AGRESSO BASICS (26/03/2015)Finance Department (01970) finance-office/information-for-staff/abw/AGRESSO BASICS – CONTENTS1. Agresso Home Page2. Favourites.3. Recently used .Page 3Page 5Page 61 Page

AGRESSO BASICS (26/03/2015)Finance Department (01970) finance-office/information-for-staff/abw/2 Page

AGRESSO BASICS (26/03/2015)Finance Department (01970) finance-office/information-for-staff/abw/1. AGRESSO HOME PAGEOnce signed in you should see a screen similar to below known as the Home PageDABAA.CThe menu pane contains the areas of Agresso that you have beengranted access to.When an option has been selected in the menu pane the main screen(B) will display the different items available to you within that menuoption.If you believe you do not have the necessary access pleas contact thefinance department by email on [email protected] or by telephoneon (01970) 628430.3 Page

AGRESSO BASICS (26/03/2015)Finance Department (01970) finance-office/information-for-staff/abw/BB.The main screen displays all the options available to you from the the option you have selected fromthe menu pane (A).CC.The widget pane displays the items you have selected to add toyour favourites and the items you have most recently used.The widget pane will only appear on the Home Page.DD.The main area at the top of the Agresso page is the shortcutpane, this area contains:FavouritesRecently usedStaff IDAlertsTasksSearchThe entire above are available in the shortcut pane, the pane isavailable within all Agresso screens and will display a drop downmenu of all the items once clicked.4 Page

AGRESSO BASICS (26/03/2015)Finance Department (01970) finance-office/information-for-staff/abw/Another area at the top of Agresso is the tab section; once an item has been opened it will be displayedalong the tab area next to the menuEach new item opened with be displayed under a new tab, to close a tab you will need to click thewithinthe tab, if there is unsaved data within that tab you are closing a popup will appear asking if you wish tocontinue without savingBy clickingin the tabs will return you back to the Home Page and keep you all your active tabs open.2. FAVOURITESAs you work through Agresso you will noticeon each page. By clicking on this icon you will add thedefault layout of the page you are on to your favourites list which can be accessed on the favourites widgeton the home page or by the shortcut pane at the top of Agresso.One you have added a page to you favourites the icon will then appear likealready a indicate that the page isTo remove an item from your favourites return to that page you wish to remove and click the iconappears asso it.5 Page

AGRESSO BASICS (26/03/2015)Finance Department (01970) finance-office/information-for-staff/abw/3. RECENTLY USEDOnce you close a page you are using on Agresso the page will be added to your recently used items for easeof access Left hand image from the shortcut pane.Right hand image from the widget pane.6 Page

D. The main area at the top of the Agresso page is the shortcut pane, this area contains: Favourites Recently used Staff ID Alerts Tasks Search The entire above are available in the shortcut pane, the pane is available within all Agresso screens and will display a drop down menu of all the items once clicked. B C D