New York StatutesWhere to Find New York StatutesIn BooksMcKinney’s Consolidated Lawsof New York Annotatedfound in a law library (including ours)Consolidated Law Servicefound in a law library (though not ours)On lineThe NYS etf.cgi?COMMONQUERY LAWSThe NYS om/new-york/WestlawMcKinney’s Consolidated Laws of New York AnnotatedLexisNexisConsolidated Law ServiceMcKinney’s Consolidated Laws of New York Annotated(Books in a Law Library)319 Volumes broken into Titles (e.g., Criminal Procedure Law) Each Title is a Chapter (e.g., Criminal Procedure Law is Chapter 11-A)McKinney’s CollectionVolumesBookTitle of StatuteVolumesBook112-82Constitution (not a statute)92½10-122BAgriculture and Markets Law13-143Alcoholic Beverage Control Law143AAlternative County Government Law153BArts and Cultural Affairs Law16-194Banking Law195Benevolent Orders Law20-236Business Corporation LawStatutes (a volume on using statutes)Abandoned Property LawPage 1 of 18Title of Statute

VolumesBook24754858Title of StatuteVolumesBookCanal Law25-537BCivil Practice Laws and RulesCivil Rights Law55-589Civil Service Law10ACooperative Corporation Law59-6010BCorrection Law61-6211County Law63-8211ACriminal Procedure Law8312Debtor and Creditor Law84-9014Domestic Relations Law9115Economic Development Law92-10216Education Law10316AEminent Domain Procedure Law10416BElder Law104-10617Election Law10717¼Energy Law108-11517½Environmental Conservation Law11617AEmployers Liability Law117-12217BEstate Powers and Trusts Law123-12818Executive Law12918 ½Financial Services Law12918AGeneral Associations Law130-13619General Business Law137-13820General City Law13821General Construction Law139-14423General Municipal Law145-14723AGeneral Obligations Law148-14924Highway Law14925Indian Law150-15827Insurance Law159-16429Judiciary Law (Including Rules ofProfessional Conduct and Code ofJudicial Conduct)165-17329A(Pt 1)Judiciary Law— Court Acts: FamilyCourt17429A(Pt 2)Judiciary Law — Court Acts: Court ofClaims17529A(Pt 3)Judiciary Law — Court Acts: NYC Civiland Criminal Court Acts176-18130Labor Law18231Legislative Law183-18432Lien Law18432ALimited Liability Company Law18533Local Finance Law186-18834AMental Hygiene Law18935Military Law19035AMultiple Dwelling Law19135BMultiple Residence19235CMunicipal Home Rule — Statute ofLocal Gov’ts19336Navigation Law194-19537Not-For-Profit Corporation Law19637BParks, Recreation and HistoricPreservation Law19738Partnership Law198-21039Penal Law (including Sentencing Charts)21140Personal Property Law212-21341Private Housing Finance Law214-22542Public Authorities Law22643Public Buildings Law227-23444Public Health Law23544APublic Housing Law23645Public Lands LawPage 2 of 18Title of Statute

VolumesBookTitle of StatuteVolumesBook23746Public Officers Law238-23947Public Service Law24047ARacing, Pari-Mutuel Wagering andBreeding Law24148Railroad Law24248ARapid Transit Law243-24549Real Property Law246-24949½Real Property Actions andProceedings Law250-25449AReal Property Tax Law25550Religious Corporations Law256-25950-½26050ARural Electric Cooperative Law26152Second Class Cities Law262-26752ASocial Services Law26852BSoil & Water Conservation Districts Law269-27055State Finance Law27156State Law27156AState Administrative Procedure ActLaw27157State Printing and Public DocumentsLaw27157AState Technology Law272-27658ASurrogates Court Procedure Act277-28659Tax Law287-29061Town Law29161ATransportation Law29262Transportation Corporations Law293-29762½Uniform Commercial Code298-30462AVehicle and Traffic Law305-30663Village Law30763AVolunteer Ambulance Workers’ BenefitLaw30863BVolunteer Firefighters’ Benefit Law309-31364Workers’ Compensation Law314-31965Unconsolidated LawsPage 3 of 18Title of StatuteRetirement and Social Security Law

Q: How do I find something if I don’t know the statute title?A: There is a General Index and Popular Name TableEvery year there is a new indexThere are 5 Volumes than are theindex:A to C; D to H; I to O; P to S; andT to Z. The T to Z volume also hasthe Popular Name Table.If you want to find assault statutes,you would look in A to C. If you wantto find the “Lemon Law” you wouldlook in Popular Name Table (in T to Z)Page 4 of 18

This is a page from the General IndexThis is a page from the Popular Name IndexPage 5 of 18

Breaking Volumes DownTitles are divided several ways.For the most part, titles are broken into Article. is divided into.What it isTitlesCollection of all of the statutes under that titleTitlesArticlesCollection of similar statutesArticlesSectionsThese are the individual statutesSectionsSubdivisionsThis is the first division of a statuteSubdivisionsParagraphsThis is the second level division of a statutePenal Law (Chapter 40).This is the Chapter titleRobbery (Penal Law Article 160)This is the Article titleRobbery in the second degree (Penal Law §160.10)A person is guilty of robbery in the seconddegree when he forcibly steals property andwhen:This is thestatute1. He is aided by another person actuallypresent; orThis is subdivision 12. In the course of the commission of the crimeor of immediate flight therefrom, he or anotherparticipant in the crime:This is subdivision 2(a) Causes physical injury to any personwho is not a participant in the crime;or(b) Displays what appears to be a pistol,revolver, rifle, shotgun, machine gunor other firearm; or3. The property consists of a motor vehicle, asdefined in section one hundred twenty-five ofthe vehicle and traffic law.Page 6 of 18These areparagraphs(a) and (b) ofsubdivision 2This is subdivision 3

How to read this statuteThis statute contains four different types of robbery in the second degree: Penal Law § 160.10 (1): A person is guilty of robbery in the second degree when he forcibly stealsproperty and when he or she is aided by another person actually present. Penal Law § 160.10 (2) (a): A person is guilty of robbery in the second degree when he forcibly stealsproperty and when he or she in the course of the commission of the crime or of immediate flighttherefrom, he or another participant in the crime causes physical injury to any person who is not aparticipant in the crime. Penal Law § 160.10 (2) (b): A person is guilty of robbery in the second degree when he forcibly stealsproperty and when he or she in the course of the commission of the crime or of immediate flighttherefrom, he or another participant in the crime displays what appears to be a pistol, revolver, rifle,shotgun, machine gun or other firearm. Penal Law § 160.10 (3): A person is guilty of robbery in the second degree when he forcibly stealsproperty and when he or she The property consists of a motor vehicle, as defined in Vehicle and TrafficLaw § 125.Robbery ArticleSectionSection Title§ 160.00Robbery; defined§ 160.05Robbery in the third degree§ 160.10Robbery in the second degree§ 160.15Robbery in the first degreePage 7 of 18

Quick Tour of McKinney’s in the BookThis is the Spine (what you see when the books are on the shelf):Volume NumberChapter TitleThe sections in this volume from the Penal LawWhether there are Practice Commentaries in this TitlePage 8 of 18

This is the cover:This is the copyright page (it tells you the year the main volume came out [in this case 2010] and if it is not thepresent year [this one is not], you will have to also use the pocket part):This is the copyright (2010)Page 9 of 18

Here is the cover of the pocket part (it is usually in the pocket in the back of the main volume):Always make sure that the sections in thepocket part match the sections in the mainvolumeThis pocket part covers all the statutes thatwere amended and all the cases from 2010to 2014Page 10 of 18

ContentsMcKinney’s Consolidated Laws of New York AnnotatedPenal Law (Chapter 40)This is the Chapter TitleRobbery (Penal Law Article 160)This is the ArticleRobbery in the second degree (Penal Law § 160.10)This is the SectionThe title of the Articleand the Article numberThe section NumberThis is on the header of the pagesThis is the statute word-for-word (thisis the primary law)The first set of numbers (L.1995 c. 1030)tells you when the law was created(1995: Laws of 1995, chapter 1030). Thesecond and subsequent sets of numberstell you when it was amendedThis is either where the PracticeCommentaries are or tells you wherethey are (sometimes, as here, they are atthe beginning of the articlePage 11 of 18

Notes of Decisions table of contents.Page 12 of 18

This is a sentence on the holding of thedecision as it relates to the topic(Purpose).At the end it gives you the nameof the case and the cite. Robbery [key] 11 iswhere you would find more cases on thepurpose in New York DigestsHere is a topic on cases that deal withelements of the statutePage 13 of 18

This is Penal Law § 160.10 in the Pocket PartSince Penal Law § 160.10 in thepocket part starts with ResearchReferences, this tells you that thestatute has not been amended.However, there are still Notes ofDecisions in the pocket part.Page 14 of 18

McKinney’s Consolidated Laws of New York Annotated(In Westlaw)In Find by citation youenter: NY Penal Law160.10This is what PenalLaw § 160.10 lookslike on Westlaw.Page 15 of 18

In Westlaw there are noPocket Parts.In Westlaw theSupplementalPractice Commentarycomes first.This SupplementalPractice Commentarywould be in the PocketPart.Here is The PracticeCommentary.It starts with the Tableof ContentsPage 16 of 18

Here is later in thePractice Commentary.Anything that is blueis hyperlinkedHere is the Notes ofDecisionsPage 17 of 18

Here is the topic 1 ofthe Notes ofDecisionsHere is the topic 3 ofthe Notes ofDecisionsPage 18 of 18

193 36 Navigation Law 194-195 37 Not-For-Profit Corporation Law 196 37B Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation Law 197 38 Partnership Law 198-210 39 Penal Law (including Sentencing Charts) 211 40 Personal Property Law 212-213 41 Private Housing Finance Law 214-225 42 Public Authorities Law 226 43 Public Buildings Law 227-234 44 Public .