Mr. William Junior Guilherme DOO- Independent Non-executive Director of The Bank of East Asia, LimitedList of Other DirectorshipsAble Triumph LimitedAble Worth LimitedAce Action LimitedAckland LimitedAdvance Policy Development LimitedAmelia Gold LimitedBest Culture Holdings LimitedBrilliant Gain Company LimitedBrilliant Inspiration Company LimitedBrilliant King Company LimitedBrilliant Mayfair Company LimitedBrilliant Mission Company LimitedBrilliant Sunshine Company LimitedBuilding Material Supplies LimitedBusiness Chance LimitedBusiness Future LimitedBusiness Investments LimitedCheung Hung Development (Holdings) LimitedChina Gold Associates LimitedCompanion Building Material Supplies (H.K.) LimitedCompanion Glory LimitedCompanion Sanitaries LimitedConvention Plaza Apartments LimitedCorporate Ally LimitedCreative Gold Developments LimitedCrystal Brilliant LimitedDMI Development LimitedDominance Resources LimitedDoo Family Holdings (I) LimitedDoo Family Holdings (II) LimitedDoo Family Holdings (III) LimitedDoo Family Holdings (IV) LimitedDoo Family Prosperity Holdings LimitedDoo Pao Seng Enterprise LimitedDragon Jumbo Inc.Dragon Merchant LimitedDragon Plaza (H.K.) LimitedDynamic One Resources LimitedEffort Point LimitedElite Master Holdings LimitedEnvironmental Pioneers & Solutions LimitedEPS Environmental Technologies (Macao) LimitedEspora Company LimitedEver Inspire LimitedEver Win Alliance Limited-1-

Mr. William Junior Guilherme DOO (continued)Extensive Contracting LimitedExtensive LimitedExtensive Standard International LimitedExtensive Trading Company LimitedExtensive Trading International LimitedFar East Engineering Services Limited (incorporated in BVI)Far East Engineering Services Limited (incorporated in HK)Far East Technical Service (Macao) LimitedFast Solution LimitedFavour Plus LimitedFine Gold Developments LimitedFlash Star International LimitedFortunate House LimitedFortune Fit LimitedFortune Success Holdings LimitedFortune Success LimitedFour Seasons Hotel (Shanghai) LimitedFour Seasons International Investment LimitedFrontier Star LimitedFSE C & L LimitedFSE Charity Fund LimitedFSE City Essential Services LimitedFSE E & S LimitedFSE Engineering Group LimitedFSE Engineering Holdings LimitedFSE Enterprises LimitedFSE Environmental Laboratory Services LimitedFSE Environmental Technologies Group LimitedFSE Environmental Technologies LimitedFSE Facility Management LimitedFSE Facility Services (BVI) LimitedFSE Facility Services Group LimitedFSE Facility Services LimitedFSE Finance Holding LimitedFSE Finance LimitedFSE Group LimitedFSE Holdings Limited (incorporated in BVI)FSE Holdings Limited (incorporated in Cayman Islands)FSE Ins LimitedFSE Investment LimitedFSE Lifestyle Services Limited HK (formerly known as FSE Services Group Limited)FSE Management Company LimitedFSE P & M LimitedFSE Property (Hong Kong) LimitedFSE Property Management Group LimitedFSE S & G LimitedFultech Development LimitedFung Seng Building Company Limited-2-

Mr. William Junior Guilherme DOO (continued)Fung Seng Diamond Company LimitedFung Seng Enterprises Holdings LimitedFung Seng Enterprises Investment Company LimitedFung Seng Enterprises Limited (incorporated in BVI)Fung Seng Enterprises Limited (incorporated in HK)Fung Seng Holdings (I) LimitedFung Seng Holdings (II) LimitedFung Seng Holdings (III) LimitedFung Seng Holdings (IV) LimitedFung Seng Holdings (V) LimitedFung Seng Holdings (VI) LimitedFung Seng Holdings (VII) LimitedFung Seng Holdings (VIII) LimitedFung Seng Holdings (IX) LimitedFung Seng Holdings (X) LimitedFung Seng Holdings (XI) LimitedFung Seng Property Development (China) LimitedFung Seng Property Holdings Company LimitedFungseng Prosperity Holdings LimitedGain Beyond LimitedGeneral Security & Guarding LimitedGeneral Security (H.K.) LimitedGeneral Security LimitedGold Team Worldwide LimitedGolden Distinction LimitedGolden Inspiration Company LimitedGolden United LimitedGolden Wealth Investment LimitedGood Cheer Enterprises LimitedGreat City Developments LimitedGreat Union Worldwide LimitedHarid LimitedHeritage Star LimitedHigh Jumbo Company LimitedHong Kong Beijing Association LimtiedHong Kong Golf Association (Alternate Director)Hong Kong Island Landscape Company LimitedInternational Property Management LimitedInternational Reinsurance Management Limitedi-Urban LimitedJetset Holdings LimitedJoneson Environmental Technologies LimitedJumbo Flamingo Inc.Kenbase Engineering LimitedKenrich Holdings LimitedKingdom Pride LimitedKinland Worldwide LimitedKiu Lok International Realty Limited-3-

Mr. William Junior Guilherme DOO (continued)Kiu Lok Service Management Company LimitedKLPS Group LimitedKOHO Facility Management LimitedLegend Success Investments LimitedLucky Bridge Investments LimitedMacro Brilliant LimitedMagic May LimitedMajestic Engineering (Macao) Company LimitedMajestic Engineering Company LimitedMajestic Fire Services LimitedMajestic Plumbing Engineers LimitedMajestic PRC LimitedManing Century LimitedMaster Empire Group LimitedMeprom LimitedMore Champ Corporation LimitedNew World Power LimitedNoble Classic LimitedNova Insurance Consultants LimitedNova Risk Services Holdings LimitedNova Underwriting Agencies LimitedNWS Holdings Limited HKOcean Front Investments LimitedOceanic Energy Investments LimitedOnglory International LimitedOptimum Result Holdings LimitedOriental Triumph Inc.Paramatta Estate Management LimitedPark Vale (Management) LimitedPerfect Modern LimitedPlantgrove Developments LimitedPower Estate Investments LimitedPower Victory Global LimitedPremier Custodian Services LimitedPrime Star Investment LimitedPremium Property Investment and Management LimitedProminent Ace LimitedProsperity Property Investment LimitedRamada Property Ltd.Riise Holdings LimitedShining Success Company LimitedShipton Investments LimitedSilver Asia Investments LimitedSilver Chance Company LimitedSilver City International LimitedSilver Inspiration Company LimitedSilver Mayfair Company LimitedSilver Success Company Limited-4-

Mr. William Junior Guilherme DOO (continued)Silver Talent Company LimitedSino Spring Global LimitedSky Victory Inc.Smart and Safe Fleet Management LimitedSolution Ace Holdings LimitedSplendid Merit Investment LimitedSpring Union Corp.Success Choice Development LimitedSuccess Ocean LimitedSunningdale (Management) LimitedSunshine Dragon Group LimitedSupreme Win Enterprises LimitedThe Dynasty Club LimitedThe Hong Kong Golf ClubThe William Doo Foundation LimitedTop Line Investment LimitedTridant Engineering Company Limited (incorporated in BVI)Tridant Engineering Company Limited (incorporated in HK)Turning Technical Services LimitedUltimate Best LimitedUniformity Security LimitedUnison City Investments LimitedUnited Synergy Worldwide LimitedUrban Management LimitedUrban Management Services LimitedUrban Property Management LimitedUrban Technical Services LimitedVictoria Shanghai Education Foundation LimitedVictory Mark Group LimitedWaihong Cleaning LimitedWaihong Environmental Services LimitedWaihong Integrated Green Services LimitedWaihong Medicare Services LimitedWealth Aim Group LimitedWidemind Enterprises LimitedWin Honour LimitedWintop International Investment LimitedYau Fai Building Material Supplies (Macao) LimitedYDL Company LimitedYoung’s Engineering (China) Company Limited (incorporated in BVI)Young’s Engineering (China) Company Limited (incorporated in HK)Young’s Engineering (Macao) Company LimitedYoung’s Engineering Company LimitedYoung’s Engineering Holdings 场有限公司-5-

Mr. William Junior Guilherme DOO 公司HK Listed in Hong Kong-6-

Sky Victory Inc. Smart and Safe Fleet Management Limited Solution Ace Holdings Limited Splendid Merit Investment Limited Spring Union Corp. Success Choice Development Limited Success Ocean Limited Sunningdale (Management) Limited Sunshine Dragon Group Limited Supreme Win Enterprises Limited The Dynasty Club Limited The Hong Kong Golf Club