TABLE OF CONTENTSPagePREAMBLE . 1ARTICLE 1 - RECOGNITION . 1ARTICLE 2 - ASSOCIATION MEMBERSHIP AND REPRESENTATION. 12.1Membership . 12.2Dues Deduction . 22.3Rosters. 32.4Employment Agreement . 32.5Association Representatives . 32.6Local Unit Officers . 32.7Bulletin Boards . 42.8Negotiations. . 42.9Meeting Rooms. . 42.10 Union Paid Released Time .42.11 Successors and Assigns 4ARTICLE 3 - DEFINITIONS . 53.1Nurse Resident . 53.2Nurse Residency Program . 53.3Nurse Fellow . 53.4Nurse Fellow Program . 53.5Orientee . 63.6Orientor . 63.7Nursing Orientation . 63.8Staff Nurse . 63.9Charge Nurse. 63.10 Team Leader . 63.11 Preceptor . 73.12 Registry Nurse. 7i

3.13 Probationary Nurse . 83.14 Regular Status . 83.15 Traveler/Contract Nurses . 8ARTICLE 4 - EMPLOYMENT PRACTICES . 94.1Notice of Resignation . 94.2Personnel file . 94.3Evaluations . 94.4Floating .104.5Overstaff .114.6Discipline and Discharge .134.7Use of Alcohol or Other Drugs .154.8Staffing and Safety .154.9Electronic Tracking System .154.10 Non-Discrimination .164.11 Sign-0n Bonus Withholding .16ARTICLE 5 - SENIORITY - LAYOFF . 165.1Seniority Defined .165.2Layoff Procedure .165.3Unit Merger and/or Restructure .175.4Unit Closure .175.5Low Seniority Roster .175.6Orientation .185.7Recall .185.8Severance Option .195.9Termination .195.10 Posting of Vacant Positions .195.11 Unit Position Postings .20ARTICLE 6 - HOURS OF WORK AND OVERTIME . 206.1Normal Work Day.206.2Normal Work Period .206.3Innovative Scheduling.20ii

6.4Meal/Rest Period.216.5Posting Schedules .216.6Change in FTE Status .226.7Overtime .226.8Overtime to be Minimized .236.9Work on Day Off .236.10 Work in Advance Of Shift .236.11 Weekends .236.12 Travel .236.13 Rotation of Shifts .236.14 Rest Between Shifts/Regular Sleep Hours .246.15 Mandatory Call .246.16 Incentive for Part-Time Nurses .256.17 Donning and Doffing .25ARTICLE 7 - COMPENSATION . 257.1Wages .257.2Progression .257.3Registry Nurses .257.4Wage Increase Effective Dates .267.5Recognition for Previous Experience .267.6Repayment of Overpayment of Wages .26ARTICLE 8 - SHIFT DIFFERENTIAL - PREMIUM PAY . 268.1Shift Differential .268.2Call Pay .278.3Callback Pay .278.4Charge Nurse Pay.278.5Team Leader Pay.278.6Weekend Differential .278.7Committee/Project Pay .288.8Certifications .288.9Certification Panel .28iii

8.10 Orientor Pay .288.11 Preceptor Pay .288.12 Ground Transport Pay .288.13 Charge Nurse Educator Pay .28ARTICLE 9A - VACATION TIME (EFFECTIVE THRU JANUARY 5, 2019) . 299A.1 Pay Rate .299A.2 Eligibility .299A.3 Vacation Time Accrual .299A.4 Use of Vacation Time .299A.5 Termination Vacation Time Cash Out .309A.6 Request for Vacation Time .309A.7 Holiday Pay .31ARTICLE 9B - PAID TIME OFF (EFFECTIVE JANUARY 6, 2019) . 329B.1 Purpose of PTO .329B.2 Eligibility .329B.3 Earnings and Vesting .329B.4 Levels of Paid Time Off Earnings .329B.5 Use of Paid Time Off .339B.6 Holiday Pay .339B.7 Unforeseen Occurrences During Leave .349B.8 Request for PTO .349B.9 Payment of Paid Time Off (PTO) At Termination .35ARTICLE 10A - SICK LEAVE (THROUGH JANUARY 5, 2019) . 3610A.1 Pay Rate .3610A.2 Eligibility.3610A.3 Accrual .3610A.4 Maximum Accrual .3610A.5 Use of Sick Leave .3610A.6 Verification .3610A.7 Notice .3610A.8 Termination Sick Leave Cash Out .37iv

ARTICLE 10B - EXTENDED ILLNESS BENEFIT (EFFECTIVE JANUARY 6, 2019) . 37ARTICLE 11 - BENEFITS . 3811.1 Providence Benefits Program.3811.2 Life Insurance.3811.3 Retirement Plan.3811.4 Value Plan (403B).3811.5 Long Term Disability .3811.6 Health Tests .3811.7 Malpractice Insurance .3911.8 Plan Changes .3911.9 Safe Work Place .3911.10 Immunization and Tests .3911.11 Light Duty .3911.12 Cafeteria and Food Discounts .3911.13 Medical Center Provided Scrubs .3911.14 Critical Incident Stress De-Briefing .3911.15 Bargaining Unit Task Force on Health and Retirement .4011.16 Injury Prevention/Lift Assistance.4011.17 Off Campus Work .41ARTICLE 12 - LEAVES OF ABSENCE . 4112.1Request for Leave Of Absence .4112.2Family and Medical Leave of Absence .4112.3Company Medical Leave of Absence .4112.4Leave of Absence for Nurses with a FTE 0.5 .4212.5Military Leave .4212.6Bereavement Leave .4212.7Personal Leave .4312.8Jury Duty and Witness Services .4312.9Educational Leave of Absence .4312.10 Unpaid Professional Leave .4412.11 Leave Without Pay .44v

12.12 Leave With Pay .4412.13 Return From Leave .4412.14 Parental Leave .44ARTICLE 13 - STAFF DEVELOPMENT . 4513.1Education .4513.2Orientation .4513.3Education Leave Time .4513.4Tuition Reimbursement .4513.5Certification Reimbursement .4513.6Licensure .4513.7Employee Education Program Agreements .45ARTICLE 14 - COMMITTEES. 4614.1Medical Center Committees .4614.2Conference Committee .4614.3Nurse Professional Practice Advisory Committee .4614.4Written Letters of Agreement4647ARTICLE 15 - GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE . 4715.1Grievance Defined .4715.2Time Limits .4715.3Content of Grievance .4715.4Grievance Procedure494715.5Termination .49ARTICLE 16 - MANAGEMENT RIGHTS . 49ARTICLE 17 - CONTINUITY OF MEDICAL CENTER SERVICES. 49ARTICLE 18 - GENERAL PROVISIONS. 5018.1State and Federal Laws .5018.2Amendments .5018.3Scope of Agreement .50vi

18.4Conclusion of Bargaining .50ARTICLE 19 - IN HOME SERVICES . 5119.1Flexible Scheduling .5119.2On-Call Nurses.5119.3Mileage .5119.4Call Pay .51ARTICLE 20 - HEALTHY WORK ENVIRONMENT . 5120.1AACN Standards for a Healthy Work Environment.51ARTICLE 21 - DURATION . 52MEMORANDUMS OF AGREEMENT/LETTERS OF UNDERSTANDINGPlan of Action Re: Article 6.4 Meal/Rest PeriodClinical Nurse Specialist and Advance Nurse Practitioner Rate of PayCertification PayCertification Pay Effective DateOperating Room Evening ShiftAlaska Loan Educational Loan Assistance ProgramMeal/Rest PeriodLimited On-Call BonusHigh Census BonusNeonatal Nurse PractitionersEarly Cash-Out of Vested Sick Leave HoursAdditional Vacation Leave Cash-Out OptionPaid Time Off Program Modification IncentiveVacation/PTO Cash-Out Upon Reaching Maximum AccrualCardiothoracic Care SetAPPENDIX 1 WAGE SCHEDULES AND IMPLEMENTATION[DP1]vii

This Agreement is made and entered into by and between Providence Alaska Medical Center(hereinafter referred to as the "Employer" or “Medical Center”) and Alaska Nurses Association(hereinafter referred to as the “Association”).PREAMBLEThe purpose of this Agreement is to promote the mutual objective of providing quality patient carethrough stable employment relations and to set forth the understanding reached between the partieswith respect to wages, hours of work and other terms and conditions of employment.ARTICLE 1 - RECOGNITION1.1The Employer recognizes the Association as the exclusive bargaining representative forregistered nurses (“nurses”) employed at its Anchorage, Alaska facility, in the unit as initiallycertified by the National Labor Relations Board in Case No. 19-RC-12866 and as it may be clarifiedby any subsequent NLRB rulings; or as mutually agreed by the parties, excluding all otheremployees.1.2The bargaining unit shall also include, but is not limited to, trauma analysts, telephone triagenurses, education coordinators (RNs), Safe Kids coordinator, quality improvement CV datacollection nurses, and case managers.1.3Registered Nurse positions at the Providence Imaging Center and Clinical Effectiveness RNswill not be included in the Bargaining Unit effective May 1, 2006.1.4.The Employer shall provide the Association with written notification of all added, deleted, orchanged positions which would affect the status of the position/nurse in the bargaining unit,inclusion or exclusion. Notice shall be given within 14 calendar days of making the change or inadvance where practical.ARTICLE 2 – ASSOCIATION MEMBERSHIP AND REPRESENTATION2.1Membership. Any nurse employed by the Medical Center may join the Alaska NursesAssociation (AaNA) and/or pay a representation fee for contract maintenance. Membership shall bevoluntary. The Association and the Medical Center shall not discriminate against any nurse due tomembership or non-membership in the Association.2.1.1 Representation Fees. A nurse who chooses not to become a member of theAssociation shall pay to the Association a representation fee established by the Associationin accordance with law. Payment to the Association of the representation fee is a conditionof employment.a.Currently employed nurses who do not pay representation fees as of the date ofratification of this agreement shall be grandfathered and shall not be required to paysuch fees during the term of their continuous employment with the Medical Center.Should such a nurse leave the employ of the Medical Center and be re-employed at alater time, such a nurse shall be required to pay a representation fee under thisagreement.1

b.Any nurse paying representation fees prior to May 1, 2006 shall continue to pay suchrepresentation fees during the term of their employment.c.Any nurse who is employed following the ratification of this agreement shall be requiredto authorize the payment of such fees by the 31st day of employment.d.The Association shall notify the Medical Center of the amount of the representation feeon an annual basis.2.1.2 Authorization for Payroll Deduction. All employees may voluntarily execute anauthorization form authorizing the Medical Center to deduct the funds referenced in 2.1.1above from wages and forward them to the Association on behalf of the employee.2.1.3 Termination. Except as provided in Section 2.1.1.a, it is a condition of employmentthat all nurses employed by the Medical Center whose positions are covered by the terms ofthis agreement shall pay to the Association the representation fees. Nurses failing to do so bythe 31st day after ratification of this agreement or the 31st day of employment shall beterminated by the Medical Center 30 days following receipt of written notice from theAssociation.2.1.4 Withdrawal from Membership. Nurses may voluntarily withdraw theirmembership in the Association at any time. Upon resignation or withdrawal from theAssociation, the nurse shall continue to pay his or her representation fees.2.1.5 Religious Objection. Any nurse who is a member of and adheres to established andtraditional tenets or teachings of a bona fide religion, body, or sect which has historicallyheld conscientious objections to joining or financially supporting labor organizations shallnot be required to join or financially support the Association as a condition of employment.Such a nurse shall, in lieu of dues and fees, pay sums equal to such dues and/or fees to a nonreligious charitable fund. These religious objections and decisions as to which fund will beused must be documented and declared in writing to the Association and the Medical Center.Any nurse exercising their right of religious objection must provide the Association with areceipt of payment to an appropriate charity on a monthly basis.2.1.6 Indemnification. The Association agrees to defend, indemnify and hold the MedicalCenter, its officers, agents, and employees harmless from liability of any nature relating totheir compliance with any provisions of Section Deduction. During the term of this Agreement, the Employer shall each pay perioddeduct dues from the pay of each member of the bargaining unit who voluntarily executes a wageassignment authorization form. Such dues shall be transmitted electronically in Access format by theMedical Center to the Association following each pay period. Upon issuance and transmission of acheck to the Association, the Employer's responsibility shall cease with respect to such deductions.The Association and each nurse authorizing the assignment of wages for the payment of Associationdues hereby undertakes to indemnify and hold the Medical Center harmless from all claims,demands, suits or other forms of liability that may arise against the Employer for or on account ofany deduction made from the wages of such nurse.2

The Employer agrees to discontinue deduction of bargaining unit assessment fees for each nurse whoreaches the Association-established annual cap, and further agrees to reinstate deduction of these feeswith the first full pay period of the following calendar year.2.3Rosters. Within thirty (30) days after the execution of this Agreement and monthlythereafter, the Medical Center shall provide the Association and the local unit president with a rosterof nurses in the bargaining unit. The list shall include names, addresses, phone numbers, FTE status,assigned unit, job classification, date of hire and wage of each nurse in the bargaining unit.By the 10th day of each month, the Medical Center shall provide to the Association when a nursecovered by this agreement: is newly hired, or is terminated.2.4Employment Agreement. The Employer will give a copy of this Agreement and the nurse’sjob description to each nurse during the hiring/orientation process. The Association and Employershall share equally in the cost of printing of this Agreement.At the conclusion of each Medical Center new hire orientation program, after all non-RN employeeshave been released,

this agreement shall pay to the Association the representation fees . Nurses failing to do so by the 31. st. day after ratification of this agreement or the 31 day of employment shall be terminated by the Medical Center 30 days following receipt of written notice from the Association.