2022-2023 Program Guide for the Associate in Science Degree inNursing, Accelerated Track in Nursing (ATN)Application Deadlines:September 15th, 2022 for Spring 2023January 15th, 2023 for Summer 2023May 15th, 2023 for Fall 2023Admission requirements and application deadlines are subject to change. Please check for any admission updates.Students are admitted to the Accelerated Track in Nursing (ATN) by a selective admission process. The Health Sciences AdmissionCommittee selects a limited number of students each term to start the program in the Fall, Spring, and Summer terms.ADMISSION CHECKLISTThe admission requirements that must be satisfied PRIOR to application submission to the ATN Program are:1.Read about ATN admission, program requirements, and the Valencia Catalog; read this program guide in itsentirety to confirm you are capable of meeting the Core Performance Standards listed within this guide.2.Be a U.S. Citizen or a U.S. permanent resident. NOTE: All individuals who have DACA, Temporary Protection Status,Refugee, Asylee status, etc. must complete the Employment Authorization Document (EAD) prior to submitting application.(Graduates of the program can sit for the NCLEX-RN but will need appropriate Social Security documentation to be licensed)3.Attend a Health Sciences Information Session (strongly recommended). Information Session dates are posted onthe Health Sciences website: a completed Valencia Application for Admission, click on Future Students, Admissions, and pay the 35application fee; satisfy the requirements for Degree-Seeking Status and be in Active Student Status. Admission toValencia does not imply acceptance to a health sciences program.5.Submit all official transcripts from all institutions (include High School transcripts or GED score report) must besubmitted to Valencia and posted on your record prior to applying. Students using AP/IB/CLEP scores to satisfy oneor more prerequisite courses must request official scores from (AP/CLEP) or (IB).AP/IB/CLEP credits earned as ‘Z’ grades on record equate to ‘A’ grades for points.6.Must be at least 18 years of age by the program start date.7.Satisfy the Valencia entry testing requirements and satisfactorily complete any Mandatory Courses in Reading,Professions of Caring or New Student Experience, Mathematics, English, and English for Academic Purposes inwhich you are placed (must be at college-level for Reading, Mathematics, English).8.Complete all the following prerequisites for Admission with a minimum grade of C:BSC 1010C General Biology I (Prerequisite for BSC2093C/HUN2202/MCB2010C)BSC 2093C Human Anatomy & Physiology IBSC 2094C Human Anatomy & Physiology IIMCB 2010C MicrobiologyENC 1101 Freshman Composition I*HUN 2202 Essentials of Nutrition with Diet TherapyPSY 2012 General Psychology*POS2041 or AMH2020 U.S. Government or U.S. History (see points page)Humanities (Core) Any course that meets General Education (see points page)MGF 1106 Liberal Arts Math I, or any Core General Education math (see points page)4.0 Credit Hours4.0 Credit Hours4.0 Credit Hours4.0 Credit Hours3.0 Credit Hours3.0 Credit Hours3.0 Credit Hours3.0 Credit Hours3.0 Credit Hours3.0 Credit HoursYou may not repeat a course for grade forgiveness for which you previously have earned a grade of A, B, or C. The grade foreach prerequisite must be posted to your Valencia College record prior to application*POS2041 & AMH2020 completed with a grade ‘D’ is accepted due to meeting graduation, however, points are not earned for this grade.*HUN2202 - Students who have completed a college Nutrition course of two or more credits (e.g. HUN 1201) that did notinclude Diet Therapy, must request permission from the Health Sciences team [email protected] enroll in the one-credit HUN 2015 Diet Therapy for Health Care Professionals, which may be in progress at the time ofprogram application, but must be completed with a minimum grade of C (or minimum grade needed to maintain 2.5 overallGPA) by the program start date. HUN2015 and the initial Nutrition course will be combined to substitute HUN2202 unlessHUN2202 (or transfer course equated to HUN2202) has already been successfully completed with a ‘C’ or higher. In that case,completing HUN2015 with the initial Nutrition course will not be an option to meet program entry requirements.1

9.The grade for each prerequisite must be posted to your Valencia transcript (prior to application).10.Have a minimum overall college GPA of 2.5 including all undergraduate transfer work for admission into theprogram. Must be in good academic standing.NOTE: Transfer students with completed coursework at Valencia College also need to have a minimumInstitutional/Valencia GPA of 2.0 at the time of applying (in addition to the minimum overall college GPA of 2.5).11.Prior to submitting your program application, you are encouraged to meet with your assigned advisor. You canlocate your assigned advisor by logging into Atlas, Courses tab, Academic Profile. We strongly recommend thatyou meet early in your course planning to ensure all requirements, including program pre-requisite coursesmentioned in this guide are met.12.Successfully complete the designated entrance exam, ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS), with scoresposted to your Valencia record of a minimum passing Composite score of 65 (exam requirement subject tochange). Scores on record may be used for admission criteria if test dates are less than two years old at the time ofthe application deadline starting with the Summer 2023 application deadline. Paper copies of scores are NOTaccepted. The examination fee is the responsibility of the student. More information about ATI TEAS may be foundon the Assessment Center webpage. If ATI TEAS was taken at another institution, students are required to:1. Request official exam scores from the ATI site.2. Then, complete the ATI Matching Request form (assists to add scores to Valencia student record)13.All applicants must provide:Documentation of a current/active Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) in the State of Florida OR current certification inthe State of Florida as a Paramedic OR Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) OR Registered InvasiveCardiovascular Technologist (i.e. RCIS, RCES, RCS, RVS). All students must maintain a valid license, certification, orregistry while enrolled in the program.14.All applicants must provide ONE of the following:a. Documentation of completion of an LPN, Paramedic, RRT or CVT program (completion of program must beprior to application deadline and submission of official transcript is required. Official paper transcript isaccepted or official letter from school documenting successful completion of program).b. If you hold an LPN license, but did not graduate from an LPN Program, contact the School of Nursing todetermine eligibility.15.All applicants (except LPNs) must provide ONE of the following in order to satisfy all Patient CareCompetencies (please review these competencies on page 4 of this guide):a. Documentation verifying employment as a Certified Nursing Assistant, Advanced Clinical Technician, PatientCare Technician, or Clinical Nurse Technician, within the last 5 yearsb. Submission of the Supervisor Assessment of Patient Care Role Form from a current supervisor, or a supervisorwithin the last 5 years (Paramedic, RRT or CVT roles). To initiate this process, you must provide a letter from yoursupervisor on company letterhead, including dates of employment, specific job title, and supervisor’s email address(submit in the ATN Application). The form will be submitted by your supervisor to the following email edu.c. Documentation verifying military experience delivering direct patient care in an acute care facility within thelast 5 years.16.All applicants (except Paramedics) must provide:Documentation of satisfactory completion of an intravenous therapy course that meets FloridaBoard of Nursing Rules as outlined in Chapter 64B9-12.005: Administration of Intravenous Therapy. (Must be 30 hours from the State of Florida)17.Review the Program Updates page for any admission updates before submitting the ATN application.18.After completing numbers 1 – 17 and prior to the program application deadline, submit a completed ATN Programapplication, and pay the 15 non-refundable Health Sciences program application fee. The application can befound at

Accelerated Track in Nursing (ATN) Admission Points GuideThe Health Sciences Admission Committee uses the following point system to guide them in the selection of the 40 qualified students to beadmitted to the Accelerated Track in Nursing Program each term. Student selection is based on the total number of points earned below. Incase of a tie, overall GPA then ATI TEAS Composite score will be considered.PROGRAM COURSE REQUIREMENTS THAT AWARD ADMISSION POINTSHighlighted courses below are the new degree requirements to graduate with the A.S.N. Applicants can be considered for Spring 2023 andSummer 2023 admission cycles without the highlighted courses, however, highlighted courses will be required for admissionconsideration and graduation for all future admission cycles, starting with Fall 2023. Humanities will remain required, however, only Corecourses will meet the admission criteria starting with Fall 2023 admission.All the below listed prerequisite courses must be completed by the application deadline.You may not repeat a course for grade forgiveness for which you previously have earned a grade of A, B or C.4.0 Credit HoursA 10 pts, B 8 pts, C 4 ptsBSC 1010CGeneral Biology I (Prerequisite for BSC2093C/HUN2202/MCB2010C)BSC1010C is not required to apply for ATN for Spring 2023 & Summer 20234.0 Credit HoursA 10 pts, B 8 pts, C 4 pts*BSC 2093CHuman Anatomy & Physiology I4.0 Credit HoursA 10 pts, B 8 pts, C 4 pts*BSC 2094CHuman Anatomy & Physiology II4.0 Credit HoursA 10 pts, B 8 pts, C 4 pts*MCB 2010CMicrobiology3.0CreditHoursA 3 pts, B 2 pts, C 1 ptENC 1101Freshman Composition I3.0 Credit HoursA 3 pts, B 2 pts, C 1 pt*HUN 2202*Essentials of Nutrition with Diet Therapy3.0 Credit HoursA 3 pts, B 2 pts, C 1 ptPSY 2012General PsychologyDEP2004-ORDevelopmental Psychology -OR- U.S. Government or U.S. History (Civic Literacy)3.0 Credit HoursA 3 pts, B 2 pts, C 1 ptPOS2041-ORDEP2004 will be considered for points. POS or AMH is required to graduate.AMH2020HumanitiesMathematicsAny course that meets the Core General Education Humanities requirementInstitutional courses will be considered for points. Core is required to graduateMGF1106 or any course that meets the Core General Education Math requirementInstitutional courses will be considered for points. Core is required to graduate.Math is not required to apply for ATN for Spring 2023 & Summer 20233.0 Credit HoursA 3 pts, B 2 pts, C 1 pt3.0 Credit HoursA 3 pts, B 2 pts, C 1 pt*POS2041 & AMH2020 completed with a grade ‘D’ is accepted due to meeting graduation, however, points are not earned for this grade.NOTE: Transfer courses may need to be reviewed by an Advisor for potential course substitution or equivalency. Courses taken at otherinstitutions may not be equivalent to Valencia Nursing Program course requirement, as listed in this guide. Course substitution or equivalencymust be on your Valencia record before submitting the program application. Course substitutions are only permitted when students have notpreviously earned a grade of A, B or C for the required course.Transfer courses with ‘S’ or ‘P’ grades need to be reviewed for eligibility by the Health Sciences Team.OVERALL GPA Admission Points Awarded:*HUN2202 - Students who have completed a college Nutrition course of two or morecredits (e.g. HUN 1201) that did not include Diet Therapy, must request permissionfrom the Health Sciences team ([email protected]) toenroll in the one-credit HUN 2015 Diet Therapy for Health Care Professionals, whichmay be in progress at the time of program application, but must be completed with aminimum grade of C (or minimum grade needed to maintain 2.5 overall GPA) by theprogram start date. HUN2015 and the initial Nutrition course will be combined tosubstitute HUN2202 unless HUN2202 (or transfer course equated to HUN2202) hasalready been successfully completed with a ‘C’ or higher. In that case, completingHUN2015 with the initial Nutrition course will not be an option to meet program entryrequirements. Note: If HUN2015 is in progress, points will not be earned for HUN2202.ADDITIONAL ADMISSION POINTS AWARDED (OPTIONAL)HSC 1004 –OR– SLS1122HSC 1531CHM1025CSTA2023Professions of Caring – OR – New Student Experience completed with an A, B or CMedical Terminology completed with an A, B or CIntro. to General Chem. completed with an A, B, or C (or college-level Chemistry course with a lab)Statistical Methods completed with an A, B, or C (or college level Statistics course)1 pt1 pt1 pt1 ptPHI2600Bachelor’s degreeCivic LiteracyEthics and Critical Thinking completed with an A, B, or C (does not satisfy the ‘Core’ graduation requirement)Completion of any Bachelor’s degree or higher2 pts1 ptEarn a passing score (60%) on the Florida Civic Literacy Exam (FCLE) Required for graduation of the ASN.1 ptEstimated program costs are found in the college catalog. Visit Program Updates for updated information.3Total Points Total Possible Points: 76

Valencia College Accelerated Track in Nursing ProgramPatient Care CompetenciesStudents applying to the Valencia College Accelerated Track in Nursing Program are expected to be competent inproviding basic care and performing basic clinical skills for patients. All applicants (except for LPNs), must providedocumentation to satisfy the below competencies.Note: If the skills below cannot be fulfilled by the Patient Care form, students have other options. (See item #15 ofthis Program Guide).Patient Care RoleRole of the NursingAssistant / PatientCare TechnicianDescription*Performs patient charting and patient report*Helps patient maintain personal health*Maintains patient rights utilizing personal & professional values, ethics, and legal considerations*Functions appropriately as a member of the health care team*Utilizes appropriate communication skillsPromotion of Healthand Safety*Utilizes Standard Precautions for infection prevention*Promotes accident prevention & patient safety*Assist with mobility and ambulation*Measures and records vital signs (pulse, respirations, BP, temp, pain)*Measures and records height & weightPersonal Care Skills& HealthMaintenanceRoutine Care:*Assist patient with feeding, hydration & nutrition*Provides assistance bathing, perineal care, catheter care, nail care, skin care, mouth care*Assist with grooming & dressing*Helps patient with toileting (diapering, bedpan, bedside commode)*Measures and records intake and output*Bed making (occupied & unoccupied)* Transferring to bed, wheelchair, bedside commode, turning and positioning, range of motion(transfer with mechanical lift)* Appropriately reports abnormal signs and symptomsEmergency Care:*Recognizes and reports emergent situations such as unresponsive patients, chest pain, seizureactivity etc.*Provides basic life support, responds and reports according to standards of care.4

GUIDELINES for ALL HEALTH SCIENCE LIMITED ACCESS PROGRAMS(EXCEPT THE BACHELOR DEGREE PROGRAMS AND ADVANCED TECHNICAL CERTIFICATES)Valencia’s Health Science programs are offered through the School of Allied Health and the School of Nursing, whichprovide information about specific admission criteria for the programs. The Health Sciences Program Guides, of whichthis is one, are developed for a specific academic year (August to July) and, as a rule, changes to admission and programrequirements becoming effective at the start of an academic year. Valencia College, however, reserves the right tomake changes in admission and program requirements as circumstances require. If a mid-year change becomesnecessary, it will be indicated in the information for the specific program on the Program Updates page. If a student waspreviously accepted into a Health Sciences Program at Valencia College and subsequently deemed ineligible for return tothe program, the selection committee has the right to contact the applicant’s previous program. This information will beincluded in the consideration for program admission.Students interested in a health sciences career are encouraged to explore the many challenging and rewardingopportunities available in health professions. The health sciences programs may have clinical experiences that exposethe student to blood borne pathogens via contact with bodily fluids including, but not limited to blood and saliva.Students accepted into these programs will be expected to adhere to Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines forthe use of Standard Precautions. The CDC defines standard precautions as “a set of precautions designed to prevent thetransmission of HIV, Hepatitis B virus (HBV), [and] other blood borne pathogens when providing first aid or health care.”Under standard precautions, blood and certain body fluids are considered potentially infectious for HIV, HBV, and otherblood borne pathogens. Students will be expected to adhere to hand hygiene protocols and consistent use of personalprotective equipment including masks, gloves and eyewear. In some of the health sciences programs, students mayneed to conduct peer-to-peer examinations in lab settings.Valencia offers eight health sciences programs which lead to an A.S. degree. They are the Cardiovascular Technology,Dental Hygiene, Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Emergency Medical Services Technology (including EMT and Paramedictechnical certificates), Health Information Technology (including Medical Information Coder/Biller TC), Nursing (R.N.),Radiography, and Respiratory Care. Admission to these programs is limited because of clinical facilities and staff. Onceyou complete your A.S. degree in Nursing, you can continue at Valencia to earn the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)or a bachelor-level Advanced Technical Certificate (ATC) in Echocardiography. With additional education at thebachelor’s level and professional experience, you will enhance your skills and have more career options available.Students whose official records indicate they are seeking admission to a limited access Associate in Science (A.S.) healthsciences program will have the health sciences program designated as their secondary major and the Associate in Arts(A.A.) Degree designated as their primary major in order to maximize their educational opportunities. If the student hasalready earned a Bachelor’s or A.A. degree, the student will not have A.A. designated as a major.APPLICATION INFORMATIONProgram Application information for each admission cycle can be found on the specific program’s webpage. Programapplications received after the deadline date will not be considered for the identified term. Students who are notaccepted will need to reapply for a future term. Students must complete a Valencia application for admission and theapplication for the specific health sciences program. Admission to Valencia does not imply acceptance to the healthsciences program.Students may apply to more than one limited access Health Science program; however, enrollment is limited to only oneHealth Sciences program in a term. A new program application is required if reapplying for admission. Havingpreviously earned a college degree does not grant an advantage in admission to a Health Sciences program that doesnot require a degree for admission nor does it exempt students from taking the ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills(TEAS) if the ATI TEAS is required for admission to the program.Communication Policy: Application review may take 4-6 weeks after the deadline closes. Students are expected tocheck Atlas email regularly for any communication about an application. Application updates are onlycommunicated through the Valencia College Atlas email. Students who are offered an accepted program seat arerequired to attend the mandatory program orientation to keep the seat and start the program. The admission5

decision email will include a strict deadline to accept an offered program seat. If a response is not received by thedeadline of the acceptance invite, then the next student will be invited for the opportunity of acceptance.Mandatory Orientation: The mandatory program Orientation for accepted students may be held four to six weeksprior to the program start date. Once accepted to a program, students will receive an email via ATLAS regardingthe Orientation date, requirements, and deadlines. The Orientation materials will give the student informationregarding the processes for completing background checks, fingerprinting, drug screening, and other requirementscompleted through the designated vendor.BACKGROUND CHECK, FINGERPRINTING, DRUG TESTING, IMMUNIZATIONS AND CPR CERTIFICATIONThe Health Sciences programs include student clinical rotations in external affiliate health care facilities with whichValencia has agreements for student clinical assignments. The affiliates’ policies require that students serving in aclinical rotation be cleared of offenses that would disqualify them from participating in student clinicalassignments. Thus, all students conditionally* accepted to a Health Sciences program are required to submit to acriminal background check, fingerprinting and drug testing as well as provide documentation of specificimmunizations and American Heart Association (AHA) and Basic Life Support (BLS), Health Care Provider (HCP) CPRcertification following acceptance to a program. The timeframe for meeting these requirements will be providedin the Orientation information that will be sent to the student upon acceptance through ATLAS email. All clinicalCompliance must be met to begin the program.Students may need to renew their background and drug testing requirements annually. See the ComplianceDepartment for more details at [email protected]. *If you have a positive background check,fingerprints, or drug screening, you may be denied enrollment in a Health Sciences program due to the inabilityto participate in a student clinical assignment. If you have concerns regarding known background issues, it isrecommended that you email questions to [email protected] TO CLINICAL SITESIf accepted to a program, students will be responsible for furnishing transportation to the community and/or hospitalfacilities used by Valencia for clinical practice.NURSING CORE PERFORMANCE STANDARDS FOR ADMISSION AND PROGRESSIONNursing is a practice discipline with cognitive, sensory, affective, and psychomotor performance requirements. Based onthese requirements, the following list of "Core Performance Standards" has been developed. Each standard has anexample of an activity or activities, that a student will be required to perform while enrolled in the Nursing Program.These standards are a part of each Nursing course and of the professional role expectation of a Nurse.For the purpose of the Nursing Program, a “qualified individual with a disability is one who, with or without reasonableaccommodations or modifications, meets the essential eligibility requirements for participation in the program.” TheSchool of Nursing at Valencia makes no preadmission inquiries concerning an applicant’s disability status. Informationrelated to an applicant’s disabilities is not a part of the information reviewed by the Admission Committee.These Performance Standards should be used to assist students in identifying the academic and clinical expectations forall students. Students who may need reasonable accommodations to fulfill required program outcomes or clinicalexpectations are encouraged to contact the Office for Students with Disabilities to engage in an interactive processregarding their request. It is the student’s responsibility to notify and register with the Office for Students withDisabilities to identify and receive reasonable accommodations. Reasonable accommodations are effective only afterengaging in this process and are not retroactive. Determination is made on an individual basis as to whether anyaccommodations or modifications can be reasonably made.Valencia is an Equal Opportunity Institution: rtunity.cfm6

NURSING CORE PERFORMANCE STANDARDS FOR ADMISSION AND PROGRESSIONCRITERIACritical ThinkingSTANDARDCritical Thinking abilitysufficient for safe clinicaljudgment.InterpersonalInterpersonal abilities sufficientto interact with individuals,families and groups from avariety of social, emotional,cultural, and intellectualbackgrounds.Communication abilitiessufficient for interaction withothers in verbal and writtenform.CommunicationMobilityPhysical abilities sufficient tomove from room to room andmaneuver in small spaces.Motor SkillsGross and fine motor abilitiessufficient to provide safe andeffective care.HearingAuditory abilities sufficient tomonitor and assess patientneeds, and to provide a safeenvironment.VisualVisual ability sufficient forobservation and assessmentnecessary in the operation ofequipment and care of patients.TactileTactile ability sufficient forpatient assessment andoperation of equipment.EXAMPLES OF REQUIRED ACTIVITIES (NOT ALL INCLUSIVE* Identify cause-effect relationships in clinical situations.* Evaluate assessment data to ascertain appropriate measures that are ofdiagnostic value.* Practice positive problem solving and coping skills when faced withadversity.* Assess patient’s condition and needs from a distance of at least 20 feet.* Based on assessment data; initiate proper emergency care protocols,including notification of Rapid Response team, initiating CPR.* Establish rapport with patients, families, and colleagues.* Display compassion, empathy and concern for others.* Work collaboratively with other healthcare providers in stressful situations.* Cope with anger/fear/hostility of others in a calm way.* Handle multiple priorities in stressful situations.* Concentrate and focus attention* Communicate verbally in English to the patient in order to: converse,explain treatment procedures, initiate health teaching, relieve anxiety, gaintheir cooperation, document and interpret nursing care actions and patientresponses.* Speak with other members of the health care team utilizing effectiveverbal communication skills.* Read and cognitively comprehend written materials, the patient’s medicalrecord and/or physician’s orders.* Write using a legible and concise documentation style which is readableand in the English language including documentation in electronic medicalrecord.* Skill in the use of personal computers and general office software.* Move around in patient’s rooms, work spaces and treatment areas,* Assist all patients, according to individual needs and abilities, in moving,twisting, turning, kneeling, bending and maintaining balance inadministering nursing care and procedures.* Able to lift and or support at least 25 lbs. in order to reposition, transfer,and ambulate patients safely.* Able to push/pull a minimum of 100 lbs. such as pushing stretchers, beds,wheelchairs and other transportation device without injury to self,patient, or others.* Accurately able to draw up medications without contaminating thesyringe/needle.* Calibrate and use equipment.* Position patient as necessary for nursing care or procedures.* Hear a patient talk in a normal tone from a distance of 20 feet.* Hears monitor alarms, emergency signals, cries for help and overheadpages.* Hears sounds that indicate changes in patient’s physiological condition(i.e. breath sounds, blood pressure, apical pulse).* Observe the patient in order to assess the patient’s condition and responsesto nursing care and procedures.* Has ability for frequent use of far vision (clarity of vision at 20 feet ormore), near vision (clarity of vision at 20 inches or less), color vision,depth perception, and seeing fine details.* Frequently perform simple grasping, firm grasping, fine manipulation, toperform nursing skills such as insertion of foley catheter, insertions of IV’s* Perform palpation, tactile assessment, functions of physical examinationand/or those related to therapeutic intervention (i.e. changes in skintemperature, edema, etc.).7

VALENCIA COLLEGE SCHOOLS OF ALLIED HEALTH AND NURSINGSample Form of the Health and Physical Core Performance RequirementsYNIf NO, NoteEOLimitationsSGeneral Requirements (has the ability to )YNIf NO, NoteEOLimitationsSRequire Lifting (ability to lift )Assess Ability to MeetProgram RequirementsAssess Ability to MeetProgram RequirementsSitStandWalk25 to 34 lbs.35 to 50 lbs.Up to and over 100 for someClinical AreasBendKneelCrouchPushing/Pulling (ability to push and pull )TwistUp to and over 100 for someClinical AreasMaintain BalanceReachClimb StairsSensory Requirements (has ability for )Far VisionNear VisionHand Manipulation (ability with )Color VisionSimple GraspingDepth PerceptionFirm GraspingSeeing Fine DetailsFine ManipulationHearing Norm SpeechUse of KeyboardsHearing Overhead PagesInfectious DiseasesMental & Emotional Requirements (ability to )Cope with high level of stressChemical AgentsDust, Fumes, GasesMake decisions under highpressureCope withanger/fear/hostility of othersin a calm wayConcentrateExtremes in Temperature orHumidityHazardous or MovingEquipmentHandle a high degree offlexibilityLoud NoisesHandle multiple priorities instressful situationsDemonstrate high degree ofpatienceWork in areas that are closeand crowdedVerbally Communicate understress8

Nursing, Accelerated Track in Nursing (ATN) Application Deadlines: September 15th, 202 2 for Spring 202 3 January 15th, 202 3 for Summer 202 3 May 15th, 202 3 for Fall 2023 . Admission requirements and application deadlines are subject to change . Please check for any admission updates.