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CONFIDENTIALTABLE OF CONTENTSEXECUTIVE SUMMARY . 4MISSION & VISION . 7Mission Statement. 7Core Purpose. 7Core Values . 7Marketing Strategies . 28OPERATIONS PLAN . 29Location . 29Staffing and Training . 29Personnel Plan . 29PRODUCT & SERVICE DESCRIPTION . 8Customer Service . 30Overview of Products & Services . 8Purchasing Procedures. 30Problems, Causes, Solutions & Benefits . 10Quality Control Measures . 30Product & Service Advantages . 10INDUSTRY ANALYSIS . 11Industry Overview . 11Organizational Chart . 31MANAGEMENT TEAM . 32Key Management . 32SaaS and CRM Industry Size and Trends. 12COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS . 14Competitive Overview . 14Board of Directors & Board of Advisors . 32FINANCIAL PLAN . 33Financial Summary . 33Direct Competitors . 15Marketing and Personnel Expenses . 35Indirect Competitors . 16Projected Profit and Loss . 37Competitive Advantages . 18Projected Cash Flow . 38Market Share Analysis . 19Projected balance sheet . 39Barriers to Entry . 19MARKET ANALYSIS . 21Current Ownership Summary . 40Addressable Market . 21Funding Request & Terms of Investment . 40B2B Market Segmentation . 22Exit Strategy . 42Ideal Customer Profile . 23Product Comparison . 44SALES & MARKETING PLAN . 24Sales & Marketing Goals . 24SWOT . 26Pricing Strategy . 27Branding . 273 P a g e The Startup Garage LLC, 2013Sample Business Plan —

CONFIDENTIALEXECUTIVE SUMMARYThe ProductSymbiosis is a revolutionary cloud-basedcustomer relationship management (CRM)platform. Symbiosis’ “Tarantula” gamificationsystem is unlike any other CRM currently availableon the market. With 70% of failed CRMs dying primarily because of a lack of user adoption, Tarantula wasdesigned to increase the level of adoption, interaction and engagement with the Company amongst all keystakeholders, including sales agents, management teams, referral partners and even existing and new customers.Symbiosis provides tradition CRM services such as contact databases, social media, email, calendar and phoneintegration, project management, accounting, marketing campaigns, sales funnels, analytics and reporting tools.Unlike traditional CRMs, Symbiosis’ gamification features ensure that it is actually used. Additionally, Symbiosisacts a loyalty program with gamification features that encourage customers and referral partners to engage withthe online Tarantula platform. Tarantula allocates points for certain actions performed by stakeholders andstakeholders are incentivized to perform these actions as they accrue rewards are various point levels.The Competition and Symbiosis’ Competitive EdgeCRMs are sold all over the internet, specifically by direct competitors of Symbiosis like Salesforce, Oracle, DynamicsCRM and Sugar CRM. All of these CRM’s offer similar tools as Symbiosis, yet none of them offer features such asTarantula nor such great prices and package deals.The Market OpportunitySymbiosis’ addressable market consists of small businesses – and the wage and salary sales workers of thesebusinesses – that need a CRM system that organizes their customers’ information easily and effectively whileincreasing sales volume and revenue. There are 27.9M small businesses in the U.S. and over 13M wage and salarysales workers in the U.S. as of 2010. North America currently is the largest CRM market, reaching 10B in sales sofar for 2012. The major target markets for Symbiosis consist of small businesses in the fields of education,manufacturing, retail & wholesale and utilities as these industries use CRMs the most.The Sales and Distribution StrategySymbiosis will sell its CRM through 3 primary sales channels: online, sales representatives and partnering resellerindividuals and businesses. Symbiosis will drive traffic to the website via an aggressive online marketing campaignand will build market awareness via print ads and PR while eventually offering seminars, sponsorships and TVcommercials. Symbiosis’ offers a free trial package for customers to demo the CRM. Small business with up to 10seats are charged 20 per month, businesses with 10 to 50 seats are charged 30 per month and businesses with50 seats are charged 40 per month.4 P a g e The Startup Garage LLC, 2013Sample Business Plan —

CONFIDENTIALSales Growth and Revenue ProjectionsIn the first year, Symbiosis projects that it will sell 25,000 1-10 seat packages, 20,000 10-50 seat packages and16,000 50 seat packages in year 1. By year 3, Symbiosis projects that it will attract 520,000 1-10 seatbusinesses, 420,000 10-50 seat businesses and 330,000 50 seat businesses. By year 5, Symbiosis projects thatit will attract 1,930,000 1-10 seat businesses, 1,560,000 10-50 seat businesses and 1,230,000 50 seatbusinesses. The following chart depicts the Company’s projected profit and loss over the first 5 years ofoperations.Profit and Loss 100,000,000 80,000,000 60,000,000 40,000,000 20,000,000 (20,000,000)20142015201620172018 1,300,375 8,535,911 25,526,163 53,807,717 94,233,914 256,200 1,317,600 3,359,880 5,470,968 7,702,104Operating Expenses 1,161,186 9,582,911 21,343,759 42,329,194 65,801,065Net Profit (117,011) (2,364,600) 822,523 6,007,555 20,730,744Total SalesCOGSThe Management TeamSymbiosis’ founders are Bill Johnson (CEO) and John Bryant (CTO). Bill was the VP of marketing for Sugar CRM for5 years. He helped the company grow to become a dominant player in the market before leaving to startSymbiosis. Bill is striving to create a vision and direction for the company, and plans on doing so with the help ofthe rest of the executive team. John Bryant has a wide range of technological experience and skills that will greatlybenefit the Symbiosis team. For three years John was the lead User Interface Engineer for the CRM division atBizAutomation. John also has significant experience heading teams of both front- end and back-end engineers.John’s main responsibility at Symbiosis is to oversee the product development by the engineering team, as well asmanaging ongoing system improvements and repairs.Funding Request and Use of FundsSymbiosis is currently seeking seed funding of 700,000. 223,000 will be spent on startup and organizationalexpenses such as development, rent and office equipment, consultants, etc. The remaining 477,000 will be spenton sales, marketing, personnel and operating expenses. The Company anticipates seeking an additional 5,000,000 in the beginning of year 2 in order to finance capital expenditures in years 2 and 3 that will benecessary to support the Company’s growth.5 P a g e The Startup Garage LLC, 2013Sample Business Plan —

CONFIDENTIALThe Exit StrategyThe most likely exit for Symbiosis will come from an acquisition by a major player or such as Salesforce, Oracle andDynamics CRM once the Company reaches 500,000 company clients. A few recent mergers of CRM companiesinclude Oracle acquiring Virtue for 300M, Salesforce acquiring BuddyMedia for 689M, Salesforce acquiringRadian6 for 300M and Microsoft acquiring Yammer for 1.2B.6 P a g e The Startup Garage LLC, 2013Sample Business Plan —

CONFIDENTIALMISSION & VISIONMISSION STATEMENTSymbiosis’ mission is to help its clients improve CRM adoption rates, increase sales volume and frequency, gaincustomer loyalty and decrease customer service and sales costs by providing a user friendly, innovative, andpowerful CRM system.CORE PURPOSESymbiosis core purpose is to provide more efficiency and value in small business owner’s relationships so that theycan achieve their goals.CORE encyCustomerService7 P a g e The Startup Garage LLC, 2013Sample Business Plan —

CONFIDENTIALPRODUCT & SERVICE DESCRIPTIONOVERVIEW OF PRODUCTS & SERVICESSymbiosis is a revolutionary cloud-based customer relationship management tool. Like many CRM’s currently onthe market, Symbiosis helps businesses stay connected to their customers, clients, partners and employees byproviding the following features:Contactdatabases withcustom taggingSecurity &personalizationfeaturesNew clientcompatibilitysearchesSymbiosisSales funnels,analytics &reportingProjectmanagement,accounting &marketingcampaignsSocial media,email, calendar& mobiledeviceintegrationSimilar to most CRM’s, Symbiosis seeks to help companies raise their sales and revenue by providing businessintelligence and organizational tools such as contact management databases, project management tools, salesfunnels, analytics and reporting tools, and social media, email, calendar and phone integration systems.Additionally, Symbiosis is capable of running new potential client compatibility searches and online marketingcampaigns. However, what makes Symbiosis truly unlike any other CRM currently available on the market is theCompany’s “Tarantula” gamification platform.The Tarantula platform was designed to increase the level of interaction andengagement with the Company amongst all key stakeholders, including sales agents,management team, referral partners and even existing customers and new leads.As a result, Symbiosis acts as a traditional CRM with gamification features thatencourage user adoption among sales agents and management team, as well as aloyalty program with gamification features that encourage customers and referralpartners to engage with the Company and increase purchases/referrals.8 P a g e The Startup Garage LLC, 2013Sample Business Plan —

CONFIDENTIALTarantula works by allocating points for certain actions performed by each stakeholder. Stakeholders areincentivized to perform these actions as rewards are accrued at various point levels. Symbiosis and its Tarantulagamification platform were designed to accomplish the following goals:1.Encouraging customers to engage with the companyand not solely the other way around2.Increasing customer retention and loyalty3.Increasing sales frequency and volume4.Decreasing customer service and sales costsThe Tarantula platform is completely customizable to meet the needs of every potential company. Companies canspecify the types of stakeholders (referred to hereafter as users), the desired actions to be performed by theseusers, the amount of points earned for each action performed and the rewards earned at various point levels.Below are some examples of potential users, desired actions to be completed and potential rewards to be offered:Potential UsersSales AgentsManagement TeamReferral PartnerExisting Customersand New LeadsPotential Desired ActionsQualify new lead. Send proposal to new lead. Close new lead.Close 10 leads. Comment on 5 relevant LinkedIn discussionboards regarding the company’s product/service.Reach X% close rate. Sign X in monthly revenue. Upsell X inexisting customer sales.Submit qualified referrals. Like/friend on social media pages.Comment on social media pages. Share/repost online content.Watch a sales video. Submit contact information. Purchase Xproducts. Like/friend on social media pages. Comment on socialmedia pages. Share/repost online content. Submit a picture onsocial media page using the product/service. Refer a friend.Potential RewardsCommissions tied to certainpoint intervals. Bonuses.Commissions tied to certainpoint intervals. Bonuses.Increased referral rate.Discounts, promotions andfree products/services.Once a company has worked with Symbiosis to setup its Tarantula platform, users can begin creating profiles andearning points. Profiles can be created by the company or by the individual user via the online web portal that isaccessible directly through any browser. Once logged in to their profiles, users can conduct the following: Identify potential desired actions and associated point allocation Quickly complete desired actions via web applications thatautomatically complete the task (i.e. a web application thatautomatically posts on the user’s Facebook page) Track points, levels and badges earned Review and redeem rewards for points earned Track point rankings among other users and leader boards Receive game achievement alerts See what actions were recently accomplished by other users Engage with other users in forums, discussion boards and messages9 P a g e The Startup Garage LLC, 2013Sample Business Plan —

CONFIDENTIALPROBLEMS, CAUSES, SOLUTIONS & BENEFITSThe current problems in the market and the main causes of these problems are presented below:ProblemsUser-reluctance to adopt CRMDifficulty organizing and maintaining client informationSmall businesses do not have the time to manage complexrelationship management systemsToo many contacts to efficiently keep track ofDifficulty getting customers to engage with thecompany/brandDifficulty getting referral partners to actively push referralsCausesLack of timeLack of resourcesExisting CRM systems are confusing to useThe solutions that Symbiosis presents and the benefits associated with using Symbiosis are presented below:Solution: SymbiosisDesigned to be the easiest CRM system to learn to use andmanageRaises adoption rates through gamification techniquesBenefitsIncrease sales volume and frequencyLearn from contact data without using complex, confusingsystemsHaving all contacts in one easy to access and use systemHigh level of integration with social media accounts, emailcontacts, and smart phonesQuickly add contacts, find information, and customizereportsCustomizable reporting allows you to set, measure, andachieve your goalsSymbiosis takes the guess work out of what your contactsare passionate aboutSaving time while managing contactsMaximizing the value from all business relationshipsFind new, potential clientsPRODUCT & SERVICE ADVANTAGESSymbiosis’ competitive advantages include the following:Tarantula gamification tools to increase user adoptionLoyalty program application to engage customers and referral partnersSocial media, email, phone and mobile app integrationCustomizable actions, rewards, levels and bages makes the platform applicable to anyindustryState-of-the-art CRM (contact and activity management, sales funnels, financial analytics,reporting, etc)10 P a g e The Startup Garage LLC, 2013Sample Business Plan —

CONFIDENTIALINDUSTRY ANALYSISINDUSTRY OVERVIEWSymbiosis falls under the Cloud Computing Industry as a Software as a Service Provider (SaaS) as well as a CRMProvider. These industries are booming, and with new technological developments and a growing relevance inglobal markets, these industries are ripe for Symbiosis’ emergence.Industry Snapshot: The SaaS market will reach 22.1B in the U.S. by 2015 The CRM industry totaled 12B globally in 2011 and is expected to continue to grow over the next five years. The development of SaaS technology allows for CRM software to be produced at low costs, with minimalupfront expenses and rapid implementation. According to a global survey of CEOs conducted by Gartner, the majority of CEOs cited CRM as the mostimportant area of investment to improve their business over the next five years.Cloud Computing IndustryIn the past decade, there have been numerous changes in the way business is conducted online. Previously,software was an integral part of any business operation, as it was standard for numerous industries yes stillcustomizable. Unfortunately, software is a costly investment and often requires multiple updates, which can makeit difficult and costly for Company’s to stay on top of technological trends. As the IT industry continually advances,traditional software simply cannot keep up, there are too many changes, sites, needs and instant connections for1software to run efficiently in the current business world. Given the technological advancements of the cloud,Symbiosis is poised to enter the market as an innovative alternative to current alternatives while ensuring that theCompany remains relevant as the industry continues to evolve.Cloud computing has become the most cost effective and efficient development in how businesses utilize softwareand conduct everyday tasks and business. Public cloud computing can be broken down into the followingsubsectors:122 Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Security as a Service (SECaaS) Platform as a Service (PaaS) Test Environment as a Service (TEaaS) Software as a Service (SaaS) Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Storage as a Service (STaaS) APIas as a Service (APIaaS)“A Brief History of SaaS.” Modernizing Enterprise Software. Service Now. Web. Sept. 2012.Monaco, Ania. “A View Inside the Could.” The Institute. Web. 7 June 2012. Web. Sept 2012.11 P a g e The Startup Garage LLC, 2013Sample Business Plan —

CONFIDENTIALSaaS IndustryWhile many cloud computing businesses offer time and money saving processes and services, the Software as aService (SaaS) sector in particular has been the fastest growing and most popular in the cloud. As a result,Symbiosis’ entrance in the market is timely, well-positioning the Company to grow along with the industry.The cloud-based software delivery model produces on demand software to clients and consumers utilizing the webby accessing programs that are centrally stored and hosted on the cloud. Having the ability to access software viathe cloud saves companies time and money on hardware and software as well as any software maintenancesupport that previously would have been a large expense. The most popular uses of SaaS products and servicesinclude the many CRM related functions that Symbiosis focuses on: accounting, collaboration, customerrelationship management, management information systems, enterprise resource planning, human resourcemanagement and content management software.3CRM IndustryCustomer Relationship Management (CRM) is a business strategydirected to understand, anticipate and respond to the needs of anenterprise’s current and potential customers in order to grow therelationship value. Initially emerging as a database marketing tool,CRMs have benefited from waves of technological growth and nowprovide advanced tools for monitoring, tracking, analyzing and organizing customer relations.Symbiosis offers the next wave of technological growth among CRMs by providing gamification features thatincrease user adoption rates while allowing the program to simultaneously serve as a loyalty program forcustomers, clients and referral partners. In summary, Symbiosis is effectively consolidating the various segmentsthat currently compose the SaaS industry.SAAS AND CRM INDUSTRY SIZE AND TRENDSIndustry SizeCRM, SaaS and the cloud computing industry as a whole is a subsector of the Data Processing and Hosting Services4Industry, which was projected to total 81.3B in 2012 in the U.S. Leading research company Gartner estimatesthat the U.S. SaaS market in particular grew by 18% in 2012 to 14.5B and will continually expand to 22.1B by2015. Lastly, the CRM industry totaled 12B in global revenues in 2011, a 13.5% increase from 2010.53“Software as a Service (SaaS)". Cloud Taxonomy. Retrieved 24 April 2011.“Data Processing & Hosting Services.” Industry at a Glance. Web. Sept 2012.5Wingard, Nahshon. “CRM: The Evolution of Better Customer Service.” Street Directory. Web. June 2012.412 P a g e The Startup Garage LLC, 2013Sample Business Plan —

CONFIDENTIALThis recent growth in the CRM, SaaS and cloud computing industries is extremely promising for Symbiosis with6SaaS being the fastest growing area of enterprise cloud investment in 2012 and 88% of businesses indicating that7they plan on having a SaaS solution in place within the next five years. Furthermore, according to a global surveyof CEOs conducted by Gartner, the majority of CEOs cited CRM as the most important area of investment toimprove their business over the next five years.Industry Trends and Key FactorsAlthough SaaS is the most popular cloud computing service, industry shifts in how cloud computing is utilized willbe an up and coming trend for the next few years. The more robust of a service package offering the Company canprovide, including services that extend beyond the traditional CRM realm, the more likely it will be to weather outchanges and evolutions within the industry. Combining products and services that drive down costs, spurinnovation and open up new jobs and skill sets will be the fuel that will drive Symbiosis as a leader in the rapidlyexpanding cloud computing industry, beyond solely the CRM and SaaS segments. With the launch of Symbiosis’CRM, tarantula gamification and customer loyalty platforms, the Company seeks to lead the technologicalevolution towards a cloud-based market consolidation.In addition to maintaining a constant pulse on the SaaS and CRM segments of the industry in particular, Symbiosismust also develop innovative solutions within the following segments in order to establish the company at theforefront of this cloud-based consolidation: Instead of adopting a single cloud deployment method, (only using SaaS, IaaS or PaaS), companies willutilize a combination of the three in order to optimize efficiency and reduce costs within the business.Symbiosis has already begun to lead this shift with its innovative software; this consolidation mustcontinue to be a high priority for the Company. Of equal importance, it is key that Symbiosis remain relevantin the development of security for cloud services. SaaS, IaaSand PaaS developers will be working to manage security andprovide businesses with security options in order to mitigateany issues of hacking, governance or limited value for acompany. Furthermore, companies will begin to selectivelychoose which cloud services to utilize, seeking to increasethe best cloud service possible for the company. Mobile access for cloud computing has also become an important development for this industry in thepast year, with an increased need for cloud hosted solutions for smartphones and tablets. Symbiosis willneed to constantly provide industry leading products across all media platforms.67“The Latest IT Industry Statistics.” Bime. Web. 24 Jul 2012. Web. Sept 2012.Ibid.13 P a g e The Startup Garage LLC, 2013Sample Business Plan —

CONFIDENTIALCOMPETITIVE ANALYSISCOMPETITIVE OVERVIEWThe competitive field within the CRM industry is diverse with a multitude of systems-based solutions available tobusinesses.Direct Competitors:Symbiosis’ most direct competitor is Zurmo, the only web-based, stand-alone CRM system that offersgamification features to encourage user participation. Other direct competitors, such as CRM Gamified andWaveAccess, are CRM add-ons that apply gamification features to existing CRM systems. Direct competitorsinclude: Zurmo CRM Gamified WaveAccessIndirect Competitors:Symbiosis’ indirect competitors consist of web-based CRM systems that offer a wide range of businessmanagement services that are not solely focused on traditional CRM applications. Indirect competitorsinclude: MindBody Online BizAutomation Zoho Small Business WebAdditional major competitors are web-based CRM systems whose core features include contact databases,contact tagging systems, reporting systems and email/phone integration. Though these companies boast thelargest market share in the CRM industry, they do not directly compete with Symbiosis as they do not offergamification features. Indirect competitors include: Salesforce Microsoft Dynamics Oracle SAP CRM14 P a g e The Startup Garage LLC, 2013Sample Business Plan —

CONFIDENTIALDIRECT COMPETITORSThe following table provides information on the businesses that the Company has identified as direct competitors:Owner/CEOBill Johnson, CEOJason GreenHeadquartersYear FoundedWebsite URLPhone #Type of Entity# of EmployeesProduct OverviewSan Diego, sed CRM thatencourages useradoption, increased salesfrequency and volume,increased customerretention and loyalty anddecrease customerservice and sales costTarantula gamificationplatform, contactmanagement, activitymanagement, dealtracking, security,personalize, social mediaintegration, salesfunnels, financialanalytics and reporting,email/phone integration,mobile application 15, 30, 40, and 60/month dependingon # of usersUnique, customizable,applicable to multipleindustries, easy tolearn/use, effectiveCliffton Park, New York2012Zurmo.orgN/APrivate25 Open sourced, webbased CRM that ismobile, social andgamifiedNew to the industryNew to the industry, stillin beta/testing, no proofof conceptKey FeaturesPricingStrengthsWeaknesses15 P a g eSubsidiary of UruITDynamiXMiami, Florida2011CRMGamified.comN/ASubsidiaryN/AAdd-on to Microsoft’sDynamics CRM thatapplies gamificationtechniques to encourageCRM adoption by usersby rewarding them fortheir actions andachieved goalsCombines highprofessionalism with funand healthy competitionbetween users andteams, oriented tomeasure results,customizable actions andrewards, socialintegrationSubsidiary of c360SolutionsHenderson, on to Microsoft’sDynamics CRM thatapplies gamificationtechniques to encourageCRM adoption by usersby rewarding them fortheir actions andachieved goalsAssign points forcustomizable des

acts a loyalty program with gamification features that encourage customers and referral partners to engage with the online Tarantula platform. Tarantula allocates points for certain actions performed by stakeholders and stakeholders are incentivized to perform these actions as they accrue rewards are various point levels.