Table of ContentsAbout the Cybersecurity Professional Bootcamp03Preparing Learners for Cybersecurity Jobs04What You Will Learn05Commitment to Success06Program Structure07Teaching Methodologies08Five-Step Cyber Education Process09Program Flow10What's Included12Industry Certifications13The HackerU Difference14Program Breakdown by Course15Course 1: Introductory Course15Course 2: Microsoft Security15Course 3: Computer Networking15Course 4: Cloud Security16Course 5: Linux Security16Course 6: Network Security16Course 7: Cyber Infrastructure & Technology17Course 8: Introduction to Python for Security17Course 9: Offensive Security: Ethical Hacking17Course 10: DFIR & Threat Hunting18Course 11: Game Theory Strategy in Cybersecurity18Course 12: Career Services18Program Summary19

Cybersecurity Professional BootcampAbout the CybersecurityProfessional BootcampImagine the following scenario.You arrive at work, ready to start your day. You open a browser and navigate to your company’s website, only to find that a hackergroup’s logo has replaced the content your team has worked so hard to build. The damage to your company’s reputation doesn’t stopwith the obvious fact that it was vulnerable to a security breach. The trust that your company has built with its clients is gone in aninstant, as any sensitive information that was stored in the website’s database is now in the hands of the malicious attackers, and ismost likely already on the dark web.Information theft is continually on the rise and can cost businesses untold sums of hard-earned revenue, but another alarmingtarget is our critical infrastructure. While many businesses are improving their ability to implement effective preventative measures,by the time they have caught up with the latest attacks, “in the shape-shifting world of cybersecurity, attackers have already movedon to indirect targets, such as vendors and other third parties in the supply chain,” a recent report states. “It is a situation that createsnew battlegrounds even before they have mastered the fight in their own backyard.”1 To add to the list of threats, cyber criminalsalso target the growing array of IoT devices, pacemakers, and automobiles, posing a threat not only to our finances and privacy, butalso to our health and safety.Now more than ever, we must address the growing shortage of qualified cybersecurity professionals, not only to protect our sensitivedata and personal safety, but also to defend our livelihood and ensure the integrity of the systems we rely upon every day. The needfor more qualified cybersecurity professionals is not only linked to the increase in the types of attacks, but also the sheer volume.According to the Herjavec Group, “2020 was the worst year on record in terms of the data breaches that occurred[.] A staggering 36billion records were exposed, many of which were vulnerable due to poor hygiene, and a rise in social engineering threats.”2The cutting-edge Cybersecurity Professional Bootcamp was developed in partnership with thought leaders in the industry toaddress these needs. This bootcamp prepares you to enter the workforce in under a year as a highly qualified, entry-level professionalwith the in-demand experience employers are looking for to help defend our most vital assets.The 400-hour program offers a fully immersive experience with comprehensive virtual training labs that allow you to benefitfrom hands-on, digital simulation exercises in online classes taught by cybersecurity professionals. Thought leaders and industryexperts work together to develop state-of-the-art course materials to ensure that you always receive the most current information.Instructors are insiders with a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise who guide you through everything you need to know,preparing you to sit for top industry certification exams* and enter an exciting, fast-paced field that is constantly evolving.A unique Introductory Course allows you to gain a foundational understanding of cybersecurity so you can determine whetheror not it is the right career path for you before committing to the full program. This 30-hour course teaches the fundamentals ofcybersecurity, and an assessment is provided at the end to determine your suitability for the field. At the culmination of the introcourse, you will consult with your Admissions Advisor to determine whether or not you will continue to the full, 400-hour program.You will also have access to a full suite of career services to help you build resumes, create professional online profiles, and developinterview skills and techniques. Integrated throughout the program, this valuable guidance prepares you to enter the workforceempowered with the knowledge you need to enter a rapidly growing, in-demand field and build a successful career.* The program includes an extra four dedicated sessions for test preparation. Certification exams are not conducted aspart of the program and require additional costs not included in tuition. While the curriculum provides the knowledgeneeded to perform well on industry exams, the New Jersey Institute of Technology Cybersecurity Professional Bootcampis not a test-preparation program, where the primary focus is the learner’s performance on the exam. This program isdesigned to teach in-demand knowledge for today's workforce.1. State of Cybersecurity Report 2020, Accenture Security2. 2021 Cybersecurity Conversations for the C-Suite: Securing the Post-COVID Paradigm Shift, Herjavec Group3

Cybersecurity Professional Bootcamp4Preparing Learners forCybersecurity JobsDesigned for beginners with little to no technical background, as well as those with some prior knowledge, the NewJersey Institute of Technology Cybersecurity Professional Bootcamp provides you with the skills and experience thathiring departments look for in qualified cybersecurity personnel. If you are a gifted problem-solver, good at puzzles,love figuring out how things work, or have a strong affinity for technology, cybersecurity could be the right field for you.This program qualifies learners for a variety of cybersecurity and IT roles,* including: Network Security Engineers Network Security Technicians Network & System Security Administrators Cybersecurity Crime Investigators Systems Security Managers Cybersecurity Analysts Systems Security Engineers Security Operations Center (SOC) Analysts Cyber Network Defenders IT Security Managers Vulnerability Assessment Analysts IT Support Engineers Cybersecurity Operations Specialists Network Operations Center (NOC) Technicians*Job titles listed do not necessarily reflect entry-level positions.Experts predict that the globalcybersecurity market will beworth 300B by 2024.—ForbesThe accelerated programs powered by HackerU help reskill and upskill learners intoday’s fast-growing digital economy. With over a decade of experience as the world’spremier digital skills and cybersecurity education provider, HackerU works with toptier academic institutions, government organizations, and global enterprises to offeradvanced workforce and professional development programs in digital technology.

Cybersecurity Professional Bootcamp5What You Will LearnThe Cybersecurity Professional Bootcamp provides you with the knowledge and skills that will prepare you toenter the cybersecurity workforce.The Foundations Principles of cybersecurity research Domain name system (DNS) Networking and network attacks Shares and permissions Installing and operating Windows and LinuxOperating Systems (OS) Disk management Windows Client, Windows Server 2012,and Enterprise iOS fundamentals File system and error handlingMitigation, Tools & Security Measures Network security, traffic analysis, andcommunications Windows and Linux OS and security The cyberattack cycle, countermeasures,and defense techniques Active Directory (AD), PowerShell, group policy Endpoint security and switch security IPv4 and IPv6 static routing procedures Dynamic routing procedures Security policies and authentication Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP), InternetProtocol (IP), routing, and subnetting VLAN and Trunk Cloud security and advanced cloud computing Virtualization and containers Command-line interface (CLI), bash scripting,host security Practical cryptography Firewalls and VPN technologies Intrusion Protection Systems (IPS) and IntrusionDetection Systems (IDS) Honeypots and data loss prevention Mail security Security Information and Event Management(SIEM) and Security Orchestration,Automation & Response (SOAR) Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and IndustrialControl Systems (ICS) Secure architecture implementation Programming and scripting with Python Creating Python automations for securityand operations Data types and conditions, loops, and functions Ethical hacking concepts Network scanning, cross-site scripting (XSS),and file inclusion Mitigating man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks,brute-force attacks, social engineering, infrastructureattacks, structured query language (SQL) injection,and Windows and Linux privilege escalation Web application security Game theory to prevent and mitigate attacks»

6Cybersecurity Professional BootcampWhat You Will Learn»Data Analysis and Forensics Digital forensics, incident response,and data acquisition Digital Forensics and Incident Response(DFIR) simulation Windows live and dead analysis Threat hunting procedures Network forensics Static and dynamic malware analysis Linux forensics Malware defense and persistence Memory analysis, log analysis, and timelineCommitment toSuccessIn support of a revolutionary educational model that ensuresa quality match for each learner entering the full program, theadmissions process maintains the competitive integrity of eachindividual by assessing the aptitude of prospective programparticipants and their comprehension of the subject matter.The 30-hour Introductory Course provides you withfoundational knowledge through introductory material, virtualhands-on training, and critical thinking methodologies thatimpart an understanding of cybersecurity essentials. Thisapproach allows you to be certain cybersecurity is a fit for youbefore deciding with your Admissions Advisor whether or not toproceed to the full, 400-hour program. An assessment exam atthe end of the Introductory Course gives you the opportunity toevaluate your progress and suitability for the field.

Cybersecurity Professional BootcampProgramStructureStructured around evening and weekend course schedules, this intensive, 400-hour program is designed forworking professionals.The New Jersey Institute of Technology Cybersecurity Professional Bootcamp teaches you everything you needto defend digital information, implement security measures, respond to cyberattacks, and protect businessand consumer data. The curriculum provides a comprehensive education in the fundamentals of cybersecuritythrough virtual lectures and participation in virtual cyber labs, real-world digital simulations, and individual andgroup exercises.The program provides you with the foundational understanding and the practical, immersive experience that willhelp you gain entry into the field of cybersecurity. You will put foundational theories and methodologies intopractice through projects and virtual hands-on training exercises that are designed to provide you with the skillset and foundational understanding you need to succeed in the field of cybersecurity.30-Hour Introductory CourseTo allow you to determine your suitability for the field beforecommitting to the full program, the 30-hour IntroductoryCourse provides you with an understanding of the fundamentalprinciples of cybersecurity. This approach also ensuresclassroom success by facilitating the advancement of only thosewho have the passion and skills that are necessary to ultimatelysucceed in a cybersecurity career.Global CertificationThe Cybersecurity Professional Bootcamp prepares you for thefollowing IT and cybersecurity certifications*: CompTIA Network CompTIA Security AWS Certified CloudPractitioner CompTIA CySA LPI Linux Essentials (ISC)2 SSCP** Cisco CertifiedCyberOps AssociateCyber LabsYou will learn to identify vulnerabilities on web, server,mobile, and desktop platforms and create secure defensesthat protect against a variety of threats through immersivecyber labs and real-world simulations. This virtual hands-onenvironment provides you with the knowledge, training, andexperience that make you a highly qualified candidate who isprepared to enter the field of cybersecurity.Career ServicesBecause education alone may not be sufficient to help you getthe job you are looking for, the Cybersecurity ProfessionalBootcamp provides you with the knowledge, skills, and hands-onexperience through digital simulations and virtual hands-on labsthat prepare you for a successful career in cybersecurity. CareerServices include three dedicated workshops that allow you tohone your interview skills, create and finesse a professionalresume, and build a LinkedIn profile. You are provided withthe opportunity to connect with our official hiring partners,and individualized career coaching and internship placementassistance are integrated into the program.* The program includes an extra four dedicated sessions for test preparation. Certification exams are not conducted as part of the program and requireadditional costs not included in tuition. While the curriculum provides the knowledge needed to perform well on industry exams, the New JerseyInstitute of Technology Cybersecurity Professional Bootcamp is not a test-preparation program, where the primary focus is the learner’s performance onthe exam. This program is designed to teach in-demand knowledge for today's workforce.** Learners must have a minimum of one year of cumulative work experience in one or more of the seven domains of the SSCP Common Body ofKnowledge (CBK) in order to be certified.7

8Cybersecurity Professional BootcampTeaching MethodologiesThe program is nimble and adaptable, much like the cybersecurity industry itself. Classes are conducted in live,synchronous, virtual classroom environments. This innovative teaching style provides you with the opportunity tolearn in an environment that is aligned with the profession and allows you to balance your education with your otherresponsibilities. We have applied foundational elements from our advanced teaching methodologies that include:Advanced RemoteEducation TechnologiesYou can take advantage of industry-leading remote technologiesthat increase the comprehension level of course material. Theability to instantly message instructors, virtually raise your handduring class, and collaborate with peers via remote workspacesensures you have the tools you need to master even the mostintricate concepts.Synchronous, Virtual,Live ClassroomsExpert instructors lead online classes, which are structured onreal-time interactions and are held on a regular basis. Lessonsstem from top-tier instructional methodologies and areenhanced with cloud-based chat software that allows live, virtual,hands-on interaction between you and your instructors.Live, Hands-on Practice LabsHundreds of real-time, monthly lab exercises allow you topractice the skills you learn in the virtual classroom by yourselfand alongside your instructor to ensure in-depth comprehension.Virtual lessons provide you with the opportunity to apply theskills from real-world scenarios to solve problems in a remoteworking environment.Career Services WorkshopsThree career services workshops provide you with the resourcesyou need to successfully prepare for a job interview. Thededicated Career Services team is prepared to support youwith building resumes, training for interviews, and creatinga LinkedIn profile. The team also connects you with hiringpartners to help you land the job of your dreams.Online Q&A Sessionswith InstructorsYou can request clarification on challenging concepts or askfor feedback from instructors through virtual, instructor-ledquestion and answer sessions. This community environmentpromotes teamwork and collaboration that translate outside ofthe classroom.A Library of RecordedClassroom SessionsCurated by industry professionals, course materials are consistentlyupdated to reflect new technologies, tools, and developments andare made available for you to review at your convenience. Recordedclassroom sessions provide you with the opportunity to revisit anytopics that were discussed during a lesson.Taught by Experts in the FieldClasses are taught by instructors who are leaders in theindustry and who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertiseto the learning environment. You will benefit from instructors’current industry expertise as well as from their unique insider’sunderstanding of the fast-paced field of cybersecurity.Extended Virtual Office HoursInstructors offer extended virtual office hours to provide youwith additional support outside of lectures. You are encouragedto prepare your own questions regarding lessons as well as anyconcerns about your progress in the course.

Cybersecurity Professional BootcampFive-StepCyber Education ProcessThe Five-Step Cyber Education Process combines unique teaching methodologies with a continually updated curriculum to ensureyou receive the highest caliber of education. The process is the result of over a decade of proven research conducted by globalcybersecurity experts. This revolutionary model ensures that you finish the program armed with the competitive skill set you need toenter today’s job market as a competitive candidate.01 Talk to Us02 One-on-One Meetings03 Introductory Course04 The ProgramTo assess your aptitude as a prospective learnerand determine the most appropriate placementin our programs, schedule a consultation with aCybersecurity Admissions Advisor.In the 30-hour Introductory Course, you will learnthe fundamentals of cybersecurity and explore yourexpectations of working in cybersecurity versus thereality. This course provides an opportunity for youto determine your suitability for the field. At theend of the course, a summary exam and instructorevaluation are used to determine your future inthe program.05 Career ServicesUpon determination of placement, you will meetwith an assigned advisor to further discuss theprogram, career expectations, and job opportunities.Meetings can be held over the phone or throughvideoconferencing.A well-rounded instructional approach instills thefundamentals of theory and practical experiencethat provides immersive, experiential trainingthrough digital simulation. The program is led bycybersecurity experts and is the product of over adecade of research, teaching, and best practices.Career Services are built into the program and provide personalized interview training, internship placement assistance,and professional networking. Instructors offer one-on-one feedback on your professional resume and LinkedIn profile. Thisintegrated support increases your chances of success as you prepare to enter the field of cybersecurity.** Career Services are consultation-based only and do not guarantee job placement.9

10Cybersecurity Professional BootcampProgram FlowThe FundamentalsCoursesAdvanced CybersecurityCoursesCybersecurityInfrastructure CoursesThe Fundamentals CoursesYou will already have a grasp of basic technological concepts from the Introductory Course, such as commonoperating systems, virtualization, communication over a computer network, and the cloud environment. Fromthe first day, instructors teach content from a security perspective that is explored in-depth in each course. Theseessential courses provide you with a foundational understanding of cybersecurity. Microsoft SecurityThis course provides an in-depth understanding of Microsoft systems and the security concepts that ensuresystem protection, from the management and operation of a Microsoft domain environment (including theWindows Server 2012 OS) to the differences between newer OS versions, such as Windows Server 2016 and 2019. Computer NetworkingThis course provides an in-depth understanding of fundamental networking concepts essential forcybersecurity professionals, such as those surrounding protocols, topologies, and network devices. Thiscourse prepares you to take the CompTIA Network exam.* Cloud SecurityThe concepts taught in this course, such as the growing use of cloud platforms and how environmentsare managed and secured in the cloud, provide an essential understanding that paves the way for thepractices and labs in the advanced courses that follow. This course prepares you for the AWS CertifiedCloud Practitioner certification. Linux SecurityThis course provides an understanding of the security and hardening aspects of Linux environmentswith specific emphasis on the Kali Linux cybersecurity distribution. You will also learn how to manageand operate a Linux environment. The curriculum taught in this course prepares you for the LPI LinuxEssentials certification exam.*

Cybersecurity Professional BootcampCybersecurity Infrastructure CoursesAfter completing the courses above, you will be prepared to start searching for entry-level jobs that will allow you togain experience in the field, and you will be ready to apply for at least one relevant certificate.The courses in this category lay the groundwork for a deeper understanding of the security measures and technologiescybersecurity professionals use every day. These courses provide essential expertise that prepares you to enter theworld of cybersecurity. Network SecurityIn this course, you will learn to secure, manage, and operate network communication equipment andsystems and to implement the network security tools and technologies that are key to protecting anorganization. This course prepares you to take the Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate exam.* Cyber Infrastructure & TechnologyThis course provides you with the knowledge and practical training you need to design and maintainsecure infrastructures and technologies. Security countermeasures such as SIEM, SOAR, endpointsecurity, and more provide an essential understanding of how to effectively protect organizations. Thiscourse begins to cover the CompTIA Security and CySA certificate objectives. Introduction to Python for SecurityThis course provides you with an introduction to Python, the advanced programming language usedby cybersecurity professionals to write scripts and automate security-related tools. The informationyou learn in this course also gives you a fundamental understanding of object-oriented programming.Advanced Cybersecurity CoursesThe courses until this point have established the practical knowledge, cybersecurity best practices, and the toolsyou need to prevent cyber attacks. To prepare you to address an attack that has already occurred, the advancedconcepts in this category provide you with an understanding of different types of attacks, the attack kill chain, how toimplement an attack, how to respond to an assault that is already underway, and how to mitigate it. Offensive Security: Ethical HackingTo train you to discover and exploit system vulnerabilities, penetrate organizational infrastructures,hack into web interfaces, and execute and defend against a variety of cyber attacks, this course providesyou with knowledge, tools, and an understanding of a hacker's perspective. This skill set will help you tobe a better defender as you prepare for a future career in ethical hacking and penetration testing. DFIR & Threat HuntingThis course, as an introduction to Digital Forensics and Incident Response, provides a foundationalunderstanding of the dynamics of working on a Security Operations Center (SOC) team and how tohandle cyber attacks in real time. The material taught in this course prepares you for the CompTIASecurity , CompTIA CySA , and (ISC)2 SSCP** certification exams.* Game Theory Strategy in CybersecurityAs you implement Game Theory fundamentals and apply them to cybersecurity defense, you will alsobegin to understand how a hacker thinks. This course teaches you a creative approach to problemsolving and a method of decision-making that helps you solve cybersecurity problems on your own.* Certification exams are not conducted as part of the program and require additional costs not included in tuition. The program meets the objectives ofthe certificate throughout the program. Additionally, we are offering two non-mandatory extra sessions per certificate for Network , Linux Essentials,CyberOps, and Security exam preparation.** Learners must have a minimum of one year of cumulative work experience in one or more of the seven domains of the SSCP Common Body ofKnowledge (CBK) in order to be certified.11

12Cybersecurity Professional BootcampWhat's IncludedExperientialLearning12 SpecializedCoursesProfessionalNetworking3 DedicatedCareer ServicesWorkshops4 DedicatedTest PreparationWorkshops400 ProgramHoursPrerequisites While you should be technically inclined, no backgroundin the field is needed. Professional evaluation and admissions exam

Cybersecurity Professional BootcampIndustry CertificationsThe New Jersey Institute of Technology Cybersecurity Professional Bootcamp sets you up for success by providingyou with the fundamental knowledge you'll need to prepare for the industry’s most recognized exams. Thepreparation and experience you receive in this intensive program helps you stand out to employers while trainingyou for an exciting career in cybersecurity defense.*Preparation assistance for Certification Exams** includes the following†: CompTIA Network AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner LPI Linux Essentials Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate CompTIA Security CompTIA CySA (ISC)2 SSCP††Learners who complete the Cybersecurity Bootcamp are prepared for a career defending the world’s mostsensitive information, critical infrastructures, and digital assets for business and industry. The knowledgegained in this program also prepares you to take essential industry certifications. The extensive opportunitiesin cybersecurity extend to the private and governmental sectors. For those who wish to enter the InformationAssurance (IA) workforce, the following baseline certifications from the list above have been approved by theDepartment of Defense‡ (DoD): CompTIA Network CompTIA Security CompTIA CySA Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate (ISC)2 SSCP††The above certifications are considered by the DoD to be among the necessary qualifications for IA personnel.Opportunities for the DoD include various roles, such as Information Assurance Technicians (IATs), Identity andAccess Management (IAM), Information Assurance System Architects and Engineers (IASAEs), and CybersecurityService Providers (CSSPs). Opportunities are available for Analysts, Infrastructure Support, Incident Responders,Auditors, and Managers.‡ ‡* While the curriculum provides the knowledge needed to perform well on industry exams, this program is not a test-preparation program, where theprimary focus is the learner’s performance on the exam. The program is designed to teach in-demand knowledge for today's workforce.** Certification exams are not conducted as part of the program and require additional costs not included in tuition.† The test preparation workshops are not mandatory and are not part of the program curriculum. The workshops are designed to provide extra resourcesand help for learners who wish to take specific exams.†† Learners must have a minimum of one year of cumulative work experience in one or more of the seven domains of the SSCP Common Body ofKnowledge (CBK) in order to be certified.‡ The certifications are DoD-Approved 8570 Baseline d-approved-8570-baseline-certifications‡‡ DoD guidelines listing certification requirements for various IA roles can be found 70-baseline-certificationsDoD guidelines subject to change. It is the individual’s sole responsibility to check DoD documents for changes.13

14Cybersecurity Professional BootcampThe HackerU DifferenceThe information and critical methodologies participants learn in thisprogram are based on the National Cybersecurity Authority’s manual onCyber Defense Methodology. A world leader in cybersecurity defense,Israel recommends the best-practice strategies and methodologiespresented in the manual to all organizations in the country. Learnersenrolled in the HackerU-powered Cybersecurity Professional Bootcampreceive the same caliber of training as Israel’s elite cybersecurityintelligence forces.

Cybersecurity Professional Bootcamp15Program BreakdownBy CourseCourse 1Introductory Course30HoursThe Introductory Course teaches you the essentials ofdefensive cybersecurity and IT so you can decide, from a fullyinformed perspective, whether or not cybersecurity is theright career path for you. At the end of the course, a summaryexam and one-on-one assessment with an Admissions Advisorallow you to examine your future in the program. Mostimportantly, this course discusses your expectations of workingin cybersecurity versus the reality. This method ensures thatonly those with the passion and skills to become successfulcybersecurity professionals advance into the extendedprogram.The Introductory Course teaches concepts of virtualization, thefundamentals of networking, and the essentials of the Linuxand Windows operating systems. Through immersive virtualexercises that enhance experiential education, you will learnhow to run basic commands while gaining an understandingof cybersecurity countermeasures and defense techniques,computer communication protocols, basic operating systemstructures, and the Cyber Attack Cycle.Course 240Microsoft SecurityHoursCompanies around the world manage their computers andnetworks with Group Policy Objects on Wind

The Israeli National Cyber Directorate 15 Program Breakdown by Course 16 Course 1: Introductory Course 16 Course 2: Microsoft Security 16 Course 3: Computer Networking 16 Course 4: Cloud Security 17 Course 5: Linux Security 17 Course 6: Network Security 17 Course 7: Cyber Infrastructure &am