CodeGreenHigh Performancefor NewBuildCurtainWall SystemThe practical guide to using PVC-U windows and doorsin new build private, social and commercial properties

Why Trust Profile 22?Profile 22 is the UK's leadingPVC-U window and door systemscompany boasting more than30 years' experience.The best windowsare made fromProfile 22In fact Profile 22 has been dealing withhouse builders since the early use ofPVC-U in new build housing. We introducedthe original 'press to fix' window and former in theUK, which our technical team developed by working closelywith house builders. Since then we have remained at the forefront of theindustry, developing our business and products alongside house buildersanticipating the needs of this evolving market.Our products not only deliver performance advantages and unrivalledgreen credentials, but you have the benefit of an experienced teamwho are committed to offering you consistent and reliable supportyou can count on.2

Practical StepsThe government's commitment to reducing carbon emissionsProfessional Servicehas led to the introduction of the Code for Sustainable Homesand a long-term goal to create carbon zero homes.The Code introduced in 2007 is now a strategic driver in theongoing review of the Building Regulations and the future ofsocial and private house building and development in the UK.As a buyer in the new build market, you will be more thanaware of the pressures that legislation has put the housebuilder under.There is confusion and misinformation in the marketplace andProfile 22 can guide you to the best option for your project.We know you expect high standards, reliable deliveries and consistenthigh quality. Profile 22 and its network of Approved CommercialManufacturers provide this as standard – bringing you a positiveexperience through a professional service.Whatever the size of your project you will receive total commitment andunrivalled knowledge from our team, who understand the requirementsof your supply chain. You will receive:Comprehensive specification advice including the extensive choiceof products and valuable legislation informationDesign service and assistance including technical drawingsThis guide provides invaluable advice in the specification ofwindows and doors for social, private and commercial newbuild projects.Liaison with architects and surveyors to ensure the windowdesigns comply with Building Regulations and provide you withoptimal performance and points for the CodeClear project planningComplete pricing breakdownReliable lead times and scheduled site deliveriesApproved Commercial Manufacturer with specific new buildexpertise and local knowledgeAPPRO VEDCOMMERCIAL MANUFACTURER3

Code for Sustainable HomesPrivate, Social and CommercialGoing forward Code Level 3 will be theminimum standard from April 2009 as theAccording to the Department for Communities and Local Government,Government strives to achieve zero carbonhomes account for around 27% of the UK's carbon emissions, a majorhomes by 2016.cause of climate change. As part of its commitment to reducingcarbon emissions by 60% by 2050, the government's Code ForAt Profile 22 we understand the pressuresSustainable Homes was launched.this puts the sector under and we arecommitted to working closely with houseNew houses built to the standards set in the Code for Sustainablebuilders within the private, social and commercial property arena.Homes are more energy and water efficient, produce fewer carbonemissions, boast lower running costs and are better for theProfile 22 and its experienced network of Approved Commercialenvironment.Manufacturers are already successfully working alongside house buildersand developers across the UK from design to completion, to ensure theAs you know a home can achieve a sustainability rating from one to sixbest possible sustainable products are specified, manufactured andstars depending on the extent to which it has achieved Code nine categories. One star is the entry level - above the level of theBuilding Regulations and six stars is the highest level.Selecting the right products for every elementinvolved in building a new house is crucial, everyA rating against the Code became mandatory for all new homes in Maypoint is needed to achieve the Code and ensure2008, and is already included in the Home Information Pack (HIP) forthe project is awarded the best star rating.the sale of all new homes. It allows private developers to use the Codeas a marketing tool to differentiate themselves in a highly competitiveProfile 22's portfolio of window and doormarketplace through the rating of the homes within the are not only highly thermally efficient,but they are able to use both recycled materials4For new social new housing funded through the National Affordablein their composition and be fully recycled at theHousing Programme, a minimum three-star rating against the Code isend of their impressive 35 year life-cycle, morecurrently required for any bid for funding to be accepted. Buildersthan 10 times. This ultimately will add to theinvolved in the provision of new housing for local authorities and RSL'soverall performance of the property andneed to be confident they can achieve this.importantly its final rating and certification.

Windows60mm and 70mm systemsWe offer a complete suite of profiles so the right product can be chosen whateverthe installation.Open-out windows are available in a variety of single or multi-light styles, using top hungvents, side-hung casements and fixed lights - all high performers fully compliant with theBuilding Regulations.FS70 Fully Sculptured 70mm System - This system is as close as any PVC-U to achievethe aesthetics of timber with the performance and low maintenance benefits of PVC-U.FB70 Fully Bevelled 70mm System - This bevelled suite was specifically designedfor the commercial market, it is simple to make and fit and looks great on anynew build house.FI70 Fully Integrated 70 mm System - This is our fully integrated system that features70mm profile but incorporates 60 mm sashes.FC60 - Fully Chamfered 60mm System - This system can be designed bespoke tovirtually any application because of its extensive choice of sash and bead options.Internal andexternal glazingSculptured, chamferedand bevelledThe Fully Bevelled 70mm system andthe decorative Fully Sculptured 70mmsystem are both available internallybeaded.Profile 22 systems have been designed on thebasis of full integration, utilising commonparts and offering the house builder moredesign options.The Fully Chamfered60mm systemand the FullyIntegrated 70mmsystem are availableeither internally orexternally beaded.These high performancesystems have been carefullydesigned to meet therequirements of regionalBuilding Regulationsthroughout the UK includingvariations for Wales, Scotland,Northern Ireland andfor the Republic of Ireland.5

WindowsFully reversible andhorizontal pivotThe 180 Horizontal Pivot internally beaded,60-70mm frame depth window, allows easyand safe cleaning in high-rise andinaccessible locations.Fully reversible 70mm depth, internallybeaded windows, also allow easy andsafe cleaning in high-rise and inaccessiblelocations. These windows can becompletely rotated, without intrudinginto the room space.CasementTilt-TurnAccommodates the full range of 60mm and70mm window systems for a wider choiceof product.These all-round locking, internallyglazed, open-in, 60-70mm depthwindows provide excellent securityand weather tightness.Open-out windows are available in a varietyof single or multi-light styles, using top hungvents, side hung casements and fixed lights,complies with all high performancerequirements of the UK Building Regulations.Operation provides improved childsafety and the ability to carry outinternal and external cleaning withoutrisk - a vital consideration in high-riseapplications.In the tilt mode the window offerssecure ventilation, an important factorin ground floor installations.6

ColoursA diverse range of coloured foil finishesdesigned to achieve a long-lasting, lowmaintenance and cost effective optionfor PVC-U windows and doors.Choice of finishes including white,woodgrain, cream and greyTradition with styleGeorgian barBars can be applied to oneor both sides of the windowor within the sealed unit,as requiredAvailable in white andwoodgrain foil finishesMatch traditional openingssuch as box sash or verticalsliding windows with modernperformanceExtensive selection of colouredfoils are availableLong-lasting and low maintenanceMock hornThe appearance of mock sashand case windows can beachieved combining traditionaldesign and aesthetics with themodern benefits of energyefficiency, enhanced securityand noise reduction.7

DoorsIn-line sliding patio doorsProfile 22 has designed and developedBritain's favourite in-line sliding patiodoor - PatioMaster.Slim stepped 86mm outerframeResidential doorsComposite doorsA complete suite of 60mm and 70mm doorsolutions available in a variety of finishes tomatch infill panels to complement any home.Profile 22 has created a unique 70mm framing system forcomposite doors and side panels. Its sister company Evergreen isthe leading supplier of GRP composite door slabs, cassettes andfire doors to fabricators in the UK.Internally glazed as standardOpen in or open outMedium and low thresholds(Document ‘M’ compliant)8Internal sliding panels for added security- 2, 3 and 4 paneOptional low track, low threshold systemLowline gasket co extruded to sashSix point locking system foroutstanding securityDedicated hardwareUnique 70mm framing system for composite doors and sidepanelsDedicated hardwareComplete range of GRP composite doors and fire doors withunique cassetteChamfered, bevelled andsculptured designsPAS 23 and PAS 24 enhanced securityRange of low threshold solutions (Document ‘M’ compliant)Excellent weather performance anddraft proofingEnhanced security options available

French doorsAccommodates the full range of 60mm and70mm window and door systems for a widerchoice of product.Open-in, open-out optionsDedicated floating mullionTwo handle optionsPAS 23 and PAS 24 enhanced securityBi-fold doorsHardwareManufactured from durable PVC-U, our thermally efficient, lowmaintenance range of bi-folding doors effortlessly glide open toprovide you with maximum utilisation of unobstructed space.The Safeware range of hardware is unique to Profile 22, designedespecially for our systems it covers our complete range of window anddoor products and provides you with an unrivalled choice. One of themany benefits of working with us is that we can offer you the flexibilityto choose exactly the level of security and aesthetics that you need.Thermally efficientMulti point lockingLow-maintenanceUp to 22 different stylesHigh performanceRange of finishes3 to 7 leafsAll products are manufactured to the highest levels of qualitySmooth glide rollersystemSecured by DesignFull accreditation to all relevant BSI KitemarksBacked by a 10 year guarantee9

Conservatory RoofsAluminium roofsPVC-U roofsSister-company, Quantal, specialises increating custom-made hand-finishedaluminium roofs, ideally suited to complexinstallations where design is paramount.Sister-company, Zoom, specialises in thesupply of bar length conservatory systemsclad with PVC-U.Complete roof kits glazed in glass orpolycarbonateFinished to any RAL colour requiredThe ideal solution when you want to startfabricating your own conservatoryIntelligent design requires fewercomponents, reducing stock holding,freeing up cashUnique internal timber-clad optionsUnique network support packageBespoke highly engineered solution10

Curtain WallingA purpose-developed curtain walling systemfrom Profile 22, offers architects and housebuilders best value, greater choice andflexibility for large fenestration screens.The high performance curtain walling is athermally broken PVC-U clad aluminumsystem giving superior strength aesthetics,thermal efficiency and excellent weatherperformance, fully compliant to the lateststandards and legislation.High performance, BSI testedImproved aestheticsColour design with a full rangeof colour finishesInternal and externalPVC-U cladding for colourand material matchAccommodates full range of60 mm and 70 mm windowand door systemsChoice of direct glaze insulationand spandrel panelsSimple and quick installation11

Winfast Cavity Closer and Former SystemBBA approved certificate no. 01/3827Winfast cavity closer and former system is manufactured from 98 per cent recycled PVC-U and is designed to workwith all modern methods of construction.This versatile cost-effective cavity closer system provides many benefits such as a template for window apertures,simple and effective frame location and also features built-in sealing. This means that windows can be fittedinternally, improving thermal performance and overcoming a raft of health and safety regulations. Designed towork just as effectively with timber and PVC-U window and doorframes, the system can be installed in cavitiesfrom 75 mm to 100mm.Winfast is a made to measure system designed to drop straight into the cavity without adjustment on site. Thesub- frame acts as horizontal and vertical damp proof membrane and can be used as a former as brickwork isbuilt up stabilised with specialist brick ties, PVC-U brace and shoes. It allows you to install in minutes from theinside, without scaffolding and special brackets. The secret is a unique locking system (patent applied for) thatfits the frame in place immediately. Once fitted, the frame only requires sealing under the cill and to thebrickwork at the jamb head.Window and door former for timber frame or brickand block constructionAllows windows to be fitted from the insideEnsures Building Regulations complianceincluding Document LHead vents provides overhead ventilation toApproved Document FDesigned for cavities 75mm - 100mmWindow frames fixed by a unique cam system - nodrilling requiredWindow frames retained within a sealed rebate,improving thermal efficiency and weather resistanceFast fit: Time saving of up to 66% gained comparedto conventional window installationCost effective: Cost savings of up to 40% gainedcompared to conventional window installationActs as a horizontal and vertical DPM98% recycled content12

Green New Build SystemProfile 22 has developed an innovative 'green' new build windowsystem. It combines an overall recycled content of up to 60 per centwith the very latest in advanced performance energy WER rated 'A' to'C', energy efficient window technology.The window system features thermally efficient reinforcements(including sashes, transoms, mullions and outerframe) manufacturedsolely from 100% recycled composite material (RCM) and a cill with a92% recycled content, co-extruded with a virgin skin to deliver superbweather performance and superb aesthetics.It also features the new revolutionary former, fixer and cavitycloser system, Winfast, which is manufactured from 98 per centrecycled PVC-U and is designed to work with all modern methodsof construction.These innovations in PVC-U building technology have made asignificant contribution in PVC-U's recent 'A' and 'A plus' Green Guiderating from the Building Research Establishment - something that alsoscores PVC-U windows additional points under the Code forSustainable Homes.13

ReinforcerRecycled Composite Material(RCM) ReinforcementsRCM is a recycled plastic window and doorreinforcement manufactured from firstgeneration post consumer waste PVC-U.Supplied as a substitute to either steel oraluminum sections*, RCM is a sustainable andcost effective alternative that offers superb benefits.SustainabilitySustainabilityUsing Dekura, Epwin Group's dedicatedwaste collection and size reductioncompany that has sites across the UK,we are able to ensure the economic andefficient recycling of PVC-U.Closed loop recyclingProfile 22 is the first systems company in the UK to introduce recycledcomposite material reinforcements as part of our proactive stance toincrease the environmental credentials of our product range. RCMcloses the loop of the recycling process, offering increased thermalefficiency and has a minimum life-cycle of 35 years.Manufactured from Post Consumer Waste PVC-U, Profile 22'sunique and patent pending RCM reinforcement is fully andeasily recyclableCan be used on full range of PVC-U window and door profilesDelivers 20%-30% increase in corner weld strengthIt doesn't corrode or rustRCM has a screw pull out value greater than standardsteel reinforcementRCM makes windows easier to installThe price of RCM is stableRCM is less conductive than steel increasing thermal efficiencymaking it easier to achieve a higher energy rating* subject to window design criteria14Post consumer and post industrialLife-cycle optimisationEnvironmental ManagementSystem to the requirementsof BS EN ISO 14001You can discover more for yourself byvisiting or give usa call on 01952 290910The best windowsare made fromProfile 22

It's not just what we say, it's what we doNobody has done more than Profile 22 todevelop innovative high performance PVC-Uwindows and doors for the new build sector,helping builders within the social, private andcommercial new build arena to optimise theirpoints for the Code for Sustainable Homes.You can discover more for yourself byvisiting www, or give usa call on 01952 29091015

For more informationplease contact usProfile 22 SystemsStafford Park 6, TelfordShropshire, TF3 3ATT : 01952 290910F : 01952 290460W : : [email protected] 22 is an international PVC-U profile system supplied tolocal independent manufacturers and installers who contract toinstall windows, doors and conservatories. PROFILE 22 SYSTEMScannot be held accountable for manufacture or installation byindependent companies. All information in this publication isprovided for guidance only and is given in good faith.As it is company policy to continually improve products, methodsand materials, changes of specification may be made from time totime without prior notice. This statement does not affect yourstatutory rights. PROFILE 22.Part of the Epwin Group.PRO/9071

PVC-U window and door systems company boasting more than 30 years' experience. In fact Profile 22 has been dealing with house builders since the early use of PVC-U in new build housing. We introduced the original 'press to fix' window and former in the UK, which our technical team developed by working closely with house builders.