Cloud Confidence:Build a Simple, Seamless, Secure Hybrid Cloud

Cloud Confidence:Build a Simple, Seamless Secure Hybrid CloudSupport your IT transformation and business continuity requirements with proven and modernsolutions backed by Dell Technologies, a unique family of businesses, and VMware Cloud.As cloud computing continues to evolve, Dell and VMware provide hybrid cloud solutions thatmake it possible to extend your existing on-premises environment to meet your infrastructureneeds and reduce the over-provisioning of unused IT resources. It is now possible to loweroverall IT resource consumption and shift those loads to the lowest cost site. By combining dataprotection solutions from Dell with VMware Cloud, we offer organizations the best of both worlds,and help them rapidly respond to business continuity challenges. The added benefits of security,storage, savings and efficiencies help make the transition to a hybrid cloud solution a little easier,and hopefully alleviate any fears of the cloud.Is it possible for organizations to take advantage of the benefits of a hybrid cloud strategy whileensuring that their workloads are protected regardless of where they reside? And if it is, can theydo so simply and seamlessly to maximize the benefits of moving to the cloud?With Dell EMC Data Protection for VMware Cloud, the answer is YES.Build, run, manage,connect and protectall of your apps on any VMware Cloudplatforms. Solutions from VMwareand Dell Technologies deliver a cloudoperating model for all applications, andoffer you: Confidence Consistency Security Flexibility SavingsDell and VMware provide the essentialinfrastructure for organizations to buildtheir digital future while leveraging thesame skills in the cloud as they use inthe data center.Cloud Confidence: Hybrid Cloud for Business Continuity Dell EMC Data Protection for VMware Cloud Copyright 2021 Dell Inc.2

Cloud Adoption ChallengesWith the cloud’s ability to provide flexible resource consumption, it’s no wonder workload migration is soaring.At the same time, organizations recognize that cloud isn’t right for every workload, and the reality of a hybridenvironment creates new challenges even as it provides new benefits.Data growth and mobilityFlexibility to meet business needsYou need to be able to leverage established governance,security and operational policies while taking advantage ofcloud-scale agility.You need to be able to strategically determine the bestlocation—on-premises, private cloud or public cloud—tomaximize agility and meet business needs while reducing costs.Security and protectionModernizing existing applicationsYou need a holistic, scalable and simplified approach toprotecting and backing up workloads across the enterprise.You need application portability between on-premises andpublic cloud environments, improved integration abilities and aconsistent set of policies.Disaster recovery across environmentsThe data eraYou can't afford downtime or disparate solutions that don'tprovide protection from on-premises to the cloud in a familiarway without retraining staffData owners are responsible for protecting the confidentiality,integrity and availability of their data in the cloud.Increasingly complex architectureCloud Native applicationsYou need to be able to leverage existing IT skillsets and toolsacross both public and private cloud to maximize your abilityto realize business benefits.Gain portability and agility while supporting new containerand Kubernetes workloads for your most critical data stores SQL, Oracle and SAPCloud Confidence: Hybrid Cloud for Business Continuity Dell EMC Data Protection for VMware Cloud Copyright 2021 Dell Inc.3

Why Dell Technologies for VMware Cloud?You can have it all – reliable, secure business transformation through IT transformation.Run, manage, and secure productionapplications in a seamlessly integratedhybrid IT environmentLeverage skills, tools, and processeswhen managing private and publiccloud environmentsInnovate and respond to changingbusiness demands with the enterprisecapabilities of VMware SDDC, coupledwith the elastic infrastructure, breadth anddepth of public cloud servicesMove workloads seamlessly andbi-directionally between vSphere-basedprivate and public cloudsAchieve rapid time to value with the abilityto spin up an entire VMware SDDC inunder two hours on average and scalehost capacity in a few minutesTake advantage of establishedon-premises enterprise security,governance and operational policies,and extend that with the scale andsecurity of public cloudIntegrate with on-premises dataprotection to simplify administrationLower cloud consumption costs withbest-in-class deduplicationAutomate operations and integratewith existing management tools andenvironmentsModernize enterprise workloads allowingcustomers to run, monitor, manage andprotect containers and VMs on the sameplatform using the same toolsWith Dell and VMware, you havethe flexibility and freedom to buildand deploy modern applications,from the data center to the cloudto the edge.Migrate seamlessly and securelybetween environments and ensurethat all data and applications remainsecure and protected in any VMwareCloud platform. Organizations canrun, monitor, manage and protectcontainers and virtual machines on thesame platform using the same tools,providing flexibility and simplifyingyour infrastructure operations.Start your modernization journey withminimal disruption to your businessand migrate your applications to thecloud without downtime.Cloud Confidence: Hybrid Cloud for Business Continuity Dell EMC Data Protection for VMware Cloud Copyright 2021 Dell Inc.4

Use CasesDisasterRecoveryMulti-cloudData ProtectionCloud SecurityApplicationModernizationData Center Extension90% of executives say they are prioritizing legacy application migrationand modernization.11. Internal study: VMware blogCloud Confidence: Hybrid Cloud for Business Continuity Dell EMC Data Protection for VMware Cloud Copyright 2021 Dell Inc.5

USE CASE 1Disaster RecoveryDisaster Recovery is ideal for organizations who want toleverage the cloud to enhance their DR plan with scalable, highlyavailable and easy to manage backup and recovery targets.Cloud disaster recovery enables IT admins to back up data and applications toa secure off-premises location, providing off-site protection that enables VMsto quickly be brought up and running again in minutes in the case of a disaster– minimizing downtime and keeping business up and running. For organizationsthat want to protect their VMware workloads, Dell provides an extremely simpledisaster recovery solution for workloads running on VMware Cloud.NEW DR Implement a DR solution for the first timeREPLACE EXISTING DR Reduce secondary DR site costs by moving DR operations to the cloud or bymodernizing existing DR solutionsCOMPLEMENT EXISTING DR Protect additional workloads with a cloud-based DR solution for specificapplicationsis operationally similar to on-premises environmentsBusiness Value On-demand access to VMware Cloud, without the needfor additional hardware infrastructure or a secondarysite for disaster recovery operations Minimize cloud compute and avoid 24/7 computecosts, only requiring DR resources due to an event Leverage the agility and cost efficiencies of cloud objectstorage Achieve lower costs with lower cloud compute cycles,reduced network bandwidth costs and lower cloud dataprotection storage Superior compression and deduplication that reducesconsumption costs Accelerates time-to-protection DR ef ficiencies and operations:- Increases business resiliency- Simplifies DR operations- Fast, efficient and secure image and guest-level backupand recovery for workloads running on VMware Cloud- Recovery to VMs on VMware Cloud requires no dataconversion for fast RTOCloud Confidence: Hybrid Cloud for Business Continuity Dell EMC Data Protection for VMware Cloud Copyright 2021 Dell Inc.6

USE CASE 2Multi-cloud Data ProtectionIn today's cloud first environment, managing a single cloud is doable,but can you protect data across multiple clouds?Data protection, including data management, is more critical than ever and requiresproven and modern solutions from Dell Technologies. As more users adopt multi-cloudenvironments, Dell EMC’s deep integration with VMware becomes fundamental, providing thebest user experience with automation and orchestration, across the entire VMware stack.Multi-cloud deployment models offers organizations scale, performance, operationalefficiencies, and flexibility. But, organizations want the same data protection in the cloudas they have in their on-premises environments. In a multi-cloud environment, it’s critical tohave centralized control over security policies, procedures for backup, archiving, and datarecovery. Dell and VMware work together to provide the security, performance and flexibilityto protect your virtualized cloud workloads with a single solution. This solution simplifiesadministration and training, streamlines integration and lowers total cost of ownership.What's more, comprehensive integration with VMware enables data protection tasks withnative VMware tools.Long TermRetentionDisasterRecoveryIn-CloudData ProtectionBusiness Value Cloud optimized for enterpriseworkload protection Widest protected workloadecosystem Protect traditional, next generationand Cloud IaaS / PaaS workloads Centralized management for multicloud and hybrid cloud environmentsBackupto CloudCloud Confidence: Hybrid Cloud for Business Continuity Dell EMC Data Protection for VMware Cloud Copyright 2021 Dell Inc.7

USE CASE 3Modernize ApplicationsBusiness are leveraging modern applications to deliver improved digitalexperiences to win, serve and retain customers.These modern applications need to drive business outcomes such as increased businessagility, innovation, growth and market differentiation while balancing costs, security, reliabilityand control.However, when customers consider modernizing their existing on-premises applications, someof the key challenges they face increase the cost, risk and time of the modernization project.These include but are not limited to a lack of necessary skillsets to modernize the applicationsand inflexible application and infrastructure architecture that makes it challenging to leveragemodern tooling and services.The cloud has played an important role in helping technology teams to not only deliver newapplications but also provide an avenue for modernizing existing on-premises enterpriseapplications. Enterprise developers are using cloud to not only improve customer facing appslike mobile and eCommerce platforms but also to develop and deploy apps for core operations,and even core record keeping,at nearly equivalent rates.Drivers for modernizing existingapplications include, but are notlimited to: Need for agility in bringing newfeatures and enhancements tomarket faster to drive competitivedifferentiation Ability to leverage latest innovationsin technology and services to driveimproved digital experiences forcustomers and end-users Richer data analytics to driveactionable and real-time businessinsights Improved application performanceand scalability Risk reduction due to agingapplications and infrastructureCloud Confidence: Hybrid Cloud for Business Continuity Dell EMC Data Protection for VMware Cloud Copyright 2021 Dell Inc.8

USE CASE 4Cloud SecurityCloud migration is ideal for organizations who want to move to thecloud without having to re-architect applications and understanding itssecurity implications is very important.As enterprises look to reap the benefits of hybrid cloud infrastructure, data security mustbe a critical priority. Traditional security controls are no longer useful when data residesacross multiple public and private clouds.Dell EMC Data Protection solutions for public cloud, multi-cloud and hybrid cloud helpdrive operational efficiency, resiliency and scalability throughout the entire cloudinfrastructure, while reducing the total cost of ownership. Cloud solutions from Dell protectyour SaaS applications, on-premises and cloud workloads with backup, long-termretention and disaster recovery.PowerProtect Cyber Recoveryfor Sheltered Harbor:Protecting Financial InstitutionsFrom Cyber RiskDell EMC PowerProtect CyberRecovery is the first solution toreceive endorsement formeeting all the data vaultingrequirements of the ShelteredHarbor standard, protecting institutions from cyberthreats like ransomware.CYBER RECOVERY AND SECURITY IN THE CLOUDDell Technologies offers a secure vaulting service that extends our proven and modernPowerProtect Cyber Recovery solution to a secure cloud environment that providescustomers with another layer of isolation for their critical data. PowerProtect CyberRecovery protects and isolates critical data from ransomware and other sophisticatedthreats. Machine learning identifies suspicious activity and allows you to recover knowngood data and resume normal business operations with confidence. Operational air gap with data isolation and immutability CyberSense analytics and Machine Learning monitor data integrity Accelerate cyber and ransomware attack data recoveryCloud Confidence: Hybrid Cloud for Business Continuity Dell EMC Data Protection for VMware Cloud Copyright 2021 Dell Inc.9

USE CASE 5Data Center ExtensionData center extension is ideal for organizations who want to expand theiron-premises footprint with cloud capacity for specific needs.Extend your data center with VMware Cloud on Dell EMC–consistent, on-demand, agilecapacity in the public cloud to meet your business needs.FOOTPRINT EXPANSION Meet geographic capacity needs (such as data sovereignty rules or the need to be closer toend users) without building out a new data center Create capacity for new projects without having to invest in over-provisioning or building newcapacity on-premisesBusiness Value Reduces upfront investment costsand delivers compelling TCO Accelerates speed of provisioning Reduces the complexity by havingthe same consistent architectureand operations on-premises and inthe cloud Seamless integration with onpremises data protectionON-DEMAND CAPACITY Have capacity constraints on-premises to handle seasonal demand spikes Handle unplanned temporary capacity needsTEST/DEV Perform test and development activities in a cloud environment that is operationally similarto on-premises environmentsVIRTUAL DESKTOPS AND PUBLISHED APPS Easily add and extend on-premises desktop services without buying additional hardware Co-locate virtual desktops or published application hosts near latency-sensitive appsin the cloudCloud Confidence: Hybrid Cloud for Business Continuity Dell EMC Data Protection for VMware Cloud Copyright 2021 Dell Inc.10

VMware Cloud Customer BenefitsSIMPLE,SECURE OPERATIONSENTERPRISE GRADECAPABILITIESFLEXIBLE ANDINNOVATIVEOperational consistencywith vCenter,APIs andthird-party toolsEnterprise app SLAs for availabilityand performanceAccess to a broad range ofpublic cloud servicesEnterprise security with microsegmentation and encryptionEnable flexible consumption, withelastic resources,on-demandOptimize use of underlyingphysical resourcesDeliver bi-directionalworkload portability betweenVMware and public cloud providersDelivered as a service, withbuilt in security andcompliance, removing manymagement hasslesCloud Confidence: Hybrid Cloud for Business Continuity Dell EMC Data Protection for VMware Cloud Copyright 2021 Dell Inc.11

Why Dell Technologies for VMwareBest in class solutions for business continuityDell Technologies is an innovation leader, strategically first to market with VMware at the forefrontof emerging technology, with proven and modern data protection solutions at the edge, core andcloud. The tight integration we offer customers through joint development brings a sustainableadvantage and performance that organizations should consider as they evaluate or re-evaluatetheir data protection OVENArchitecture MattersCo-EngineeredSolutions with VMwareSimplify Operations andReduce Business RiskTrusted Solutions backedby Dell TechnologiesCloud Confidence: Hybrid Cloud for Business Continuity Dell EMC Data Protection for VMware Cloud Copyright 2021 Dell Inc.12

ResourcesCustomer Success StoriesDell Data ProtectionSolutions for VMwareDell TechnologiesSolutions for VMwareWEBSITEMICROSITECyber ResiliencyAssessmentModern AppsAssessmentASSESSMENTTANZU ASSESSMENT Hope and Healing on theHigh Seas Success Stories inModernizing IT Agile IT with VMwareand AWS Protecting Data, SavingLivesFor more information, please visit: delltechnologies/vmwareprotectionCloud Confidence: Hybrid Cloud for Business Continuity Dell EMC Data Protection for VMware Cloud Copyright 2021 Dell Inc.13

Dell EMC Data Protection solutions for public cloud, multi -cloud and hybrid cloud help drive operational efficiency, resiliency and scalability throughout the entire cloud infrastructure, while reducing the total cost of ownership. Cloud solutions from Dell protect your SaaS applications, on- premises and cloud workloads with backup, long- term