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Our HeritageSeventh-day Adventist heritage dates backto May 1866, when the first Adventisthealth care facility opened in Battle Creek,Michigan. In June 1878, St. HelenaSanitarium (now Adventist Health St.Helena), opened its doors in California.For over 140 years, we have beenproviding compassionate care tocommunities in the western United States.

The Communities we serveMission:Living God’s love byinspiring health,wholeness and hopeAt-A-Glance Faith-based, non-profitintegrated health systemOver 20 hospitals with morethan 3,200 beds295 clinics (hospital-based,rural health and physicianclinics)14 home care agencies8 hospice agencies4 joint-venture retirementcentersOur growing workforce of35,000 includes associates,medical staff physicians,allied health professionalsand volunteersONEAdventistHealth3

Being Data Driven Means WelcomingBrilliantCreate a selfservice cultureDrive strong dataliteracyMission OwnerLoveCreate an opensharing cultureBe CuriousCreate an objectiveand inquisitive cultureTreat data asintellectual propertyForce for GoodDrive impact by providinginsights to strategic,operational and clinicalquestionsA Data Driven Organization makes decisions, implements strategy and changes behaviors based on objective and trusted insights and analysis4

2020 Analytic PrioritiesORGANIZATIONAH Analytics LeadershipCenter of ExcellenceData LiteracySLAs/IntakePLATFORMSOracle ADW (EDW)GoldenGatePayor Acquisition OnboardingData Model Expansion & Self ServiceGOVERNANCEAnalytics Strategy & Technical RoadmapMedically Home/Tele MedClinical Top DecileRev CycleLabor Productivity/SPCSupply ChainSTRATEGIC ALIGNMENTPrioritization and Oversight CouncilData CatalogRole Based Self-service and Single Point of Entry AnalyticsLives Served (EMPI) /Centralized Payor Model5

Modern Data Warehouse Implementation

Burning Platform End of life: Environments were not being maintained Strategy: Strategic and analytic Initiatives are dependent on next generations tools Finance, HR, Clinical, Rev Cycle, Supply Chain, etc.Cost savings: Remote hosted EDW was expensive Acquisitions, EMR upgrades, clinical record, real-time data, use case expansionOne source of truth: Adventist has multi data platforms Patch’s 2 years behind plus stability and data model concernsNeeded to decrease costOwn our own destiny: Vendor dependent Timelines/roadmaps, policies on external data, Data model restraints7

What This Will Enable in the Future A Single Source of Truth Faster and More Stable Data Processing Will create a platform to accelerate our journey for using near real time data processing vs waiting for nightlybatch processingBetter Security New platforms are combatable with new technology required for more advanced data modeling, machinelearning and natural language processingMove from Retrospective to Concurrent Analytics We will be able to handle large volumes of data and significant concurrent users without experiencing longdelays or job failuresEnable Advanced Analytics We will be able to combine Clinical, Financial and operational data moreMeet Security requirements of full monitoring, logging and person activity trackingIncrease Data Quality New platforms are combatable with technology required for Governance needs. Documented and searchabledata will increase transparency and trust in data. Master Data Management to support knowledgemanagement catalog for measures, rules, definitions, etc.8

Why Oracle?Oracle SaaS CustomerOracle Platform Customer HCM, ERP, EPM, etc Databases, OAC, APEX, etc 3rd Party ToolsData SecurityCost Model Oracle supports our other technicaland analytic partners Partner in Legal, Risk,HIPPA and BAA Pay as you use, flexiblecatalog9

Implementation: Scope Lift and Shift New Content/Functionality Build: Configure and copy 30T 11g DB to Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud (ADWC)Dashboard and Report: 160 views, 400 ReportsSecurity: Implement Cloud Security Model & Oracle Data SafeAcquisition Integration: New Market (Rideout)AP Integration: Remittance advice integration moved from AS400Large EMR Upgrade Change: one domain/Change Informatica ETLs (400 jobs)Audit and Reconciliation: Enhance Data Architecture for auditing new table dimensionsPeople/Process Insource Accountably: Insourced leadership and 10-person team to AH employeesOriginalFinalLift and ShiftNov 19Jan 20New Content/FunctionalityOct 19Mar 20People/ProcessDec 19Dec-19 - Apr-2010

Implementation: ArchitectureBeforeAfter11

Outcomes: PerformanceQuery: Single SessionEDWADWCADWC(8 CPU)(8 CPU)(16 CPU)1 Tableau Session23 Minutes9 Minutes10 Minutes2 Tableau Sessions23 Minutes25 Minutes10 Minutes2 Tableau Sessions and 1 SQL Developer Session25 Minutes23 Minutes10 MinutesTestQuery: Multi-sessionEDWADWC(8 CPU)(16 CPU)Tableau: Query Joining 13 Tables with a Large Data Set33.7 Minutes10.3 MinutesTableau: Complex Query with a Lot of Calculations41.3 Minutes4 MinutesTableau: Live Connection58.5 Seconds21.2 SecondsTestDBA TimeBeforeAfterPerformance Tuning25% FTE10% FTEMaterialized Views295 Hours/Each StorageN/A25% FTEN/AIndexing12

(No Longer) Burning Platform End of life: Environments not being maintained Strategy: Strategic and analytic Initiatives are dependent on next generations tools AH now has one source of truthCost savings: Remote hosted EDW was expensive We can now leverage next generation toolsOne source of truth: Adventist has multi data platforms Cloud guarantees we stay up-to-dateDecrease cost 65%Own our own destiny: Vendor dependent We are now in full control of our data13

(No Longer) Burning Platform14

2 Tableau Sessions and 1 SQL Developer Session 25 Minutes 23 Minutes 10 Minutes Query: Single Session Query: Multi-session Test EDW (8 CPU) ADWC (16 CPU) Tableau: Query Joining 13 Tables with a Large Data Set 33.7 Minutes 10.3 Minutes Tableau: Complex Query with a Lot of Calculations 41.3 Minutes 4 Minutes Tableau: Live Connection 58.5 Seconds .