Barclay Square Red CliffsConservation GuidelinesPrepared byGarry Stanley Architect,Landscape Architect and Heritage AdvisorFor the Rural City of MilduraNovember 2013Garry Stanley4 Suffolk Street Paddington NSW 202102 [email protected] Square Red Cliffs, Conservation GuidelinesNovember 2013

Introduction.Barclay Square Red Cliffs, was identified in the Mildura Planning Scheme, HeritageOverlay as HO303. This report has prepared a detailed inventory of each of the buildingswhich contribute to the character and significance of the Square. The objective of the studyhas been to provide details on each building facade as a guide to the future conservation,maintenance and development of the precinct.History of Redcliffs.Red Cliffs was developed after World War One for approximately 700 returned soldiers.The 33,000 acres of the settlement were subdivided into blocks of approximately fifteenacres for the production of dried fruit. In 1920 the contract for clearing the land was given toFrank Bottrill who used the tractor “Big Lizzie” for this purpose. By 1940, 12,000 acres ofvines and citrus fruits were being irrigated. In the same year, the township comprised apost office, six churches, a SRWSC office , three banks, general stores, picture theatres,two state schools, police station, court house, hotel and public baths.History of Square.By December 1920 all of the blocks facing the public gardens in Indi and Jamieson Ave.were sold. The four corner blocks of the gardens were reserved for later 'civic' developmentof post office, bank and offices. Three of these remain. In 1922 the Diggerland theatre wascompleted, the building of the water tower in 1924, and and the post office in 1928completed the square. It was named after Councillor Barclay.Description.The commercial centre of Red Cliffs is a grid of wide streets defining the public garden ofBarclay Square: Jacaranda, Jamieson, Ilex and Indi streets. Each of the buildings are ofbrick or reinforced concrete construction. The architectural style is described as “Betweenthe Wars” or “Stripped Classicism”. The development has evolved with single storey shopswith prominent parapets, being built along the eastern side of Ilex St., and the northernside of Indi Ave. and free standing stand alone buildings of one and two storeys around thesquare (major items). This urban design scheme is shown on drawing below. All thebuildings are serviced by lanes to the rear.The shops feature cantilevered awnings often with pressed metal ceilings. Original shopfronts were constructed with small section metal frames, tiles and leadlight or colouredglass windows above door head. Originally most buildings were probably not painted but apallette of painted creams and buffs has evolved. Only one remains intact, at 25 Ilex St.The rear of the shops have service yards, accessed off lanes. Most properties have utilisedthese spaces for additions, mechanical equipment and parking. The rear of the propertieswere originally red face brick and corrugated iron.Significance.The Barclay Square is of interest as a designed and planned public open space and focusfor the Red Cliffs township. It has aesthetic significance with consistent architecture of itsbuildings, most dating from the 1920s. It has historic significance because of its associationwith the soldier settlement of Red Cliffs.Heritage Listing.Barclay Square is identified on the Heritage Overlay of the Mildura Planning SchemeHO303.Barclay Square Red Cliffs, Conservation GuidelinesNovember 2013

Heritage Policy.To implement the conservation of the heritage qualities of the heritage overlay the“Proposed Heritage Places Local Policy” recommended by Context should be referenced.The following inventory intends to give specific information with reference to the Policy inimplementing its recommendations.Red Cliffs Urban Design ConceptMethodologyAn inventory of all the buildings in the Barclay Square Heritage Overlay has been madewhich identifies buildings by street number and either current or former use.Key architectural contributory buildings, for the single storey shops: shopfronts, awningsand parapets have been noted. Recommendations are made for their conservationincluding. preservation of intact shopfronts and parapets where applicable removal of out of character signs on parapets. restoration of shopfronts including removal of paint off tiles and windows. removal of oversized screens to awning fascias. retention of face red brick to rear and sides of buildings.Key architectural contributory buildings, 'major elements' generally include overall paintingonly. The recommended paint schemes encourage creams and buffs, highlighted witheither dark reds or creams.Barclay Square Red Cliffs, Conservation GuidelinesNovember 2013

INVENTORY OF BUILDINGS IN RED CLIFFS HERITAGE PRECINCT gfasciashopfrontNew buildingPaint creamRetainRetain“Big Lizzie Fish & Chips” New buildingPaint creamRetainRetainIndi Avenue (north side)Jacaranda St. (Calder Highway)“Pizza Pasta”Retain brickwork, do not paintLane15-17 MADECOriginal building Paint creamRetainRetain tiles19-21 VacantOriginal building RetainRetainOriginal retain23Original building Restore balconyCommunity Centre25-27 ChurchRetainRetain paint schemeDiggerlandTheatre (HO111)Ilex St.29ChemistNew buildingRetainRetainRetain31“Bargain Basement”New facadeRemove signRetainRetain33VacantRemove signRetain35“8.3”37Real EstateNew shopfront39“Soy Candles”Orig. shopfrontOriginal retain41-47 “Foodworks”New buildingReduce signRetain51WestpacNew shopfrontRetainRetain53AnitaNew ShopfrontRepairRetain55-57 ButcherNew BuildingPaint parapetRetain59“Giulio's hair dressing”New ShopfrontPaintRetain61CafeNew ShopfrontPaintRet'n leadlightHeath St.Barclay Square Red Cliffs, Conservation GuidelinesRetain brickwork (side of no. 61), do notpaintNovember 2013

shopfrontIndi Avenue (South side)Jacaranda Street (Calder Hwy)2Major itemParkRefer to Heritage landscape assessmentPaint light creamToilets1Paint complete buildingFormer SRWSC officePost OfficeMajor itemRecently painted, appropriatecolours.retain38/1Commonwealth BankNew buildingRetainRetainRetain38/2FloristNew buildingRetainRetainRetain38/3ClothesNew buildingRetainRetainRetain38/4GiftsNew buildingRetainRetainRetainRetainRetainRemovepaint off tilesIlex St.40-46 NewsagentBaker LaneRetain brickwork, do not paint48Former BankMajor itemExcellent example of colour scheme50Centennial HouseMajor itemExcellent example of colour scheme52ShopNew building54DwellingFormer shop56DwellingFormer shop58Paint complete buildingFormer shopJamieson St. (North Side)Jacaranda Street (Calder highway)RetainBig Lizzie(HO104)ParkRefer to Heritage Landscape Assessment Plan.Former S Saving BankMajor itemPaint complete building similar to POCountry Fire AuthorityNew buildingRetainIlex St.LaneNo.Retain brickwork do not paintDwelling (Former Fire st.) Major itemPaint original door opening redUseRecommendationsAssessmentparapetBarclay Square Red Cliffs, Conservation GuidelinesawningshopfrontNovember 2013

No.UseAssessmentRecommendationsfasciaJamieson St. (South side)Jacaranda Street02 10 LibraryMajor itemRetain paint scheme12 14 RSLMajor itemRetain paint schemeIlex Street18Sunnyland PressMajor itemPaint border20TristanNew buildingRetain22DwellingNew buildingRetain24 28 Court HouseMajor itemRetain paint scheme30 36 Masonic LodgeMajor itemRetain paint schemeHeath StIlex St. (East side)Heytesbury Ave.15VacantOriginal shopfrontRemoveshade17VacantOriginal shopfrontRemoveshade19Red Cliffs Meat Supply21Thrift in31“Cut to Dunnas Takeway”RetainRetain39 41VacantRetainPaint offglass45VacantRetainPaint offglassOriginal shopRetainRetainRetain37Dean Lane47New buildingIndi Avenue61Commonwealth Bank67“Red Cliffs Physio Centre” New buildingNo.UseNew buildingAssessmentBarclay Square Red Cliffs, Conservation r 2013

parapetawningfasciashopfront69“Red Cliffs Takeway”New building71LaundromatOriginal buildingPaintReduce to300OriginalPaint off glass73VacantOriginal buildingPaintReduce to300OriginalPaint off glass75VacantOriginal buildingPaintOriginalPaint off glass77RadiatorsOriginal buildingPaintOriginalPaint off glass79VacantNew buildingPaintJamieson AvenueIlex St. (West side)22Paint appropriate colours.Dwelling, Former BankMajor itemVacant landDesign appropriate infill buildingChurchDiggerland Th(HO111)Retain colour schemePost OfficeMajor itemRetain colour schemeParkRefer to Heritage landscape assessmentDwelling, Former BankMajor itemIndi AvenuePaint appropriate coloursJamieson AvenueSpecific ExamplesThe following photographic examples illustrate the main points of the inventory includingrecommendations:Major Items:colour schemesSingle Storey Shops: parapetsawnings and fasciasshopfronts.Barclay Square Red Cliffs, Conservation GuidelinesNovember 2013

Major Items: Colour schemesExamples of preferred colours for major items (Indi Ave.)Cream with red or green trim, not blue.22 Ilex St.Preferred colour scheme cream, green trim2 Indi Ave.Preferred colour scheme cream, greentrimBarclay Square Red Cliffs, Conservation GuidelinesNovember 2013

Single storey shops: Parapets31 Ilex St.Remove sign & blue colour41-47 Ilex St.Reduce size of sign18 Jamieson St.Reduce impact of sign,Paint border, Portland Stone67 – 69 Ilex St.Paint parapet, Portland Stone withboarders darker tone.Single storey shops; awning fascias15 Ilex St.Remove upstand on awning edge asit obscures decorative parapets.Barclay Square Red Cliffs, Conservation Guidelines67-69 Ilex St.Sunshade panels to be constantheight & fixed below original fasciaNovember 2013

35 - 41 Ilex StSunshade panels to be constantheight & fixed below original fasciaSingle storey shops: shopfronts.39 – 41 Ilex St.Paint off glass.25 Ilex St.Retain all elements of facade and shopfront.Only complete original shop.40 – 46 Indi Ave.Remove paint off tiles.Retain colour scheme on parapet.Garry StanleyNovember 2013Barclay Square Red Cliffs, Conservation GuidelinesNovember 2013

No. Use Assessment Recommendations fascia Jamieson St. (South side) Jacaranda Street 02 10 Library Major item Retain paint scheme 12 14 RSL Major item Retain paint scheme Ilex Street 18 Sunnyland Press Major item Paint border 20 Tristan New building Retain 22 Dwelling New building Retain 24 28 Court House Major item Retain paint scheme 30 36 Masonic Lodge Major item Retain paint scheme