GSH Identification Solutions B.V.E-mail: [email protected] 0184 421 859LABEL PRINTING AUTOMATION SOFTWARESENTINEL saves time and prevents errors by eliminatingunnecessary manual processes, centralizing and integratingyour printing system with your business

What is SENTINEL?TEKLYNX’ SENTINEL is the only centralizedprint management software that takeslabel printing from the desktop to theserver room for true enterprise printing SENTINEL Print Pack and SENTINEL DataExchange offer cost-effective, scalablesoftware solutions that eliminate costly,custom, host-side programming.With SENTINEL, you get: A print management software that allows enterprise-widelabel printing from one central location An event-driven, high performance software that canprocess all label printing data regardless of format A Solution that runs as a service on Windows 10, 8/8.1,Windows Server 2016, 2012/2012 R2, 7SP1, Server2008 SP2/R2 SP1 x32/x64 A software that works with CODESOFT label design software A host application that can run on any platform and anynetwork connection (LAN/WAN/WiFi)The Mapper allows you to create and configure mapfiles, which willbe used for analyzing your data files. A map file describes thestructure of the data files for analysis and assigns the mapped data tothe corresponding variables in the label document. And because ofits unique mapping capability, any system can connect to SENTINEL.

Who is SENTINEL for?For large enterprises and industry corporations such asautomotive, pharmaceutical, chemical, electronic, industrialmanufacturing or distribution who want to remain hardwareindependent, SENTINEL can: Integrate the printing process into thecompany’s core job application and businessworkflow Trigger print jobs from an external software orprogram such as an ERP system Manage hundreds of printers in multiplelocations from your serverFor small to medium size companies who don’t havethe time for the daily demands required by LabelPrinting, SENTINEL can: Automate the printing process Integrate seamlessly with CODESOFTlabel design software Exchange information with databases suchas Oracle, MS SQL Server, MS Access etc. Support over 3000 thermal transfer, thermal,inkjet and all Windows printers.

What is SENTINEL Print Pack?SENTINEL Print Pack automates the printing of barcode,compliance or RFID labels created with CODESOFT label designsoftware through:1. Data Input —Data can arrive via a TCP/IPport, as a data file saved toa “watch” directory, as a fileprinted to a virtual printer, orvia a Data CollectionServer.4. Output —(Optional)Data can be savedfor archiving or as input toanother watch.2. Processing —Data is then processedbased on predeterminedrules (defined as a “map”)and printed through theprint engine.3. Reporting —(Optional)Reporting informationcan be e-mailed in realtime toan administrator to indicate aproblem or activities canbe logged for historicalpurposes.

What is SENTINEL Data Exchange?As the name implies, SENTINEL Data Exchange is all about exchanging data,and is specifically designed to meet the growing needs of AIDC integration.ERP Systems and Databases2. SENTINEL Data Exchangeprocesses the collected dataand updates the host system(inventory levels)MobileApplications1. A product is scanned as itleaves inventory. Data is sentto SENTINELData Exchange server3. SENTINEL Print Packalso uses the collecteddata to print a shippinglabelThermal/Windows PrintersSENTINEL Data Exchange has all the functionality of the SENTINEL Print Packproduct, and also includes the following additional plug-ins: Web Service Client process plug-inuses a sentinel to call web servicefunctions along with parametersfrom received data. Database process plug-inprocesses data received from aninput plug-in and updates, insertsor deletes records in one or multipledatabases. The Database plug-incan also activate stored proceduresin a database. Web Server input plug-incollects data from webapplications and canprocess the data using anySENTINEL process plug-in.

Why should I get SENTINEL?Single SolutionOne integrated solution, versusmany different ones, to bridge thegap between host systems andAIDC printers and devicesFlexibleMultiple systems, multiple printersScalableSENTINEL can grow with yourbusiness quickly and easilywithout custom programmingUniqueOnly TEKLYNX offers a bridge thatsupports all of your AIDC needson the shop floor from datacollection to label printingWhat is SENTINEL Backup Server? SENTINEL Backup Server (also known as SBS) — is the key application inproviding the added level of security to any SENTINEL installation. SBS allows a secondary server to remain up-to-date so as to actas a backup in case the primary server fails.With SENTINEL’s Backup Server (SBS), you can rest assured that yourvaluable information remains safe and protected at all times.Cross-Compatibility LABEL ARCHIVE — can be easily integrated into the architecture ofyour system and work alongside SENTINEL to give an added layer oftraceability to your label printing and print management process.Plus! With LABEL ARCHIVE, you can manage and control your labelsand set approval rules to ensure that no label gets printed unchecked. CODESOFT — the label design application that gives you the ability toeasily design a label, connect it to a database, or add complexbarcodes using its intuitive interface.

How does SENTINEL work?When processing data files, SENTINEL works in the following way:1. A Data file is created by ERP application softwareThe data file serves two purposes: it includes the variable information for barcode labels it initiates the request to SENTINEL2. SENTINEL "watches" for the DataSENTINEL receives data sent from the host.MobileApplicationsLabel Printing41World Wide WebLabel Printing2534ERP/EnterpriseSystemThermal/Windows PrintersLabel PrintingMobileApplications3. SENTINEL processes the DataSENTINEL maps the data to a label design based on a predefined configuration.4. SENTINEL prints the Label5. SENTINEL reports the outcome of the jobUsing the CODESOFT print engine, labels can be printed to over 3000 thermaland Windows printers locally, remotely or on a network.

SENTINEL means Security and ReliabilitySENTINEL has been available since 1997 and is used by tens of thousands ofclients in 120 countries.ReferencesFrance 33 (0) 562 601 080Moët & kwellAutomationSanofiSchneider ElectricSiemensSwarovskiTAG HeuerTetrapackToyotaUPSUPSAValéoVandemoorteleYves Saint Laurent3M Germany 49 (0) 2103 2526 0Actemium, Acteos, Adonix SageX3, Apriso FlexNet, Baan,Cegid Produflex,Divalto, Generix, IFS,Infologic, Infor ERP XA,Intentia Movex M3,JDEdwards, Microsoft Navision,Oracle, Orchestra Software,Ordirope Minos, PeopleSoft,Qad, Reflex ERP,Rockwell Automation Pharmasuite, Sage, SAP, Silverprod, Sylob.Avery Dennison, Brady, Cab,Citizen, Datamax O’Neil, Epson,Honeywell Intermec, MarkemImage, Printronix, Sato,ToshibaTEC, TSC, Zebra.Singapore 65 6908 0960USA 1 (414) 837 4800 Copyright 2019 Teklynx Newco SAS. All rights reserved. TEKLYNX, SENTINEL, CODESOFT and LABEL ARCHIVEare trademarks or registered trademarks of Teklynx Newco SAS or its affiliated companies. All other brands andproduct names are trademarks and/or copyrights of their respective 19ArkemaBaxterBayer AGBébé 9Becton DickinsonBioMérieuxBMWBoironBoschBrioches PasquierCampofríoCargologic AGChanelDaimlerChryslerDelphiFriesland CampinaGeneral MotorsHennesy CognacJardilandL’OréalLegrandLouis VuittonPartners

A Data file is created by ERP application software The data file serves two purposes: it includes the variable information for barcode labels . Infologic, Infor ERP XA, Intentia Movex M3, JDEdwards, Microsoft Navision, Oracle, Orchestra Software, Ordirope Minos, PeopleSoft, Qad, Reflex ERP,