LINDE MATERIAL HANDLINGELECTRIC FORKLIFTTRUCK SOLUTIONS FORYOUR REQUIREMENTSChoosing a Linde electric forklift truck not only provides you with anexceptionally reliable and powerful truck, but also a package of servicestailored to your individual needs. After all, the better a forklift truckmeets the requirements, the more productive it is. Linde offers 40 differentbasic models: from the lower-height container version to the forklifttruck for narrow aisles, which you can further customise for your particularapplication. With the unique combination of a combi-steering axleand the powerful dual motor front-wheel drive, your driver can eventurn the truck around on the spot.If forklift truck availability, as in multi-shift operation, for example, is themost important factor for you, then Linde’s lithium-ion technology offersa powerful and flexible solution. The driver’s workstations are completelyergonomic, so that your drivers can work in a relaxed and precise mannereven after long periods of use. Standard safety equipment and intelligentsystems such as the Linde Safety Pilot protect your drivers and ensureefficient handling. With the Linde connect fleet management system,you can network your trucks and utilise data analysis to further increasethe safety and productivity of your fleet.A TÜV-certified performance test is evidence that a Linde truck is the mosteconomical solution for you. Plus, of course, you can rely on Linde servicearound the clock, ensuring smooth servicing and repairs.Over the following pages you can read how Linde’s range of electric forklifttrucks can make a vital contribution to your company’s success.

LINDE MATERIAL HANDLINGFOR A SUSTAINABLEVALUE CHAINFor Coca-Cola European Partners, sustainability is an integral part of the growth strategy.And in the Parisian suburb of Grigny – one of more than 50 Coca-Cola European Partnersproduction sites – this was the impetus behind opting for a Linde forklift truck fleet.In addition to price, quality and service, Linde’s forklifts also impressed customers withtheir low emissions, low fuel consumption and good ergonomics. The latter is particularly important because Coca-Cola also attaches great importance to the well-being ofits own employees. As such, Linde’s trucks help Coca Cola achieve its high sustainabilitygoals more quickly.4

LINDE MATERIAL HANDLINGInnovationA PERFECT VIEW INTHE REVOLUTIONARYROADSTEREmployees walk through the warehouse while order pickers carry loads throughnarrow aisles: common practice in warehousing. In the midst of the hustleand bustle of logistics, the forklift driver has a perfectly unrestricted view of theirenvironment. The work is completed quickly and safely. All because the driveris controlling a Linde Roadster – the first electric forklift truck without an A-pillarand featuring a reinforced glass roof, made possible by the ingenuity of Linde’sengineers.They used the tilt cylinders of Linde forklifts, which are located on the upper sideof the truck to reduce vibrations, as a connecting element between the cab roofand the truck, allowing them to do away with the A-pillar. In combination withthe world’s largest panoramic reinforced glass roof, the Roadster offers unrivalledall-round visibility and enhanced safety.This means that nothing stands in the way of efficient and safe working withloads from 2 to 3.5 tonnes.NO A-PILLARIn removing the A-pillar, the engineers havedelivered real innovation: their pioneeringwork allows for a perfect view of both trafficin the hall and the load.PANORAMIC ARMOUREDPROVED GLASS ROOFThe Roadster’s optionally available panoramicreinforced glass roof represents a world first inforklift design.ACCESSIn the A-pillar’s absence, an integrated entryaid helps to facilitate access, while also servingas a spare mount for additional equipment.6


CONTENTSDiverse product range10 – 13A portfolio of more than 40 basic models in the common loadcapacity classes from 1.2 to 5 tonnes offers tailor-made forkliftsfor all requirements. The trucks can also be configured to suitany application.Drive and steering14 – 13Thanks to a unique combination of steering and drive, Linde electricforklifts are particularly manoeuvrable and stable, and trucks with theinnovative combi-steering axle can turn on the spot.Mast 18 – 19A unique mast design makes load handling particularly safe.Standard equipment such as the top-mounted tilt cylinders provideeven greater safety and comfort.Safety20 – 23Linde electric forklift trucks include numerous safety features asstandard. Smart safety systems actively ensure that people andmaterials are kept safe, in turn reducing downtime.

Diverse product rangeEnergy management28 – 31Linde forklifts pay off, as evidenced by a TÜV-certified performance test,which proves the high productivity of the trucks. As such, the trucksplay an important role in budgeting.36 – 37ServiceCost-effectivenessLinde connect fleet management networks the trucks and allowsfor driver-specific access control and extensive data analysis, allowingthe fleet’s potential to be maximised.Energy managementFleet managementComfort and ergonomics32 – 35SafetyBattery changing is exceptionally flexible thanks to a variety of differentoptions. Put to optimal use, lithium-ion batteries make forklift operationparticularly efficient and sustainable.Cost-effectivenessMastLinde trucks are well-known for their exceptionally ergonomicdesigns. They ensure fatigue-free, efficient and precise handlingwith innovations such as the rotatable driver’s workplace.Drive and steeringComfort and ergonomics 24 – 2738 – 39Fleet managementLinde’s service provides worldwide and round-the-clock coverage foruninterrupted operation. It supports users by optimising maintenanceintervals and if necessary can even deliver spare parts overnight.Service

LINDE MATERIAL HANDLINGThe perfect electric forklift truck for every applicationDIVERSEPRODUCT RANGEBest suited to the short transport of different loads, tight turningmanoeuvres in narrow aisles or loading and unloading of containers:no two forklift applications are the same. And Linde’s range of electricforklift trucks is just as diverse. With a basis of 40 different models,trucks can be configured to suit any application, from the load-bearingcapacity classes between 1.2 and 5 tonnes, different types of drives,battery capacities and charging options, to mast versions or a visuallyoptimised seating position. With the right configuration and a widerange of Customized Options – i.e. application-specific solutions – theselected truck can perform the tasks assigned to it quickly,precisely and economically. 10over 40 model variantsall common load capacity classes special design and wide range ofCustomized Options to suit any application

The right size, no matter the taskBATTERY VARIANTSIn most cases, it is not only the lifting capacity of a forklift truck that provesdecisive for a specific application, but also the truck’s dimensions – and in turnalso the size and service life of the installed battery. For this reason, Linde offersmultiple truck types across an array of load classes with differing characteristics.The following configuration examples of the E16 truck in the 1.6 tonnes loadcapacity class offer just one insight into the wide range of differentiation options:E16 C – the compact onePerfectly suited to narrow aisles. With a working aisle widthof just 3,196 mm, the E16 C is the compact machine in this class.The low entry height also makes getting in and out of thetruck particularly easy. Despite the truck’s compact dimensions,the battery boasts a powerful 500 Ah.E16 L – the bundle of energyThe long version of the 1.6-tonner is equipped with a largerbattery (750 Ah) while remaining the same height asthe compact model. This model combines the advantagesof stepless entry and exit with a longer battery life.E16 H – the all-seeingThe high version of the E16 offers an even more powerfulbattery (775 Ah) than the L version with a narrower workingaisle width. Another advantage is the improved driver’svisibility thanks to the raised seating position.E16 – the all-rounderThe most versatile forklift in this capacity range. It is as flat asthe C- and L-versions and therefore offers a comfortable lowentrance and exit height. At 625 Ah, it still has a powerful batteryand long battery life and, thanks to a working aisle width of3,281 mm, it can be flexibly manoeuvred even in narrow aisles.11Diverse product rangeDIVERSE PRODUCT RANGE

LINDE MATERIAL HANDLINGA solution for any loadAPPLICATION-SPECIFIC FORKLIFTSKEEP AN EYE ON EVERYTHING,WITH THE BEVERAGE VERSIONSUPERIOR HANDLINGIN CONTAINERSSeating heightened by 350 mm allows for a better view of the load,which in turn enables the driver to recognise obstacles more quicklywhile still safely and efficiently carrying heavy loads.Linde offers forklifts suitable for containers in all load capacityclasses. Thanks to their compact dimensions, they can easily driveon standard containers.UNOBSTRUCTED VISIONWITH THE ROADSTERSMALL DETAILS FORLARGE LOADSThe Linde Roadster is constructed without an A-pillar and hasan optional panoramic reinforced glass roof, allowing it to offerunrivalled all-round visibility.From a load capacity class of 2 tonnes upwards, customers canchoose between two load centres. The larger load centre of gravity of600 mm instead of 500 mm enables a larger residual load capacity.12

LINDE ELECTRIC FORKLIFT TRUCK OVERVIEWLinde offers a wide range of electric forklift trucks in various load classes,battery capacities and aisle widths as well as additional options for industryand application-specific requirements.ModelsLoadcapacity /load(t)Load centredistance(mm)BatteryWorkingaisle width(mm)Heightaboveprotectedroof(cab) (mm)Available withLi-ION ontainerversionAvailableincomfort version( 80 mmheadroom)AvailableasRoadster386 EVO SERIES: 3-WHEELED FORKLIFT/CENTRAL PIVOT AXLE/24 VOLTE121.25005PzS 575 (625)3,0401,970E151.55008PzS 920 (1000)3,1771,970386 EVO SERIES: 3-WHEELED FORKLIFT/CENTRAL PIVOT AXLE/48 VOLTE141.45004PzS 460 (500)3,1771,97013.1/39.2E161.65005PzS 575 (625)3,2811,97016.3/45.7E16C1.65004PzS 460 (500)3,1961,97013.1/39.2E16H1.65005PzS 700 (775)3,3322,130E16L1.65006PzS 690 (750)3,3891,97016.9/49.0E181.85005PzS 575 (625)3,3051,97016.3/45.7E18L1.85006PzS 690 (750)3,3941,97016.9/49.0E20L2.05006PzS 690 (750)3,3971,97016.9/49.0386 EVO SERIES: 4-WHEELED FORKLIFT/COMBI-STEERING AXLE/48 VOLTE16P1.65005PzS 575 (625)3,3551,970E16PH1.65005PzS 700 (775)3,4042,130E18PH1.85005PzS 700 (775)3,4092,130E20PH2.05005PzS 700 (775)3,4122,130E20PL2.05006PzS 690 (750)3,4701,970E20PHL2.05006PzS 840 (930)3,5202,13016.3/45.716.9/49.0387 SERIES: 4-WHEELED FORKLIFT/COMBI-STEERING AXLE/80 VOLTE202.05004PzS 460 (500)3,6382,08024.1/60.3E20/600H2.06004PzS 560 (620)3,6722,23724.1/60.3E252.55004PzS 460 (500)3,6382,08024.1/60.3E25/600H2.56004PzS 560 (620)3,6932,23724.1/60.3E25L2.55005PzS 575 (625)3,7832,080E25/600HL2.56005PzS 700 (775)3,8382,237E303.05004PzS 460 (500)3,7622,08024.1/60.3E30/600H3.06004PzS 560 (620)3,7002,23724.1/60.3E30L3.05005PzS 575 (625)3,8572,080E30/600HL3.06005PzS 700 (775)3,8452,237E35L3.55005PzS 575 (625)3,9112,080E35HL3.55005PzS 700 (775)3,8452,237388 SERIES: 4-WHEELED FORKLIFT/OSCILLATION AXLE/80 VOLTE35/600H3.56005PzS 700 (775)3,9542,360E40/600HL4.06006PzS 840 (930)4,1092,360E40/600H4.06005PzS 700 (775)3,9642,360E40/600L4.06006PzS 840 (930)4,1092,220E45/600H4.56005PzS 700 6PzS 840 (930)4,1092,36036.2/118.4E45/600L4.56006PzS 840 (930)4,1092,22036.2/118.4E50/500HL5.05006PzS 840 (930)4,1092,36036.2/118.4E50/500L5.05006PzS 840 (930)4,1092,22036.2/118.4E50/600HL5.06006PzS 840 (930)4,1092,36036.2/118.4E50/600L5.06006PzS 840 (930)4,1092,22036.2/118.413Diverse product rangeDIVERSE PRODUCT RANGE

LINDE MATERIAL HANDLINGPowerful and agile load handlingDRIVE ANDSTEERINGThe narrow aisle of a warehouse: there are only centimetres separatingthe shelves and the forklift. It precisely and dynamically turns onthe spot, taking the load with it. In one fluid motion, it completes thetransport to the HGV. Such manoeuvres are only possible withLinde electric forklift trucks with dual motor front-wheel drive andcombi-steering plate axle. The unique combination of drive andsteering, in line with the different requirements of the forklift truck,ensures that Linde trucks are agile and precise. 14dual motor front-wheel drive with traction controlunique, patented combi-steering axleoptimal manoeuvrability and precision

DRIVE AND STEERINGOscillation axleDrive and steeringWhen it comes to axles, the oscillation axle is a classic, well-suited to a widerange of different forklift applications. stable against tilting due to high suspension point optimal low ground clearance due to large swivel range reduced tyre wearModels available:E35/600H, E40/600H, E40/600HL, E40/600L, E45/600H, E45/600HL, E45/600L,E50/500HL, E50/500L, E50/600HL, E50/600LCombi-steering axleThe patented combi-steering axle combines the agility of a three-wheelertruck with the stability of a four wheeled forklift – the perfect solution whenboth manoeuvrability and stability are the order of the day. axle stub can be individually rotated through 175 truck can turn on the spot the wheels do not rub when turning,instead rolling gently without damaging the tyres reduced steering resistance and tyre wear increased tilt resistance reduced collision damageModels available:E16P, E16PH, E18PH, E20PH, E20PL, E20PHL, E20, E20/600H, E25, E25/600H,E25/600HL, E25L, E30, E30/600H, E30/600HL, E30L, E35LCentral pivot axleLinde three-wheel forklifts use a proprietary central pivot axle.The forklifts are particularly suitable for applications where manoeuvrabilityis a priority. optimal manoeuvrability due to 180 steering angle truck can turn on the spot in even the tightest of spaces drive wheels roll in opposite directions without twisting reduced steering resistance and energy consumption lower tyre and floor loadModels available:E12, E14, E15, E16, E16C, E16H, E16L, E18, E18L, E20L15

LINDE MATERIAL HANDLINGDual motor front-wheel drive with combi-steering axleAGILITY IN EVEN THETIGHTEST OF SPOTSCombined with the dual engine front-wheel drive, the combi-steeringaxle offers the two most important factors for efficient and safe forkliftoperation: high stability and maximum manoeuvrability. The separatelyoperated front wheels rotate in opposite directions when the steeringangle is full and actively steer with it, while the rear wheels can beturned by up to 175 . This enables on-the-spot turning while simultaneously protecting the tyres. The rear axle is particularly highly suspendedand improves stability by 30 % compared to conventional swing axles,enabling optimal turning manoeuvres in tight spaces.How does on-the-spot turning work?The front wheels actively steer withcounter-rotating motions, whilethe rear wheels are actively steeredby turning sharply, which enablesa small turning circle.Direction of rotationof the drive wheel forwardsTurning pointDirection of rotationof the drive wheel reverseRotation direction16

DRIVE AND STEERINGExpertise in powerful drivesDrive and steeringPOWER AND CONTROL– COMBINEDDUAL MOTOR FRONT-WHEEL DRIVELinde electric forklift trucks use a powerful dual motor front-wheel drive asstandard. The advantage is that the drive axle is actively controlled via thefront wheels. All forklifts also have traction control. It distributes the powerto both engines individually, allowing for optimum traction power even if awheel is spinning on a slippery surface.ELASTIC AXLE SUPPORTThe frame and drive axle of the forklift trucks are connected with maintenancefree rubber-metal bearings. Equipped as standard, this material combination createsa damping effect in several areas. This improves driving comfort, as the bearingscompensate for uneven road surfaces and reduce the noise level. At the same time,shocks are felt less strongly by adjacent components, meaning less stress is exertedon them.CS20 CONTINENTAL TYRESAnother element of the driving power of Linde electric forklift trucks is the CS20tyres, developed in partnership with Continental. Its L-shaped tread pattern improvestraction and reduces rolling resistance, while the closed shoulder flank ensures smoothrunning and less noise. The low rolling resistance is the basis for high mileage and lowenergy consumption.17

LINDE MATERIAL HANDLINGOptimised for safe handlingMASTFive metres tall, 600 kilograms in weight: A forklift truck places its heavy loadwith millimetre precision, with only the faintest vibrations affecting the fullyextended mast. Linde electric forklift trucks have a special mast design that makesload handling at great heights particularly safe. The tilt cylinders at the top ofthe mast provide greater leverage and thus greater mast stability, meaning loadscan be lifted quickly and safely. Further mast features provide excellentvisibility and improved handling. increased stability due to top mounted tilt cylinderselectronic end position dampingvisually optimized constructionattachments adapted to the truck ex worksWobbly stilts illustrate the principle of improved leverage:The higher you lift them, the more stable they stand. And this isexactly how the top tilt cylinders of Linde forklifts affect the mast.18

MASTShockproof and vibration-freeTHE ART OF PRECISE MOVEMENTThe condition of the mast is one of the most important factors for safe and efficienthandling – one catered to by numerous equipment details in Linde electric forklift trucks.MAKE THE MOST OF LEVERAGEMastIn Linde electric forklift trucks, the tilt cylinders on the lower endof the mast are moved upwards so that they attach directly to thestable structure of the roof of the driver’s cab. This ensures thatforces are dissipated through the forklift truck design. The longerlever length also makes the mast stronger and more stable.The result: Reduced vibration and torsion when stacking atgreat heights. The driver can work more sensitively, safelyand quickly. The lower leverage forces also protect the materialand thus reduce repairs and breakdowns. The constructionalso allows slimmer mast profiles that improve visibility. Thisinnovation has a significant impact on safety, performance andefficiency of forklift trucks.INTEGRATED SIDE SHIFTERAND FORK POSITIONEROn request, Linde can integrate attachments such as side shiftersand fork adjustment devices into the truck ex works. This meansthat the forklift trucks can lift the full load despite the additionalweight of the attachments.ELECTRONIC END POSITION DAMPINGTo make handling even safer and more comfortable, all Linde electric forklift trucks areequipped with electronic end-position damping as standard. It gently absorbs movementwhen lifting and lowering the mast, thus reducing jolts and noises as well as vibrationsand torsions. This in turn increases handling stability, protects the material and reducesnoise pollution for the drivers.19

LINDE MATERIAL HANDLINGEfficient protection of people and materialsSAFETYToday, forklift drivers must work ever faster, more flexibly and more efficiently.Modern intralogistics demands a lot from drivers and trucks. As the demandsincrease, so does the risk of accidents. This is why Linde electric forklifts areequipped with a whole range of safety features as standard, which preventaccidents or reduce the risk of injury in the event of an accident. In this way,innovations from Linde help to protect people and materials and save costs. safety systems as standard protection of drivers, loads and environment efficient load handlingnumerous optional safety systems ex works   and as retrofit solutionOPTIMAL VISIBILITY AND SAFETYAS STANDARDOptimal visibility is a basic requirement for safe load handling.Linde electric forklift trucks feature slim, nested lift mast profilesthanks to the top-mounted tilt cylinder. A- and B-pillars have beenvisually optimised. In addition, the driver can look past the loadfrom the side, thanks to a slightly offset seat. The Linde ProtectorFrame contributes to passive safety. The solid roof and frame unitforms a closed protection zone for the driver in the event of anaccident. Linde electric forklift trucks, for example, offer optimumvisibility and high safety during load handling as standard.The optional use of an armoured proved glass roof further improvesvisibility of loads and the environment.20

SAFETYThe truck that thinks for itselfLINDE SAFETY PILOTHuman errors cause 95 % of all workplace accidents in material handling. Frequentlychanging loads and parameters that are difficult to estimate, such as weight, centre ofgravity distance and the exact lifting height, make it difficult for drivers to handle themin accordance with safety regulations. The intelligent assistance system Linde Safety Pilotprovides reliable support for drivers. The system displays the most important parametersand actively intervenes in the handling of loads to protect people and the environment.The result: safe and efficient intralogistics.GREEN LIGHT FOR SAFE HANDLINGmax. 4,90 mSafetyThe colour display of the Linde Safety Pilot supports the driver with an intuitive traffic lightsystem. The driver only needs to check which of three colours is present in order to knowwhether their load handling is safe. The diagram shows how the Safety Pilot warns andintervenes in different situations.RED: Critical areaLoad capacity limit reached. Warningtone sounds, truck controls turn off.ROT: Kritischer tonertönt,FahrzeugLoadcapacitylimit almost reached.regelt ab.Lift and tilt speed reduced.ORANGE: GrenzbereichTraglastgrenze fast erreicht.Hub-NeigegeschwindigkeitGREEN: Safe working rangewird reduziert.Unrestricted handling.GRÜN: Sicherer ArbeitsbereichUneingeschränktes Handling.ADDITIONAL ADVANTAGES OF THE LINDE SAFETY PILOT Pre-adjustable lifting height: reduces damage toshelving and speeds up handling. Weighing and load add function: prevents overloadingof HGVs. Lifting height restriction: prevents collisions in doorways. Adjustable speed limit: reduces the number of accidentsin high risk areas. Lower limit: reduced fork wear, especially on uneven ground.21

LINDE MATERIAL HANDLINGSilent warningLINDE BLUESPOT The Linde BlueSpot increases safety in areas where people and forkliftswork together in very close proximity. The LED light projects a blue warningpoint onto the floor, eliminating the need for acoustic signals that are oftendrowned out by other noise. This warns pedestrians and other forklift driversof approaching forklift trucks, significantly increasing safety both in thedriving area and at intersections where visibility is low.THE LIGHT: SMALL, BUT POWERFULThe Linde BlueSpot consists of two glare-free, powerful LED lights that projecta blue spot in front of or behind the truck, depending on the direction of travel.For better visibility, the BlueSpot can also blink and can be set to a red light ordirectional arrow. Despite the extremely high luminous intensity, LED technologyoperates with low power consumption and only needs to be changed after20,000 hours.22

SAFETYADJUSTED TURNING SPEEDSometimes things move very quickly in warehouses.The Linde Curve Assist ensures that the forklifts are stillsafe when turning, even during particularly risky drivingmanoeuvres. The speed while cornering is regulateddepending on the steering angle.SAFE AT A STANDSTILLSafetyEquipped as standard, the automatic parking brake ensuresthat the forklift truck holds its position securely on ramps andgradients, preventing the truck from rolling accidentally.When the driver presses down on the accelerator pedal, thebrake disengages and the truck moves smoothly and withoutrolling back. If the brake is released accidentally or becauseof a fault, the truck brakes in a controlled manner.OPTIMAL LIGHTINGLinde uses robust, bright and economical LED technology in bothits truck lighting and in the optional work lights. Thanks to anoperating time of up to 20,000 hours, the LEDs are particularlyreliable and economical. The light intensity of the LEDs providesoptimum illumination of the working areas around the forklifttruck, thus ensuring increased safety.DOUBLE SAFETYThe standard electronic control system is the heart of the Linde trucks. As such,the safety precautions here are high, too: all processors are redundant and monitoreach other. If the system detects an error, it automatically switches off to preventuncontrolled travel or lifting movements.23

LINDE MATERIAL HANDLINGOptimally designed for the driverCOMFORT ANDERGONOMICSWhen unloading a load, the driver can control pinpoint-accurate liftingmovements with their fingertips. Their arm leans on the arm restwhich features integrated control elements of the Linde Load Control.Thanks to the rotatable driver’s workstation, the driver has a clear viewin the direction of travel when reversing, without needing to twist theirbody. This is how Linde’s intelligent solutions and individually adjustablecabin components ensure an ergonomic workplace, forging a harmoniousunion between the driver and their ergonomic requirements. For forkliftdrivers, this means comfortable, fatigue-free and therefore efficientworking. Plus, absences on health grounds will also decrease. 24ergonomic control layoutefficient twin pedal drivesensitive control via Linde Load Controlindividually adjustable unit consisting of armrest and seatrotating driver’s workplace

COMFORT AND ERGONOMICSFunctionality and comfort in the driver’s cabTHE ERGONOMICWORKSPACEThe driver is at the very heart of the workplace. Accordingly, all operating anddisplay elements of Linde forklifts are ergonomically aligned with the truck.This means that they can be used with as little physical strain as possible andsupport precise, safe and comfortable control.Heater, air conditioning and radioTo ensure comfortable working conditions and depending onindividual preferences, forklifts can be equipped with heater,air conditioning and radio.Steering wheel and columnThe particularly small and easy-to-grip steering wheel with aknob makes manoeuvring quick and simple. The steering columncan be individually adjusted.Integrated storage facilitiesThe forklift trucks have numerous storage compartmentsfor working documents and the drivers’ personal belongings,ensuring a more orderly, tidy driver’s cab.Comfort and ergonomicsDisplayThe display shows the driver all functions and safety para metersat a glance. It is designed for intuitive understanding and maximum visibility under all lighting conditions.Twin pedal driveThe patented twin pedal drive ensures particularly sensitiveand precise control manoeuvres. It is not necessary to movethe feet to switch between forward and reverse travel.25

LINDE MATERIAL HANDLINGLinde ergonomic driver’s seatsCUSTOM SEATING COMFORTEvery driver’s idea of a comfortable workspace is different. Plus, the requirementsmay vary depending on the application conditions: is the floor uneven? What isthe temperature like in the warehouse during the summer? How long are forklifttrucks shifts? For this reason, users can choose the right driver’s seat for themfrom a range of different seats and adjust it individually.Standard seatComfort seatThe standard seat is suitable for the typical requirements offorklift truck applications. The surface is made of resistant anddirt-repellent PVC. A 60 mm suspension spring for driversweighing up to 145 kg and the vibration-decoupled cab makethe seat extremely comfortable even on uneven surfaces.Compared to the standard seat, the comfort seat offersadditional features for comfortable and fatigue-free working.Seat heating, a mechanical lumbar support and the shockabsorbing air suspension further increase seating comfort.Super-comfort seatSuper-comfort ActiveIn addition to the features of the comfort seat, the super-comfortseat has air suspension for comfortable sitting. The back extensionand the adjustable depth and inclination (from E35/600H) of theseat cushion provide individual adjustment options.The Super-comfort Active offers a world first in the field of forklifttrucks: active seat ventilation for the perfect seating environment.The activated carbon incorporated in the abrasion-resistant seatcover absorbs any moisture that may arise. This ensures thatthe seating area stays dry, which is especially useful on warmworking days. The seat is available from model E35/600 H andoffers lasting comfort even under intensive workload.26

COMFORT AND ERGONOMICSOne unit: Linde Load Control and armrestPERFECT HANDLING AT YOUR FINGERTIPSWhen it comes to load handling, millimetres count. This is why the sensitive Linde Load Control allowsfor intuitive control of the lifting movements at the user’s fingertips. This allows even the heaviest loadsto be moved quickly, precisely and safely. Linde Load Control can control the lift mast and up to threeauxiliary hydraulics. All operating elements are integrated in the armrest, so that the arm can leanon the rest without fatigue during control movements. The armrest can be adjusted to any positionhorizontally and vertically to the driver. This ergonomic design helps to reduce driver downtimecaused by overload, meaning drivers can still handle loads efficiently and safely even at the end ofa working day.Benefits at a glance: sensitive controls at your fingertips fatigue-free, safe operation encourages healthy posture parallel lifting and tilting for maximumhandling capacity integrated storage compartmentComfort and ergonomicsRotatable driver’s workplace – relief for the driverC

The perfect electric forklift truck for every application Best suited to the short transport of different loads, tight turning manoeuvres in narrow aisles or loading and unloading of containers: no two forklift applications are the same. And Linde's range of electric forklift trucks is just as diverse. With a basis of 40 different models,