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REQUIREMENTS OF ACCEPTANCE:CARDIOPULMONARY RESUSCITATION (CPR)/FIRST AID/CRIMINAL RECORDSCHECK/OUTSTANDING COURSE PREREQUISITESYou are required to successfully complete a CPR (Health Care Professional Level)WELCOME TO THE UPEI FACULTY OF NURSINGcourse and a Standard First Aid course. This must be done within the 12 monthsprior to the admission to the Faculty of Nursing and submitted to the AdministrativeNow that you have been accepted into the Accelerated Nursing Program, youAssistant at the UPEI Faculty of Nursing. You will not be permitted to enter clinicalwill be starting a new and exciting stage in your life. Your years in the nursingpractice until you have submitted proof of certification in CPR (HCP Level) andprogram will be significant and memorable—a time for both personal andStandard First Aid.professional development. You will meet new friends, expand your knowledgeand skills, and make a difference for individuals, families, and communities. WeYou are also required to obtain a certified Criminal Record Check and Vulnerableare pleased that you have decided to come to UPEI and hope that your years atSector Check from your “home-town” law enforcement agency (RCMP). Thisthe Faculty of Nursing will be challenging, informative, and enjoyable.must be obtained within 3 months of the date of submission (NOTE: You shouldbe aware it may take several weeks to process a Criminal Record Check andThis booklet is your passport to the nursing program and will guide you as youVulnerable Sector Check). Most law enforcement agencies require you to bring 2prepare to begin classes in January. The passport includes the following:pieces of photocopied identification (one being a picture ID). You should call your a list of responsibilities/requirements that you must meet in order tocomplete criteria for admission some basic information about the Accelerated Nursing Program, and an overview of what you can expect after your admission is finalized.local law enforcement agency first to ensure you have the proper paperworkbefore going. You are responsible for the costs. The Criminal Record Checkand Vulnerable Sector Check must be done prior to admission to the Facultyof Nursing and submitted to the Administrative Assistant at the UPEI Facultyof Nursing. You will not be permitted to enter clinical practice until you haveAll information requested by the Faculty of Nursing will be used solely forthe Accelerated Nursing Program in January. Specific courses will be identified byadministrative purposes, for program planning, and for arranging clinicalthe Registrar’s Office at the time when you receive your acceptance letter into theexperiences. As stated in the University calendar, “UPEI is committed toprogram. If you choose to take these prerequisite courses at UPEI, your transcriptstaking every reasonable step to protect the confidentiality of the informationwill be automatically forwarded to the Registrar’s Office upon completion of thecontained in the records of students.” If you have any concerns/questionscourse. If you choose to take any outstanding prerequisite courses at another[ the collection or use of personal information, please contact the Deanuniversity, proof of successful completion of these courses, in the form of anof Nursing.official transcript, must be received by the Registrar’s Office prior to the first dayof the winter semester; otherwise, you will not be permitted to attend classes andmay be dismissed from the program. Completion of these courses is a condition ofyour acceptance into the Accelerated Nursing students may have to take additional prerequisite courses prior to starting][CONFIDENTIALITY]submitted proof of a certified Criminal Record Check and Vulnerable Sector Check.

WHAT TO EXPECT AFTER ADMISSIONFREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT THE UPEI FACULTY OF NURSINGHOW TO MANAGE YOUR TIMEAre there student fees I have to pay in addition to my tuition?Time management is an important issue for nursing students. Accelerated NursingAccelerated students are registered as full-time students for twenty-three continuousstudents usually find their schedules to be very busy and challenging. In addition tomonths. As such, fees are assessed for each semester of the program: winter, spring,the time you spend in class lectures (approximately 15 hours per week for full-timesummer, and fall. For a full list of tuition costs and additional costs, please see the UPEIstudents), you must also allocate time each week for:Accounting Office web page: Please contact Accounting Lab time for your nursing and science courses varies as you progressthroughout the program Nursing tutorial (time varies depending on clinical course) Clinical preparation (time varies depending on clinical course) Clinical experience (a minimum of 1,650 clinical practice hours are requiredat (902) 566-0534 with any questions you might have regarding these costs.Is there parking available at UPEI?Yes, there is parking available. You are responsible for purchasing your parking permitfrom the UPEI Accounting Office. These parking passes are generally sold in fallsemester and therefore may be limited in availability when you begin the program inover the 23 months of the Accelerated Nursing Program; your clinical timeJanuary. For full information on parking at UPEI, visit the UPEI Facilities managementincreases with each clinical course taken in the program.)web page: And of course, independent study time to complete readings, course andclinical assignments and prepare for examsDue to the intensity and pace of the Accelerated Nursing Program, students areadvised not to work while enrolled in the program.Where are the clinical sites and how do I get there?You will be required to travel to several clinical placements across PrinceEdward Island throughout the program. For a full overview of possiblesites for clinical experiences, go to the UPEI Faculty of Nursing web nts 4yearprogram.pdf. You areWHAT SERVICES ARE AVAILABLE FOR STUDENTS?responsible for arranging transportation to the clinical site and for the cost of yourThe Webster Centre for Teaching and Learning is located in Student Affairs at thetravel to the clinical sites. One way to minimize the cost of travel is to carpool withW.A. Murphy Student Centre and provides support and numerous resources to helpstudents achieve academic success. The Webster Centre offers support for effectiveother nursing students.reading, effective note taking, time management skills, and preparing for exams.Do I need to purchase uniforms and equipment?Additional resources/services that available on campus for students and are includedThroughout the Accelerated Nursing program you will be going to acute careas part of your fees include the W.A. Murphy Student Centre, the UPEI Chi-Wan Youngand community placements. For some of the community placements, you will beSports Centre, CARI Complex, and Robertson Library.expected to wear dress pants or a skirt, a shirt or blouse, and shoes that maintainsemester of the program. You will need to have a nursing uniform and a pairof white shoes for NURS1030. For a detailed description of our dress code,see our Nursing Student Policy Manual on the Faculty of Nursing web of nursing student will not need to purchase nursing uniforms until February in the first][[NURS1030 beginning in January.]a professional image. You will be going to your first community placement in

I can’t wait to buy my first stethoscope. When should I do this?If you have the ability to purchase a stethoscope before enrollment, you may do that.This will guarantee you the opportunity to use your own stethoscope in the LearningResource Center.How do I find out what books to buy?You will be informed of the books that you will need to purchase on your first dayof class. The books can be purchased at the UPEI Bookstore, which is located in theW.A. Murphy Student Centre. In addition, students will be required to purchase anNCLEX-RN Preparation Package. This is a one-time purchase in the first year of yourprogram. More information will be provided in January.LEARNING RESOURCE CENTREWhat do we do in the Learning Resource Centre? Is there extra time for practice?You will come to the Learning Resource Centre every week to practice your newlylearned skills on the mannequins. You can wear your street clothing when you cometo lab.You can also come to the lab for extra practice time. All you need to do is speak withthe Learning Resource Centre staff to make the arrangements for additional lab timeoutside of your regularly scheduled lab time.I heard math is important in nursing. Is that true?Yes, math is very important in Nursing and is used in the calculation of safefive math exams throughout the program. Students must achieve 85% or greaterUPEI FACULTY OF NURSINGto pass each math competency exam. Should a student fail more than two mathFaculty of Nursing: tel: (902) 566-0733; fax: (902) 566-0777competency exams throughout the program, this may be cause for dismissal from[ program. Please read the UPEI Faculty of Nursing Math Competency Policy in theDean’s administrative assistant: (902) 566-0768student manual: of nursing student manual.pdfClinical and International coordinator: (902) 894-2871What is the passing grade for Nursing?Student Health Centre: (902) 566-0616All nursing courses begin with the letter “N” (for example, NURS1030, NURS2230X,UPEI Bookstore: (902) 566-0625etc.) and have a passing grade of 60%. All non-nursing courses have a passing grade]of 50%.Registrar’s Office: (902) 566-0439]IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS ASSOCIATED WITH in basic math skills required for medication administration, you will have[medication dosages and intravenous therapy. As a way to ensure students are

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over the 23 months of the Accelerated Nursing Program; your clinical time increases with each clinical course taken in the program.) And of course, independent study time to complete readings, course and clinical assignments and prepare for exams Due to the intensity and pace of the Accelerated Nursing Program, students are