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Executive Summary Market Opportunity: NIU Health provides an innovative model that delivers 24/7 virtual and in-personmedical/urgent care to possibly 1M Hawai’i Residents including the insured and uninsured Advanced Technology: Secure and reliable artificial intelligence cloud-based patent pending technologyplatform with 24/7 Telehealth and engagement capabilities Significant Market: goal to capture 500 k users by year 3 with ability 300 k consults annuallyproviding low-cost access that works with existing payer/provider networks and businesses Strong Team: Leveraging the best talent with decades of experience in the Hawai’i healthcare system Strategic Partnership Opportunities: working together with medical care organizations and businessesNIU Health Opportunity OverviewConfidential and Proprietary2

The ProblemCovid-19 has exacerbated a challenged healthcare system20-30% of the Hawai’i workforcehas lost health insurance coverageHawai’i has a shortage of 700full-time physiciansOut of pockets health costs aregrowing 2X as fast as incomeThousands8003.9% ofincome 2,500600Spike inEnrollment Dueto COVID-194001500%Increase200 38% cian FactorsDemandShortage 1,500Incomeduring sameperiod grew 19.9% 1,000 500 Claims Due lPhysicianDemandFTE20102016Annual Amount of DeductiblePaid for Health CareConcerns about safety, cost, and access to care are reducing visits to health careproviders, causing many clinics to struggle and many Hawai’i Residents to avoid orunable to seek the care they need.NIU Health Opportunity OverviewConfidential and Proprietary3

The NIU SolutionA new model to deliver healthcare in Hawai’iNIU is an accessible, cost-effective, sustainable careapproach that coexists with the existing healthcare systemHigh quality healthcare at lowcostDisrupts the traditional payment model to enable high quality care at avery low cost for all Hawai‘i Residents, even those with private orpublic health insurance24/7 AccessCreates 24/7 virtual and physical medical care using local care providersvia a state-of-the-art telemedicine and health hub infrastructure thatleverages advanced artificial intelligence diagnostic capabilitiesUser friendly website, IntuitiveApp-based interfaceOffers a full suite of health care services through a user friendly, easyto-use IoS / Android App and websiteScalable, resilient and securetechnology platformBuilds a secure and reliable artificial intelligence cloud-based patentpending technology platform that is scalable and extendable to enablenew services and delivery regionsAI based Business IntelligencePlatformLeverages analytics to develop insight on users and to improve servicesand productsNIU Health Opportunity OverviewConfidential and Proprietary4

The NIU PlatformNIU is designed to attract and engage membersGettingMyself HealthyFast, convenient and no/low costaccess to quality careNIUSocialHubHealthy Hawai‘iSocial Media ForumText-basedConsultCommunityof InterestHealthInfoVital nDispensaryLaboratoryServicesGetting EngagedIn My HealthEducation and information fromtrustworthy sources“Healthy Hawai‘i Todaywith Dr. T”Online ProgramVideoConsultManagingMy HealthOngoing support to achieve andmaintain health goalsProductsMarketplaceDifferent from transactional telemedicine services and traditional urgent care centers, NIU is aplatform with high-value services that will create a long-lasting “sticky” relationship with usersNIU Health Opportunity OverviewConfidential and Proprietary5

NIU Business ModelMultiple revenue sources offset health care delivery costsSubscriptions Individual subscriptions Corporate subscriptions Med-QUEST MCO feesCare Delivery Prescription dispensing– Pre-paid prescriptions atcompetitive prices– Lifestyle drugs atdiscount rates withstrong margins Diagnostic lab servicesAdvertising andSponsorship In-App / Websiteadvertising Local sponsorshiparrangements Affiliate for productadvertising andmarketplaceAdvertising revenue will have an increasing share as the NIU user base growsNIU Health Opportunity OverviewConfidential and Proprietary6

The MarketNIU will be serving 1M Hawai’i Residents in the next 3 ibers800InitialThousandsHealth Hub ona0Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5NIU’s sticky engagement model willcreate a base of non-subscriptionusers in addition to subscriberspaying for access to health careNIU Health Opportunity OverviewYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5NIU’s easy access and low-costcare delivery model will createrepeat users which will drivesubscription renewal revenueConfidential and ProprietaryNIU will build 13 Health Hubs overa 3-year period, starting on O‘ahuat launch and expanding to otherislands beginning Year 27

NIU Market OpportunityNIU has a differentiated positioning in the marketMore ConvenientAccess and SpeedPure Telehealth“New” PrimaryCareHigher CostPatient and PayerLower CostPatient and PayerTraditional UrgentCareEmergency RoomTraditionalPrimary CareLess ConvenientAccess and SpeedNIU Health Opportunity OverviewConfidential and ProprietaryWith it’s Health Hubs, NIU is adifferentiated solution compared totraditional Telehealth companiesproviding lower cost healthcarethan all other solutions8

Strategic Partnership PossibilitiesMedical Care Organizationsand local businessesCost Reduction and Containment- 24/7 access to NIU Health platform and semi contactless Health Hubs will improve the care ofHawaii residents by filling in the “healthcare gaps” by increasing access and reducing costs- Leverage NIU’s AI based advanced diagnostics telehealth platform- Leverage NIU’s social content, community groups and media platform to extend reach and tofurther engage patients of all ages.Enhance care services for patients- NIU becomes a new low-cost alternative- Leverage NIU’s 24/7 health hub services- Dedicated content channel on NIU’s platform 2kDI9iY0U7E- Leverage NIU’s advertising monetization platformNIU Health Opportunity OverviewConfidential and Proprietary9

Growth StrategyNIU Health will build a community to engage with high-valuemedical care and servicesLaunch Subscriptions Prescriptions and labs Advertising and sponsorshipLaunch Launch O‘ahu with 2-3 Health Hubs Website, IoS and Android applicationsGrowth Big Island, Maui and Kaua‘i Additional Health HubsGrowth Targeted advertising Data monetizationLaunch Medical, mental health, dermatology Medication dispensing and basic labs Health products and local marketplace4.Monetize theEngagementLaunch NIU-curated content for Social Hub Mainstream social media presence Heavy PR and targeted advertisingGrowth Non-medical partner referrals(e.g., fitness, health coaching) Expanded health products marketplaceGrowth Local events Guest content providersNIU Health growth strategy creates a business model built on continuous engagement withusersNIU Health Opportunity OverviewConfidential and Proprietary10

The NIU Executive TeamExecutive TeamDr. Tony Trpkovski, Chairman, Founder and CEO Practicing in local community for over 15 yearsDoctors of Waikiki / Urgent Care, Co-Founder and Principal, September 2018 to presentTrpkovski Advisory group CEO 2014 to presentWound-tech CMO from 2018-2020Co-inventor True Hero Shields- sold over 600 K units to dateStraub Clinic and Hospital, Primary Care Physician and Hospitalist, 2012 to 2018Kaua‘i Medical Clinic, Chief of Medicine, 2006 to 2012Paul Coelho, DNP, APRN-RX Chief Nurse Executive Doctors of Waikiki / Urgent Care, Advanced Practice Nurse, January 2019 to presentCardiology Associates Inc, Honolulu, Advanced Practice Nurse and Registered Nurse, 2012 to 2018University of Hawaii Clinics at Kakaako, Nurse Manager, 2015 to 2017Ricky Lew, Chief Technical Officer University of Nevada-Reno Computer ScienceUniversity of Arizona MBANIU Health Opportunity OverviewConfidential and Proprietary11

NIU Health OhanaNiu Health Opportunity OverviewConfidential and Proprietary12

Doctors of Waikiki (Operational Metrics) Operating since November 2018 Averaging 80-100 patient visits per day ( to date 30 k new patient encounters ) Waikiki’s only urgent care clinic open 8am – midnight 365 days a year Providing primary care and urgent care services to both Hawaii tourists andresidentsNIU Health Opportunity OverviewConfidential and Proprietary13

The NIU Team AdvisorsBoard of AdvisorsSudhir Ispahani, CEO Alpha Global Partners Global voice in the development of Telecommunications and Broadband, built the worlds largest Broadband Network as Chairman of theTechnology Board and CTO, Liberty Global. Active investor in Silicon Valley and host of a Global PodcastDr. Raymond Choi, Stanford Hospital, MD Anderson, Houston Co-founder and general partner of Valley Capital Partners, focusing on early-stage technology investments in AI, fintech,cybersecurity and health technologies. Stanford-trained physician, practiced at Stanford University Hospital and MD Anderson, Houston TXPaul Trpkovski, Entrepreneur & Inventor Filed and sold over 40 US & International patents in multiple industries 6MCEO/Founder – Gearhead Archery a manufacturer of high-end archery consumer products 2M sales, 9 patentsBoard of Directors – Cardinal Glass Automation, a division of Cardinal Glass 800 annual salesDirector of Engineering, Northwestern University Sensory Motor Performance ProgramDr. Nikesh Kotecha, Stanford University VP of Informatics at the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy (PICI), San Francisco CA. Consulting faculty member in the Computational and Systems Immunology program at Stanford University and advisor atStartXMed, a Stanford startup accelerator. PhD in Biomedical Informatics from Stanford University, a BS in Biomedical Engineering from Boston University and over 15 yearsof experience building analytic applications to address scientific and informatics problems in healthcare.NIU Health Opportunity OverviewConfidential and Proprietary14

Paul Coelho, DNP, APRN-RX Chief Nurse Executive Doctors of Waikiki / Urgent Care, Advanced Practice Nurse, January 2019 to present Cardiology Associates Inc, Honolulu, Advanced Practice Nurse and Registered Nurse, 2012 to 2018 University of Hawaii Clinics at Kakaako, Nurse Manager, 2015 to 2017 11 Ricky Lew, Chief Technical Officer