Executive Coachingand Feedback ProgramInformation SessionSamantha Stahl, Director

The McNulty Leadership ProgramStudent ofLeadershipKNOWINGStretchExperiencesDOINGFeedback &CoachingDEVELOPINGUseem, Michael (2011). The Leader’s Checklist. Philadelphia, PA: WhartonDigital PressMcNulty Leadership Program

What is Leadership Coaching?Coaching is a personalized development experiencedesigned to advance your leadership skills through astructured program including one-on-one sessionswith an executive coach.McNulty Leadership Program

Why Leadership Coaching? To become a betterleader/team member To focus on the specific competencies that contribute tointerpersonal effectiveness To gather feedback data to get better insight intostrengths and areas for development To engage in targeted behavioralleadership developmentchange forMcNulty Leadership Program

Why Leadership Coaching?80% Increased self-confidence70% Improved work performance, relationships,communication, and interpersonal skills86% Organizations recouped investmentICF Global Coaching Client Study, 2009McNulty Leadership Program

Why Leadership Coaching?“To attain exceptional levels of performance,subjects must undergo a very long period ofactive learning, during which they refine andimprove their skill, ideally under the supervisionof a teacher or coach.”- Ericsson & Charness, 1994Ericsson, K. A. & Charness, N. (1994). Expert performance: Its structure andacquisition. American Psychologist, 49(8), 725-747.McNulty Leadership Program

The Wharton Leadership CompetenciesCommunicationTeamworkLeveraging CultureInfluenceDecision MakingDiplomacyEmotional IntelligenceMcNulty Leadership Program

Wharton Character Index StrengthsGritGenerosityCoachabilityMcNulty Leadership Program

Evaluators whohave experiencedyour professionalbehaviors and theresults of thosebehaviorsMix of professionalcolleagues & fellowstudentsTalk with eachrespondentpersonally beforesending theassessmentinvitationUse our invitationtemplate found inthe FAQ’s onMyWharton/MLPwebsiteWhen to Ask Need 5 newevaluatorresponses togenerate a reportHow to Ask Who to Ask.Wharton Leadership 360 Assessment &Wharton Character IndexYou receivedaccess on June 1if you haven’tinvited evaluatorsdo so now!Your respondentswill receive theassessment onceyou enter them intothe Qualtricssystem.Assessments mustbe completed byJune 24.McNulty Leadership Program

What is Leadership Coaching?MENTORINGCONSULTING THERAPYCOACHINGThoughtMy experienceis I know how I am an expert.This is what youare paying me totell you.I will help youheal from thecause.How can Isupport yourlearning? Wherewould you like togo from here?Statement“This is how Iwould do it.”“This is how todo it.”“Tell me aboutyour past.”“This is how youshould do it.”“What was it youwent through?”“What have youtried? How hasthat served ordisserved you?What else ispossible?”Direction,method,technique, &informationProbe,psychoanalyze,deep reflection,come to termsActionGuidance &adviceExplore,experiment,learn new waysof working,thinking, doing,personally andprofessionally.McNulty Leadership Program

Minimum of 5 yearsexperience, majoritywith over 10 yearsCoached SeniorExecutives, HighPotentials andEntrepreneursEDUCATIONEXPERIENCECoaching BenchMasters & PhDICF CertifiedKnowledgeable inleadershipdevelopmentMajor globalcorporationsMcNulty Leadership Program

Program ScheduleMcNulty Leadership Program

Room ReservationsWEST:EAST:Class Weekend? Reservea room at the Front Deskfor a Case Study room.Class Weekend? Sign upat the SCC Front Desk fora Case Study room.Not a Class Weekend?Reserve space throughthe u/campus/openspace/Not a Class Weekend?Reach out to your ClassManager or book a GSRin Huntsman Hall here: Leadership Program

Program ScheduleEnrollment Opens Today- Review via the Email/MyWharton post and fill out the enrollment survey.Enrollment Closes June 24Assessment FAQ’s- Completing the Wharton Leadership 360 and Wharton Character Index and having a generated report isa requirement for ECFP- You need at least 5 external evaluators and your completed self assessment to generate a report- For anonymity, we cannot share who has/has not completed your evaluation. Reach out to all evaluatorsand thank those who have completed, and ask those who haven’t to do so by June 24.McNulty Leadership Program

Q&AQuestions after the Session?Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may think of after thepresentation by e-mailing [email protected] StaffSamantha StahlBrian LojewskiAssociate DirectorProgram ManagerMcNulty Leadership Program

Atul Gawande on Coaching - TEDMcNulty Leadership Program

McNulty Leadership Program Communication Decision Making Diplomacy Influence Emotional Intelligence Leveraging Culture Teamwork. Wharton Character Index Strengths . presentation by e-mailing ECF[email protected] Program Staff Q&A McNulty Leadership Program Brian Lojewski Program Manager Samantha Stahl Associate Director.