towards the end-to-end management ofmission-critical IT environments. The company’s managed services deliver a uniquevalue-add to customers, providing total peace of mind by ensuring that business systemsand processes stay up and running and operating at peak levels at all times. 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.11

About EpicorEpicor ERP HighlightsEpicor 9* The latest Epicor ERP solution, Epicor 9, represents the convergence of Epicor’srich tool sets into a single product. As the first solution built on ICE 2.0, Epicor 9redefines the ERP experience, combining a full range of enterprise, manufacturingand distribution functionality with the most collaborative, flexible service orientedarchitecture available. Epicor 9 eliminates the technological and industrial boundariesthat stifle productivity, enabling business anywhere - business without barriers.Epicor Manufacturing* Epicor Manufacturing is designed to meet the needs of progressive manufacturers,regardless of shop environment. Epicor Manufacturing delivers built-in workflowprocesses to manage the entire order cycle: from marketing, sales and customerrelationship management, through production, planning, sourcing and procurementto installation, service and financial recognition. Complimented by a full-range ofenterprise capabilities, Epicor Manufacturing helps achieve maximum efficiency at eachplant, while providing innovative technology to span the entire enterprise.Epicor Distribution* Epicor Distribution is an end-to-end solution providing tools to efficiently assemble,ship and deliver the finished goods. Epicor Distribution offers a full range of ordermanagement, supply chain and warehousing capabilities built on a single businessplatform based on industry-leading Web services architecture. Complimented by a fullsuite of enterprise functionality, Epicor Distribution supports the needs of truly agiledistributors. 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.12 1-888-454-7359Highlights* Awards: #1 Rated ERP Software Solution for Manufacturers by AberdeenGroup 2009; 2009 CODIE Best SaaS Solution Finalist Software & InformationIndustry Association; Best of SaaS Showplace Award 2009; ImpovationInnovation Award; 2009 Sloan Award for Business Excellence* Customers: Implemented in over 1200 medical, automotive and aerospacemanufacturing plants worldwide with over 30,000 daily-user logins.* Implementations: The fully-integrated Plex Online enjoys an industry-leading100% customer retention and 100% solution implementation success rate.OwnershipPrivateHeadquartersAuburn Hills, MIERP Solutions* Plex OnlineFounded1995, MichiganCustomer Focus:Plex Online was developed specifically for manufacturers, including precisionmetalforming, complex assemblies, steel processing, injection molding, and muchmore. The on-demand software supports industry-specific functions for manufacturersin high precision, high liability industries such as automotive, aerospace & defense,medical device, and packaged foods.Select Customers:American Axle & Manufacturing, Cuisine Solutions, Metaldyne Corporate, OnedaCorporation, Pepsi Bottling Group, Pro Welding, Regency North, United Plastics Corp,Wolverine Advanced Materials 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.13

About Plex OnlineSince 1995, Plex Systems, Inc. (Auburn Hills, Mich.) has maintained a singular vision-- to drive significant cost, quality and productivity improvements for manufacturers,from the shop floor to the top floor. Plex Online is an on-demand software for themanufacturing enterprise, delivering a powerful, real-time interface. Plex Systemsoriginated internally at a manufacturing company, and was designed to resolve qualitychallenges, including production, distribution and global supply chains managementissues.Plex Online is a true on-demand manufacturing performance system, managingproduction, distribution and global supply chains, accounting, financials, complianceand human resources and other top business functionality. Plex delivers best-inclass manufacturing solutions on demand. The powerful combination of Plex Onlinetechnology, services and expertise has empowered manufacturers of all sizes andmaturity to achieve greater efficiencies, lower costs, and higher customer satisfaction.Today, Plex Online also enables businesses to manage accounting, financials,compliance and human resources and other top priorities. Plex Systems serves across section of manufacturing industries (OEM and suppliers), particularly automotive,defense, medical device and aerospace companies headquartered in the Americas,Asia, and Europe.Plex Systems has partnered with Apax Partners (, one of the world’sleading global private equity groups, to drive global expansion and further strengthenthe company’s products, services and market position. Apax Partners operates acrossthe US, Europe and Asia and has more than 20 billion in funds under management andadvice. In 2006, funds advised by Apax made a strategic investment in Plex Systems,joining the founding investment group as stakeholders in Plex. 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.14

About Plex OnlinePlex Online Key Strengths* Companies and their partners can get started with a basic Internet connection. Fulldeployment is measured in weeks (rather than the years associated with traditionalERP deployments) and benefits begin accruing immediately.* Plex delivers its On Demand solutions through secure data centers built from theground up for continuous, secure, and reliable Web-based service delivery. Thevendor offers industry-leading data recovery targets.* With no need to license costly software or hardware or hire expensive implementationservices, initial solution fees are less than half those of installed software. Also,with no technology to maintain, total cost of ownership is 5-10X less than installedsoftware.* Plex’s rapid application development (RAD) process and SaaS model deliver dailyfunctionality enhancements and upgrades - automatically and free to all customers.* Internet delivery, high usability, and immediate training drive rapid adoption, increasingsolution ROI and value.Plex Online TechnologyPlex Online is an on-demand solution, building on the SaaS. Plex Online offers over350 functional modules, providing companies instant access to vital information andmanagement functions using a simple web browser. The on-demand solution featuresenterprise resource planning (ERP) functions such as accounting and finance modules,customer relationship management (CRM) features such as order entry and tracking,manufacturing execution systems (MES) function such as production scheduling andmachine integration, and supply chain management (SCM) functions such as supplierquality and traceability. 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.15

About Plex OnlinePlex Online ERP ModulesPlex Online for ERP* Accounting* Business Intelligence* Costing* Demand Mgmt* Document Control* eCommerceIntegrated Applications* CAD/PDM* MS Office Applications* m MgmtSales/CRMPlex Online ERP Highlights* One of the most powerful features of the Accounting System is its seamlessintegration with other parts of Plex Online.* Plex Online supports Standard Costing, Job Costing, and Actual Costing, including avariety of summary, detail and cost variance reports. Plex is designed to support thelevel of costing you need.* Plex Online provides a full suite of tools for managing the sales process, frompowerful Quote Tracking and Order Entry modules, to Release Accounting andShipment Tracking, to Revenue Reporting and CRM.* Plex Online supports BI and fulfills the vision of BI with the ability to provide and theflexibility to customize hundreds of reports.* Plex Online provides a powerful and highly-detailed Inventory Tracking Systemideal for tracking containers, pieces and/or assemblies as they move through themanufacturing process on the shop floor.* Plex Online includes a full-featured Time and Attendance module that managesemployee data, controls employee work schedules, and collects time clock in and outtimes using bar coded badges.* The Plex Online information system provides a shared, online database that allemployees can draw from to make decisions and perform their job functions.Oracle Logo 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.16 1-800-MICROSOFTHighlights* Backed by the strength of Microsoft, one of the largest IT companies in the world.* Uses familiar Microsoft interface.* Complete business management software: ERP, e-commerce, supply chain,manufacturing, CRM, HR, project accounting.* Uses familiar Microsoft interface.Ownership:Public(NASDAQ: MSF)Founded:1975, New Mexico, USAHeadquarters:Redmond, WAERP Solutions:* Microsoft Dynamics GP(formerly Microsoft GreatPlains)* Microsoft Dynamics NAV* Microsoft Dynamics AXCustomer Focus:Microsoft distributes its products primarily through the following channels: OEM;distributors and resellers, and online services. Its customers include individualconsumers, small and medium-size organizations, enterprises, governmentalinstitutions, educational institutions, Internet Service Providers, application developers,and OEMs.Select Customers:Network Engines, Warn Industries, Lockheed Martin, Canadian General Power,IRITO, Oerlikon Balzers, Roll-Gom, Giant Bicycle, Arthur Shuman, Inc. 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.17

About MicrosoftMicrosoft develops and markets software, services and solutions that deliver newopportunity, convenience, and value to people’s lives. The company’s product segmentsprovide management with a financial view of its key businesses. The segments providea framework for the alignment of strategies and objectives across the development,sales, marketing, and services organizations, and for the timely and rational allocationof development, sales, marketing, and services resources within businesses. Thecompany’s seven product segments are: Client; Server and Tools; Information Worker;Microsoft Business Solutions; MSN; Mobile and Embedded Devices; and Home andEntertainment.Microsoft’s research and development facilities are located primarily in Redmond,Washington with smaller facilities located in Mountain View, California; Fargo, NorthDakota; Beijing, China, Dublin etc. As of June 30, 2005, the Company employedapproximately 61,000 people.Microsoft offers a variety of products and services, including its Windows operatingsystems and Office software suite. The company has expanded into markets such asvideo game consoles, servers and storage software, and digital music players. Microsofthas reached settlements to end a slew of antitrust investigations and lawsuits, includingagreeing to uniformly license its operating systems and allowing manufacturers to includecompeting software with Windows. In early 2008 the company made an unsolicited bidto acquire Yahoo! for about 44.6 billion.Producing and distributing goods and services is the major engine in today’s economy.And as a key ERP solution provider, Microsoft knows that the fundamental successfactors in this competitive global marketplace constant: produce the right products—inthe right quantities, at the right time, with good quality, and at a price the customer iswilling to pay. However, flexibility and continuous improvements are also imperative.Success includes the flexibility to respond to emerging markets, such as today’s growthopportunities in China and Eastern Europe, and to the ever-changing needs of thecustomers. Capitalizing on these opportunities and demands involves quickly adapting tonew approaches, trading partners, and procurement strategies. 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.18

About MicrosoftThe company’s ERP solution suite, Microsoft Dynamics, offers

Top 15 ERP Software Vendors - 2010 Profiles of the Leading ERP Vendors . About ERP Software Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is not a new concept. It was introduced more than 40 years ago, when the first ERP system was created to improve inventory control and management at manufacturing firms. Throughout the 70's and 80's, as the .