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PROGRAMINTRODUCTIONDear Future Reseller,Thanks for your interest in the AppMachine Reseller Program.With AppMachine you have a great tool to grow your revenue with mobile app building.Build your apps fast, no coding required, for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8.The program is specifically created for everyone with a growing passion for creatingapps for clients. Whether you are a marketeer, graphic- or web designer, web company,RESELLERapp developer, sales person or someone who would like to start their own app business,AppMachine can suit all your needs.Among the many program benefits, resellers receive white label solutions and significantdiscounts off AppMachine’s list prices.As a new reseller, we will guide you through the startup period with all the support youneed and even a full app review. Our sales guide will help you sell your apps for the rightprice while our successful reseller stories will inspire you to create and sell apps to yourclients.Please read this guide carefully. We will contact you in a few days to discuss youropportunities.Kind Regards,Arne [email protected] 31 58 700 97 22Skype: ArnepostmaAPPMACHINE BV RESELLER VERSION 1.0

RESELLERPROGRAMTABLE OF CONTENTSExpand Your Business Today!4Benefits5How Do I Sell Apps?6A Reseller Story8Why Your Clients Want Apps10Reseller Bundle Subscription11FAQ12Sign Up13“Most companies and small businesses still thinka mobile app costs 20K or more. They are flabbergastedI can deliver a professional app for a fraction of the cost.Harry Wildeboer, Reseller AppMachineHarry’s succes story - page 6APPMACHINE BV RESELLER VERSION 1.0

EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS TODAY!Your clients want a mobile presence!There are so many businesses out there that need and want a mobile presence. You canbe the one to provide it to them.68% of SMBs believe having a mobile app would help them sell more and engage betterwith their customers. However 78% do not currently have a mobile solution or mobileapp for their business.Source: Endurance Group survey, February 2015Kinvey surveys 20% of millennials are ‘Mobile Only’ and only 1 in every8 websites is responsive, which drastically reduces the ability to connect with yourpotential customers!For Whom? For you!All you need is a passion to start your own app business, some sales skills, a little bit ofcreativity, a small professional network to start with, and an AppMachine Reseller Bundle.Depending on your skill level, AppMachine offers a basic and advanced mode. You canmodify pixel-level design details including image, padding, hex color codes and iconnavigation. Advanced developers can even write their own JavaScript and connect toweb services to create unique functional blocks of their own. You don’t have to be adeveloper to start your own app business with AppMachine’s intuitive and user friendlysoftware.Why our resellers join AppMachine?Our white label program, building native apps without coding and user friendly software.98%ofourresellerswouldrecommend AppMachine to afriend or colleague.63%of our resellers never builtor published an app before.Our resellers are very satisfied with the fast app creation, user friendlinessand publishing in the app stores. We received a 5H rating on these functionalities!That’s why you should choose AppMachine to build your apps with and grow revenuewithin your own app business.Source: AppMachine Reseller survey, May 2015Start your own app business today!

YOUR BENEFITSName Your Own PriceYou determine the price you charge your customer for designing and building the appand the monthly hosting and maintanance fee. See page 11 for an example pricingstructure and more information.White Label AppsAs a reseller you can use our unbranded app previewer to demo your apps to yourclients. By doing so, it is not visible that the app has been created with AppMachine.In published apps, AppMachine branding is normally visible. In the white label apps, allvisible associations with AppMachine have been removed.White Label CMS For ClientsYour clients can manage parts of their apps themselves: edit information in the app, sendpush messages and track analytics.Reseller SupportDo you have any questions? Need technical support quickly? You will be assigned adedicated account manager, a higher priority for your support tickets and excellentphone support from our help desk.Optional: Get Listed On Our WebsiteYou can be featured as a Licensed AppMachine reseller on our website and app-buildingplatform. Clients with little time can hire you with a few simple clicks. Everyone who isenthusiastic about AppMachine but doesn’t have the patience or time to build an app willbe able to connect to you. If clients ask for help in building or designing their app, we canrefer them to you.Sales AssistanceWe help you sell your apps by providing sales documentation, market trends andwhite label marketing material.

HOW DO YOU SELL APPS?The demand for app developers is growing and prices of apps are falling, so the besttime to start your apps business is now. But where to start? What to charge your clients?Let these examples be your guide.Historically, getting an app for both iOS and Android has been expensive. Even thesimplest apps delivered by developers and creative agencies would start at a minimumof 10,000 USD. Complex apps generally run from 15,000 USD to 100,000 USD forjust one platform.Expr amici plengAppMachine changes this opportunity dramatically by reducing the time and HR costsassociated with app building. To help you set up your business, we provide you withthree levels in app building with rough guidelines what of to expect and what to charge.Startup fee (in USD)Design only 600123Simple app 1000 Design of the app.Designing & creating asimple app. no coding.1 to 2 daysdays to weeksComplex appAdvanced 2000 5000 Create a more complex appand design, no coding.days to weeksGo for the code and design;advanced app building.weeksMonthly maintenance costsYou can also ask for monthly fee for maintenance and hosting of the app. For example 100 USD to 149 USD, depending on the complexity of the app.

Become AppMachine reseller today!Our resellers give us a 5 H rating (out of 5) for theuser friendliness of our software,the fast app building processand the quality of our support.

ARESELLERSTORYA RESELLER STORYAPP DEVELOPMENTSMART INTERACTIVEFrom music apps and the real estate market inMiami to Panama’s leading national newspapers:Smart Interactive delivers a broad range of apps andis growing steadily in the US and Latin America. Andthey even found a niche in modern communication.Smart Interactive covers a wide range of digitalservices, including marketing, design, developmentand advertising for artists, celebrities, sports andSMBs. The development of mobile apps forms a fastgrowing proportion of the company’s portfolio.Grateful to be able to offer that level of service“In fact, thanks to AppMachine, we’ve been able to gain the momentum required by thisfast-paced market where it’s important to be able to change an app when a customerrequires it. We know these changes would take weeks without a CMS like the oneprovided by AppMachine. We’re very grateful to be able to offer that level of service.”SMBs are now receptive to mobile appsThe goal of Smart Interactive is to sell 50-100 apps a year. “So many SMBs want togo mobile and they begin to understand that they can add value to their businessesby creating an additional channel of communication in order for them to grow withtheir customers, fans and followers. An app can bring all the different networkstogether and assembles all the channels of a brand’s digital communication. SMBsweren’t building apps due to the fact that they, in many cases, didn’t understandmobile software development or that they did not want to take risks due to the highcosts of making an app or support. AppMachine meets my needs completely.”Read the whole story and tips from Nicolas to become successful

A RESELLER STORYFORMER CAR SALESMANHARRY WILDEBOERWhen app builder Harry met sassyAppMachine, it was love at first sight.“Wow, is it that easy tobuild mobile apps for clients?This club is gonna make it, soI’d better join them.Harry Wildeboer, became an AppMachine reseller back in 2013 and was one of the firstto join AppMachine’s Reseller Program. “I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of theapp building software,” says Harry. “I immediately saw the opportunities selling apps toclients offered so I became AppMachine reseller and started my app business.”The Best Thing About Being Reseller? “The combination of discount, dedicatedsupport and the frequently developed new features,” Harry says. “There is also a WhiteLabel Client CMS which works perfectly fine, but I hardly use it. I’m not hiding that I useAppMachine to make my apps. Are you kidding? I’m promoting it! I think it’s trustworthyto have the support of such a large company as AppMachine.”Although he now is an experienced app maker, Harry is not the average tech drivenwhizzkid or fancy designer. “I started as a car salesman 30 years ago and became afinancial consultant later. So I already knew how to sell. Now thanks to AppMachine Ilearned how to build apps. I even started learning JavaScript.”What Is The Best Way To Sell Apps To Clients? “Just build them,” recommends Harry.“Building apps is easy and even free until you publish. You don’t have to be a salesgenius to sell apps. Simply choose some clients, build an app for them and show theapp with the previewer. Offer the app for a good price and you will sell 7 out of 10!”Read the whole article on our website:

ARESELLERSTORYA RESELLER STORY“COMMUNICATION AGENCYVAN ECK & OOSTERINKExcellent Service byAppMachine.”Communication agency Van Eck & Oosterink hastraditionally been a printing house and graphiccompany. “But times are changing, ” says CEO Renévan Eck.“Paper is no longer the number 1 information carrier.The provision of information is becoming more andmore electronic. When that became clearly noticeable in our portfolio,we decided to change our company to a full service communication agency,“Building mobile apps has to become a part of our product range, so we first madea showcase app for ourselves: Simple but Unique, an app in combination with atraditional book.”Our goal is to explore a new market: building mobile apps for SMB companies. We seea great potential in that area. By making our own app, we have proven our capability tobuild beautiful, professional apps with a clear added value. For us, the app is a marketingtool that supports our strategy.The app ‘Simple but Unique’ was built using AppMachine. “A pleasant and satisfyingexperience,” says René, who has become an AppMachine reseller. “The CMS worksgreat and the service is excellent. I just like to get to someone on the phone when Ineed information or support. AppMachine meets my needs completely.”

HOW TO CONVINCE CLIENTSTHEY NEED AN APPThere are dozens of reasons, supportedby numerous researches that tell us weneed to go mobile. But which argumentswill help you to sell apps to clients? Usethese tips and your app acquisition getsas easy as making the app itself.Consumers are switchingto mobile appsThe three most important trends forthe future? Mobile, mobile and mobileapps. People are increasingly usingtheir smartphone to purchase, pay,play, work, learn and communicate.Consumers are switching from desktopto mobile and from browsers to apps.Before people buy product (in the shopor on the internet) they mostly look onthe internet by mobile devices (fastgrowing) instead of desktop.Morepotentialcustomer loyaltyforMobile apps have more potential whenit comes to marketing and customerloyalty and, therefore, can increaserevenue.E-commerce becomesM-commerceOnline shopping will be the domain ofmobile mainly in the near future. Mobileapps can soon process transactionscompletely without the need of cash,PayPal or even credit cards.Apps make you trustworthyFor some, it may be slightly exaggeratedto say having an app in the app storesmakes your company modern, hip oreven sexy, but the term trustworthy willsurely ring a bell for most SMBs.Specific information forselected audiencesWhere a website mostly mentions all,mobile apps can be used to deliver specificinformation to selected audiences.Easy to maintain and adjustThe content of the App can be easilyadjusted.Marketing and communitygrowthThe company logo or app icon is clearlyvisible on the smartphone screen so youare only one tap away from interactionand user engagement.Mobile apps allow SMBs to enlarge theircustomer base. Not only mouth to mouth,but mouth to mouth by the appLet’s sell some apps!

RESELLER BUNDLE SUBSCRIPTIONThe Reseller Bundle is intended for designers or firms who manage apps for clients, orfor anyone who wants to publish multiple apps and maintain them. You buy a bundle ofapps, for a fixed price. For example, if you buy a 3 app Reseller Bundle, you will pay 33USD per app, per month, regular customers pay 89 USD per month!3 APPS30 APPSas low asas low as 33perapp3 Apps bundle, 99 per month.Billed monthly 10perapp30 Apps bundle, 300 per month.Billed monthly- Prices are billed monthly- Apps are native, plus and pro appsLarger bundles? Are you planning to sell more than 30 apps? Please contact us.“Building apps is easy and even free until youpublish. You don’t have to be a sales genius to sell apps.Simply choose some clients, build an app for them andshow the app with the previewer.Offer the app for a good price and you will sell 7 out of10!”Harry Wildeboer, Reseller AppMachine

FAQCan I buy multiple bundles?What are my monthly costs?Yes, you can stack the bundles.The monthly costs depend on theBundle you choose. It’s fixed price of 99 USD or 300 USD (billed monthly).Are there any other costs?Publishing apps to the Apple AppStore requires an Apple developerlicense. This costs 99 per year. AGoogle Play Developer license is 25USD (one-time fee). A Windows PhoneStore individual license costs 19 USD(annually) and a company license costs 99 USD (annually).Can I cancel at any time?Which features does theBundle offer?Once the active subscription periodfor the Reseller Bundle has ended, theapps will no longer work and will beremoved from the stores. All resellerbenefits, like no-branding and thewhite-label CMS, will be deactivated.If you would like to keep the appslive, you can activate a Plus or Prosubscription for them.The Reseller Bundle offers all thebenefits of the Reseller program, suchas :l All the features of Plus and Prol Fully White-Labeledl Client CMS Tooll Access to Client Preview Tooll Reseller supportHow can I keep track of all theapps I have published?In the Reseller section, you cancheck all your active app subscriptionsin the ‘Subscriptions’ tab. You can alsocheck the number of remaining applicenses in your current Bundle.Yes, the Reseller Bundle is a monthlyplan, you can cancel the Bundle at anytime.What happens to my apps when Icancel my subscription?

SIGN UPReady to become AppMachine Reseller?Go to ulations!You are now an official licensed AppMachine Reseller.You will immediately receive additional information about the Reseller Program.Questions?lSend an email to [email protected]

RESPONSIBILITIESYour Responsibilities As An AppMachine ResellerWe will do anything to help your app business succeed. But you taking someresponsibilities will increase your chance on a successful business.lBe clear to your customers and don’t make false promises.lEnsure that all apps submitted meet the App Stores review guidelines.lMaintain good contact with your clients.lSupport your clients in using the unbranded CMS, if necessary.Complete your profile on the AppMachine Reseller Program page, so that we canpresent you as an AppMachine reseller.lWhen you become an AppMachine reseller you will refrain from activities which could damage AppMachine or ourgood name and you will accept the Reseller terms of use.“Overall the process of building an app was verystraightforward and I appreciate that. The speed is quitegood too, even in the test environment. The rapid, iterativetesting of the app helps with our agile developmentstrategy.Very nicely done.”Alex Huppenthal, AppMachine builder


Harry Wildeboer, became an AppMachine reseller back in 2013 and was one of the first to join AppMachine's Reseller Program. "I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of the app building software," says Harry. "I immediately saw the opportunities selling apps to clients offered so I became AppMachine reseller and started my app business."